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  1. i refuse to finish things i start unless i choose to finish them
  2. I made stickers once right ?
  3. Why wont i make them again ?
  4. Ohhh im being tested by fuck niggas that waste my mental energy LOL its all coming back to me ive been writing up a story of storms
  5. Why wont i customize shoes ?
  6. why wont I finish school ?
  7. so many questions that dont matter ?
  8. Ohh being passionate about something you care about is attractive STFU
  9. ive heard all the stories ive been class president team captain first picked last picked bullied I changed schools so many times i got to be whatever i want i would never hangout with the same group because of trauma. I started out by myself in the library I will End By myself in the library. Stupid Jessie with "ie" and Jessy with a "Y" LOL when i moved to calgary the most popular kid in class liked me which made all the girls like me because proximity. ill never be popular again i donnt need other people causing me problems because they dont know how to regulate themselves.
  10. yall aint even the first or third drug dealers to fuck with me and see what im made of the first people got to see me legit walk right up to them to fight by myself i picked a fight with a crew of 7 guys almost stabbed one of them they never fucked with me again now i need the same thing to happen small talk hows my mom nigga ask me why sulfur is my favorite chemical
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