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  1. <b><u><size=30><align="center">Permanently's Server</align></size></u></b>
  2. Honestly I'm not too sure what to put here. This is my server, I guess. Play on it.
  3. I originally created this for me and my mates to play on but it got a bit boring, so I decided <i>"Hey, f**k it, I'm going to make this public."</i>
  5. Also, you may want to <b><color=#FFD700><link="">join my Discord server</link></color><b>. I'll be posting updates about the server there, as well as building a community for the SCP server. :)
  7. See that cool <color=#00FFFF>Contributor</color> role? You want it too? No problem! Just join the Discord server and go to #contributor-role for more information on how to donate.
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