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  1. 3. (2)  Which of the below represents business processes you would find in the human resources department?
  2.         Hiring employees
  3.         Enrolling employees in benefit plans
  4.         Tracking vacation and sick time
  5.         All of the above
  6.  (2)    Charles Mott works for a company called VeriSign that acts a trusted third party to verify information. One of Charles' largest clients is CheckMd, which holds and authenticates customer reviews of doctors and dentists online and having a third party validating the reviews is critical to CheckMd's success. What type of authentication technique is VeriSign providing for CheckMD?
  7.         Firewall
  8.         Certificate authority
  9.         Online certificate
  10.         Digital content certificate
  11.         What enables computers to run multiple operating systems and multiple software applications at the same time and creates multiple ‘virtual' machines all on a single computing device?
  12.         Virtualization
  13.         Innovation
  14.         Availability
  15.         Viral computing
  17. )       What is a system that uses computerized advisory programs to imitate the reasoning processes of experts in solving difficult problems?
  18.         Expert system
  19.         Virtual reality
  20.         Neural network
  21.         Genetic algorithm
  23. )       What must you do with antivirus software to make it protect effectively?
  24.         Must never upgrade or change vendors
  25.         Must download a portable button for it to activate
  26.         Must frequently update it to protect against viruses
  27.         All of the above
  29. 2)      Which of the below is an advantage for a small business that is considering implementing cloud computing?
  30.         With cloud computing you only pay for what you use so a small business will save money
  31.         With cloud computing increased customer demands can easily be met by internal enterprise architects
  32.         With cloud computing there is not a need for a big investment of capital to access powerful large scale server systems
  33.         With cloud computing it is easier to store, process and analyze information from any location
  35. )       Which of the following demonstrates a company that has implemented a low cost, broad market strategy?
  36.         Neiman Marcus.
  37.         Payless Shoes.
  38.         The Sharper Image.
  39.         Walmart.
  40. 2)      What is a facility used to house management information systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems?
  41.         Call center
  42.         Data center
  43.         Delivery base
  44.         Central center
  46. Which of the following departments is primarily responsible for promoting discounts, attracting customers, and communicating marketing campaigns?
  47.         Accounting and Finance
  48.         Marketing and Sales
  49.         Operations Management
  50.         Human Resources
  52. Which of the following is the main drawback of biometrics?
  53.         It is considered illegal
  54.         It is viewed as an invasion of privacy
  55.         It can be costly and intrusive
  56.         It requires constant monitoring and upgrading
  57. An MIS infrastructure is __________ and ___________.
  58.         Dynamic and static
  59.         Dynamic and continually changing
  60.         A client and a server
  61.         Hardware and software
  63. hich of the following is a benefit of a solid MIS infrastructure?
  64.         Reduces costs
  65.         Improves productivity
  66.         Optimizes business operations
  67.         All of the above
  69. 2)      What is the system that focuses on evaluating and improving the processes that include both person-to-person workflow and system-to-system communications?
  70.         Business process management (BPM) systems
  71.         Semistructured systems
  72.         Virtual reality
  73.         All of the above
  74. Which of the following authentication methods is 100 percent accurate?
  75.         Smart card
  76.         Fingerprint authentication
  77.         User ID
  78.         None of the above
  80. applying Porter's three generic strategies, Tiffany & Co. has a competitive scope and cost strategy that is _________.
  81.         Broad market-high cost strategy
  82.         Narrow market-low cost strategy
  83.         Narrow market-high cost strategy
  84.         Broad market-low cost strategy
  86.         Which of the following is a reason for the growth of the World Wide Web?
  87.         The microcomputer revolution
  88.         Advancements in networking hardware
  89.         Web pages being easy to create and flexible
  90.         All of the above
  92. Which of the following is not considered a form of biometrics?
  93.         Iris scan
  94.         Password
  95.         Fingerprint
  96.         Handwriting
  98. hy are Fortune 500 companies engaging in blogging?
  99.         To order supplies
  100.         To review favorite Internet providers
  101.         To gather feedback and share ideas
  102.         To pay employees
  104. Which of the following is an example of a sustaining technology?
  105.         Porsche's faster car
  106.         Intel's low-end microprocessor
  107.         Sony's transistor-based consumer electronics (transistor radio)
  108.         All of the aboveWhich of the following is considered a type of biometrics?
  109.         Voice
  110.         Face
  111.         Iris
  112.         All of the above)
  113. Which cloud computing model offers applications on a pay-per-use basis?
  114.         Infrastructure as a Service
  115.         Platform as a Service
  116.         Software as a Service
  117.         All of the above
  118. Where do organizations typically place firewalls?
  119.         Between a personal computer and the server
  120.         Between a personal computer and a printer
  121.         Between the server and the content filtering software
  122.         Between the server and the Internet
  124. hat are the three business functions an MIS infrastructure supports?
  125.         Supports operations, change, and the environment or sustainability
  126.         Supports operations, customers, and ewaste
  127.         Supports operations, clients, and servers
  128.         Supports information, change, and business continuity planning
  129. ho is a person who is grounded in technology, fluent in business, and able to provide the important bridge between MIS and the business?
  130.         MIS Infrastructure manager
  131.         MIS specialist
  132.         Enterprise architect
  133.         Enterprise manager
  134. 2)      DreamWorks Animation Company used which sustainable infrastructure component to complete many of its films including Shrek, Madagascar and Antz?
  135.         Agile computing
  136.         Grid computing
  137.         Cloud computing
  138.         Server computing
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