Blob of Mana

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  1. [15:25:23] <Giantree> Undine smiles in the sky!  ... Unfortunately, nobody can see Undine because they're underground, so it's difficult to indicate whether it's even a new day or not.  Sleeping was difficult enough considering the loud hammerPOUNDING a certain dorf had been doing the whole time, and now it's even harder as Breezy specifically gets a WHACK on the head.  "'Ey, rabite shapeshifter!  Get up!"
  2. [15:26:59] <Giantree> It's actually with a gauntlet that the WHACK happens.  And another one, only slightly similar-looking, which get thrown on the sprite as he hobbles off to do the same to the others.
  3. [15:27:17] * Naida peeks one eye open for a moment, then wraps herself back up in the blankets.
  4. [15:27:28] <Naida> "What do want at this ungodly hour?!"
  5. [15:27:56] <Giantree> "Get ye friends up too!  I think one of ye's here."  Some noises from the cavernous village ring out, like some sort of large creature had arrived.
  6. [15:29:03] * Naida kicks Breezy in the leg.
  7. [15:29:27] <Breezy> "Waaaah!" Breezy barely resists the reflex to punch the dude so hard he flies into the wall. It's not malicious or anything, just a habit. Immediately afterwards, though, he goes right back to sleep, ignoring both the kick and the whack.
  8. [15:30:14] <Giantree> He totally has FANCY NEW GLOVES resting on his stomach regardless.  The dwarf just shrugs it off and goes to find the vampiress, muttering something about shapeshifters.
  9. [15:30:34] * Lucia is already up. Sleeping with all this pounding going on is hard. She seems quite grumpy for her lack of sleep, though.
  10. [15:31:26] <Giantree> Vampires sleep?  Still, Lotts hobbles over, possibly even drunkenly, pointing with a thumb to where the sounds are coming from.  "'Ey shapeshifter, issat onna ye back yonder?"
  11. [15:32:10] <Breezy> Breezy tosses the gloves with the rest of his stuff and snuggles up to Naida.
  12. [15:32:54] * Naida pushes Breezy away, then wraps herself up tighter in the blankets
  13. [15:33:53] <Breezy> "But Nighty I'm coooooooolddddddd!" Breezy tries to wiggle closer again.
  14. [15:34:59] <Naida> "No, go away!"
  15. [15:35:26] <Naida> Her voice comes out muffled by the blankets surrounding her head.
  16. [15:35:27] <Lucia> "I believe our guide wants us up, regardless," Lucia points out, already taking steps to get herself out of bed.
  17. [15:35:34] <Breezy> "Pleeeaaaaaaaase!" Big, red puppy sprite eyes.
  18. [15:36:11] * Flammie pushes her head in, forcing the door open and peeking around.  (Hello~?)
  19. [15:36:17] <Giantree> "Ye shapeshifters sleep a LOT more than me other rabites do."  The dorf approaches the gambler and slams his hammer against a wall.  A rabite wearing a green hat with a yellow star on it attempts to help, but doens't do much.
  20. [15:36:47] * Lucia is meanwhile, dressing herself.
  21. [15:37:28] * Rodidja jumps from the covers in a fluster
  22. [15:38:27] <Rodidja> "Ayewhathappened?" She looks around confused. "Damnit! Why are you waking me up at this time? It's still night!"
  23. [15:39:00] <Giantree> "It be day!  I count the hours down here, ye know."  Of course, even with the village's lighting, it's still pretty dim.
  24. [15:40:33] <Breezy> "Nighty, let me under tooooo~"
  25. [15:41:04] * Naida tries to wiggle away from Breezy and ends up rolling off the bed.
  26. [15:41:10] * Flammie harumph and goes back to searching and making a ruckus
  27. [15:41:27] <Naida> "Wah, now look what you've done!"
  28. [15:41:28] <Giantree> "Whatever THAT creature be," the intrusive dorf glares at the Flammie, "It's gotta be a HUNNERD rabites at once.  Me eyes can't believe this stuff."
  29. [15:42:13] <Rodidja> She takes a breath and sighs and lies down for a moment. Eyes feeling tight but the excitement of the wake-up scare just won't let her go back to sleep.
  30. [15:42:38] * Rodidja sits up
  31. [15:42:51] <Breezy> "I didn't mean to!" Breezy looks dreadfully guilty while offering Naida a hand back up to the bed. "I'm sorry, Nighty, please don't hate me!"
  32. [15:43:50] * Naida disentangles herself from the convers, her nightshirt has twisted halfway round her body and her hair is a mess.
  33. [15:44:31] * Lucia eyes the Flammie curiously, "How did you get down here?"
  34. [15:45:16] * Flammie turns at the question, grinning at Lucia.  She walks up and sits, tilting her head.  (In?)
  35. [15:45:53] <Lucia> "May as well come in. We could probably use the help."
  36. [15:46:04] <Breezy> "I can brush your hair neat, Nighty! I brush my own hair all the time." To demonstrate, Breezy casts Wind Saber, gathering wind around his hands and brushing his own long hair into perfect order in no time.
  37. [15:46:08] <Rodidja> She gets up and walks to the other room to greet everyone else while adjusting her clothes. "Good morning, good morning, and good-" Poof. Right into Flammie's back.
  38. [15:47:03] <Giantree> The buildings are fairly small, but at least the cavernous village itself is enough room for the mana beast.  Lotts just sits to the side, boredly hammering away surrounded by a crowd of rabites while the others ready themselves.
  39. [15:47:20] * Flammie looks back at Rodi and frowns.  (Careful~)  She turns back to Lucia and headbutts her gently, almost a nuzzle.
  40. [15:49:47] * Flammie paws back out into the villiage, sitting and waiting.
  41. [15:50:53] <Giantree> "Ye stallin' THIS much?  Goddess, ye rabites be the slowest rabites I've met.  Brought some supplies from me storage, not like I'd be usin' 'em."  He slings a massive bag over that had been held over his shoulder, pulling some objects out.  Two CUPS OF WISHES/ANGEL GRAILs, for starters, and a few CANDIES.  Then... a big barrel that sounds like there's a lot of liquid inside.  "How's 'bout a drink to wake ye up?"
  42. [15:53:06] * Naida gets herself dressed and walks outside.
  43. [15:53:31] <Breezy> Breezy follows after Naida, "I can brush your hair, Nighty! I already have my windy hands ready~"
  44. [15:54:39] * Lucia follows the others out, taking a cup of the barrel, curious what the liquid inside is. It probably was not the wine she was used to, but whatever.
  45. [15:54:51] * Naida lets Breezy brish her hair as she pick out 2 Cup of Wishes and 5 pieces of candy
  46. [15:54:55] <Rodidja> She perks up. "Aha~! Drinks sound about right to me!" She immediately hops up to be barrel.
  47. [15:55:15] * Flammie greets Naida and Breezy in her usual nuzzly-fluffy way.  (Hi!)
  48. [15:57:31] <Giantree> "Then cheers!"  Turns out he had a bunch of barrels of dwarven wine in there, taking a big gulp of one himself before handing another out.  "Ahhh, that's the stuff!  So, ye going to see my friend Gnome today, ye?"
  49. [15:57:31] <Breezy> "Hurray!" Breezy smiles to Flammie and brushes Naida's hair; though, technically, his hands never touched it so much as came close to the hair and the wind currents somehow blew it into order. It's actually both efficient and looks good~
  50. [15:58:12] * Flammie looks down at the dwarf and lowers her head, looking very intent.  (What's going on?)
  51. [15:59:12] <Giantree> "Don't gimme dat look, rabitomorph!  Ye can come too, if ye promise not to eat my friends.  Or their hats."  He points out a rabite wearing a pink hat with a crescent moon design on it, who doesn't move much.
  52. [15:59:38] <Breezy> "Can I have a drink~?" Breezy looks at the mysterious liquid.
  53. [16:00:25] * Lucia shrugs, not at all concerned if her kids drink alcohol.
  54. [16:00:28] <Giantree> "Ye bet!  These're the rabite's favorites."  He laughs heartily and hands the barrel to the albino rabite shapeshifter.
  55. [16:00:34] * Rodidja helps herself to some dwarven wine with a smile betting silently to herself that it tastes just as good as it sounds
  56. [16:01:13] * Lucia samples the wine curiously.
  57. [16:01:31] * Flammie gives the same look to Naida.  (Seriously, what?)
  58. [16:01:34] <Giantree> It's had plenty of time to age down there, meaning it's of pretty decent quality.  It has a taste to it that's reminiscent of the dwarf's jolly attitude, if that says anything.
  59. [16:03:06] * Lucia seems quite pleased with the wine, surprisingly.
  60. [16:03:26] <Giantree> "Onward, ye?  It's just a trip thissaway."  Hammer in hand, Lotts hobbles toward a downward slope in the cavern walls.  Fortunately it's a pretty big passage.
  61. [16:03:55] <Breezy> Breezy hefts the barrel up overhead and just guzzles it like a REAL American car does gas.
  62. [16:04:08] * Lucia looks to the others, asking, "Well now, are you all prepared?"
  63. [16:04:19] * Naida follows after the dwarf after going to try a bit of the alcohol, but turning her nose up at the smell of it.
  64. [16:04:23] <Breezy> GLUBGLUBGLUBGLUB
  65. [16:04:46] * Lucia begins to follow the dwarf, glass of wine still in hand.
  66. [16:05:39] * Flammie follows at the back.  (So confus...)
  67. [16:06:48] <Breezy> Breezy drops the barrel and stumbles in the same direction Lucia probably went. It's kind of hard to tell right now. Not as hard as putting one foot in front of the other without crossing them and getting caught up and tripping, though.
  68. [16:07:17] <Giantree> The dwarf hobbles across a bridge - fortunately with strong enough support that even the drunkest of drunks would have trouble falling off - and pauses every few seconds to look around and shrug before continuing.  Of course a crowd of rabites in totally different hats, most of the poofy or frilly, follows him.
  69. [16:07:55] * Rodidja finishes her cup and taking along a second to walk and follows Lucia. It would be chugging down a second and taking a third for a walk, but being tipsy in the dark isn't such a good idea from past experience.
  70. [16:09:47] <Giantree> Wisp doesn't even come out, so the only thing illuminating the darkness are the lanterns hung overhead.  It's enough to see, but still dim.  After a decent amount of hobbling Lotts approaches a massive building with turquoise walls that seem embedded into the cave wall, knocking on the massive double-doors.  "Eyyyy!  Anyone home?"
  71. [16:10:30] <Breezy> "I'm hoooooooooohiccupooome~"
  72. [16:12:02] <Giantree> "Ahaha!  Ye be a lightweight, eh, little one?  Don't fall off the edge, now."  Barring an answer from inside the building, the dorf strikes the doors with his hammer.  Then again, and again, until they SLAM open, revealing a decently-sized room with a spiraling staircase heading downward.  "Here ye are!  ... Uh, I think it's a climb to get where Gnome's at, though."
  73. [16:15:57] * Lucia doesn't seem concerned with the fact her adoptive son is drunk. Rather, she's more concerned with whatever happened to this gnome fellow...and if he as a sword is worth anything.
  74. [16:16:26] <Breezy> "Ahm no... no... no whitelate! YOU'RE A WHITELATE, Mishter!"
  75. [16:17:31] <Giantree> "Lessee... here we are!  Get in front, ye shapeshifters, there be dangerous monsters down here.  Methinks.  At least, a decade'r so ago there were!"  He whips out a lantern from the sack and hangs back.
  76. [16:18:38] <Breezy> "Wishway's a front?"
  77. [16:18:47] <Giantree> "Thattaway."
  78. [16:18:58] * Flammie starts down the staircase, then considers.  She leaps off of the spiral staircase and starts flying down the center!
  79. [16:19:48] <Rodidja> Pff. It's almost amusing seeing Breezy punch drunk, even though it's not much of a difference.
  80. [16:20:00] <Giantree> CRASH.  Well... that's what it sounds like, at least- the room isn't incredibly big vertically, it seems, so it's only a couple seconds of flight-time Flammie has to pull her head up lest crash into the ground headfirst!  As it happens, though, there's a lot of skittering noises.
  81. [16:20:40] <Breezy> Breezy starts forward but trips and tumbles, barely stopping at the edge of the stairs.
  82. [16:21:22] <Giantree> And so much for sneaking up on them;  as the rest presumably walk their way down, the three flowers on the ground sway around.  And then a little more.
  83. [16:21:31] * Rodidja takes a sip from her glass, still awake but getting buzzed
  84. [16:22:04] <Giantree> It becomes apparent that the skittering is actually FROM the flowers, which appear to have mouths too.  MOUTHS, with sharp teeth.
  85. [16:22:21] * Flammie looks around.  (Flowers?)  Oh hey, time to frol-MOUTHS.  NO FROLICK D:
  86. [16:23:32] <Breezy> "Ohhh, ishn't that sho pretty, Mommy? I'll...I'mma...I'ma gonna go pick 'em for you!"
  87. [16:23:52] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > DEATH FLOWER x3 > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Flammie'
  88. [16:24:11] <Giantree> Unfortunately, they seem hostile.  Almost sprite-sized, pink flowers, swaying about chattering.
  89. [16:25:10] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Pouncing a flower
  90. [16:25:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Pouncing a flower: 13 [2d6=6,1]
  91. [16:25:16] <Lucia> ((Rodi, reroll please?
  92. [16:25:20] <Rodidja> A groaning "This doesn't make sense..." followed by a "Why are there monster flowers underground?" She sets down her drink. "What next? Trees?"
  93. [16:25:21] <Lucia> ((I want my Reaper crit
  94. [16:25:28] <Rodidja> (kk StD 1)
  95. [16:25:28] <Giantree> (You suuuuuuuuuuuure~?)
  96. [16:25:31] <Lucia> (Yes
  97. [16:25:32] <Lucia> 1d6
  98. [16:25:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  99. [16:25:36] <Lucia> (That works.
  100. [16:25:37] <Giantree> Then BOOM.
  101. [16:25:44] <Giantree> .. Well, as in, hits BOOM.
  102. [16:26:40] <Lucia> Lucia pounces down upon one of the flowers, claws exposed as she claws it apart viciously, chuckingly wildly as she -drinks in- the 'bled' clorophyll.
  103. [16:26:41] <Rodidja> (in b4 spores)
  104. [16:26:47] <Lucia> "Teeeheehee, pfftpfft!"
  105. [16:26:57] <Lucia> (So that's...)
  106. [16:27:48] <Giantree> (55x2, then drain is uh...)
  107. [16:27:57] <Lucia> (And it's Fire strike)
  108. [16:28:10] <Lucia> (So these things are likely fire weak if my genre saviness means anything
  109. [16:28:26] <Lucia> (Is it enough to just say its dead?)
  110. [16:28:40] <Giantree> Even WITHOUT that, the flower crumbles and stops skittering around.
  111. [16:29:27] <Giantree> ... Not to say the same of the other two!  They both stop their swaying and open their mouths wide, bathing the area in drowsiness!  Unfortunately they're single-target so we'll just have to deal with that.
  112. [16:29:33] <Rodidja> (don't count on it, it's like setting giantree on fire only to find out he's psuedowoodo)
  113. [16:29:41] <Giantree> SPR checks!  Lucia and Breezy, make resists and good luck.
  114. [16:29:56] <Giantree> 2d6+5 oh yeah, dodge magic too
  115. [16:29:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, oh yeah, dodge magic too: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  116. [16:29:59] <Giantree> er
  117. [16:30:06] <Giantree> ... No, that's actually less than that.
  118. [16:30:09] <Naida> 2d6+5
  119. [16:30:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=6,2]
  120. [16:30:19] <Breezy> 2d6+1
  121. [16:30:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+1: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  122. [16:30:20] <Naida> oh wait
  123. [16:30:49] <Giantree> READING COMPREHENSION.  Still, Breezy miraculously overcomes the sleep spell, rendering the flowers' attempts to do anything worthless.
  124. [16:31:03] * Lucia meanwhile simply leaps into the shadows out of the way.
  125. [16:31:03] * Lucia meanwhile simply leaps into the shadows out of the way.
  126. [16:31:10] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > DEATH FLOWER x2 > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Flammie'
  127. [16:31:31] <Giantree> One tries chanting again, the other...
  128. [16:31:33] <Giantree> 1d5
  129. [16:31:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 1d5: 2 [1d5=2]
  130. [16:31:51] <Giantree> 2d6+5 bites at poor Naida.
  131. [16:31:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, bites at poor Naida.: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  132. [16:31:53] <Breezy> "That shmells pretty, I'm gonna... uh... getcha a pretty flower, Mommy!"
  133. [16:32:00] <Giantree> That... doesn't hit, does it?
  134. [16:32:08] <Naida> it does
  135. [16:32:14] <Giantree> Oh, only 17 damage then.
  136. [16:32:36] * Lucia chuckles, "I would -love- that." Lucia's already contemplating how to make a nice sleep poison from these things.
  137. [16:32:50] <Giantree> Then Naida's turn!
  138. [16:33:43] <Breezy> "Aaaaaaawrighty, Mommy. I lovya~!"
  139. [16:36:24] <Naida> 2d6+60 on lowest hp flower, Crimsn Seal Burn Ray
  140. [16:36:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, on lowest hp flower, Crimsn Seal Burn Ray: 68 [2d6=3,5]
  141. [16:37:36] <Giantree> Since one went down instantly, that's a 68damage FRY on... we'll say the left one.  The casting one, even.  It just reels back, though, and skitters some more.
  142. [16:39:50] <Giantree> And Rodi, yes.
  143. [16:40:55] * Rodidja brings up lavish golden Fortune Reels from out of nowhere, which begin whirring and suddenly come to a stop with a CHING, CHING and a CHING
  144. [16:41:10] <Rodidja> 3d6 Reels of Fortune, CHING CHING CHING
  145. [16:41:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Reels of Fortune, CHING CHING CHING: 15 [3d6=4,6,5]
  146. [16:41:26] <Rodidja> (One for the Money, 4)
  147. [16:41:32] <Rodidja> 1d6 CHING
  148. [16:41:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, CHING: 5 [1d6=5]
  149. [16:41:51] <Rodidja> (kk, yay)
  150. [16:42:07] <Giantree> CHING CHING CHING CHING CHING!
  151. [16:43:03] <Giantree> There's a strange rumbling noise from overhead.  Breezy!
  152. [16:43:10] <Rodidja> "Yaaay! About damn time this thing worked."
  153. [16:43:43] <Breezy> "Whash dat shound? Ishere a big flower or shomethin?"
  154. [16:46:52] <Breezy> 2d6+7 skitterer
  155. [16:46:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, skitterer: 15 [2d6=5,3]
  156. [16:47:09] <Giantree> Bam.
  157. [16:47:32] <Breezy> "I'mma gonna give you to Mommy, mmmkay Misther Flower?" Breezy reaches over to grab the skittering flower and pick it, but he sort of accidentally punches the shit out of it for 59 damage in the process. Clumsy drunken accident~
  158. [16:48:15] <Giantree> Punches it so hard it uproots itself and goes silent, totally free for the picking!  The other one gives a stare of WHAT, but... it isn't like it can run or anything, being rooted to the floor like it is.
  159. [16:48:58] * Flammie glares at the remaining flower and snaps her wings out, starting to thrum with magical power, readying herself for a spell
  160. [16:49:28] <Giantree> The flower freaks out.
  161. [16:50:18] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Pushin' up the daisies
  162. [16:50:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Pushin' up the daisies: 11 [2d6=1,4]
  163. [16:50:31] <Giantree> That oh-so-barely hits it.
  164. [16:50:59] <Lucia> 48+5=53 damage
  165. [16:51:19] <Lucia> (Fire strike, etc.)
  166. [16:51:26] <Giantree> It barely holds stil.  NOW it tries to chomp...
  167. [16:51:30] <Giantree> 1d5 try this again here
  168. [16:51:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, try this again here: 1 [1d5=1]
  169. [16:51:39] <Giantree> 2d6+5 sure, what is a man etc
  170. [16:51:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, sure, what is a man etc: 14 [2d6=6,3]
  171. [16:52:10] <Giantree> That... miraculously hits Lucia's monster EVA and snaps for a good 21 damage.
  172. [16:52:20] <Giantree> Which is actually not good, because that's awful.
  173. [16:53:34] <Giantree> Now it's Naida's turn.
  174. [16:54:51] <Giantree> There's one flower left and it seems to be barely up.
  175. [16:54:53] <Naida> 2d6+60 on flower
  176. [16:54:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, on flower: 67 [2d6=4,3]
  177. [16:55:02] <Giantree> Now it seems to be extremely down.
  178. [16:56:01] <Giantree> The rumbling subsides, now that the flowers are down, and familiar-looking coins get shaken off the ceiling!  A whole 200 of them, somehow.
  179. [16:56:48] <Breezy> "Hey Mommy, check thish out! Itsh a pretty flower, ishn't it?" Breezy stumbles over to Lucia and proudly presents the flower.
  180. [16:57:13] * Flammie stands down and looks at Naida with unabashed envy.
  181. [16:57:24] * Lucia takes it with a smile, caring not for her paltry wound, "Yes, dear, very lovely." She takes it and stows it away for toying around with in her lab later.
  182. [16:57:46] <Giantree> The DEATH FLOWER, also known as a LULLABUD, is obtainable and uncomfortably large.  It also smells like the sleep pollen it released, too.
  183. [16:58:20] * Lucia then moves towards actually slicing out the parts that look useful.
  184. [16:58:21] <Giantree> While one burned to a crisp, the other one's free for the taking too.  Individual parts of it probably wouldn't be worth much.
  185. [16:58:42] <Breezy> "Thanksh Mommy~" Breezy lets out a big yawn and stumbles, bumping right into Rodidja's leg.
  186. [16:58:53] * Lucia most likely was going after whatever produces the pollen
  187. [16:58:58] <Giantree> Well, ROOTS and FANGS are salvageable separately.  Maybe there're recipes utilizing flowers or something?
  188. [16:59:02] <Rodidja> "Hurray~! Money!" She picks up and downs her drink before going to the floor to collect.
  189. [17:00:26] <Giantree> Lotts stumbles along behind.  "Eh, easy peasy!  Why ye gotta be wastin' all that effort, rabite shapeshifters?"  There's a door on the wall, too, which is quickly smashed open.  He hobbles forth toward a path that leads outside of the building, onto another bridge watched by cavernous walls and a ceiling full of stalactites.
  190. [17:02:56] * Flammie follows just behind the dwarf
  191. [17:04:00] <Giantree> It's a small bridge for the creature, but fortunately it seems to be sturdy enough to not crumble under the pressure or anything.  Lotts crosses and just stares at the similar double-doors ahead.  "Ehh... what wos I doing again?"
  192. [17:04:25] * Rodidja ignores the bump from Breezy, kid's drunk. Can't blame it.
  193. [17:04:27] <Breezy> "Uhhh, pickin' flowers Mishter?"
  194. [17:06:19] <Giantree> ".. No, y'silly rabite, Gnome ain't a flower!  Er... this door."
  195. [17:06:28] <Giantree> "Uh... how d'ya open it again?"
  196. [17:06:54] <Breezy> "Can y'eat gnomeflowersh?"
  197. [17:07:34] <Giantree> "Gnome MAKES flowers, ye fool!  ... Or was that the other one?"
  198. [17:07:54] <Rodidja> "Turn the knob? Don't Bree- What other one?"
  199. [17:08:42] <Giantree> "Oh yeah!"  Laughing heartily, the dwarf's hand reaches out to the door and twists nothing.  Turns out there's not a knob.
  200. [17:09:16] <Giantree> "... Ah, what the Goddess, I'll just smash it in!"  The hammer gets to work.
  201. [17:09:36] <Breezy> "Hey Mommy, can I pun.. pan... punch thish shtupid door?" Breezy trips into the door face first.
  202. [17:10:07] <Giantree> The hammer stops after a couple swings.  "Oh ye, rabite!  Go fer it, me wantsta see."
  203. [17:10:20] <Rodidja> (Hammer -> Breezy's head -> Door -> Other side)
  204. [17:12:20] * Naida munches on a piece of candy.
  205. [17:12:45] <Flammie> 2d6+12 heal~
  206. [17:12:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, heal~: 18 [2d6=4,2]
  207. [17:13:03] <Breezy> 2d6+5 STRONGARM
  208. [17:13:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, STRONGARM: 10 [2d6=1,4]
  209. [17:13:17] <Giantree> Dawn of the first candy!  Four candies remain!  Lucia is full too, now.
  210. [17:13:23] * Lucia pets the Flammie gently in response to the heal, "Very good!"
  211. [17:13:31] <Breezy> Breezy steps back, wind up really big, swings, misses the door completely, then loses his balance and falls forward into it again.
  212. [17:13:53] * Flammie leans over into the petting a little.  just petting seems to help her get her strength back!
  213. [17:13:56] <Giantree> The door... doesn't budge much.  With a shrug and a laugh the dwarf hammers the door WHILE Breezy punches it until it FINALLY breaks down!
  214. [17:14:53] <Breezy> "I toldja I could break a shtupid door shtraight down, Mommy!"
  215. [17:16:04] <Giantree> Inside is a room of the same colors, with almost elegant-looking staircases in a symmetrical pattern curving downward to help emphasize the palace-y appearance of the place.  Directly in front of the group is a fountain with a Mana Goddess statue pouring water, which seems to be functional.  Past the downward staircases, however, is a wide doorway leading to what appears to be yet another spiral staircase heading straight down.
  216. [17:16:16] <Giantree> There are also lanterns and even a few potted flowers lining the shelves on the walls.
  217. [17:18:51] * Flammie stares at the statue intently.  (This means something.  This is important.)
  218. [17:19:16] <Giantree> Lotts rolls down the stairs and slams into the wall.
  219. [17:19:32] * Lucia glances about the place, taking in the sights and trying to pocket what valuables she can get away with.
  220. [17:20:59] <Rodidja> "What're you staring at Wingy?" She looks at the beast and scratches its neck.
  221. [17:21:28] <Breezy> Breezy's stumbling puts him dangerously close to knocking down the pots.
  222. [17:21:33] <Giantree> The potted plants are strangely preserved, even though they seem to be real flowers and not fake ones.  Fortunately they don't have mouths nor do they seem to be, you know, hostile like the last ones.  The water from the fountain may also be pocketable provided a bottle or something to store it in.
  223. [17:23:07] * Flammie slowly paws forward, an almost reverent feeling around her, looking up at the statue of the mana goddess.
  224. [17:24:35] <Giantree> The statue feels like it's bestowing energy, or maybe that's just the feeling of having faith in it.  At least, it didn't seem to move or talk or anything.
  225. [17:24:44] * Lucia downs the remaining wine, then takes some of the fountain's water in the glass.
  226. [17:24:46] <Giantree> HP/MP restored!
  227. [17:25:18] <Breezy> Breezy snatches Lucia's hand! ...Partially to help walk straight.
  228. [17:25:37] <Giantree> The water has a feeling like it may have some healing properties too.  Maybe.  At least, even a quick sample would prove it doesn't taste like plain water.  Regardless, Lotts rolls down the spiral staircase.
  229. [17:26:32] * Naida takes a sip straight from the fountain.
  230. [17:27:02] * Flammie steps up and laps at the water, since everyone else has walked past her to do so!
  231. [17:27:37] <Giantree> +MP too, but does it give crimson seals back?  Ho ho ho, no it doesn't!  Once they get there, the spiral staircase seems to be covered in some unknown material lining the walls and on the floor.  It's kind of sticky, too.
  232. [17:33:19] * Flammie peers down the staircase before jumping this time!
  233. [17:34:55] <Giantree> Lotts has already rolled down the entire staircase!  It looks painful, but fortunately no evil flowers this time.  The door at the bottom of the staircase is in the opposite direction that the last one was, and while it looks big it doesn't seem quite as locked.  Lotts just rubs his head while waiting for the others.
  234. [17:35:24] <Flammie> it's safe!  And down she goes.
  235. [17:38:35] <Breezy> Breezy tugs on Lucia's hand in the direction he went
  236. [17:39:13] * Naida follows behind the group, not wanting to end up running into any flowers in the dark.
  237. [17:45:05] <Giantree> "Oh!  That ain't so bad, eh?"  The dorf collects himself at the bottom of the staircase as the others presumably make their way down, once everything pocketable is pocketed.  "I'm pretty sure he's in there, ye crazy rabites.  Safe place n' all."
  238. [17:45:24] <Giantree> He pokes the wall full of sticky stuff and sniffs his gloved finger, though.  "... Even though this be new."
  239. [17:46:48] * Flammie puts her nose up against the wall and sniffsniffs!
  240. [17:47:48] <Flammie> 2d6+3 what's this, then?
  241. [17:47:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, what's this, then?: 14 [2d6=6,5]
  242. [17:48:26] <Giantree> It's the smell of something that doesn't belong down here.  It's nothing that's been encountered before specifically, but it seems to have been left behind by a living creature.  As a bonus, the smell leads inside the doors.
  243. [17:48:47] * Lucia eyes the sticky stuff warily, staying far away from it.
  244. [17:49:27] <Giantree> ... It's also red.
  245. [17:49:34] * Rodidja pokes her finger into the sticky stuff and traces some scribble which MIGHT be how to write her name... Except it looks like child's scratch.
  246. [17:49:36] <Giantree> And blue.  Both, interchangably.
  247. [17:49:42] <Giantree> So, a lot of it ends up looking violet.
  248. [17:50:05] <Breezy> "Can you eat thish shtuff?"
  249. [17:50:10] <Giantree> It's too sticky for that!  It seems to be stuck to and draped along the walls.
  250. [17:50:25] <Giantree> "Eh, it probably be nothing!"  The dorf shrugs.  "Everyone ready tae go inside?"
  251. [17:50:51] * Naida casts Faith on herself
  252. [17:51:00] <Naida> 2d6+8 lore(Mana)
  253. [17:51:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, lore(Mana): 14 [2d6=2,4]
  254. [17:51:19] * Flammie sniffsniff, then bleh and shakes her head.  From her pose, she doesn't trust whatever's on the other side of those doors!
  255. [17:51:35] <Giantree> The substance doesn't release Mana energy, but rather absorbs it.
  256. [17:52:20] <Giantree> At least, some of it does.
  257. [17:52:34] <Giantree> Some of the substance, on the other hand, does the precise opposite.
  258. [17:52:55] <Rodidja> "Sure. All we got to do is get the sword and unsword Gnome. Right?" She casually pulls her hand away from the sticky and wipes it off on Wingy. "Petting" it in.
  259. [17:53:04] <Giantree> The absorption is more noticeable, though, being a sprite and all; Naida at least is nauseous being so close to it, a little.  Breezy not so much, if he even realizes he's conscious.
  260. [17:53:26] * Flammie flinches away from Rodi as she tries!
  261. [17:53:35] * Flammie growls low in her throat at the attempt to pet it onto her.
  262. [17:53:45] <Breezy> Breezy's pretty nauseous anyway, swaying slightly on his feet while hanging onto Lucia's hand in order to not fall over.
  263. [17:54:19] <Giantree> "Eh... Yeah, somethin' like that!  Smells weird n' there, though, maybe I'll just have a drink while ye do it."
  264. [17:54:57] <Rodidja> "Alright, I won't." She rolls her eyes as she wipes the goop off on her coat sleeve.
  265. [17:56:05] <Breezy> "Didja say drink?" Breezy hiccups.
  266. [17:56:56] <Giantree> "Fine, ye lazies!  I'll go get 'im too."  Lotts grunts and rams the door with his DWARVEN HORNED HELMET, knocking it open!
  267. [17:57:28] <Rodidja> "Wait what happened to-"
  268. [17:58:12] <Giantree> Inside what is now apparently a massive, well-lit room, a pedestal in the back seems to sit with a brownish, earthen sword resting on it, chipped and beaten.  ... Behind a gargantuan horrorterror suspended from the ceiling on the 'goop' that covered the previous room, with no notable eyes or familiar limbs at all.
  269. [17:58:55] * Flammie snaps her wings out and growls all the louder at the horrorterror.
  270. [17:59:18] <Giantree> It's blue, and makes slithering noises as it slides forward along the ceiling.  It's large enough that its entire body reaches to the ground; it seems like it's more solid, but is coated in the 'goop.'
  271. [17:59:26] <Giantree> "... Oh.  Good luck, ye rabites!"
  272. [17:59:38] <Lucia> "Any idea what this, ah, thing is?"
  273. [17:59:51] <Lucia> She glares at the creature, as though its presence was an affront to her.
  274. [18:00:12] <Giantree> "None 'tall!  Well, guess I should be hittin' it, maybe."
  275. [18:00:40] * Flammie thrums and begins to charge a spell.
  276. [18:00:55] <Breezy> "...Can y'eat thish sorta monshter?"
  277. [18:01:03] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - STOP READING THIS PART OF THE TOPIC IT'S BOSSTIME | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Flammie > MANA EATER > Lotts'
  278. [18:01:39] <Giantree> It GROWLS as some... apparent limbs drop from the ceiling, revealing intimidating-looking claws!  Or maybe they're... really long fangs.  Who can even tell?
  279. [18:01:52] <Giantree> "Uh, dunno if I'd try, ye rabite!  ... Er, maybe I will."
  280. [18:02:30] <Rodidja> "Yeah, you can eat it. But you need to punch it first. (Ick...)" Edible? For her amusement, yes.
  281. [18:02:43] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Attackan
  282. [18:02:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Attackan: 11 [2d6=4,1]
  283. [18:02:45] <Giantree> Lucia gets the first move!  As does everybody else, fortunately.
  284. [18:02:50] <Rodidja> StD 1.
  285. [18:02:52] <Lucia> 1d6 Dual wield reroll
  286. [18:02:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Dual wield reroll: 2 [1d6=2]
  287. [18:02:58] <Lucia> 1d6 StD reroll
  288. [18:02:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, StD reroll: 1 [1d6=1]
  289. [18:03:11] <Rodidja> (;lkj)
  290. [18:03:15] <Giantree> Good job!  (That's sarcasm, by the way.)  It hits it, but nocrit.
  291. [18:03:45] <Lucia> 48+5=53 damage, Fire strike
  292. [18:04:01] <Lucia> Lucia leaps up, ejecting her claws as she strikes towards the gooey creature
  293. [18:04:33] <Giantree> It suddenly doesn't feel gooey when the claw's INSIDE it!  Still, it's squishy and feels like it probably felt it, possibly going along with the loud screech it makes afterward.
  294. [18:04:37] <Giantree> Naida!
  295. [18:04:49] * Naida begins chanting
  296. [18:05:33] <Giantree> Dija!  I mean Rodi!  I mean... both of those sound okay.
  297. [18:05:52] * Rodidja loads up and fires
  298. [18:06:46] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 PLINK!
  299. [18:06:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, PLINK!: 15 [2d6=6,5]
  300. [18:06:54] <Giantree> MEGAPLINK.
  301. [18:07:23] <Rodidja> (22+15=37)
  302. [18:08:01] <Giantree> It sinks in between its... nevermind, it doesn't look like it has eyes.  Still, the bullet hurts.  Probably.  Breezy!
  303. [18:08:24] <Breezy> 2d6+7 get some
  304. [18:08:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, get some: 17 [2d6=5,5]
  305. [18:08:33] <Giantree> Got some.
  306. [18:09:11] <Breezy> Breezy throws a drunken right hook so hard that he accidentally starts spinning around and around and around until his fight slams right into the goop for 61 damage!
  307. [18:09:15] <Giantree> (... Also you don't add the bonus when +ing by the way, HOW MANY TIMES MUST I REMIND YOU OF THIS)
  308. [18:11:50] * Flammie takes to the sky away from the weird eldritch thing and fires lasers, scoring its flesh!
  309. [18:11:58] <Flammie> 2d6+36
  310. [18:11:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, 2d6+36: 47 [2d6=5,6]
  311. [18:12:14] <Flammie> 25% chance of confusion
  312. [18:12:21] <Flammie> and 47 non-elemental damage
  313. [18:12:26] <Giantree> The creature stands still and stops screeching as the lasers pound into it!
  314. [18:12:33] <Giantree> 1d4 confusion is... 2
  315. [18:12:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, confusion is... 2: 1 [1d4=1]
  316. [18:12:40] <Giantree> noconfus
  317. [18:13:24] <Giantree> It sways around in the air!  The lasers meld into its flesh and it glows a little, going back to slithering.
  318. [18:13:48] <Giantree> Then it flashes red!  Fire raises up from the ground!  ... Under Lucia, no less.
  319. [18:13:56] <Giantree> 2d6+5 magic dodge this
  320. [18:13:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, magic dodge this: 12 [2d6=6,1]
  321. [18:14:39] <Giantree> With a WHOMP the flames sear hardly anything at all.  Actually, the WHOMP is the creature landing on the ground and attaching to it, slowly colorchanging to become a reddish tint reminiscent of the 'goop' from earlier.
  322. [18:15:09] <Giantree> It raises one of its 'arms' and slams it down!  It finds Rodi to be a suitable target.
  323. [18:15:17] <Giantree> 2d6+5
  324. [18:15:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=4,4]
  325. [18:15:29] <Giantree> 38 if success, which I THINK it is.
  326. [18:15:52] <Rodidja> Yeah... Not fly.
  327. [18:15:57] <Rodidja> StD
  328. [18:16:07] <Rodidja> 1d6 StDs... EVERYWHERE.
  329. [18:16:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, StDs... EVERYWHERE.: 1 [1d6=1]
  330. [18:16:18] <Giantree> THEN IT MISSES.
  331. [18:16:33] <Rodidja> (doho... I have nothing.)
  332. [18:16:52] <Giantree> Lotts raises his hammer, but forgets what he's doing midway and takes a drink instead.
  333. [18:16:54] <Giantree> Lucia!
  334. [18:17:41] * Rodidja just stands there as an arm comes down next to her... Surprised, but it could've been worse.
  335. [18:25:29] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  336. [18:25:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  337. [18:25:41] <Lucia> 1d6 Stupid reroll of the 5
  338. [18:25:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Stupid reroll of the 5: 4 [1d6=4]
  339. [18:26:14] <Giantree> Worth a try!  It still hits.
  340. [18:27:20] <Lucia> Lucia continues to claw at the nondescript creature, with the slicing and the dicing
  341. [18:27:28] <Lucia> "Fall, you foul thing! I command it!"
  342. [18:27:51] <Giantree> The weapon slices into the creature, but it seems less affected than it was before!  Its skin is also significantly harder, even if the claw does still dig in a bit.
  343. [18:27:55] <Giantree> Nyderr!
  344. [18:28:43] <Naida> 2#2d6+60 Double Burn Ray(1 Crimson Seal)
  345. [18:28:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Double Burn Ray(1 Crimson Seal): 65 [2d6=4,1], 67 [2d6=6,1]
  346. [18:30:41] <Giantree> The rays SEAR into the creature, provoking a loud screech!  They seem to almost melt past its armoring a bit, which quickly picks itself back up.
  347. [18:30:50] <Giantree> Lodi!
  348. [18:31:31] * Rodidja decides to bring up her slots, the first set went well enough now for the second~
  349. [18:32:08] <Rodidja> Down from the ceiling comes firey red Explosive Reels, spinning, spinning, CLANG CLANG CLANG!
  350. [18:32:22] <Rodidja> 3d6 Explosive Reels (yu ganna haet me fo dis)
  351. [18:32:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Explosive Reels (yu ganna haet me fo dis): 14 [3d6=4,6,4]
  352. [18:34:35] <Giantree> DINGDINGDING!  Everyone deals slightly more damage!  It's apparent from the confetti that pours out over the Gambler.  And you can reroll that 6 with no penalty, I'm pretty sure.
  353. [18:35:45] <Rodidja> 1d6 (+1 damage step, no I can't but I will anyways)
  354. [18:35:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, (+1 damage step, no I can't but I will anyways): 3 [1d6=3]
  355. [18:37:18] <Giantree> Too bad!  +1 damage step for everybody.  INCLUDING BREEZY.  OH BOY.  Breezy's turn by the way.
  356. [18:38:05] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  357. [18:38:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 17 [2d6=4,6]
  358. [18:38:18] <Giantree> Bam.  Any DW reroll?
  359. [18:38:41] <Breezy> Naaaaah. Breezy pulls his fist back and socks the monster again for 78 damage.
  360. [18:39:05] <Giantree> Then it is so.  Flam?
  361. [18:39:56] * Flammie begins charging anew, growling at the nondescript THING and staying in the air.
  362. [18:41:08] * Flammie finishes quickly, then, and shoots laser beams from her eyes that seem to pierce right through the thing!
  363. [18:41:17] <Flammie> 2d6+48
  364. [18:41:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, 2d6+48: 56 [2d6=3,5]
  365. [18:41:25] <Flammie> 56 damage, ignores Unusual Defense
  366. [18:42:41] <Giantree> The creature screeches as it's pierced by eye-lasers!  Or... some kind of lasers.  It decides this would be a great time to bring one of its 'arms' back and sweep it across the ground!
  367. [18:42:47] <Giantree> 2d6+4 on all
  368. [18:42:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, on all: 12 [2d6=3,5]
  369. [18:43:02] <Giantree> 26 damage to whomever it hits!
  370. [18:44:01] <Lucia> Lucia leaps out of the way of the arm, but it does clip her cloak and get goo all over it. She is most displeased.
  371. [18:44:10] <Lucia> Most displeased.
  372. [18:44:50] <Giantree> Lotts sits in the corner!  He still doesn't remember why he's here so he drinks a barrel of alcohol and flings it at the monster.  It doesn't do anything.  Meanwhile, the Mana Eater turns blue again!
  373. [18:45:00] <Giantree> And it's Lucia's turn yet again.
  374. [18:46:44] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Attackan
  375. [18:46:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Attackan: 14 [2d6=6,2]
  376. [18:46:49] <Lucia> 1d6 Reroll 2
  377. [18:46:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Reroll 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  378. [18:46:55] <Lucia> ((YEEEEEAAAAH))
  379. [18:47:25] <Giantree> bisonyes.wav
  380. [18:47:38] <Giantree> Seriously, M. Bison's face appears in a window and shouts "YES."
  381. [18:47:46] <Giantree> ... And then it becomes apparent there aren't any windows.
  382. [18:48:22] <Lucia> Lucia leaps up at the creature again, this time stabbing it right in its eyes. She then proceeds tto drink the mana that drips out from the crature, restoring her energy with it. A cold chuckle follows "Teeheehee Pfftpfft~"
  383. [18:49:40] <Giantree> It doesn't have any eyes!  That's only like... the third mention of this.  But it sure sinks in like it DID have some, as the creature howls in pain.  As for the draining... what comes out is less mana and more pure hard plating.
  384. [18:51:30] <Giantree> Also Naida's turn.
  385. [18:51:41] * Naida chants some more
  386. [18:51:55] <Giantree> 2d6+3
  387. [18:51:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=6,2]
  388. [18:52:10] <Giantree> Some bubbly green gets added to the blue.
  389. [18:52:12] <Giantree> Rodi!
  390. [18:53:03] <Rodidja> Generic attack Kapling!
  391. [18:53:09] <Rodidja> 2d6+4
  392. [18:53:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, 2d6+4: 14 [2d6=4,6]
  393. [18:53:13] <Giantree> Blam!
  394. [18:53:43] <Rodidja> (33+14=47)
  395. [18:53:56] <Flammie> (why +14?)
  396. [18:54:00] <Giantree> (Oh, right, I KEEP forgetting the damage step thing.  Silly reels.)
  398. [18:54:30] <Giantree> Still!  It tears through it for 43 damage!
  399. [18:54:36] <Giantree> Bleezy!
  400. [18:54:41] <Rodidja> (owait, sorry... a;lsdkfj)
  401. [18:54:44] <Breezy> 2d6+7 jerk
  402. [18:54:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, jerk: 10 [2d6=1,2]
  403. [18:54:49] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll 1
  404. [18:54:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll 1: 2 [1d6=2]
  405. [18:55:03] <Giantree> That.... actually hits.
  406. [18:55:25] <Giantree> Don't forget +1 damage step too, thanks to reels.  Ow.
  407. [18:55:42] <Breezy> "Heya... shtupid jerk, don't go doin' dat shtuff!" Whack! 72 damage.
  408. [18:56:24] <Giantree> It reels back!  Also, should've mentioned, it's on the ceiling again but is still hanging down.
  409. [18:56:25] <Giantree> Goflam!
  410. [18:57:15] * Flammie flies above naida, golden-white sprinklesof light falling over her.  She lands next to the sprite mage and growls at the thing, readying another spell
  411. [18:57:20] <Flammie> 2d6+12 healing!
  412. [18:57:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, healing!: 23 [2d6=5,6]
  413. [18:57:42] <Giantree> Up to full!  That roll could be used for something else, but oh well, nobody has reach.  What a shame.
  414. [18:58:31] <Giantree> The creature crawls back along the ceiling a little and launches flames at the sprite!  Or rather, flames appear from below the ground, at least.
  415. [18:58:44] <Giantree> 2d6+42 fire @ Breezy
  416. [18:58:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, fire @ Breezy: 51 [2d6=5,4]
  417. [18:59:01] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Counter
  418. [18:59:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Counter: 13 [2d6=4,2]
  419. [18:59:07] <Breezy> 1d6 Reroll 2
  420. [18:59:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Reroll 2: 2 [1d6=2]
  421. [18:59:14] <Breezy> 1d2 Knockback 1
  422. [18:59:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Knockback 1: 1 [1d2=1]
  423. [18:59:42] <Giantree> Unfortunately moving to a medium distance to cast spells isn't covered in the rules!  So it just gives a why.jpg face... or would if it has a face.
  424. [19:00:11] <Giantree> ... And turns red as it casts the fire spell.
  425. [19:01:35] <Breezy> Breezy wobbles and falls over, accidentally ducking out of the range of the flames before flinging his arms in an attempt to get momentum sufficient to stand up. The incredible strength of a drunk sprite, however, sends him flying straight at the freaky monster for 74 damage and a short range knockback.
  426. [19:02:45] <Giantree> As it turns red and falls to the ground, the howling Mana Eater realizes it's a REALLY bad idea to attack Breezy, and notes this.  It raises one of its 'arms.'
  427. [19:02:47] <Giantree> 1d4
  428. [19:02:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  429. [19:03:25] <Giantree> ... Shrugs off its own decision and goes for poor Naida.
  430. [19:03:25] <Breezy> Oh, actually, that was 111 damage because 50% drunken master bonus. Sorry!
  431. [19:03:28] <Breezy> TRIPS.
  432. [19:03:33] <Giantree> 2d6+5 oops it pressed it
  433. [19:03:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, oops it pressed it: 13 [2d6=2,6]
  434. [19:03:45] <Naida> ;-;
  435. [19:03:49] <Giantree> ... 38 BEFORE ARM.
  436. [19:04:00] <Giantree> This is why you have a party of multiple healers!
  437. [19:04:01] <Naida> I ded
  438. [19:04:06] <Giantree> Before.
  439. [19:05:39] <Giantree> It looks like the sword behind the creature flashes nerf monks for a second!
  440. [19:06:48] <Giantree> Lotts walks up and tries to hammer it!  .. Then he realizes that thanks to the knockback it's too far for him to move, so he sits down and drinks some more.
  441. [19:07:01] <Giantree> Also the redbeast smashed Naida in the face with said arm, for fluff!  But now it's Lucia's turn.
  442. [19:08:02] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Attackan
  443. [19:08:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Attackan: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  444. [19:08:07] <Lucia> 1d6 Reroll the 3
  445. [19:08:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Reroll the 3: 1 [1d6=1]
  446. [19:08:12] <Lucia> ((:|))
  447. [19:08:18] <Giantree> Even an 11 hits, fortunately.  Just... not hard.
  448. [19:08:23] <Flammie> (Probability says hi)
  449. [19:09:50] <Lucia> ((64 damage all the same.)
  450. [19:09:57] <Lucia> (64+11)
  451. [19:10:02] <Lucia> (Er, not +11
  452. [19:10:06] <Giantree> Still cuts into it!  Just not incredibly deeply.
  453. [19:10:08] <Lucia> (+5))
  454. [19:10:22] <Giantree> Naida!
  455. [19:12:29] <Naida> 2#2d6+75 Double Burn Ray(1 Crimson Seal)
  456. [19:12:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Double Burn Ray(1 Crimson Seal): 77 [2d6=1,1], 79 [2d6=3,1]
  457. [19:13:53] * Naida gives a pieve of candy to each member, and a cup to breezy and lucia
  458. [19:14:05] <Giantree> The burn rays tear into the creature!  It seems to be taking a lot of damage, which is probably pretty fortunate.  It isn't happy, though.
  459. [19:14:32] <Giantree> Rodi!
  460. [19:14:57] <Breezy> "Thanksh, Nighty, you're the besssshhhhhteshht."
  461. [19:16:00] * Rodidja takes the candy with a "Thanks, what's this"" and loa- Nope, she just loads and fires another rock after taking the candy.
  462. [19:16:13] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 FIRING!
  463. [19:16:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, FIRING!: 9 [2d6=2,3]
  464. [19:16:34] <Giantree> Tink!  The projectile hits the ceiling.  That's the sound it makes against the ceiling.
  465. [19:17:30] <Giantree> Breezy's go, by the way.
  466. [19:18:00] <Breezy> 2d6+7 feel it
  467. [19:18:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, feel it: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  468. [19:18:05] <Breezy> 1d6 2
  469. [19:18:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  470. [19:18:14] <Giantree> Paunch.
  471. [19:19:43] <Breezy> "I'ma, uh, gonna show you shomthin' real shpesshhul, now, Mishter! Thish ish my... my... my... Punch punch!" Breezy starts to sloppily punch left, but OH GOD IT WAS A FEINT SUCKER and cuts in a sharp punch right for 78 damage.
  472. [19:20:55] <Giantree> Punched hard!  ... Kind of.  The punches mostly bounce off but it still seems to be suffering taking them at all.  Its arm draws back again BUT it's Flammie's turn.
  473. [19:21:22] * Flammie leaps up and flies away from Naida, light sparkles of healing descending on her head anew.  She lands next to Lucia and goes up on her haunches, begging in a distinctly doglike fashion
  474. [19:21:27] <Flammie> 2d6+12 HEAL~
  475. [19:21:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, HEAL~: 18 [2d6=4,2]
  476. [19:21:50] <Flammie> naida, regain 18 HP
  477. [19:22:52] <Giantree> The arm lashes out along the ground again!  And in the sky if anybody's in the air, but considering this is the no-Eirene party that's probably not the case.
  478. [19:23:00] <Giantree> 2d6+4 on everybody AGAIN
  479. [19:23:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, on everybody AGAIN: 11 [2d6=5,2]
  480. [19:23:02] * Flammie plsplspls!
  481. [19:23:05] * Flammie ohgod arm
  482. [19:23:16] <Breezy> 2d6+7 COUNTER
  483. [19:23:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, COUNTER: 16 [2d6=6,3]
  484. [19:23:18] <Giantree> 27 to those hit!
  485. [19:23:23] <Giantree> or oh boy here comes hamedo
  486. [19:23:28] <Giantree> Counter hits!
  487. [19:23:28] * Flammie -7 HP
  488. [19:23:30] <Breezy> 1d2 1 plz
  489. [19:23:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1 plz: 2 [1d2=2]
  490. [19:24:03] * Lucia jumpropes the tentacle-like arm.
  491. [19:24:17] <Breezy> Well, Breezy doesn't manage to knock him back this time, but he throws a monster left hook into the arm for 115 damage.
  492. [19:25:19] * Naida falls unconscious!
  493. [19:25:48] <Giantree> The creature seems satisfied!  And as much as it feels like it should be repelling the fist totally, it doesn't do all that well at it, and it sinks in deep.  It grabs back onto the ceiling and turns blue afterward.
  494. [19:26:54] <Giantree> Lotts' turn!
  495. [19:26:56] * Rodidja gets sideswiped (again) with an "OOMF"
  496. [19:27:35] <Giantree> He... realizes he gave away all the cups.  And the candies.  But he wants to help so he approaches poor unconscious Naida and brandishes a wine-barrel.  "Here ye go, little rabite!  This stuff'll bring ye back up."
  497. [19:27:49] <Giantree> As he pours a bit down her throat thinking it'll help, it actually doesn't do anything at all.
  498. [19:27:52] <Giantree> Lucia's turn!
  499. [19:28:17] * Lucia reaches for one of the cups she had, puring its contents all over Naida, "Arise, my daughter!"
  500. [19:28:35] <Giantree> He stops pouring quickly after this, smiling.  "See?  Told ye it'd work!"
  501. [19:28:47] * Naida climbs up off the ground, a little red in the face and feeling quite warm
  502. [19:29:16] <Giantree> Meanwhile, Flammie is a ghost floating over her body.  Or at least seems to be the case, because whilst invisible to everybody else she can see all this happening.
  503. [19:29:56] * Flammie makes ferocious faces at the thing!  At her age and cuteness level, it doesn't do much other than be adorable, though
  504. [19:29:57] <Giantree> Breezy has the other cup, for reference.  But Naida is back up, and guess whose turn it is?
  505. [19:35:55] <Naida> 2d6+30 Cure on Self
  506. [19:35:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Cure on Self: 39 [2d6=4,5]
  507. [19:36:07] <Giantree> Full!
  508. [19:36:21] <Giantree> Rodi and Breezy in whatever order you want to.  The blue creature looms in the... not-so-distance.
  509. [19:36:39] <Naida> (actually that should've been +45 but who's counting)
  510. [19:36:59] <Giantree> Also was that your last crimson seal?  Think it was.
  511. [19:37:04] <Naida> it was
  512. [19:37:22] <Rodidja> Holding to take cup off of Breezy.
  513. [19:37:40] <Breezy> If it's an instant action, Breezy hands over the cup and then attacks?
  514. [19:37:45] <Giantree> Done!
  515. [19:38:49] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  516. [19:38:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 15 [2d6=3,5]
  517. [19:38:57] <Giantree> Boom.
  518. [19:39:04] * Rodidja runs over to the drunk to take the cup from Breezy while he attacks...
  519. [19:39:36] <Breezy> "Here, hold thish for me while I punch 'em!" Breezy hands over the cup with one hand while punching with the other for 76 damage.
  520. [19:41:05] <Giantree> Is Flammy up?
  521. [19:41:07] <Rodidja> "Hey, watch where you-" She avoids a punch and fumbles the cup, but holds on long enough in order to stumble over and splash the water onto Flammie's face.
  522. [19:41:34] <Giantree> Yep!  The ghost descends back into the dragon-y body, a little disoriented.  The grim reaper only she could see that was floating above shrugs and vanishes.
  523. [19:41:42] <Giantree> Flammie's turn now!
  524. [19:42:18] <Rodidja> (healz ur bots)
  525. [19:42:37] * Flammie slowly shakes off having been floating outside her body and comes out with an idea.  She gets up and tries to fly past the thing, aiming for the sword!
  526. [19:43:15] <Giantree> That would work if it weren't attached to the ceiling!  Or maybe it still wouldn't, since it fills the room.  Squeezing through the side, however, may work.
  527. [19:43:28] <Flammie> gonna try it!
  528. [19:43:36] <Flammie> athletics?
  529. [19:43:44] <Flammie> or escape?
  530. [19:43:48] <Giantree> Was just looking for that!  Yeah, Athletics is perfect, go for it.
  531. [19:43:53] <Flammie> 2d6+3 GO GO GO
  532. [19:43:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, GO GO GO: 8 [2d6=1,4]
  533. [19:44:25] <Giantree> Squeeeeeeeeze.  The... poor Flammie gets stuck, but is out of range of anything like the arm-sweep from earlier.
  534. [19:44:49] * Flammie gurk!
  535. [19:44:58] <Giantree> It wiggles about in anger!  Flames appear under Lucia again, because it REALLY wants to hit that vampire.
  536. [19:45:03] <Giantree> 2d6+5 for magic dodge
  537. [19:45:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, for magic dodge: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  538. [19:45:11] <Giantree> Well, it doesn't.
  539. [19:45:49] <Giantree> As it turns red, its 'arm' falls at the same target as she dodgesteps.  DESPERATION DESPERATION DESPERATION.
  540. [19:45:53] <Giantree> 2d6+5 ONE MORE DRACULA
  541. [19:45:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, ONE MORE DRACULA: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  542. [19:45:59] <Giantree> It just gives up.
  543. [19:46:30] <Giantree> Lotts pats his net drinking buddy Naida(?) on the back and goes back to drinking himself, in the middle of combat.
  544. [19:46:39] <Giantree> Lucia!
  545. [19:48:40] <Lucia> 2d6+6 ATTTAAAACK
  546. [19:48:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, ATTTAAAACK: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  547. [19:48:47] <Lucia> 1d6 REROOOOL
  548. [19:48:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, REROOOOL: 5 [1d6=5]
  549. [19:49:04] <Giantree> BOOM.
  550. [19:49:53] <Giantree> It shrugs most of it off, but still seems barely able to stand after it drops to the ground.  Flammie is partway through squeezing through, too.
  551. [19:49:54] <Giantree> Naida!
  552. [19:50:41] * Naida begins chanting
  553. [19:50:46] <Giantree> Rodi!
  554. [19:52:03] * Rodidja isn't kicking ass, but she does chew bubblegum... Err... Candy (+20 HP).
  555. [19:52:25] <Giantree> Nomnomnom.  Breezy?
  556. [19:52:46] <Breezy> 2d6+7 graaaah
  557. [19:52:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, graaaah: 17 [2d6=4,6]
  558. [19:53:32] <Breezy> "I'm sho shleepy, jusht give up, Mishter!" Breezy punches it again for 61 damage, now that slot buff wore off.
  559. [19:53:55] <Giantree> Still a little more than a TINK!  The red creature is feelin' it.
  560. [19:54:19] <Giantree> Flammie, another athletics check, please?
  561. [19:54:53] <Giantree> Well, while that's happening it still decides to do ANOTHER sweep.  After all, it can get away with this shit.
  562. [19:54:59] <Giantree> 2d6+4 all again, good thing you healed
  563. [19:55:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, all again, good thing you healed: 10 [2d6=2,4]
  564. [19:55:19] <Giantree> On all but Flam, but that... probably hardly hits anybody.
  565. [19:55:29] <Naida> it hit me :V
  566. [19:55:42] <Breezy> 2d6+7 COUNTER
  567. [19:55:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, COUNTER: 14 [2d6=1,6]
  568. [19:55:44] <Giantree> Just Breezy and Naida?
  569. [19:55:45] <Flammie> 2d6+3
  570. [19:55:45] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll 1
  571. [19:55:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=5,4]
  572. [19:55:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll 1: 1 [1d6=1]
  573. [19:55:53] <Breezy> 1d2 1 plz
  574. [19:55:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1 plz: 2 [1d2=2]
  575. [19:56:01] <Giantree> Flammie squeezes through!
  576. [19:56:18] <Breezy> Breezy takes the hit, but he also manages to punch back for 102 damage!
  577. [19:56:29] * Flammie pops out the other side and makes a beeline for the sword to pick it up in her mouth!  (I'll save you gnome!)
  578. [19:57:06] <Giantree> 24 to Braida, everybody else can jumprope pretty easily!  Flammie meanwhile PICKS UP THE WEAPON, but... there doesn't seem to be anything coming out of it, or acknowledging the manabeast at all.  Does that mean it's not wieldable?  Hell no it doesn't.
  579. [19:58:11] <Giantree> It turns blue!  Flammie can actually take a turn now, with the new weapon wielded.  The creature is on the ceiling.
  580. [19:58:21] <Giantree> Lotts falls over and rolls back into a corner, totally shitfaced.
  581. [19:59:33] <Rodidja> !
  582. [19:59:36] <Rodidja> "Oi, you alright old guy?!" Slightly disturbed at the dwarf's recent behavior.
  583. [19:59:44] <Giantree> Hic!
  584. [19:59:46] * Flammie flips the sword up by the hilt and catches it in the air.  She spins in a circle to build up speed before suddenly LAUNCHING herself at the back of the beast, the point of the blade first!
  585. [20:00:11] <Giantree> Damage is ????, but feel free to treat ACC as usual.
  586. [20:00:12] <Flammie> 2d6+4 oh god how do i weapon
  587. [20:00:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, oh god how do i weapon: 13 [2d6=5,4]
  588. [20:00:19] <Giantree> APPARENTLY REALLY WELL!
  589. [20:01:17] <Giantree> The blade SHINGs through the creature, leaving it barely able to hang onto the ceiling at all!
  590. [20:01:38] <Giantree> Lucia's turn though.
  591. [20:01:53] * Flammie floats back down to the ground and growls at it.  Bad thing!  Die!
  592. [20:02:12] <Lucia> 2d6+6 Attacking
  593. [20:02:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Attacking: 14 [2d6=5,3]
  594. [20:02:30] <Lucia> Lucia makes her way to continue to claw at the beast.
  595. [20:02:57] <Giantree> Pieces of the beast fall off!  Including one of its arms.  It's still blue and ceiling-bound, albeit barely.
  596. [20:02:59] <Giantree> Naida!
  597. [20:04:00] * Naida looks around for a second and sees something fuzzy and white she barely recognizes as moving
  598. [20:04:09] <Naida> 2d6+30 Cure on Flammie
  599. [20:04:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Cure on Flammie: 39 [2d6=6,3]
  600. [20:04:24] <Giantree> Hnnng.  Presumably more chanting?
  601. [20:04:26] <Giantree> Rodi either way.
  602. [20:04:44] <Flammie> 40/42
  603. [20:04:52] <Naida> (yeah, mo chantin, mo healin)
  604. [20:05:29] <Rodidja> THERE IS ONLY ONE THING I CAN DO! Kerchuk-CLANG!
  605. [20:05:39] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 Kerchuck-CLANG!
  606. [20:05:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Kerchuck-CLANG!: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  607. [20:05:45] <Giantree> reaction image.jpg
  608. [20:06:16] <Giantree> The bullet goes out the door behind them and ricochets all the way up the spiral staircase.  The group can even hear it as it goes.
  609. [20:06:24] <Rodidja> (pfflol... no. BITE ME DM!)
  610. [20:06:29] <Giantree> Please remedy this, you silly broken monk, you.
  611. [20:06:39] <Rodidja> (...but she already has ;-;)
  612. [20:10:06] <Giantree> (That means it's Breezy's turn)
  613. [20:10:26] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  614. [20:10:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=3,4]
  615. [20:11:05] <Giantree> That does it!  The other arm falls off, as the blue creature's flesh is ripped apart.  It falls straight to the ground with a loud WHOMP noise.
  616. [20:11:23] * Naida passes out
  617. [20:11:51] <Giantree> ... And then it turns red as it does so.  Its body opens, revealing a wide set of fangs.  Still no eyes though.
  618. [20:12:07] <Naida> (nevermind)
  619. [20:12:20] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - PART 2 | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Flammie > MANA EATER > MANA EATER'
  620. [20:13:14] <Giantree> Flamflam!
  621. [20:13:50] <Rodidja> (FINISH HIM!)
  622. [20:14:20] * Flammie grrr, but paws back a bit.  She looks at Lotts as though gauging the drunken dwarf's understanding of the situation, then makes the decision and charges forward again, doing another fly-by!
  623. [20:14:31] <Flammie> 2d6+4 SWORD
  624. [20:14:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, SWORD: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  625. [20:14:37] <Flammie> WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED ME SWORD
  626. [20:15:00] <Giantree> IT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT'S DOING
  627. [20:15:02] <Rodidja> (ohlawd... DM's in a bitchfit)
  628. [20:15:20] * Flammie zooms BETWEEN the red and blue halves, hitting neither!
  629. [20:15:21] <Giantree> There is something that DOES know what it's doing though!
  630. [20:15:30] <Breezy> Breezy sways on his feet before tripping and falling into the monster fist-firstfor 58 damage!
  631. [20:16:14] <Giantree> Actually there's only a red one now.  It glows a bit as it responds to Breezy first!
  632. [20:16:23] <Giantree> ... With a sleep spell.  Resist roll, SPR, please.
  633. [20:16:31] <Breezy> 2d6+1
  634. [20:16:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+1: 7 [2d6=4,2]
  635. [20:16:34] <Giantree> zzzzzzzzzzz
  636. [20:17:04] <Giantree> It has nothing to sweep the room with now, though.  It approaches Lucia and TRIES ITS BEST to finally hit that elusive ninja, this time with a CHOMP of its teeth.
  637. [20:17:09] <Giantree> 2d6+6 TRYING ITS BEST
  638. [20:17:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, TRYING ITS BEST: 13 [2d6=6,1]
  639. [20:17:16] <Giantree> ITS BEST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.
  640. [20:17:18] <Lucia> nope.avi
  641. [20:17:20] <Giantree> Lucia's turn!
  642. [20:17:46] <Breezy> "HeyaaahhhnnnnnnnngoodnightMommmyIlovey...ou" Breezy slumps onto the ground in a peaceful, sleepy spriteball.
  643. [20:17:49] <Lucia> Lucia retaliates with a vicious strike that hopefully rips some of the teeth out with it.
  644. [20:17:52] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  645. [20:17:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  646. [20:17:55] <Lucia> 1d6 Reroll 3
  647. [20:17:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Reroll 3: 2 [1d6=2]
  648. [20:17:59] <Lucia> ((:|))
  649. [20:18:47] <Giantree> DiceMaid-9001 wears her coolface.jpg as the weapon still rips into it, but it's revealed quickly that these aren't physical fangs anyway.  It just morphed itself into a SHAPE like fangs.  No fun.
  650. [20:19:11] <Giantree> Maybe Naida can do something worthwhile?
  651. [20:19:46] <Naida> 2d6+30 Cure on Breezy
  652. [20:19:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Cure on Breezy: 35 [2d6=3,2]
  653. [20:21:32] <Giantree> Nope!
  654. [20:22:31] <Rodidja> GENERIC SHOOTING ATTACK, GO! (Because Random Number Goddess haet gambler.)
  655. [20:22:39] <Rodidja> 2d6+4  With a click and a CLANG!
  656. [20:22:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, With a click and a CLANG!: 11 [2d6=1,6]
  657. [20:22:51] <Giantree> And a TINK!
  658. [20:23:42] <Rodidja> Is that a good tink or a nonplussed tink?
  659. [20:23:55] <Giantree> Like, it gets hit but shrugs it off tink.
  660. [20:24:19] <Naida> If it's gelatinous, wouldn't it be more like *FLOOSH* or something?
  661. [20:24:34] <Lucia> Should I MP DRANK Naida or Flammie?
  662. [20:24:37] <Rodidja> The "You hit the enemy but I'm still taking 6000 rupies" tink. Gotcha.
  663. [20:24:39] <Lucia> 9(WOOPS
  664. [20:24:42] <Lucia> ((WRONG CHANNEL
  665. [20:26:25] <Giantree> It's Flammie's turn, by the way.  The sprite's nodding of.
  666. [20:26:36] * Flammie blazes back through, cutting through the blue one and landing in front of the KO'd breezy, growling at the pair.  (You shall NOT pass!)
  667. [20:26:44] <Flammie> 2d6+4 hah!
  668. [20:26:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, hah!: 13 [2d6=4,5]
  669. [20:27:41] <Giantree> There IS no blue one, there's only been one the whole time.  And it turned red permanently, apparently.
  670. [20:27:58] <Giantree> STILL it... feels like it actually did a decent amount of damage, somehow.
  671. [20:28:33] <Giantree> So of all genius things to do it casts at the vampire again.
  672. [20:28:39] <Giantree> 2d6+5 dodge magic durr
  673. [20:28:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, dodge magic durr: 7 [2d6=1,1]
  674. [20:28:47] <Giantree> It royally fucks up!
  675. [20:29:18] <Rodidja> (DM's out for blood. Also... 6, 6 crits where?)
  676. [20:29:27] <Giantree> It makes a genius idea of waking Breezy up, with a CHOMP.
  677. [20:29:29] <Giantree> 2d6+5 CHOMP
  678. [20:29:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, CHOMP: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  679. [20:29:46] <Giantree> A CHOMP for 35!  But gets rid of sleep status.
  680. [20:30:23] <Breezy> 2d6+7 "Huhhhh?"
  681. [20:30:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, "Huhhhh?": 12 [2d6=4,1]
  682. [20:30:29] <Breezy> 1d6 1
  683. [20:30:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1: 4 [1d6=4]
  684. [20:30:32] <Giantree> HuhwhaBOOM.
  685. [20:31:39] <Breezy> Breezy sleepmumbles as the jaws sink in; reflexively, he throws a mighty little fist right into his assailant as he comes to, "Oh, did we win? Why's my head hurt soooo much?"
  686. [20:31:50] <Breezy> 88 damage
  687. [20:33:13] <Giantree> It turns a purplish color and seems to slow down.  It mopes almost helplessly on the ground.
  688. [20:33:32] <Giantree> Lucia's!  It... seems barely standing.
  689. [20:35:59] <Lucia> Lucia pounces upont he fallen creature, mercilessly stabbing at it with her claws, "Begone, you SLIME!"
  690. [20:36:01] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  691. [20:36:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  692. [20:36:07] <Lucia> ((FFFFFFFFFFFFUUU
  693. [20:36:13] <Lucia> 1d6 Reroll the 5 why the fuck not
  694. [20:36:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Reroll the 5 why the fuck not: 1 [1d6=1]
  695. [20:36:14] <Giantree> YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO
  696. [20:36:47] <Rodidja> (DM will never give anyone a legitimate crit. Ever.)
  697. [20:36:55] <Giantree> (^, this is fate.)
  698. [20:37:00] <Lucia> ((I got one earlier
  699. [20:37:02] <Lucia> ((With DW reroll
  700. [20:37:10] <Lucia> ((But no, not legitimate
  701. [20:37:12] <Giantree> (You can still give someone else MP drank as an instant, though)
  702. [20:37:23] <Giantree> (Like hand it, not use it)
  703. [20:37:40] * Lucia then tosses away her wine glass full of drink in traditional Dracula fashion. It heads towards Naida.
  704. [20:38:00] <Lucia> (Or rather, Rodi, who can give it to Naida.
  705. [20:38:16] <Rodidja> (in b4 naida forgets to move and is killed)
  706. [20:38:17] <Giantree> (>implying Flammie doesn't need it more)
  707. [20:38:47] <Giantree> Okay, so Naida's turn now, Rodi gets to hold onto the cup.  After all, what else is she going to do?
  708. [20:39:07] <Flammie> (> implying I need anything but a sword and my guts)
  709. [20:39:42] <Naida> 2d6+60 Tipsy Burn Ray
  710. [20:39:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Tipsy Burn Ray: 66 [2d6=5,1]
  711. [20:40:08] <Naida> chantin continues
  712. [20:40:32] * Rodidja holds onto ze cup... What's in the cup? Well... It doesn't smell like booze.
  713. [20:40:39] <Giantree> Barely up!  It's purple and... slowly melting, apparently.  Still trying to keep standing.
  714. [20:41:28] <Giantree> Rodi's turn now of course.  Thing-doing?
  715. [20:43:18] * Rodidja rushes over to feed Wingy a refreshing drink... Looks like it needs one.
  716. [20:43:57] <Giantree> Wingy feels ABSURD AMOUNTS OF ENERGY.
  717. [20:44:17] * Flammie :D
  718. [20:44:26] <Rodidja> (Servicing the beast. ><)
  719. [20:44:32] * Flammie huge grin at the thing.  IT's not a pleasant look.
  720. [20:45:03] <Giantree> Spritemonk!
  721. [20:45:17] <Breezy> 2d6+7 hyaaaaa
  722. [20:45:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, hyaaaaa: 13 [2d6=1,5]
  723. [20:45:21] <Breezy> 1d6 1
  724. [20:45:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1: 5 [1d6=5]
  725. [20:46:14] <Giantree> It takes the punch and doesn't take it well.  It doesn't seem to TINK off its armor, though it doesn't SQUISHEXPLODE like it did when blue.
  726. [20:46:46] <Breezy> "My heaaaad hurrrrrrrrts, go away!" Breezy pulls back both arms before attacking ambidextrously, "D-D-DOUBLES PUNCH"
  728. [20:47:26] * Rodidja looks over towards Breezy
  729. [20:47:29] <Giantree> ... Continue!
  730. [20:47:51] <Rodidja> "(A hangover? So soon?)" Kid's definately a lightweight.
  731. [20:49:00] <Giantree> Flamtime!  It's in pieces, barely hanging on and attempting to prepare another silly status effect spell or something.
  732. [20:50:08] * Flammie doesn't give it a chance.  A spin around in place and she launches out, leaving an afterimage of herself trailing behind as she cuts the thing in half
  733. [20:50:16] <Flammie> 2d6+4 flamtime
  734. [20:50:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, flamtime: 16 [2d6=6,6]
  735. [20:50:20] <Giantree> OH
  736. [20:50:21] <Giantree> MY
  737. [20:50:22] <Giantree> GOD
  738. [20:50:30] <Giantree> FLUFF MORE THAN THAT, YOU DESERVE IT.
  739. [20:51:23] * Flammie lands behind it and sets the sword down almost reverently.  The beast stays together for an extra moment, then the top half of it slowly falls from the lower, both halves starting to melt and becoming nothing more than goo by the time they hit the ground.
  740. [20:51:39] <Rodidja> (and it explodes)
  741. [20:51:43] <Giantree> And the ground is covered in the sticky stuff.
  742. [20:51:48] <Giantree> ... And yes it explodes afterward.
  743. [20:53:05] <Giantree> "ZzZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz."  Lotts apparently drank too much during the fight and passed out.
  744. [20:53:47] * Flammie paws over to Lotts and nudges him in the side.
  745. [20:53:51] * Lucia shields herself from the explosion with her cloak.
  746. [20:53:58] <Celeste> Breezy immediately runs over to Lucia and stars tearily whining, "M-Mommy, my head hurts a buuuuuunch."
  747. [20:54:15] <Giantree> "Ahwha!"  He swings his hammer!  ... And falls back over as it hits nothing, CONKing his helmet against the ground.
  748. [20:54:18] * Lucia then moves over to Lotts and...tries to pick his wallet. Or would, if Breezy didn't distract her.
  749. [20:54:31] <Naida> "Ugh, stop moving around so much."
  750. [20:54:37] * Lucia sighs, "We'lls ee what we can do, then."
  751. [20:54:48] * Flammie nudges him again.  Focus!
  752. [20:54:53] <Giantree> She would've found that he's just wearing bulky dorf armor anyway!  That, and the empty sack behind him, since he drank all the liquor he brought along.
  753. [20:55:08] <Giantree> "Oh, did ye do it?  Told ye so!  Easy peasy, eh?"
  754. [20:55:09] * Rodidja walks through some sludge and handles the sword from Flammie and begins tapping it really hard against the floor... "Hey, GNOME! Wake up!"
  755. [20:55:19] <Giantree> "... Oh right, Gnome."
  756. [20:55:31] <Giantree> "Er... hmmm."  He stands up, albeit barely, and scratches his beard.
  757. [20:55:45] <Giantree> "How were ye s'posed ta wake 'im up, again?"
  758. [20:56:22] * Flammie stares at Lotts.  Really?  After all that, really?
  759. [20:56:36] <Rodidja> "You don't know? (Aren't we supposed to be asking that?!)"
  760. [20:57:09] <Giantree> "Hmm... I remembered a good few decades ago!  I just remember he told me tae make him a good sleepin' place for a good while.  So I did!"
  761. [20:59:23] <Giantree> The sword resonates mana, but doesn't... do anything.  It's chipped and beaten-looking, like the creature in the room was trying to absorb it or something similarly silly.
  762. [20:59:45] <Rodidja> She almost readies to throw the sword at Lott, but decides against it... Passing it to Naida instead and going off to the side to vent. Maybe collect some goop in the process to sell as tonic later.
  763. [21:00:17] * Naida casts faith on herself
  764. [21:00:24] <Naida> 2d6+8 Lore Mana
  765. [21:00:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Lore Mana: 14 [2d6=2,4]
  766. [21:00:29] * Lucia also tries to gather up some goop...and anything else that looks valuable in the room.
  767. [21:00:31] * Flammie ah-ha!
  768. [21:00:36] * Flammie nudges Rodi.  (Give it!)
  769. [21:00:45] <Breezy> Breezy curls up by Lucia's feet like a kitten and goes back to sleep.
  770. [21:00:56] <Flammie> *Naida
  771. [21:01:26] <Giantree> The creature WAS living there because of the mana from the sword, and it WAS absorbing it.  However, it couldn't actually take much due to the sword acting as a barrier and just got a little bit over the course of what was probably a few years, if not longer.  The reason it was able to become that big even with so little was due to the influence of a major Mana Spirit.
  772. [21:02:20] <Giantree> Goop is gatherable and seems to act as a catalyst, doing the same thing the creature did.  A couple glops of it are salvageable, maybe two of each between red and blue.  Common sense says that they may be able to use to craft things with similar properties.  Just maybe!
  773. [21:03:41] * Naida hands the sword to Flammie with a "Hold onto this for me." then walks off, one hand over face.
  774. [21:04:13] <Giantree> "Ahaha!  Mission success!  Let's get outtae here, Gnome!"  The dorf laughs heartily as he stumbles up the stairs.
  775. [21:04:18] * Flammie nods and starts back up the staircase, this time going up the stairs like a normal...well, not quite like a normal person, but still
  776. [21:06:06] * Flammie sets the sword in the waters of mana, in front of the goddess
  777. [21:06:09] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Where everybody gets to be broken! | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 5 (DING for Sunday) | Group B Spoils: 4x CANDY, 2x DEATH FLOWER, 4x POTTED PLANT, 200luc, 4x GOOP, 1x GNOMEBLADE'
  778. [21:07:25] <Giantree> The sword rests and resonates mana, as does the water- in fact, it seems like the fountain is depleting by the second as it happens.  Unfortunately for that notion, even with the smiling face of the Mana Goddess gazing down, nothing comes out of the sword.  Yet.
  779. [21:09:16] * Flammie takes it from there and steps out, sword on her back.  Off to find Lyle!
  780. [21:10:33] <Giantree> The fountain isn't DRY, but it seemed like the sword was taking in the energy from it.  Just something to note!
  781. [21:14:59] <Giantree> Climbing the towers again wasn't so difficult a task, since the hostilities were gone.  However, the dwarf with his hat-wearing rabites was as merry as ever seeing the others up, almost-reluctantly insisting on staying behind to make more hats.  After all, SOMEDAY he'll be able to hike up the entire mountain and see civilization!  ... Someday.
  782. [21:15:51] <Giantree> After all, he wanted to make appropriate rabite-wear for the new litter that was just born, to go with his new fashion series of hats he liked to call "Twenty Desires."
  783. [21:17:32] <Giantree> The Flammie was waiting outside, perfectly willing - apparently - to fly the group back provided they didn't try to take the sword from her or anything.  So, back to the castle!
  784. [21:18:02] <Giantree> And there's your fadeout montage.  Corona was cheerfully receptive and tried her hardest to hide the fact that she just made a big batch of chocolate cookies.
  785. [21:19:56] <Breezy> Breezy will do anything necessary to get some of those cookies~
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