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Terraria nickname color generator

F4stZ4p Nov 13th, 2017 (edited) 85 Never
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  1. @echo off
  2. color A
  3. title Color generator by F4stZ4p
  4. mode con:cols=56 lines=5
  5. :cgen
  6. cls
  7. set MIN=0
  8. set MAX=255
  9. set /a R=MIN+(MAX-MIN+1) * %random%/32768
  10. set MIN=0
  11. set MAX=255
  12. set /a G=MIN+(MAX-MIN+1) * %random%/32768
  13. set MIN=0
  14. set MAX=255
  15. set /a B=MIN+(MAX-MIN+1) * %random%/32768
  16. echo %R%,%G%,%B%
  17. @echo %R%,%G%,%B%| Clip
  18. echo Copied to clipboard!
  19. echo Press any key to generate again.
  20. pause
  21. goto :cgen
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