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  1. Guest_Nagoto2 has joined the chat
  2. EmberRoseStark: *frinks*
  3. EmberRoseStark: drinks*
  4. Guest_SoulKing35 has left the chat
  5. Guest_SapphireVamp has joined the chat
  6. REXXXAR432: *sits there just holding empress and simply stares off laying back on the chair being a chair for empress*
  7. Guest_Nagoto2: -a boy woth white hair around the age of 7 coverd in bandages with long black pants no shoes and eyes are shown the same as that of the moon goddess selene with eyes of thag of a abused dog the boy walks in with his head down and sits on a couch-
  8. Guest_SapphireVamp has left the chat
  9. SaikoTedi has joined the chat
  10. Guest_Nagoto2: Hello
  11. SaikoTedi: Miss brightstar i tried to be the bigger person and go to you about her stalking me constantly and she just did so again, i told you if it didnt stop i would hurt her. well now she has come into the room and mocked the fact i have seziures saying she hopes a seziure kills me when nothing was said to her. now if she comes near me she will either fight me or she will die by my hand. i am seriously sick of it and i say this in front of her entire family a year of stalking me has gon on LONG enough. sapphire needs to get a life and stay out of mine. she has made enemies with every rper in hells inferno. i hate to have to come this way but this stalking me is either going to end or she will get hurt from a para rper.
  12. SaikoTedi has left the chat
  13. xVTMxDrinae: Oi vey...
  14. REXXXAR432: groans*
  15. xVTMxDrinae: It never ends.
  16. REXXXAR432: cause we let toxic people come in here
  17. EmpsShayraBrightstar: nope, it never ends
  18. EmpsShayraBrightstar: ok Seiko
  19. EmpsShayraBrightstar: I'll talk to her again, although I doubt it will do any good.
  20. xVTMxDrinae: They aren't here.
  21. EmpsShayraBrightstar: oh
  22. Guest_Nagoto2: Vtm like the assassin group
  23. EmpsShayraBrightstar: well anyway
  24. xVTMxDrinae: He sent that, then insta left.
  25. xVTMxDrinae: Aye, the same. Hello Nagoto.
  26. Guest_Nagoto2: Hello
  27. EmpsShayraBrightstar: hello Nagoto, welcome.
  28. Guest_Nagoto2: I wish i was apart of vtm
  29. Guest_Nagoto2: I have heard ita hard to get in
  30. xVTMxDrinae: Hard to believe coming from a 3 day old account...
  31. Guest_Nagoto2: This is new my old got sus
  32. Guest_Nagoto2: Dont even know why
  33. xVTMxDrinae: And your old was....
  34. Guest_Nagoto2: Ultimatealien i was a nerd back then
  35. Guest_Nagoto2: I coyld send a screen shot
  36. Guest_Echolondrin  Blinks at the one who has been eaten by the couch...
  37. Guest_Nagoto2: Brb i sent a message lemme see of i can get in doubt kt but hey
  38. Guest_Echolondrin: Good news, Empress; no need to worry about your couch being hungry.
  39. Guest_Nagoto2 has left the chat
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