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  1. ======
  2. Medic
  3. ======
  5.         -Positioning as a medic, you don't want to be at the front of a push,
  6.          but you don't want to be in a position where you can't heal your team
  7.                 -Play based off 4 things # of their people vs yours
  8.                                          their uber vs yours
  9.                                          their health vs yours
  10.                                          their position vs yours (back of yard vs choke)
  12.         -What to accomplish during an uber:     be in a better position than when you started the uber
  13.                                                 do damage/prevent damage
  14.                                                 stop their team from getting out and kiting uber
  16.         -Always build uber with someone, that requires you to be healing them and for them to have less than 30 hp of their maximum health (simplified) which can be achieved by shooting yourself with rockets, stickies, or using the boston basher
  18.         -When to pop an uber:   When either pocket or demo is about to go down
  19.                                 When you're going through a sticky trap and need to push fast
  20.                                 When you want to solo your _____ in and kill their med or do a lot of damage
  23.         -Rollout: Heal demo, then flash the roamer to 300, then flash both scouts to 185, then heal roamer to mid, then heal pocket up after un-equalizing
  24.                         (leave out flash roamer to 300 at your descretion of how good the med could be)
  26.         -At mid: Heal demo up, give buffs, switch over to pocket by the end
  27.         -Rest of the game:      Heal pocket, give buffs to scouts and roamer when available, focus heals to combo assuming everyone is full
  28.                                 Prioritize damaged players with heals, and people within your reach, if they're calling for med beside 3 enemies, dont heal
  29.                                 Heal the person who is most likely to die without heals first, if your pocket is taking constant damage and without you would die, keep healing
  30.                                 If someone comes to you lit with heals and you're doing the above, tell them to get health packs
  32. ======
  33. Soldier
  34. ======
  36.         -General tips:  Use your rockets to check stickies around corners or people hiding
  37.                         If you bomb in, think about saving a rocket to jump out
  38.                         Coordinate spam with your other soldier to deny chokes and limit movement of enemy players
  39.                         Be aware of ammo packs/health packs
  41. ----
  42. Roamer
  43. ----
  44.         -Literally play like the biggest prick possible
  46.         -You dont make opportunities, you use opportunies. Don't go for a 260 demo at mid next to all 4 of their players unless your team is right behind you. Do go for a lit medic bomb.
  48.         -If your the only one around your medic, you're the pocket
  50.         -Play on the flank when you're holding and go for health packs when you're hurt instead of your medic
  51.                 (Go for a quick buff before pushing/bombing)
  53.         -Try to always keep your scouts in your line of sight
  55.         -Abuse hiding spots to flank the enemy med
  57.         -Back cap is viable as a roamer if called for
  59.         -Rollout: you're building with the medic as you rollout, always stay with him via rocket jumping
  61.         -Call "I'm bombing in 3" when you're ready to bomb
  63.         -The most damage a gunboats rocket jump can do to you is 34 hp.
  65. ----
  66. Pocket
  67. ----
  68.         -The most damage a rocket jump can do to you is 85 hp.
  70.         -You're a short-leash soldier, you should essentially always be with your medic as long as he's alive.
  72.         -(if your medic says to) Build with your medic by shooting yourself with rockets when he doesnt have uber unless either
  73.                         -They are about to push and have more than 65% advantages or
  74.                         -Your med has a lot of people to heal after sustaining damage from a team fight
  76.         -Keep your medic and demo alive from scouts with your shotgun and rockets
  78.         -DON'T go for airshots, they waste your ammo at low levels of TF2 and that means having 3 rockets to whiff instead of 4 when whoever lands does so (just one rocket is okay)
  80.         -Check for stickies at every choke and on every corner
  82.         -You will recieve ubers primarily, reload before them and possibly rocket jump in to the enemy combo to either A. force them or B. kill their med
  83.                                                                                                                         then focus demo/pocket then scouts/roamer (or just whats hurt)
  85.         -Tell your medic if he needs to pop due to a trap, you about to die, or other reasons you think satisfy him needing to pop
  87.         -Be aggressive at the midfight but keep an eye on your medic and demo, its hard for them to defend against scouts that flank and roamers that bomb
  88.          but you're useful at mid by jumping in most of the time and taking height advantage, or pocket your med if he dies a lot (coaches use descretion for when this is true)
  90.         -Reloading a rocket is usually more efficient when dealing with someone than going for 6 shotgun shots (unless its a demo/soldier most of the time a shotgun is okay)
  91.                 -(Side note, its better to reload ammo during an uber than to
  93.         -Take your time when taking shots at people, and make sure you always have ammo.
  95. =======
  96. Demo
  97. =======
  98.         -The most damage a sticky jump can do to you is 85 hp.
  100.         -Play in a position where you can get damage for your team; remember kills as demo are not as important
  101.          as damage as demo
  103.         -As a newbie you should be playing with the combo and the back of point
  105.         -Always have a teammate infront of you to protect you from bombers/scouts (e.g. pocket or scouts)
  107.         -Use your stickies to curve the enemy scouts location by denying area
  109.         -Don't be overly aggressive and sticky jump in to fights
  111.         -Your goal is to do the most damage possible for your team to clean up the lit players
  113.         -If shit hits the fan, be the first one out of the situation. You can still do damage without being in the fight.
  115.         -Ask for heals, demos need heals to do damage
  117.         -Put up traps when you're falling back, it'll bait your team and you'll be doing damage
  119.         -Always reload your ammo, and stickies are more important than pipes when reloading, spam as much as possible and reload as much as possible
  121. =======
  122. Scout
  123. =======
  125.         -Play like a roamer, as gay as possible.
  127.         -Your goal is to play clean up crew and get specific picks, get a buff and if you need to big dick a pick or force on the medic
  129.         -Scouts have insane burst damage, so use that to push players out and don't necessarily chase kills
  130.                 (a huge thing to realize is just because you see a player is dont kill them)
  132.         -Always play on the flank, and always have the other scout in your eyes
  134.         -Don't overextend on flank because you see something, and dont go in hallways to chase, you'll die.
  136.         -If you're in a 1v1, make it a 2v1, call for help and you'll win, this isn't solo fortress 2
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