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  1. ↝ Be Mine ↜
  3. ➸ Name: Kurosawa Kiko
  4. ➸ Nickname (s):
  5. - none :)
  6. ➸ Age+ Birthdate:
  7. June 2, 1998 , Age : 18
  8. ➸ Nationality+ Ethnicity:
  9. nationality : japanese-chinese
  10. ethnicity : japanese-chinese
  11. ➸ Birthplace+ Hometown:
  12. Birthplace : Kyoto, Japan
  13. Hometown : Beijing, China
  14. ➸ Height+ Weight:
  15. Height : 160 cm.  
  16. Weight : 44 kg.
  17. ➸ Face Claim+ Backup:
  18. Face Claim : WJSN : Mei Qi
  19. Back Up : WJSN : Xua Yi
  21. ↝ Last Romeo ↜
  23. ➸ Background:
  24.  Kiko had a relatively normal life, she was a girl of minimal interests. She only put her energy into things only she wanted to do, and so mostly spent her days studying and dacncing. Dancing was a passion she had began to have in at least the 5th grade. This is when she realized that her talents would go wasted if she didn't showcase it. As young as she was, she knew that it would happen. Mostly because of her father who told her she would find no work in the performing industry because of the low pay. This is why she spent all her time studying. However in the 8th grade she had finally managed to convince her parents to let her audition. Unfortunately, she was rejected. This caused her to have her doubts about her skill and quit dancing. Quit her passion.
  25.       Kiko lived her life boringly from there, and it wasn't until her last year of middle school, then things began to get interesting. She was on a trip to Korea with her mother because of business when she noticed a small group forming in the corner of the street. Of course, she was alone roaming the city while her mother was working, and with her curiosity, decided to go check it out. It was a dance battle that was attracting this crowd. Kiko watched in awe witnessing all the talent the dancers had. Their moves where sharp and precise. They had an overwhelming confidence and energy that made their dance look almost professional, which most of the dancers probably were. Time seemed to pass and she had found herself in the center if the circle. Her 'opponent' dancing away. At first a wave of nervousness crashed over her and she wanted so badly to run away and cry. But she had to woman up and do it. Which she did, she danced. For the first time in probably like 2 years she danced again, and of course she loved it. The people cheered her on and she danced away. During her dance she suddenly began to rap to the lyrics if the song. This surprised most people, including the little sneak watching this crowd from a far. No other than a talent scount, from Woollim Ent. After Kiko's little performance, things only looked up from there.
  27. ➸ Personality (off stage):        
  28.      She's kind of a blunt bitch. I mean, not gonna lie she's not the sweetest person in the entire world, but she'll be nice when she wants to be. Kiko's got a little bit of an attitude, and will not hesitate to hardcore roast anyone who tries to even touch her with insults. She's definitely the mood maker of the group, knowing how to use her sass to make people laugh. On am off topic note, it may come to a surprise, but Kiko is trilingual. Besides knowing how to speak Japanese, chinese, she can also speak fluent Sarcasm. There's no language she's better at speaking than sarcasm. That's definitely a fact.
  29.       Kiko, is surprisingly a very emotional person, and is quickly attached to anyone who chooses to be close to her. She likes to trust only certain people, and that's just by choice. Happiness, is not something that comes easily to her, and she does struggle to genuinely smile. It's not that she's depressed or sad 24/7, it just takes somethings that are special to make her happy.
  30.       Despite having such a terrible attitude half the time, Kiko's definitely works hard and long hours to make sure everything is perfect. Which is probably why she's so grumpy all the time. Not to mention she's probably up most of the night playing games such as Midnight Cinderella & Mystic Messenger. Boyfriend simulator games.... She always tries her very hardest to pull of something, and will definitely not let her team down.
  32. ➸ Likes :
  33. - taro/reuglar milk tea
  34. - cats
  35. - anything fluffy
  36. - cinnamon rolls
  37. - oversized shirts & sweaters
  38. - sewing & designing
  39. - dancing
  40. ➸ Dislikes:
  41. - videos games (bc she's salty about loosing)
  42. - being called short
  43. - meat (she's vegetarian)
  44. - sour & bitter foods
  45. - bugs & rodents
  46. ➸ Hobbies:
  47. - Photography
  48. - Choreographing
  49. - Practicing calligraphy
  50. - Going to drink boba
  51. - Sewing & Designing
  52. ➸ Habits:
  53. - Not making eye contact when talking to people.
  54. - Laughing when uncomfortable.
  55. - Randomly dancing in public for no actual valid reason.
  56. - Singing when she's trying to remember something.
  57. ➸ Trivia 
  58. - she's vegetarian, and she's been one since age 14.
  59. - Areum's favorite color is purple. any kind of purple. she likes purple.
  60. - warning : will bite if provoked & do not disturb her when she's resting/eating
  61. - She WILL drop everything & anything you give her.
  62. - Lives for mochi & boba
  63. - Has a SUPER fast metabolism. Inherited from her mom's side of the family.
  66. ↝ Between Me and You ↜
  68. ➸ Talent:
  69.         main talent: dancing
  70.         sub talent: singing
  71. ➸ Stage Name: Raven
  72. ➸ Stage Persona: Sassy & Sexy for sure! She knows how to show off her skillful dance moves in all the right ways and will definitely slay your existence. She can come-off as can cocky, but that's just her personality on stage. Similar to Seungkwon, she's definitely the little sassy mood maker of her group & never fails to get things heated in a funny way.
  73. ➸ Company:
  74. Woollim Ent.
  75. ➸ Training period: 3 years
  76. ➸ Talent Twin:  
  77.        Singing: Myungsoo
  78.        Dancing: Dongwoo
  79.        Rapping: Sunggyu
  81. ➸ Anything I need to know?: I love sm mother! Definitely promoting this story in ma tag book!!~ ;)
  83. ➸ Password: loco (spanish?)
  85. ➸ Wattpad Username:
  86. @/kwonnhyuk
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