[How Can I Do This] How Can I setup Up Ecommerce Style site

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. [How Can I Do This] How Can I setup Up Ecommerce Style site with Amazon Aff Links
  2. How can I set up an e-commerce looking site for my Amazon affiliate site? The product I promote in my shop are manufactured by 100's of brands. So I want to set up a different URL structure that shows all the products from the brand under specific category example.
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  14. abcsite.com/brand1/leather-shoes
  15. abcsite.com/brand1/sports-shoes
  16. abcsite.com/brand2/new-shoes
  17. All of the product will also have their dedicated page like with all the information from the Amazon Page or Other E-commerce sites
  18. abcsite.com/brand1/white-boy-sparkling-red-shoes
  19. As @BlogPro also suggested that these types of structure also brings out lots of long tail traffic. I am thinking of implementing this for a long time but I am not able to come into solution.
  20. How can i do this plz help. Or just point me to the correct direction.
  22. Surround your link with the most relevant content to increase the link value. Don’t be more aggressive to have frequent exact anchor texts. Meanwhile, don’t be too crazy to have
  24. irrelevant anchor texts to hit by search engine penalties. Be strategic in placing links with appropriate anchor texts in right places.
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  30. Best High DA Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List 2020 – {Top Authority}
  31. Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List
  33. This is how it spreads. Google normalizes “web apps” that are really just Chrome apps. Then others follow. We’ve been here before, y’all. Remember IE? Browser hegemony is not a
  35. happy place. https://t.co/b29EvIty1H— DHH (@dhh) April 1, 2020
  36. In fact, it’s alarming how much of Microsoft’s cut-off-the-air-supply playbook on browser dominance that Google is emulating. From browser-specific apps to embrace-n-extend AMP
  38. “standards”. It’s sad, but sadder still is when others follow suit.— DHH (@dhh) April 1, 2020
  39. YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome because YouTube's Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API only implemented in Chrome. You can
  41. restore YouTube's faster pre-Polymer design with this Firefox extension: https://t.co/F5uEn3iMLR— Chris Peterson (@cpeterso) July 24, 2020
  42. As phone sales fall & app downloads stall a hardware company like Apple is pushing hard into services while quietly raking in utterly fantastic ad revenues from search & ads in
  44. their app store.
  45. [How Can I Do This] How Can I setup Up Ecommerce Style site with Amazon Aff Links
  46. Part of the reason people are downloading fewer apps is so many apps require registration as soon as they are opened, or only let a user engage with them for seconds before
  48. pushing aggressive upsells. And then many apps which were formerly one-off purchases are becoming subscription plays. As traffic acquisition costs have jumped, many apps must
  50. engage in sleight of hand behaviors (free but not really, we are collecting data totally unrelated to the purpose of our app & oops we sold your data, etc.) in order to get the
  52. numbers to back out. This in turn causes app stores to slow down app reviews.
  53. Apple acquired the news subscription service Texture & turned it into Apple News Plus. Not only is Apple keeping half the subscription revenues, but soon the service will only
  55. work for people using Apple devices, leaving nearly 100,000 other subscribers out in the cold: "if you’re part of the 30% who used Texture to get your favorite magazines
  57. digitally on Android or Windows devices, you will soon be out of luck. Only Apple iOS devices will be able to access the 300 magazines available from publishers. At the time of
  59. the sale in March 2020 to Apple, Texture had about 240,000 subscribers."
  60. Apple is also going to spend over a half-billion Dollars exclusively licensing independently developed games:
  61. Several people involved in the project’s development say Apple is spending several million dollars each on most of the more than 100 games that have been selected to launch on
  63. Arcade, with its total budget likely to exceed $500m. The games service is expected to launch later this year. ... Apple is offering developers an extra incentive if they agree
  65. for their game to only be available on Arcade, withholding their release on Google’s Play app store for Android smartphones or other subscription gaming bundles such as Microsoft
  67. ’s Xbox game pass.
  68. Verizon wants to launch a video game streaming service. It will probably be almost as successful as their Go90 OTT service was. Microsoft is pushing to make Xbox games work on
  70. Android devices. Amazon is developing a game streaming service to compliment Twitch.
  71. The hosts on Twitch, some of whom sign up exclusively with the platform in order to gain access to its moneymaking tools, are rewarded for their ability to make a connection with
  73. viewers as much as they are for their gaming prowess. Viewers who pay $4.99 a month for a basic subscription — the money is split evenly between the streamers and Twitch — are
  75. looking for immediacy and intimacy. While some hosts at YouTube Gaming offer a similar experience, they have struggled to build audiences as large, and as dedicated, as those on
  77. Twitch. ... While YouTube has made millionaires out of the creators of popular videos through its advertising program, Twitch’s hosts make money primarily from subscribers and
  79. one-off donations or tips. YouTube Gaming has made it possible for viewers to support hosts this way, but paying audiences haven’t materialized at the scale they have on Twitch.
  80. Google, having a bit of Twitch envy, is also launching a video game streaming service which will be deeply integrated into YouTube: "With Stadia, YouTube watchers can press “Play
  82. now” at the end of a video, and be brought into the game within 5 seconds. The service provides “instant access” via button or link, just like any other piece of content on the
  84. web."
  85. Google will also launch their own game studio making exclusive games for their platform.
  86. venturebeat.com
  87. linkshort.net
  88. typepad.com
  89. imageshack.us
  90. bc.vc
  91. hitsafari.com
  92. kvchosting.net
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