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  1. Your Chat ID is: 4839312. Your initial question is: My Domain Name is:"techp@#@#@#@#@#@@#@#@ala.in" Can You Enable Mysql For My Site Please ?
  2. (5:47:49am)SystemCustomer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
  3. (5:48:22am)Gabriel M.Welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is Gabriel. I would be happy to help you today.
  4. (5:48:32am)Gabriel M.I understand you're unable to access MySQL?
  5. (5:48:38am)TechPathYes :(
  6. (5:48:45am)TechPathi Tried to install wordpress via quickinstall
  7. (5:48:53am)TechPathError: MySQL is disabled for this cPanel account.
  8. (5:50:44am)Gabriel M.Alright, one moment please.
  9. (5:50:57am)TechPathThanks :)
  10. (5:53:50am)Gabriel M.I apologize for the delay. I am currently investigating this still.
  11. (5:54:34am)TechPathIts Alright :)
  12. (5:55:47am)TechPathBrowser window has closed. Customer may return within 60 seconds.
  13. (5:55:51am)Gabriel M.May I have the primary billing email address for this account?
  14. (5:56:12am)TechPathConnection re-established!
  15. (5:56:22am)TechPa#@#@thr#@#@march@gmail.com
  16. (5:57:29am)Gabriel M.Thank you.
  17. (6:00:17am)Gabriel M.Are you currently able to log into your account?
  18. (6:01:40am)TechPathI was logged in.
  19. (6:01:45am)TechPathIll Try again.
  20. (6:02:46am)TechPathYes
  21. (6:03:04am)TechPathIn my email it tells me to log in from : https://my.hostgator.in/login/
  22. (6:03:07am)TechPathand it worsk
  23. (6:03:09am)TechPathworks*
  24. (6:07:55am)Gabriel M.I apologize, you would actually need to contact hostgator.in for support, as we do not have direct access for this for configuration.
  25. (6:10:36am)TechPaththey told to contact us
  26. (6:11:03am)TechPathbecause my website's server is in us
  27. (6:11:07am)Gabriel M.Where was your account purchased?
  28. (6:11:21am)Gabriel M.Then yes, your login would be at your welcome email.
  29. (6:12:57am)TechPathaccount was purchased from indian hostgator
  30. (6:13:02am)TechPathand login is working fine.
  31. (6:13:11am)TechPathbut when i tried to install wordpress from quickinstall
  32. (6:13:19am)TechPathit gave me this error
  33. (6:13:45am)TechPathi contacted indian hostgator and they told me that the server in which my site is in is in US So i will have to contact US Help.
  34. (6:13:46am)Gabriel M.What is the primary domain for this account?
  35. (6:13:58am)TechPathtechpathkerala.in
  36. (6:14:33am)TechPathThis is my welcome Email ..
  37. (6:14:38am)TechPathControl Panel URL: URL: https://my.hostgator.in/login Domain: TechPathKera la.in Username: techpath Password: ag6kl3@#@3@#I80B We recommend that you change your password by following the intruction here once you login to your control panel. Your website is initially created and published on a subdomain (eg: gibo-example-primary.hostagator.co.in) Once we’ve verified your business we migrate your website to the domain name you chose (TechPathKerala.in.) This may take a few days, so please be patient. Do remember that we are here to help you build a professional website for your business. So you can visit us any time on live chat support at https://chat.hostgator.in/, send an email gibosupport@hostgator.in or call us toll free at 1800-266-3000.
  38. (6:14:56am)Gabriel M.Please allow me some more time to investigate this.
  39. (6:15:19am)TechPathOk :)
  40. (6:15:43am)TechPathhttp://techpathkerala.hostgator.co.in/ This is The Temporary Website ..
  41. (6:16:57am)Gabriel M.I do apologize for all the confusion, but there appears to be a US account you have and an IN account as well.
  42. (6:17:05am)Gabriel M.This is a hostgator.in account.
  43. (6:17:08am)TechPathOh. :O
  44. (6:17:09am)TechPathYes
  45. (6:17:28am)TechPathI Contacted Indian Support , They Said That I will have to Contact Us.
  46. (6:17:45am)TechPathConnection re-established!
  47. (6:17:53am)TechPathBrowser window has closed. Customer may return within 60 seconds.
  48. (6:18:01am)TechPathBrowser window has closed. Customer may return within 60 seconds.
  49. (6:18:04am)TechPathConnection re-established!
  50. (6:19:16am)Gabriel M.Unfortunately your welcome email indicates that your account is from hostgator.in . Unfortunately we do not have access to any of these servers.
  51. (6:19:53am)TechPathOkay let me try to Contact Indian Support Again :) Thanks ! :)
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