Debt of Mana

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  1. [14:19:50] <Giantree> Wisp yawns outside the dimming inn window, and the bustle of town gets louder by the second.  A certain young - relatively, at least - sprite wakes up to the free inn room, today on Mana Holy Day, in a fairly exciting city.  The Moonlight City of Menos, that is.  Booming voices echo here and there.
  2. [14:20:47] <Giantree> ".. djya hear, they got another one?"
  3. [14:20:58] <Giantree> "GAHAHAHA, I'm not going up THERE anytime soon!"
  4. [14:21:08] <Giantree> The voices from outside the window fade away, sun shining through.
  5. [14:31:21] <Naida> "It's such a nice day today." the sprite says to herself as she gets up to get dressed for the day. There's a gentle jingle as she ties a pair of large bells around her waist. She walks over to the window to look out on the city, "I wonder if anything interesting's going on today?"
  6. [14:33:02] <Giantree> The city springs to life as it begins to gradually darken, approaching sunset.  Plenty of adults, especially the elderly, laugh and sing obnoxiously as they throw dice and shout in a nearby building.  Loudly enough to be heard even from an inn, no less, which says enough.
  7. [14:34:06] <Giantree> This is Moonlight City Menos - not Mintos, contrary to popular belief - where the 'moonlight' had become exaggerated over the years, and it sprung into an exciting, lively city over the past few centuries.  Rumors spread that somewhere near here, the Mana Spirit Shade took up residence.  Though, getting clues is a different story.
  8. [14:40:15] <Giantree> The city's definitely a lively place; crowded and pretty annoying, too.  The oh-so-typical tavern lies a short distance away from the inn, as do the shops for adventurer's gear.  Gamblers enter and exit the Casino with bustling roars of laughter and.. okay, so that's pretty much it.
  9. [14:41:04] <Naida> Naida walked out of the room and downstairs to speak with the owner. "Good morning sir, the room you gave me was lovely, and had such a nice view!."
  10. [14:42:10] <Giantree> "Aha!  And thank you too!"  This innkeeper, though still doing a strange dance, seems to speak coherently.  "Are you traveling, little lady?  It miiiiiiiiight be dangerous out there."  He wags his finger.
  11. [14:44:51] <Naida> "That depends on how long it takes me to find what I'm looking for." The young looking girl puts a finger to her chin and tilts her head, "I was wondering if you might know someplace I can learn about the mana spirits in this town."
  12. [14:45:55] <Giantree> The dance slows down.  "Mana... Spirits?  Oh ho, they say there's a spirit in all of us!"  He narrows his eyes with a grumble, "And this town can get a bit TOO heavy on the spirits if you ask me."
  13. [14:46:06] <Nerea> (I lol'd)
  14. [14:47:34] <Giantree> "But I'm just here for weary souls.  Maybe you could find one of those adventurer-types who'd know the deal, eh?  They get awful superstitious about their luck-spirits and the like down here, mmhmm!"
  15. [14:50:26] <Naida> "I see. . ." the girl said, a hint of disappointment in her voice, "I suppose I'll take a look around the city and see what I can find then. I don't owe you anything do I?"
  16. [14:51:06] <Giantree> He lets out a hearty laugh... for a man so skinny.  "Nothing at all!  All rooms are free on Mana Holy Day!  Just don't come by expecting to get freebies tomorrow, hear?"
  17. [14:55:19] <Naida> "Understood!" she heads towards the door waving goodbye to the tavern master as she went. There was a slight chill in the air as the sprite stepped out into the mid-dusk. "Now," she thought to herself, "I wonder where I can find some information in this town."
  18. [14:55:47] <Giantree> Outside the inn is plenty of city.  Loud, gruff, bearded men dance around red-faced outside and taverns are as loud as taverns can be.  Well, a little louder than that, in fact.  In the distance an ominous-looking building looms, on a path outside the town outskirts.
  19. [15:00:33] <Naida> Naida watched the crowds go by for a second until she spotted a youngish looking man passing by himself. She walked up behind him and tugged on the hem of his shirt. "E-Excuse me sir, what can you tell me about that large building in the distance?"
  20. [15:01:52] <Giantree> "Mmm?  That shady place?  I dunno," he shrugs, turning around and ending up not being as red-faced as the others.  "It's not like anyone ever WANTS to go there.  Some government place or something?"
  21. [15:03:25] <Naida> "Ah, would you perhaps know where I can learn more?"
  22. [15:04:23] <Giantree> "Ask 'em yourself!  Lotsa people go there and don't come back, so I dunno anything about 'em up there.  If you don't gamble, kid, this place ain't gonna have a lot to offer."
  23. [15:07:44] <Naida> "Thank you I suppose." The sprite decided to begin wandering in the general direction of the building, occasionally asking questions of the least drunk looking people she found about the building or other centers of information in the city.
  24. [15:09:51] <Giantree> "Weird kid."  The man heads into the Casino, and plenty of others end up doing the same.  Most people give similar answers about how there's some creepy castle that'd be the most 'magical' or 'spiritual' thing around these parts-- the alcohol=spirits joke actually gets cracked multiple times by different people.  They're just that uncreative.
  25. [15:12:06] <Breezy> A tiny little sprite with long, silver hair shoves through the crowd to get to Naida, looking for the person who is the source of the voice asking around with wide, red eyes while shouting, "Stop! Wait! You're planning to go to that big place up there? You should take me with y-y-y-you..." The raggedly dressed sprite points a finger at her, staring in massive confusion as the shout dies out.
  26. [15:16:37] <Naida> Naida stand there for a second, initially startled by the sudden outburst, then surprise upon discovering another sprite in a city of mostly humes, then finally curiosity concerning the state of his dress. She finally spoke up, "You seem to know something about that place, why is it you want to go there?"
  27. [15:20:23] <Breezy> "Because I heard it's got a super powerful person inside who wants to fight people! But... I think you're my twin because we look the same! My name's Breezy." Of course, Breezy has differently colored hair and eyes from Naida, plus he's a tiny bit taller than her. Then there's the fact that he's male, though he doesn't really look very much like it.
  28. [15:22:28] <Naida> "Don't be ridiculous, we don't look anything alike," she stated bluntly, "and anyway, why would you go out of your way to intentionally fight someone that strong?"
  29. [15:24:25] <Breezy> "B-but... We look just alike! I've never seen someone who looks so much like me and I always wanted a twin ever since I found out about them yesterday! Oh, um, because I wanna be the strongest boxer and I can't get much better punching the air anymore, so I have to find someone really strong for me to either beat or get punched by until I'm good enough to beat them!" Breezy talks really, really fast.
  30. [15:27:18] <Naida> Naida almost wanted to ask what rock the male sprite had been punching air under up until now, but she decided against it for simplicity. "Well I suppose if there's a powerful fiend in there I could use some protection. Are you a strong fighter yourself?"
  31. [15:30:16] <Breezy> "Uh huh! I'm really strong, I can punch through the air so hard that it feels like there's nothing there! I'll be a really good twin and even punch stuff for you if you want!"
  32. [15:33:57] <Naida> Naida stood for a second, slightly taken aback by his last comment, finally regaining her composure. "W-well then, I suppose that's all I need really. Let's get going shall we?"
  33. [15:34:54] <Breezy> "Uh huh! ...What's your name?"
  34. [15:35:31] <Naida> "Naida. . .and yourself?"
  35. [15:35:49] <Giantree> The adorable tw- I mean, the total strangers of sprites now stand in the middle of a bustling town, but fortunately the drunks do little more than fall over.  The exit's just a walk to the west, provided there's no need to visit any of the alcoholic-infested buildings or even the equipment stores, and PAST said exit looms a dark building past a lengthy, winding path.  It nearly glistens in the night sky.
  36. [15:37:31] <Breezy> "I'm Breezy! If I called you Nighty, our names would rhyme, did you know that?"
  37. [15:39:28] <Naida> "I had no idea." she stated flatly and began heading in the direction of the western gate.
  38. [15:40:43] <Breezy> Breezy follows along with a bouncy step, "Naida's a pretty name too, but I like calling you Nighty, Nighty!"
  39. [15:41:23] <Giantree> The path is kept mostly clear at this time of night.  In fact, there are a couple muscular, tall men covered in fur howling outside the gate... but, they only wave to the two and proceed to pounce on monsters.  That may just explain why the roads are as clear as they are.
  40. [15:43:05] <Breezy> Breezy leans in close and whispers to Naida, "Nighty, how do they grow so much hair on their bodies? I can only get it on my head." He wiggles his his head to shake his long hair in demonstration.
  41. [15:44:34] <Giantree> With a good deal of time to converse, the castle arrives a little while later.  Probably.  Or actually, they arrive at it.  Since television isn't something that's around it only looks like a mildly intimidating building, though still a large one with a huge tower at the top.  Double-doors rest at the building's front, seemingly unguarded.
  42. [15:45:31] <Naida> "Don't you know, all humes are like that. Ah good, we're here. You should go and knock."
  43. [15:46:29] <Breezy> "Okay! I love knocking on doors, but people yell at me for it a lot." Breezy walks up to the doors and punches them to 'knock'.
  44. [15:47:02] <Breezy> "...Oh, are humes tall hairy people?"
  45. [15:47:37] <Giantree> The door quickly moves forward at the punch, revealing a dimly lit hall.  There doesn't seem to be anyone there to greet the two - nor to keep the door shut - but past the hall is a slightly-wider room.
  46. [15:47:39] <Naida> "They are, tall hairy stupid people."
  47. [15:48:54] <Breezy> "Oh, okay! The door let me in." Breezy smiles and nods, accepting Naida's explanation while entering the building.
  48. [15:49:31] <Naida> Naida follows Breezy in cautiously, scanning the room for a light source.
  49. [15:50:29] <Giantree> Fancy ones on the ceiling.  It looks like they've been intentionally dimmed, if anything, just to keep the mood gloomy.  And gloomy it is, as the room ahead is littered in chairs that are almost totally empty save for one with an almost passed-out-looking person in it.
  50. [15:50:51] <Breezy> Breezy doesn't bother with caution; gotta find the right person to punch. "Hello? Are you here? Can I punch you? You could punch me, too! We'll take turns. Annnyyyyboooodyyy?"
  51. [15:53:35] <Naida> "Breezy, there's someone passed out here. Come help me out with him, and for the love of The Tree don't punch him!"
  52. [15:56:18] <Rodidja> "Ugn... Keep it down you lout..." The woman's arms are over her head and her hands over her eyes.
  53. [15:58:06] <Naida> "Oh, you're a woman. Are you alright, do you perhaps need assistance?"
  54. [15:59:08] <Breezy> Breezy walks over to the fallen woman, "Hi. Were you taking a nap? I like naps too. Is this your house?"
  55. [15:59:27] <Rodidja> Her clothes are a set of leathers, although they do look expensive they're old and seem a bit dirty. Her blonde hair seems to have received similar treatment.
  56. [16:02:35] <Naida> "You look like you've been here for a while, can you tell me what this building is?"
  57. [16:02:46] <Rodidja> "The only ashistance I need from yaf runts ishto be quiet. I'f lost 'lotta lucre at the dice t'day and fell into the dirt running away from shome vampire who'f caught me."
  58. [16:03:47] <Naida> "D-Did you just say a vampire?"
  59. [16:03:51] <Rodidja> "And it'sh her housh!" She's saying it almost proudly.
  60. [16:03:52] <Breezy> Breezy's clothes aren't in much better condition, though, they're not leather. Just typical plainsclothes, some raggedy shorts and a wrinkled up shirt, probably. Be it by weird sprite magic or what, Breezy's surplus supply of silver hair doesn't seem to have lost its shine. "What's a vampire?"
  61. [16:05:24] <Rodidja> "Theh eat little kidsh like you for lunsh when it turns midnight!"
  62. [16:06:13] <Breezy> Breezy giggles as though it's a joke, "Don't be silly! Lunch isn't at midnight."
  63. [16:06:29] <Giantree> The silent halls erupt in a bit of CLANGy noise farther down.  Unobtrusively due to the distance, but it's still piercing compared to the fact that the sprites and this new person were the only ones talking until now.
  64. [16:07:50] <Naida> Naida jumped a little at the sound, but quickly regained her composure. "What was that noise?" then turning to the other sprite, "Breezy, that might be the thing you came here for. Shouldn't you go see what it is?"
  65. [16:08:46] <Breezy> "Oh! Maybe that's the powerful person we're looking for. I'm so excited~! We're gonna punch each other and everything!" Breezy skips off in the direction of the noise. After all, skipping's supposed to make you good at boxing. Or was it jump roping? Who knows!
  66. [16:09:16] <Rodidja> "Yull undershtand when you can drink." Addressing the kid that doesn't seem as stupid.
  67. [16:09:41] <Breezy> Breezy calls back, "When can I drink? I'm thirsty."
  68. [16:10:15] <Giantree> The noise stops.  Or at least, a lot of it does, but there's still some click-clack a little way down the hall.  What's more important, at least immediately, is how Breezy runs into a big suit of armor that doesn't fall apart upon contact; actually, the sprite comes into contact with a THUD as it stands still.
  69. [16:10:46] <Giantree> Weird enough that it's standing in the middle of the hallway.
  70. [16:11:03] <Naida> Naida peers warily at the suit of armor, "Breezy, that suit didn't sound empty."
  71. [16:11:30] <Breezy> "Oh, sorry Mister Armor. I'm looking for the powerful person in charge here. I hope I didn't break anything!" Breezy moves to walk by it
  72. [16:11:52] <Giantree> CLANG.  It lifts the handaxe it was carrying off the ground and turns around as the little sprite starts to walk, the interior of its helmet glowing.
  73. [16:12:23] <Breezy> "Oh, do I have to punch you first? Okay, but you can't use that thing in a boxing match. That's the rules!" Real matter of fact.
  74. [16:13:01] * Giantree changes topic to 'Naida > Rodi(?) > Breezy > AXE ARMOR'
  75. [16:13:04] <Giantree> WHAT DO?
  76. [16:13:30] <Rodidja> "Damnit! Keep it down!" She turns herself in the chair to face the not-so-stupid one or the stupid one... She can't tell! "Tha's interesting?"
  77. [16:14:39] <Naida> "You better prepare yourself, I've no idea what this thing's capable of!" Naida called back to the lush as she began chanting a spell.
  78. [16:15:04] <Giantree> Does Rodi... move at all?
  79. [16:16:24] <Rodidja> Her chair doesn't, that's for sure.
  80. [16:16:48] <Giantree> Then it's entirely possible it may be time for Breezy to punch it.
  81. [16:17:48] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  82. [16:17:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=4,5]
  83. [16:18:39] <Breezy> Breezy turns around and punches the armor square in the chest, making no effort to be subtle or evasive. Just slams a fist into it like it ain't no thang for 41 damage!
  84. [16:19:26] <Giantree> It is indeed not a thang at all.  The armor takes the hit like a bitch... but in a much less slang phrasing, the punch CLANGs against the armor and dents it slightly.
  85. [16:20:05] <Giantree> But, with no respect for the 'rules' at all, it hoists the axe back underhanded and tosses it toward the sprite-assaulter!
  86. [16:20:15] <Giantree> 2d6+2 CV-STYLE
  87. [16:20:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, CV-STYLE: 10 [2d6=6,2]
  88. [16:20:56] <Giantree> 28 pure rule-breaking damage.
  89. [16:21:18] <Rodidja> Rodidja stumbles out of her chair... And towards the nearest door. "You loud kidsh haf fun..."
  90. [16:21:26] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Hamedo
  91. [16:21:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Hamedo: 10 [2d6=2,1]
  92. [16:21:32] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll the 1
  93. [16:21:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll the 1: 1 [1d6=1]
  94. [16:21:45] <Giantree> The nearest door is past the hallway they're going in, actually!  Well, the other one is the exit.
  95. [16:22:03] <Breezy> 1d2 on 1, knockback
  96. [16:22:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, on 1, knockback: 2 [1d2=2]
  97. [16:23:13] <Breezy> Breezy takes the hit (unless the armor gets defeated in this punch), but takes advantage of the opening during its swing to close in, getting cut a litle bit, but also throwing another fist right into the dented part from before for another 35 damage. "Hey, you cheater!"
  98. [16:23:17] <Giantree> (35 to i- okay)
  99. [16:24:29] <Giantree> It doesn't.  The armor takes another dent but stays strong, waiting for the axe that whizzed past after dealing the hit to come back to it.  At least, holding its hand out, that SEEMS to be what it's expecting.
  100. [16:25:13] <Naida> 2d6+56
  101. [16:25:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, 2d6+56: 67 [2d6=6,5]
  102. [16:25:57] <Naida> "BURN RAY" Naida yells as her spell goes off.
  103. [16:27:00] <Giantree> More like MELT RAY, as there's a hole in the armor after it happens.  And with a CLANG, its own axe flies into its chest, knocking it into a wall where it falls apart.
  104. [16:27:01] <Naida> She then takes a seat, satisfied with the results of her spell.
  105. [16:27:42] <Breezy> "Heeeeeeeeeey... I would've been unhappy, but I guess it's okay since he cheated, too..."
  106. [16:28:18] <Naida> "Next time we come against an opponent who fights fair, I'll let you take him on alone, how's that?"
  107. [16:28:46] <Giantree> The mysterious stranger stumbles toward the exit- or maybe past the armor and toward the end of the hall, who knows?  But at least, the clangy noises keep somewhat quiet up ahead, as the hall leads forward and to the right.
  108. [16:29:02] <Giantree> Only, from the right some hurried footsteps approach.
  109. [16:29:41] <Naida> "Oh what now?" Nadia says under her breath and stands back up from her chair.
  110. [16:29:45] <Breezy> "Okay!" You're the best, Nighty~!" Breezy charges onwards in search of the powerful opponent for a moment, but stops at the footsteps. "What do we do? I don't know which way to go!"
  111. [16:32:04] <Giantree> (>Nadia)
  112. [16:32:41] <Naida> "Clearly the thing to do at this point is follow your ears. Which way is the sound coming from?"
  113. [16:34:03] <Giantree> Apparently the MYSTERIOUS STRANGER already did hobble straight ahead, past the right hallway where the footsteps come from.  As they get closer and closer, someone sounds out-of-breath.
  114. [16:34:44] <Breezy> "From the righty, Nighty!" Breezy goes to see what the noise was.
  115. [16:34:53] <Rodidja> Rodidja makes her way down the hall and away from the holding room, using the wall as a guide (although sloppily). There's no way she'll get any rest in there.
  116. [16:35:13] <Naida> "Breezy, prepare yourself, I don't want you to get caught off-guard again."
  117. [16:36:17] <Giantree> "Waaah!"  It's a person running, though just slightly taller than the sprites.  But they gasp loudly and skid around on the castle floor, falling straight over with a loud CRASH as bits of porcelain spill over the ground.
  118. [16:37:22] <Breezy> "B-but, I wasn't off-guard!" Breezy briefly glances at the cut the armor caused, "It just cheated! ...Cheating hurts..." After a moment of pouting, the spriteboxer takes notice of the runner, "Hi. Whatcha doin'?"
  119. [16:37:52] <Giantree> Landing flat on her face is a girl in a poofy black-and-white costume, complete with a headdress, desperately trying to hold on to the tray of the tea set that just spilled all over the ground.  Attached to the back of her head is a bright, tangerine-orange set of hair in a fluffy ponytail.
  120. [16:38:26] <Giantree> As she jerks up her eyes are bright red, too.  "AAAAH oh no, the Mistress isn't gonna like this!  ... Wait, who are you?"
  121. [16:39:40] <Naida> Naida moves closer to the two, making sure not to get too close to any of the suits of armor along the walls.
  122. [16:39:46] <Breezy> "I'm Breez. Who are you?"
  123. [16:39:53] <Breezy> +y
  124. [16:40:33] <Naida> "and my name is Naida. We've both come in search of something."
  125. [16:40:51] <Giantree> The red-eyed maid leaps up and brushes herself off, making a few CLANG noises of her own as she does so.  "Huuuuh?  You're guests?  R-Really, guests here?"
  126. [16:41:31] <Breezy> "I like your eyes, Lady. They're like mine!"
  127. [16:41:58] <Naida> "Well, we wouldn't mind being considered guests, but the welcome so far has been sub-par at best."
  128. [16:42:00] <Giantree> Staring blankly at the two, she lets out a gasp and quickly brushes the pieces of the tea set up into the tray before standing back up and turning around with a curtsey.  "Oh!  Um, I'm Corona, the head maid here... I wasn't expecting guests on a day like THIS one, except for the one who..."  She goes totally blank.
  129. [16:42:10] <Giantree> "Wait, where DID that gambling lady go?"
  130. [16:43:13] <Naida> "Ah, I believe she shambled off in that direction." said Naida, gesturing further down the hallway.
  131. [16:43:15] <Giantree> "Ah, um, oh, I'm really really sorry!"  Diving over to one of the armors, she opens the wall to reveal a hidden compartment which she pulls a broom out of.  "All the other maids slack on their work, ESPECIALLY today."
  132. [16:43:25] <Rodidja> There's a bump down the hallway. Rodidja knicks a doorknob and stumbles into a decorative table with a vase. "Ah-uff! Damn vampires, why do theh haf ta haf shit like this eferywhere."
  133. [16:43:38] <Giantree> The vase wobbles.
  134. [16:43:42] <Giantree> 2d6
  135. [16:43:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2d6: 7 [2d6=2,5]
  136. [16:43:53] <Giantree> ... Wobbles and stops.
  137. [16:44:50] <Breezy> "Do you work for the really powerful person, Rony?"
  138. [16:44:59] <Rodidja> No hangover prevention hearts or lucre from that vase.
  139. [16:45:46] <Giantree> "Really..."  Corona stares blanks, as do the freckles on her face, before she gives a big smile and perks up.  "Oh, that's right!  The Mistress IS incredibly powerful!  The way she moves, so graceful~"  She puts her hands together and doesn't even notice her own swooning for a second.
  140. [16:47:55] <Breezy> "Wow! Can you take me to meet her, then?" If she moves really gracefully, she's probably a superdoublegood boxer because she can dodge stuff!
  141. [16:48:34] <Naida> "I'd like to meet her as well, I have a few questions I feel she could answer."
  142. [16:48:51] <Giantree> "Of course I- ... ohwait."  Holding an index finger to her lips, the same hidden compartment the broom came from slides open, and the tea set slides into it.  Then it vwips back closed.
  143. [16:49:33] <Breezy> "Whoaaaaaa, are you a magician? My sister does magic stuff, too!"
  144. [16:49:52] <Giantree> "I have urgent news to tell her, but please, follow me!  I'm sure she'd be glad to have guests."  With a big smile, she holds her arms out to beckon the children before her face becomes a scowl and she starts running toward the drunk who hobbled ahead.  "Aah!  Miiiss, please wait!"
  145. [16:50:11] <Rodidja> Even further down the hall, Rodidja eyes a door next to a staircase. Probably a closet. She takes the chance to move into someplace undistur-
  146. [16:50:21] <Giantree> With an "OOF" she trips over the broom she's holding and falls flat on her face.
  147. [16:52:23] <Rodidja> Rodidja turns around to see someone who isn't her fall flat on her face. "Oh... Jusht the maid."
  148. [16:52:41] <Breezy> Breezy's head tilts in confusion before offering Corona a hand up, "Um, Miss Rony, I don't think those things work like that."
  149. [16:53:49] <Giantree> "W-Wait!"  Corona scrambles up and takes the hand, though apparently she's really heavy to lift.  The CLANG might have something to do with that.  "Oh, thanks for the help.  And... hehe, I guess you could say I am!"  Very maidlike, she gives a curtsey and focues back on the sprites, totally forgetting whom she was chasing after.
  150. [16:54:53] <Naida> Naida continues following the disfunctionaly group at her own pace, taking note of the lovely architecture displayed in the castle.
  151. [16:55:39] <Breezy> "Can you show me any other magic tricks, Miss Rony?" Breezy bounces up and down with excitement.
  152. [16:55:59] <Giantree> Plenty of lovely paintings as well.  The looks on their faces seem like they're just shouting "teehee pfftpfft," only... they're not.  So the head maid dashes ahead, to the door Rodi was standing by-- an ominous-looking door which she turns the knob of and signals for the others to enter.
  153. [16:56:24] <Rodidja> The drunken woman turns away from the distraction to the door she had eyes on earlier and tests the kn-
  154. [16:56:39] <Giantree> Said room is a staircase apparently leading outdoors, where the darkened sky awaits on the long trip up to a single-room building.
  155. [16:57:50] <Breezy> Breezy skips the way across, poofy hair bouncing along the way. "Hey Nighty, isn't this place cool?"
  156. [16:58:25] <Giantree> "Um, that's not really what I should be doing at work!  ... Then again, slacking off and looking at paintings of men isn't what the others should be doing at work either."  She sighs incredibly deeply, and even gives Rodidija a strange look before the cheerful smile returns to her glaring red eyes.
  157. [16:58:26] <Naida> "It's lovely, although a bit dark for my tastes."
  158. [16:58:34] <Giantree> "Please, this way."  Step.  Step.  Step.
  159. [16:58:52] <Rodidja> Groans abound! It wasn't a closet. "Corona, do you haf a room where I can rest my eyesh?" The booze is wearing off... Just a little.
  160. [17:00:02] <Giantree> Corona stops halfway up the stairs and spins around, tilting her head.  Or at least she does until her head hits the end of the broom she's holding, causing a wince.  "Ow!  Uh... We do have guest rooms, in fact!  As long as you pay your due, I'm sure the Mistress wouldn't mind something like that~"
  161. [17:00:21] <Breezy> "What's a Mistress?"
  162. [17:01:06] <Giantree> She opens her mouth to say something starting with "miserable" before pausing and giving a big headshake, continuing up the steps.
  163. [17:01:24] <Naida> "A mistress is something a man gets when he's become dissatisfied with his wife."
  164. [17:01:49] <Giantree> The head maid's fist slowly raps against the door a couple times, which is an exaggeratedly elegant one.  "E-Excuse me, Madam!  You have guests... guests and urgent business!"
  165. [17:02:14] <Rodidja> Rodidja feels her pocket... "How mush does this get me?" She turns her head to Breezy. "It's what you call a bloodshucker... One uff dem women who'll take all yur money and leaf you with nothing."
  166. [17:02:30] <Breezy> "Oh, I didn't know Rony was a boy. How come you're dissattyfied with your wife enough to get a Mistress?"
  167. [17:02:33] <Rodidja> In Rodidja's hand, there's 100 lucre.
  168. [17:02:42] <Breezy> "That's okay! I don't have any money anyway."
  169. [17:03:33] <Giantree> "Aaaah, I..."  Shuffling back and forth, Corona's red eyes dart side-to-side while she turns to the others and puts an index finger to her lips, for a 'shhhh.'
  170. [17:03:52] <Naida> "What, what's the matter?"
  171. [17:04:18] <Giantree> "M-Madam?  I... I'm letting them in..."  With a gulp, the door is opened and pulled toward her.
  172. [17:04:58] <Lucia> "Of course, please do so," a refined feminine voice speaks from behind the door.
  173. [17:05:34] <Giantree> Eyelids clamped shut, Corona holds her broom loosely and motions for the others to enter with her other hand.
  174. [17:05:49] <Rodidja> "You don't haf any spare roomsh, Corona?" She pockets the lucre carefully. "What short of inn is this?"
  175. [17:06:32] <Breezy> Breezy skips inside, childish little voice speaking before even looking, "Hiiii Mistress Lady, are you the Powerful Person here?"
  176. [17:06:35] <Giantree> The maid eeps again.  "We... We do!  I... I think.  But..."
  177. [17:07:31] * Lucia sits atop a throne-like chair in the back-center of the room, a glass of what you hope is red wine in hand. She's a blonde-haired woman dressed in dark baroque attire that just screams 'Vampire'.
  178. [17:08:22] * Lucia narrows her crimson eyes at the approaching guests, grinning faintly as she says, "So, two sprites and a debtor walk into my chambers. Sounds like the start of a joke. Regardless, welcome."
  179. [17:09:03] <Breezy> Breezy's head tilts, "What's a sprite?"
  180. [17:09:15] <Naida> Naida follows Breezy into the room at a conservative pace, admiring the architecture again. "The only joke here is the hospitality. We were attacked not long after we entered your castle here."
  181. [17:10:46] <Lucia> "What is a sprite?" she echoes Breezy's question, "A miserable little pile of...well...whatever you are. Sorry, habit."
  182. [17:10:53] <Rodidja> She perks her eyes at "debtor". ("Oh damnit. Thash why...") She's mostly not drunk from that word.
  183. [17:10:54] * Lucia coughs lightly, looking embarassed.
  184. [17:11:47] <Lucia> "And attacked? ...Oh, My display armors are a bit shy, I apolgize. They get a bit jumpy if you stare at them for too long."
  185. [17:12:28] <Naida> "In any case, we've come here because we wish to pay tribute to you. By that I mean we have requests."
  186. [17:12:33] <Giantree> Corona mumbles out a "really sorry" while closing the door behind them.
  187. [17:13:27] <Breezy> "Oh! Before I forget, I'm Breezy, and this is my twin, Nighty!"
  188. [17:14:13] <Lucia> "Tribute?! Well, I can refuse tribute!" She smiles widely, setting down her glass and rising to walk towards the group. Her smile seems rather toothy, "Go on, then, let's hear your proposal."
  189. [17:15:03] * Lucia stops by Rodidja, playfully tracing a finger along the woman's neckline, "And I shall deal with -you- after, I suppose." A small chuckle.
  190. [17:15:11] <Rodidja> Rodidja takes out 100 lucre and puts it on the table. "Pretty sure it wash this much I owe you. 1000 lucre! All paid!"
  191. [17:15:34] <Rodidja> (allmylucre.jpg)
  192. [17:16:01] <Lucia> "You forgot a zero, my dear, but the other 900 can be paid through...another means."
  193. [17:16:06] <Breezy> "I wanna be a supergood boxer and I heard you're really powerful, so I wanna box with you! Pleeeeaaaaaaaase." Breezy turns on the puppy dog eyes along with a waif-ish plea and clutched hands.
  194. [17:16:23] <Naida> "First off, I'd suggest you ignore him for now, you'll be better for it. What I wanted to know was if you had any information regarding the location of the Mana spirit Shade."
  195. [17:17:02] <Giantree> The head maid gasps but quickly silences herself.
  196. [17:20:22] <Lucia> "Boxing?" Lucia quirks a brow, a bit surprised by the request, "I'm not that much of a boxer, but I suppose if you insist...we could arrange something for the right price."
  197. [17:21:08] <Lucia> "As for this mana spirit," Lucia smirks, looking to Naida, "I might know a little, but that all depends on why you ask and what you intend to do with this information."
  198. [17:22:28] <Breezy> "Price? ...But I don't have any money!" Or food. Or clothes that don't look old and raggedy.
  199. [17:22:55] <Giantree> Corona tries her hardest to resist swooning at her mistress' elegance.  It barely works.
  200. [17:23:16] <Lucia> "Oh, I'm sure we can arrange something," another grin that flashes her fangs.
  201. [17:23:21] <Rodidja> Rodidja spots around the room for a chair... Hopefully one against the wall away from the succupire. She also wished for the sprite and the bloodsucker to fight each other... At least some good would come from the fight.
  202. [17:24:36] <Breezy> "Like what? I can punch stuff pretty good if you'd like! And I've been to lotsa festivals so I think I can dance!"
  203. [17:25:38] <Lucia> "I can think of other things," she says suggestively before looking back to Naida, "Now then, dearie, what is this about the Shade?"
  204. [17:25:46] <Naida> "I have my reasons, but if you must know, I need to make use of its power.
  205. [17:28:46] <Giantree> "Waaah!"  A large bow comes from the figure standing at the door.  "M-Madam, I completely forgot!  That's what the urgent business I had was about... I think."
  206. [17:29:44] <Rodidja> She spots no chair. She fidgets and begins by making an inventory of herself. Clothes, check. Lucre, on the table. Smoke Bomb... Don't inside. Couple of lock picks. Her gun? It's on her. Thought they took it off when they caught me?
  207. [17:30:33] <Lucia> "I suppose I could allow that...for the right-" she stops promptly to look to her maid, concerned, "Oh? What is it, then?" A shame that the Shade would cause an incident when it actually would prove useful to her endeavors.
  208. [17:31:41] <Giantree> "I'm really really sorry!"  Corona bows again.  "On the second and third floors some things started moving on their own!  We know none of us did it, but the other maids decided to give up looking and go to the basement instead..."  She gives a couple sobs.  "I had to try to clean everything up myself!"
  209. [17:32:46] * Lucia moves towards her maid, lifting her chin up and giving her a quick kiss, "Don't worry...I'll see to this."
  210. [17:33:24] <Giantree> "I wanted to ask the Spirit if it knew what happened, but..."  With a gulp she clamps her eyes shut and goes red-faced.
  211. [17:33:28] * Lucia looks to her guests, "Well, then, I believe we have an arrangement: Help me investigate this and you can do with the Shade as you please."
  212. [17:34:03] <Rodidja> She hops on the opportunity in order to ask: "Since you're such a busy lady, I think I'll come back another time!"
  213. [17:34:10] <Naida> "I accept, let's go."
  214. [17:34:35] <Breezy> Breezy yaaaawns and leans agaist Naida, "So you just want me to go punch some people or something? Okay!" The sprite beams happily.
  215. [17:36:03] * Lucia glares to Rodidja, "You'll be staying here. Please, make yourself at home until I return. Try not to look at any of the ornamentation for too long, hm?"
  216. [17:36:31] <Lucia> "You never know then they may act up..." Lucia says with a coy grin. She was totally toying with her.
  217. [17:37:12] <Breezy> "What's your name Powerful Person Lady?"
  218. [17:38:06] <Lucia> "Ah, yes, names! How rude of me!" Lucia does a bit of a cursey with her cloak, "I am Lucia Violet Hortense Carmilla Monotana Aramecci IV..."
  219. [17:38:18] * Lucia smiles once more, "But please, just call me Lucy."
  220. [17:38:22] <Breezy> "...Could I call y-Okay!"
  221. [17:38:43] <Naida> "Naida, a pleasure."
  222. [17:39:21] <Rodidja> A groan. "F-fine. I'll come with." ("Why do bloodsuckers have to animate everything?")
  223. [17:39:34] <Breezy> "Lucy and Nighty and Rony are all pretty names~! What's your name?" Breezy gestures towards Rodidja.
  224. [17:40:30] * Lucia looks to Corona, "Please come along if you feel it will help, but stay safe and hide behind the meats-I mean warriors. Hide behind these experienced warriors!"
  225. [17:41:20] <Giantree> She bows.  "Yes, Madam!  I-I'll watch our backs!"  She gives the biggest smile in the universe and hoists her broom up.  It doesn't look like it'd hurt at all to get hit by.
  226. [17:41:25] <Rodidja> ("Regular rich people don't even bother making their mansions all aut-") "Uh... Umm... Ro- Tiri- No. Arara- No... Rodidja! Yeah, that's right!" Almost forgot the latest one.
  227. [17:42:23] <Rodidja> "Wait, why am I telling you this? You don't have any money."
  228. [17:42:57] <Breezy> "Okay, Rody! Don't worry Miss Lucy, I like to punch things, so I'm good at it! But... There was some armor that cheated and used a big axe thing in here! It even ripped my sleeve a little bit. That's why I punched it good!" Breezy gestures to the small rip and the cut unhappily.
  229. [17:43:27] <Naida> "Enough with the pleasantries, can we get moving please?" Unlike usual, Naida's face shows an expectant, almost excited expression.
  230. [17:43:31] <Giantree> The castle walkway is as silent as ever until a few corridors ahead, where a stairwell rises from the ground floor onto another balcony leading outside.  Corona points her broom at everything but nothing moves, especially not the armors.
  231. [17:43:42] * Lucia eyes the cut almost a bit lustfully, staring for a moment before saying, "Oh dear. I suppose I can get someone to look at that later."
  232. [17:44:02] <Breezy> Breezy's always excited~!
  233. [17:44:32] <Giantree> Clang.
  234. [17:44:37] <Giantree> Claaaaang.
  235. [17:44:42] <Giantree> Vwip, vwip, vwip.
  236. [17:45:26] <LInaInverse> (What is the sound of robots having sex, alex)
  237. [17:45:47] <Giantree> (Close enough!)
  238. [17:46:08] <Giantree> It appears, while walking up the spiral towar, somebody left a sword on the ground.
  239. [17:46:11] <Giantree> Two swords.
  240. [17:46:33] <Rodidja> She mutters to herself... "The only sane people here are myself and that kid. Then there's a dumb brat who's obsessed with punching things and then the vamire who I don't remember that I actually owe money to.")
  241. [17:46:45] <Giantree> And there was apparently some poor reader too, as a book also lies face-down on the middle of the staircase.
  242. [17:47:17] <Rodidja> ("Damnit me, why did I even owe money to a vampire in the first place?")
  243. [17:47:22] <Naida> "If I remember correctly, the maid reported things moving on their own? I'd be careful around those swords if I were you."
  244. [17:48:14] <Giantree> "Um... you're right," She clears her throat while trailing behind.  "Those WERE the things."
  245. [17:48:21] <Breezy> "Yeah! The big cheaty armor attacked me." Breezy pouts.
  246. [17:48:40] <Lucia> "...Swords moving on their own?" Lucia seems a bit surprised, "Be on guard, then."
  247. [17:48:41] <Giantree> Sensing the ruse is up, the swords start to levitate!
  248. [17:48:44] <Rodidja> "Maybe if you hadn't bumped into it, you punchy brat."
  249. [17:48:56] <Naida> "Breezy, make yourself useful and fetch those swords."
  250. [17:49:07] <Naida> (nevermind)
  251. [17:49:08] <Rodidja> "Yes, for the good of us all."
  252. [17:49:11] <Giantree> The book decides to hide behind the others, but also floats and starts flipping its pages.
  253. [17:49:17] <Rodidja> (owait)
  254. [17:49:37] <Rodidja> (nevermind, I mean it.)
  255. [17:49:40] <Lucia> "It appears they are on to us, as they say."
  256. [17:50:10] <Giantree> (LET'S SEE HERE, going in DEX order...)
  257. [17:50:37] <Rodidja> Lucia, Rodidja, Breezy, Naida?
  258. [17:50:53] <Breezy> "B-but, it's the one that didn't play fair! I think these swords wanna cut me, too. That's no fair, sharp stuff like that is against the rules!" Breezy has 6 dex, so probably last.
  259. [17:51:08] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lucia > Naida > Animated Tome > Rodi > Animated Sword A > Animated Sword B > Breezy'
  260. [17:52:10] <Giantree> The elegant mistress is much swifter than these things, though.  Meanwhile, Corona does as she's told and hides with broom prepared to swat anything away.
  261. [17:53:24] <Lucia> Snikt! Sharp claws begin to protrude from Lucia's hand as she rushes towards the animated tome and tries to slice through the pages.
  262. [17:53:29] <Lucia> 2d6+5 Against Tome
  263. [17:53:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Against Tome: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  264. [17:53:33] <Giantree> (Bub)
  265. [17:53:41] <Rodidja> Reroll 4.
  266. [17:53:48] <Rodidja> Using StD.
  267. [17:53:56] <Rodidja> Or not...
  268. [17:53:58] <Rodidja> Nevermind.
  269. [17:53:59] <Giantree> (... Really?  That DOES hit, you know)
  270. [17:54:36] <Lucia> (Not only does it hit, but it's a crit with Grim Reaper.)
  271. [17:55:16] <Lucia> "Teeheehee, pfftpfft," the vampiress makes a rather disturbing noise as she rips the book's bidning apart, seeming to feed on the very essence holding it together
  272. [17:56:42] <Giantree> The book is torn completely down from the spine even though the words on it start to glow like runes.  When the pages land, it's apparent that it was just a blank diary anyway.
  273. [17:56:43] <Breezy> "W-whoa! Miss Lucy really is super strong! You can't use claws like that when we box though, okay?" Breezy cheers Lucia on, rather impressed.
  274. [17:56:54] <Giantree> Naida!
  275. [17:57:05] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Animated Sword A > Animated Sword B > Breezy'
  276. [17:57:11] <Naida> Naida begins chanting, naturally.
  277. [17:57:32] <Giantree> Rodi doesn't have a chair, how will she scoot away THIS time?
  278. [17:58:34] <Rodidja> By knocking out Luci- Oh wait, I have to be a good party member!
  279. [18:01:08] <Rodidja> Rodidja unstraps her gun from her shoulder putting the barrel to the ground and stepping on a piece of metal near the tip. She reaches down and pulls up on the bolt with a small grunt and loads a small bit of metal (normally reserved for making money) into it.
  280. [18:01:43] <Giantree> The swords slash around ominously in midair while they wait.
  281. [18:02:14] <Rodidja> She then points the gun at the closest sword, taking a breath and pulling on the trigger making a CLANG as the bolt shoots forward.
  282. [18:02:27] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 SHOOT
  283. [18:02:28] <+DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, SHOOT: 14 [2d6=4,6]
  284. [18:04:33] <Rodidja> The metal bit flies out of the barrel, whirring through the air...
  285. [18:05:28] <Giantree> SWORDTIME
  286. [18:05:38] <Rodidja> And PLING hits a sword?
  287. [18:05:56] <Giantree> Everybody's still in fairly close quarters, considering the... sort-of-surprise nature of the attack.  The swords float and a FLING does hit one.
  288. [18:06:08] <Giantree> That particular one decides it's a pretty good idea to get back at its attacker.
  289. [18:06:19] <Giantree> 2d6+5 but does it?
  290. [18:06:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, but does it?: 8 [2d6=2,1]
  291. [18:06:27] <Giantree> ... It doesn't.
  292. [18:07:05] <Giantree> The other one floats around and targets the spellcaster!
  293. [18:07:09] <Giantree> 2d6+5 Nyderr
  294. [18:07:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, Nyderr: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  295. [18:07:42] <Giantree> 25 before ARM to Naida, so...
  296. [18:08:18] <Giantree> So a gash on the poor sprite, that looks like.  If they could cackle maniacally they probably would, but they also happen to be swords.
  297. [18:08:34] <Giantree> What says the littlest monk?
  298. [18:08:35] <Naida> I take 21 damage :V
  299. [18:08:52] <Breezy> 2d6+7 "Waaaah! That's not fair, you can't hit my twin!"
  300. [18:08:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, "Waaaah! That's not fair, you can't hit my twin!": 14 [2d6=4,3]
  301. [18:09:04] <Giantree> WELP, that hits!
  302. [18:10:06] <Breezy> Breezy leaps over to punch the flat side of the blade that hit Nighty for 39 damage, looking to come between it and the other sprite in hopes of deterring it from attacking her again next time.
  303. [18:10:48] <Giantree> WHOOSH.  A noise rings out from overhead!
  304. [18:10:56] * Flammie is heard before she's seen, a flapping of wings filling the air alongside the crash of fist on metal!
  305. [18:11:27] <Giantree> Corona jolts up and clings to her broom.  "Waaah!  W-What's that?!"
  306. [18:11:30] <Lucia> "...What in the abyss just hit my roof?!"
  307. [18:11:54] * Flammie lands heavily on the terrace behind the swords, white fluff practically shining in the darkness.  Her white fluff almost shines in the darkness, and as her eyes narrow, a pair of blue lasers shoot out at the one that was just punched
  308. [18:11:56] <Breezy> "Is it more flying swords? I hate those things!"
  309. [18:13:29] <Rodidja> "Sounds like a boss monster, go forth and punch it Breezy."
  310. [18:14:19] * Flammie growls as the lasers seem to ping off, glaring between the two
  311. [18:14:39] * Giantree changes topic to 'Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Animated Sword A > Animated Sword B > Breezy > Flammie'
  312. [18:14:48] <Breezy> "Hey fly-ee thingy, are you a boss monster I need to punch?" Breezy's head tilts, turning curious red eyes towards Flammie.
  313. [18:14:52] <Giantree> Corona sneaks over, holding her breath.
  314. [18:15:05] <Giantree> But Lucia has plenty of time to get another hit in!
  315. [18:15:21] * Flammie looks at the sprite and gives a confused look.  (Me?  A monster?)
  316. [18:15:48] * Lucia looks towards Flammie, not knowing what the hell is going on. That said, she doesn't see the need in treating the creature as a foe, instead focusing on the sword that's been molesting the sprite mage, clawing at it.
  317. [18:15:51] <Lucia> 2d6+5
  318. [18:15:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+5: 8 [2d6=2,1]
  319. [18:15:57] <Breezy> "But Miss Rody! I don't think it looks mean."
  320. [18:16:23] <Rodidja> Reroll 1.
  321. [18:16:23] <Giantree> Plenty of time to pretend she was feinting on purpose!  The sword just floats in place as nothing comes near it.
  322. [18:16:43] <Giantree> ... Or plenty of time for a deck to be stacked.
  323. [18:16:46] <Lucia> 1d6
  324. [18:16:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  325. [18:16:59] <Lucia> ((12))
  326. [18:17:02] <Lucia> (12!))
  327. [18:17:03] <Giantree> NOW it hits!
  328. [18:17:31] * Lucia follows her feint through with another deft strike, "I...I missed on purpose!"
  329. [18:17:32] <Giantree> The sword understands the error of its way by continuing to float in place and not actually continuing to... you know, move.
  330. [18:18:11] <Giantree> Now it's time for Naida's chanting to finish; what is it?
  331. [18:19:06] <Naida> 2d6+28
  332. [18:19:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, 2d6+28: 34 [2d6=3,3]
  333. [18:19:44] <Naida> Naida finally finishes her spell as white light binds her wounds with the power of Cure. She begins chanting her next spell
  334. [18:20:36] <Giantree> The swords can't really touch her anymore, with Breezy in the way anyway.  They continue swinging around threateningly in midair.
  335. [18:21:30] <Rodidja> Rodidja seems disappointed that Breezy does have some sort of intelligence. "Fine, then don't attack it."
  336. [18:22:15] <Breezy> "...Am I supposed to attack it? I don't know what to dooooooooo." Breezy looks pleadingly to Naida for guidance.
  337. [18:22:34] <Rodidja> She pulls back the bolt on her gun and loads it just as before, pointing it at the nearest sword and fires with a CLANG again.
  338. [18:22:42] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 CLANG
  339. [18:22:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, CLANG: 7 [2d6=2,1]
  340. [18:23:00] <Giantree> Pew.
  341. [18:23:13] <Naida> "Wait to see what it does next, then we'll retaliate if necessary. We have the advantage in numbers after all."
  342. [18:23:15] <Giantree> It shoots toward a castle wall.
  343. [18:23:16] <Rodidja> StD 1
  344. [18:23:21] <Giantree> (go for it)
  345. [18:23:22] <Rodidja> 1d6
  346. [18:23:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  347. [18:23:43] <Giantree> ... And then it bounces off the castle wall!
  348. [18:24:01] <Giantree> But is lost as it still doesn't hit anything.  It zips past Corona's face provoking a look of terror, though.
  349. [18:24:41] <Lucia> "Remind me to add the wall damages and a fee for frightening my servant to what you owe."
  350. [18:24:47] <Giantree> Sword #1 stops and points itself upright while floating, as if preparing something.
  351. [18:25:11] <Giantree> Sword #2 aims for Naida... but it already found out how well THAT was going to go, so instead aims for her makeshift bodyguard.
  352. [18:25:17] <Giantree> 2d6+5 @ Breezy
  353. [18:25:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, @ Breezy: 13 [2d6=3,5]
  354. [18:25:44] <Rodidja> StD 5.
  355. [18:25:50] <Rodidja> 1d6
  356. [18:25:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  357. [18:25:52] <Giantree> (Is that the last one?)
  358. [18:25:54] <Giantree> (... Hahahaha)
  359. [18:26:01] <Rodidja> (Nope.)
  360. [18:26:10] <Giantree> (WELL, it's okay because it's only 23 damage)
  361. [18:26:16] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Hamedo
  362. [18:26:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Hamedo: 11 [2d6=2,2]
  363. [18:26:22] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll
  364. [18:26:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll: 6 [1d6=6]
  365. [18:26:42] <Giantree> (man, dual-wielding is fucking great, that makes it hit)
  366. [18:26:47] <Breezy> 1d2 1 knockback
  367. [18:26:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1 knockback: 1 [1d2=1]
  368. [18:27:38] <Breezy> Breezy waits to be all but stricken by the blade before swinging a hard and fast uppercut into the sword, sending it flying backwards a little ways for 40 damage before it can actually hurt anybody.
  369. [18:27:41] <Giantree> The sword flies backward onto the edge of the platform-- apparently that's where the Flammie landed, actually.  Or close to, enough.
  370. [18:28:26] <Giantree> Still, it pulls itself back up and barely floats.
  371. [18:31:04] <Giantree> The sword that got pushed back looks incredibly chipped and barely usable by this point.  The other one just looks as sharp as ever as it prepared something.
  372. [18:31:11] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  373. [18:31:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 12 [2d6=2,3]
  374. [18:31:20] <Giantree> That's able to hit one.
  375. [18:32:03] <Breezy> Breezy chases down the sword that got sent flying a moment ago, diving forward to be almost horizontal in the air for a moment with one fist sticking straight out, "Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumpuuunnnnnnnnnch!" 37 damage.
  376. [18:32:20] <Giantree> SNAP.
  377. [18:32:56] <Giantree> There's nothing even resembling a weapon there anymore.  But, the mysterious creature's eyes glow!
  378. [18:33:14] <Rodidja> "He's a goner."
  379. [18:33:14] * Flammie harumphs at the swords and spreads her wings.  As she does, the lasers split the night air, a flash of sudden light coming from her eyes and drilling into the flat of the charging sword.  Coincidentally (?) the kicking sprite winds up flying forward and landing on one of the spread wings!
  380. [18:33:29] <Flammie> roll 2d6+42
  381. [18:33:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, 2d6+42: 47 [2d6=2,3]
  382. [18:33:42] <Flammie> 47 points of nonelemental.
  383. [18:34:16] <Flammie> (Not affected by Unusual Defense, if they have it)
  384. [18:34:25] <Flammie> (*punching.  Not kicking)
  385. [18:34:46] <Giantree> Corona recovers her breath and lets out a d'aww she can't even resist, before realizing she's still in the middle of a battlefield.  A broom gives a light swipe at the sword while it can!
  386. [18:34:50] <Giantree> 2d6+5 teehee
  387. [18:34:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, teehee: 14 [2d6=3,6]
  388. [18:35:16] <Giantree> ... And gives it an extra 15 damage for good measure, which is basically just the bristles TINKing against the edge of it.
  389. [18:35:19] <Breezy> "Waaaaaah! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump on you, I was using my jumpunch move!"
  390. [18:35:47] <Giantree> New turn!  Lucia!
  391. [18:35:50] <Rodidja> (Is that an enemy att- Nope. Just a maid.)
  392. [18:36:34] * Flammie makes a confused sound and turns her neck to look up at the sprite.  (Problem?)
  393. [18:36:48] * Lucia watches the beat tear through one of the swords, figuring the creature friendly enough for now. She follows it up by lunging at the sword.
  394. [18:36:51] <Lucia> 2d6+5
  395. [18:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+5: 15 [2d6=5,5]
  396. [18:37:05] <Giantree> It wiggles in place, not able to get out of the way!
  397. [18:37:38] <Giantree> And falls apart,  barely hanging on to that last charge.  Is Rodi a bad enough dude to actually hit it?
  398. [18:37:53] <Giantree> Or to... do... anything?
  399. [18:38:04] <Giantree> Shouldn't matter because it's Naida's turn.
  400. [18:38:08] <Giantree> And that was backwards as fuck.
  401. [18:38:47] <Naida> "Well, let's not waste this spell, Burn Ray!"
  402. [18:39:27] <Giantree> Sizzle.
  403. [18:39:29] <Breezy> Breezy snuggles into the fluff and yawns for a moment before almost jumping with a start, "Oh! The fight's still going! I gotta punch that sword down there, Wingy! Is that okay if I call you Wingy~?"
  404. [18:39:35] <Rodidja> (9 natural (+2 on gun) vs 10 natural, sprites are fast lil critters)
  405. [18:40:13] <Giantree> The sword melts into the ground, while the book and the other blade lie in pieces on the ground.
  406. [18:40:25] <Giantree> Corona gasps.  "Ack!  I-I'll clean it up right away, Madam!"
  407. [18:40:56] <Breezy> "...Oh, guess not!"
  408. [18:41:15] <Naida> "Now then, about Shade." Naida says while inspecting the damage to her clothes.
  409. [18:41:48] <Giantree> "Oh!  Um, yes, it's right this way..."  Halfway through sweeping, she seems to have forgotten what she was cleaning up.  Half a mess still lies on the ground.
  410. [18:42:16] <Lucia> "I can lead them. See this taken care of and catch up when you're done, perhaps?"
  411. [18:42:17] <Breezy> "Don't forget about me! I wanna box, too~!"
  412. [18:42:23] <Lucia> "We'll try to...keep the path clear."
  413. [18:42:39] <Rodidja> ("I need more practice with this thing.") She barely even uses it unless it's for hunting dinner.
  414. [18:42:51] <Naida> "I don't plan on fighting it, and I doubt it would do much good if I tried."
  415. [18:43:01] <Giantree> "Ah... yes, Ma'am!  Please do be careful!"  The maid looks up and eyes the Flammie, still unsure of what it is, before snapping to attention and going back to cleaning.
  416. [18:43:06] <Rodidja> "What's with the Thing?" She points her gun at the fluffy thing.
  417. [18:43:16] <Rodidja> "Your pet, Lucia?"
  418. [18:43:28] * Lucia looks to Flammie, approaching it, "No, nothing of the sort..."
  419. [18:43:36] <Breezy> "It's Wingy! Wingy's really nice and carried me~!"
  420. [18:43:45] <Lucia> "Thanks for your help, although...I must wonder what's brought you here?"
  421. [18:44:15] <Naida> 2d6+4 lore to know what flammie is
  422. [18:44:15] <+DiceMaid-9001> Naida, lore to know what flammie is: 16 [2d6=6,6]
  423. [18:44:19] <Naida> yeah
  424. [18:44:22] <Naida> I know what flammie is
  425. [18:44:38] <Giantree> Corona happily hums along while wiping everything into a pile behind the group.  The balcony-staircase continues up around the tower, with a room at the top.
  426. [18:45:06] <Naida> "I've read about these, they used to be called Flammies. I thought they had all died off though."
  427. [18:45:26] <Lucia> "Well, apparently not."
  428. [18:45:33] * Flammie tilts her head at Nadia.  (Me?  Dead?)
  429. [18:45:55] <Breezy> "Oh, a Flammy! I like it." Breezy pets the Flammie while still riding it, presumably.
  430. [18:46:26] * Flammie fans her wings a little and looks back at herself. (Don't look dead.)  She pushes up into the petting, her fluff easy to hold on to, and the petting much appreciated!
  431. [18:46:54] <Rodidja> Looks like business is done here and the succubuspire seems to forgot what she said earlier. She attempts to make her way away from the group.
  432. [18:46:58] <Naida> "Anyway, let's continue." Naida starts walking up the stairs again.
  433. [18:47:13] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 STEALTH
  434. [18:47:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, STEALTH: 12 [2d6=2,6]
  435. [18:47:43] * Flammie casually starts following Naida
  436. [18:48:07] <Breezy> "I think she likes me! She, right? I think so! ...Hey Miss Lucy, when are you gonna box with me~?"
  437. [18:48:28] <Naida> 2d6 because
  438. [18:48:28] <+DiceMaid-9001> Naida, because: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  439. [18:48:33] <Lucia> 2d6+6 AWARENESS
  440. [18:48:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, AWARENESS: 13 [2d6=3,4]
  441. [18:48:37] <Lucia> ((Er, 11))
  442. [18:48:41] <Lucia> ((Not 13, it's +4
  443. [18:49:24] <Giantree> Right as the Carmilla seems to be onto something, there's a bright FLASH from behind them on the staircase.  "All done~!"
  444. [18:49:36] <Flammie> 2d6+3 awareness
  445. [18:49:37] <+DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, awareness: 14 [2d6=5,6]
  446. [18:50:29] <Giantree> The beast flying around sees somebody sneaking off pretty easily, though.
  447. [18:50:34] <Lucia> "Box with you? I suppose I can once we've sorted this Shade business out."
  448. [18:50:40] <Rodidja> 2d6+2 Awareness. Where am I going? Do I know? Did I pay attention? Down seems good.
  449. [18:50:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Awareness. Where am I going? Do I know? Did I pay attention? Down seems good.: 7 [2d6=2,3]
  450. [18:51:25] * Flammie sees Rodi starting to sneak off and flies up, then lands in front of her.  The look on her face is nothing but happy curiosity.  (Who're you?)
  451. [18:51:49] <Giantree> The head maid tries to follow after the group but trips somewhere in between these two scenes.
  452. [18:52:06] * Lucia follows Flammie with her eyes, eventually spotting Rodidja.
  453. [18:52:36] <Rodidja> Rodidja makes her way DOW- "Wha? Shh!" She pats the thing on the nose and attempts to go down the stairs.
  454. [18:53:12] <Naida> Nadia continues up the seemingly endless stairs, intent on her goal of meeting Shade.
  455. [18:53:18] * Flammie dips her head in an approximation of a nod and tiptoes back up.  On clawed toes.  (No problem.)
  456. [18:54:03] <Breezy> Breezy's just gonna keep on riding Flammy until forced off~. "How long will the shade thing taaaaaake, Miss Lucy?"
  457. [18:54:09] <Lucia> "Is there something you need, Miss Debtor?"
  458. [18:54:23] <Giantree> "Huh?  ... Oh."  Corona blinks a few times and decides she didn't see what she thought she saw, climbing up the stairs and tripping every few steps.  MEANWHILE, the others finally reach the top!  Well, they're actually all pretty much the top, even the escapee.
  459. [18:54:49] <Giantree> A large door, fortunately big enough even for the Mana-creature to fit through, sits at the top of the staircase.
  460. [18:55:32] <Rodidja> Rodidja freezes. Wait. Wasn't I going down? "Ah-haha. I was just searching for a way ou-tothebathroom."
  461. [18:55:55] <Lucia> "It's up the hall to our left. You should be able to reach it on our way up."
  462. [18:55:56] <Rodidja> The booze wore off.
  463. [18:55:57] <Giantree> Big, exaggeratedly fancy castle staircases work that way.
  464. [18:55:59] <Lucia> "Let us go,t hen."
  465. [18:57:04] <Naida> Naida steps forward to push the door open.
  466. [18:57:22] <Giantree> The doors are easily openable.  In fact, even a tiny Sprite can open them without much effort, as a fancy room lies in wait.
  467. [18:59:00] <Giantree> Inside, something awfully similar to lies boredly, its massive eye watching the group enter.  Chairs and small tools like pens float around, thoush harmlessly.
  468. [18:59:22] * Flammie catches up with the group, as is evidenced by the snout suddenly on Naida's shoulder, her eyes wide as she stares at the floaty thing.
  469. [19:00:05] <Giantree> "Um... hello again!  Sorry to bother you!"  The clumsy maid trips again with an "oof" as she follows past the doors, still tripping over her broom.
  470. [19:00:29] <Naida> "You would be Shade I presume? I have a request to make of you." Naida states confidently.
  471. [19:00:31] <Giantree> It continues to stare.  <...>
  472. [19:00:42] <Giantree> <...>
  473. [19:00:49] <Rodidja> ...
  474. [19:01:02] <Giantree> <...>
  475. [19:01:15] * Lucia sits back silently, eyeing Shade disinterestedly.
  476. [19:01:17] <Rodidja> ...
  477. [19:01:29] <Naida> "I require the use of your power."
  478. [19:01:33] <Rodidja> "Does it talk?"
  479. [19:02:07] <Lucia> "If it does, not enough that I've ever heard it."
  480. [19:02:10] * Flammie walks past Naida and the group for a few steps, sitting off to the side and staring.
  481. [19:02:12] <Giantree> "Um... he's just not very loud."  Tiptoeing, the head maid stands right next to it and leans an ear down while shovering, before nodding a couple times and leaning back up.
  482. [19:02:37] <Giantree> "I can barely hear anything either!  I'm sorry, Madam... all I could get was that it's bored."
  483. [19:03:05] <Giantree> <...>
  484. [19:03:40] <Rodidja> ...
  485. [19:03:49] <Breezy> Breezy looks around, appearing rather bored. Definitely not very interesting. You know what is interesting? The knuckles on Breezy's hands. One, two, three, four... And more! Plus, Flammy is fluffy and snuggly.
  486. [19:03:50] <Giantree> <... ... ....>
  487. [19:04:21] <Rodidja> ...
  488. [19:04:34] <Lucia> "Bored, hm?" Lucia taps her chin, "I don't suppose any of you can entertain it...or whatever you'd need to do?"
  489. [19:04:37] <Giantree> "Brought... friend... uhhh... tired of nothing happening?  Too much of... something."
  490. [19:04:53] * Flammie perks up a little at the mention of it being bored!
  491. [19:04:57] <Giantree> The translator bows and takes her ear away.  "Sorry... it's really quiet."
  492. [19:05:02] * Flammie looks back at Breezy, then nods to the ground.
  493. [19:05:23] <Lucia> "I don't suppose it's the one behind the...floating objects, then?"
  494. [19:05:53] <Naida> "I'd imagine it is, unless you've missed the objects floating around this room."
  495. [19:06:06] <Giantree> Flapping its wings, it lets down the chairs that are levitating behind it and tries to put on an innocent face.  That doesn't work when it doesn't really have a face.
  496. [19:06:20] <Rodidja> "Maybe we can do some tricks for it? I mean, you kid used some magic stuff to blast those swords, right?"
  497. [19:06:46] <Naida> "How about I try and entertain you? I don't have much, but there is one thing..."
  498. [19:06:51] <Naida> 2d6+4 negotiate
  499. [19:06:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, negotiate: 10 [2d6=1,5]
  500. [19:07:00] <Giantree> <...?>
  501. [19:07:11] <Giantree> It gives a quizzical, curious stare.
  502. [19:08:06] <Naida> "Are uh, are you a fan of. . .dancing?" Naida looks rather embarrassed mentioning this.
  503. [19:08:10] * Flammie cuts right to the chase, and with a leap, hugs the flying thing!  She turns in midair and lays on her back, tossing it up in the air!
  504. [19:08:48] <Giantree> <...!>  It squirms so much everybody can practically SEE a giant exclamation point above its head.  Actually... they literally can.
  505. [19:08:50] <Rodidja> "Is It trying to mate with That?"
  506. [19:08:56] * Lucia looks on in complete and utter disbelief.
  507. [19:09:00] <Lucia> "I...I think so."
  508. [19:09:10] * Flammie catch and toss, catch and toss!
  509. [19:09:16] <Giantree> <... !  ... !!!!>
  510. [19:09:30] <Rodidja> ...
  511. [19:09:33] * Flammie holds it after a few tosses, up in the air, grinning up like a dope.
  512. [19:10:02] <Naida> "Flammie, put him down, he look alarmed. . .or maybe excited, I can't really tell."
  513. [19:10:07] <Giantree> The red-eyed made stares on in disbelief.  "Um... I don't remember this happening before."
  514. [19:10:25] * Flammie grins over at Naida and puts it down on the floor.
  515. [19:10:41] <Giantree> <... !>
  516. [19:10:52] <Lucia> "Well, did it like that?"
  517. [19:10:52] <Naida> "Aah, you're not hurt are you?"
  518. [19:11:01] <Rodidja> "(Oh yeah) Where's the toilet?" She's completely disinterested in mating rituals between monsters. Here eyes on another prize at the moment.
  519. [19:11:06] <Giantree> Shade gets up and floats over to somebody else.  It moves by Naida and stares into her face.
  520. [19:11:24] <Giantree> ... Also there really is a bathroom in this chamber, crazily enough.
  521. [19:12:24] <Naida> The action startles her, but she doesn't step back lest she offend him.
  522. [19:12:38] <Rodidja> Seriously? She skips off to the bathroom!
  523. [19:12:52] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 STEALTHily.
  524. [19:12:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, STEALTHily.: 12 [2d6=4,4]
  525. [19:13:10] <Lucia> 2d6+4 AWARENESS
  526. [19:13:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, AWARENESS: 8 [2d6=3,1]
  527. [19:13:32] <Giantree> <...>
  528. [19:13:34] <Naida> "A-Am I what exactly?"
  529. [19:14:00] <Giantree> <...? ...?>
  530. [19:15:16] <Naida> "Who, me? I am Naida. . .and I require your power, or a portion of it for my own reasons."
  531. [19:15:33] <Giantree> "Um... ah..."  The maid waltzes over to sit in a chair to make sure it doesn't float again.
  532. [19:15:44] <Breezy> Breezy looks from the thing to Naida and back. Who knew that Naida speaks thing?
  533. [19:16:16] <Rodidja> Rodidja enters the bathroom with some excitement and immediately scans for windows~!
  534. [19:16:21] <Giantree> The thing stops its near-silent whispering and raises its tone as it flaps, almost energetically.  <... may have...>
  535. [19:16:28] * Flammie looks at Breezy, confused at the whole thing.
  536. [19:16:32] <Giantree> There are windows, but is there rope?
  537. [19:16:48] <Breezy> Breezy smiles at the Flammy~
  538. [19:17:03] <Naida> "Aah, thank you!" Naida smiles and thanks it sincerely.
  539. [19:17:23] <Rodidja> Is there toilet paper?
  540. [19:17:32] <Giantree> Some.
  541. [19:17:47] * Flammie grins back and turns back to watching them.
  542. [19:17:53] <Giantree> It continues to barely mutter.  <If... take... outside...>
  543. [19:17:53] <Rodidja> Enough to use!
  544. [19:18:11] <Giantree> Enough to use.  But enough to hold out is a different story.
  545. [19:18:39] <Naida> "You want to go outside? Have you been trapped here?"
  546. [19:19:02] <Giantree> <... Reason...>
  547. [19:19:37] <Rodidja> Rodidja grabs the toilet paper. She heard of some jailmate she had been with say that it's strong enough to climb down the building with.
  548. [19:20:02] <Naida> "What reason?"
  549. [19:20:07] <Rodidja> 2d6+5 ESCAPE! Why is this window so high up?
  550. [19:20:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, ESCAPE! Why is this window so high up?: 14 [2d6=5,4]
  551. [19:20:49] <Giantree> (aw, you beat me to calling it)
  552. [19:21:34] <Giantree> All that's apparent is that somebody left and hasn't come out yet.  There's not even any noise from outside.
  553. [19:22:10] <Naida> "So let's go outside then if you want."
  554. [19:22:26] <Giantree> <show... new world...>
  555. [19:22:43] * Flammie gives a beastly nod.  THAT she can understand!
  556. [19:23:16] <Lucia> "If you're heading out with him, I suppose I ought to come along. I could use a vacation, honestly."
  557. [19:23:25] <Rodidja> Rodidja climbs up to the window and out while holding the toilet paper! It's really soft.
  558. [19:23:37] <Lucia> "And...the debtor's been gone awhile now."
  559. [19:23:39] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy's gonna come with us? Hurray!"
  560. [19:23:46] <Giantree> "M-Madam?!"  The maid so red/orange-themed she's comical nearly falls out of her seat.
  561. [19:24:08] <Giantree> "Oops!"  A hand covers her mouth.
  562. [19:24:35] <Naida> "You want me to take you there?"
  563. [19:24:48] <Rodidja> 2d6+5 ESCAPE-WHEEEEEEEEE!
  564. [19:24:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, ESCAPE-WHEEEEEEEEE!: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  565. [19:25:03] * Flammie grins and spreads her wings, lowering down to offer her fluffy back.  (I can show you the world!)
  566. [19:25:09] <Breezy> "...But where are we all going together?"
  567. [19:25:16] * Lucia looks to Corona, "Inform the staff I'll be on a short leave. I've plans in place for how things will be run in my abscence. Besides, I need to establish ties."
  568. [19:25:24] <Giantree> <To... new... outside.>
  569. [19:25:41] <Giantree> <World... changed?>
  570. [19:25:44] <Rodidja> "WHEEEEEEE!"
  571. [19:26:16] <Naida> "Well, let's go then. I'm certain we'll find what you're looking for eventually."
  572. [19:26:18] <Giantree> ... That's probably loud enough to be heard from inside, just maybe!  ... Or maybe not, really.
  573. [19:26:26] <Lucia> 2d6+4 Awareness
  574. [19:26:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Awareness: 13 [2d6=4,5]
  575. [19:26:41] <Lucia> "What was that?" Lucy runs to peer out a nearby window.
  576. [19:26:42] <Giantree> Corona's red eyes get bubbly.  "O.. O... Okay!  I'll do my best, Madam!"
  577. [19:27:01] <Giantree> Toilet paper hangs in the air!
  578. [19:27:31] <Rodidja> But what's on the end of it?
  579. [19:27:53] <Giantree> A hint that somebody might've climbed it, but they're not there anymore.
  580. [19:28:15] <Rodidja> 2d6+2 Athletics, because a thud isn't enough.
  581. [19:28:27] <Lucia> "I believe I may have a debtor to chase as well."
  582. [19:28:29] <Giantree> "Uh... what-"  With a loud gasp, the maid rushes to the bathroom and flings the door open to find it empty.
  583. [19:28:48] <Giantree> ".. Oops."
  584. [19:29:08] <Giantree> Shade goes back to <...>-mode, though a little more cheerfully so.
  585. [19:29:25] * Flammie harumph, walking to the window, then looks a question at Lucia.
  586. [19:29:37] * Lucia looks to Flammie, "What is it?"
  587. [19:30:19] * Flammie looks back outside, then spreads her wings and lowers down again. It's an invitation, if nothing else.
  588. [19:32:05] <Giantree> "Um... Um... Madam!"  The bright-eyes maid frantically feels around on her own person before pulling out what appears to be a small whistle, dashing up and presenting it to her vampiric mistress.
  589. [19:32:16] <Breezy> Breezy tugs on Lucia's sleeve, "Are done with the Shady stuff, Miss Lucy?"
  590. [19:32:43] <Naida> Naida finally turns her attention away from the Mana Spirit to see everyone crowded around the bathroom. "W-What are you all doing exactly?"
  591. [19:32:57] <Giantree> "I'm not very good at magic, but I made this for you a long time ago!  Um... it makes illusions and you can tell me orders while you're away; p-please accept it!"
  592. [19:33:14] <Giantree> She also clamps her eyes shut and shivers.
  593. [19:33:23] * Lucia takes the whistle from the maid, smiling, "Ah, Corona, dear, you never fail to please..."
  594. [19:33:49] <Giantree> "I hope you'll be safe!"
  595. [19:33:57] * Lucia moves to hug her head maid...but is soon distracted by Breezy, "I suppose we are...once we've departed, anyway."
  596. [19:34:02] <Lucia> "Of course I will be."
  597. [19:34:05] <Giantree> Not like there's any doubt, her irises are practically heart-shaped.
  598. [19:36:03] <Breezy> "It's almost time, then? I'm so excited~!" Breezy's bouncing so fast it wouldn't be very surprising if the poor old clothes fell to pieces.
  599. [19:36:42] <Giantree> Shade flaps its wings excitedly, hardly befitting something of its size, before becoming a purplish-black mist and vanishing.  There's an odd aura, like it's following.
  600. [19:37:44] <Giantree> Happy Corona takes a step away, noticing the Flammie's invitation, and gives an enthusiastic wave.
  601. [19:38:30] * Lucia reluctantly takes to riding Flammie like she was the Nothing Never Was
  602. [19:38:57] * Flammie nods back to Corona, her tail swishing.  She walks up to Breezy and takes the same pose (Wanna lift?)
  603. [19:40:27] <Breezy> Breezy scrambles onto the Flammie, curling up in the fluff. "You're just like a really big pillow, or a bed, or a bed with pillows! I've never had my own bed or pillow, it's so comfy~!"
  604. [19:41:02] * Flammie repeats with Naida, then starts down to follow.  The chase is on~!
  605. [19:41:36] <Naida> Naida, feeling the reassuring presence of the mana spirit with her, climbs onto the back of the Flammie.
  606. [19:41:50] <Giantree> It's on!  The staircase continues downward from the top of the tower out the window, as an escaping drunk dashes like mad.
  607. [19:42:23] <Rodidja> 2d6+2 ATHLETICS. I at least ran 4!
  608. [19:42:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, ATHLETICS. I at least ran 4!: 5 [2d6=2,1]
  609. [19:43:01] <Giantree> Not anymore, said a very different maid.
  610. [19:43:14] <Rodidja> (Actually, a 4 is a fumble...)
  611. [19:43:38] <Flammie> 2d6+3 Athletics!  Onward, watson, the game is afoot!
  612. [19:43:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, Athletics!  Onward, watson, the game is afoot!: 6 [2d6=2,1]
  613. [19:45:12] <Giantree> While fumblers are certainly gonna fumble, at least the Flammie is able to clumsily swoop down without killing everybody.  The drunk reaches the bottom of the stairs by now.
  614. [19:45:13] <Rodidja> Rodidja runs and huffs her way through forest? "So... dark... I can't see..."
  615. [19:45:36] <Breezy> "What're we doin'?"
  616. [19:45:46] <Giantree> ... Or jumps off and lands in the forest.
  617. [19:46:07] * Flammie considers the staircase, then harumphs and leaps off herself, dive-bombing towards the shape below.
  618. [19:46:14] <Rodidja> Like I know where I'm going! This isn't my castle!
  619. [19:48:11] <Giantree> Not like anyone can see.  It's a darker night than most nights, especially considering HOW late it is now.  The thick of the forest tries its best to conceal the debtor.
  620. [19:48:19] <Rodidja> "Wait, wha-?" She looks behind her to see big and fluffy. "Damnit!"
  621. [19:48:47] <Rodidja> 2d6+2 RUN!
  622. [19:48:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, RUN!: 8 [2d6=2,4]
  623. [19:49:05] <Giantree> (GO GO FLAMMIE)
  624. [19:49:18] <Rodidja> 2d6+3 Awareness! Watch out for that Tree!
  625. [19:49:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Awareness! Watch out for that Tree!: 9 [2d6=2,4]
  626. [19:49:31] * Flammie snaps her wings out near the ground and lands gracefully, then starts plodding off after Rodi.  She can see that the big ol' beast is enjoying this like a dog chasing a ball.
  627. [19:49:48] <Flammie> 2d6+3 Awareness!  Tree watch out for me!
  628. [19:49:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, Awareness!  Tree watch out for me!: 12 [2d6=4,5]
  629. [19:50:11] <Giantree> Any trees in the way are small/thin enough to be stomped over.
  630. [19:50:24] <Flammie> athletics, then?
  631. [19:50:25] <Flammie> ( )
  632. [19:50:28] <Giantree> (yep)
  633. [19:51:05] <Flammie> 2d6+3 Bulldozin' beast here we go
  634. [19:51:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Flammie, Bulldozin' beast here we go: 12 [2d6=5,4]
  635. [19:51:05] <Rodidja> (Beat 8 and you get a -damnit)
  636. [19:51:23] <Flammie> (I get a what?)
  637. [19:51:41] <Rodidja> Rodidja huffs it over and through the brush!
  638. [19:51:42] <Giantree> BULLDOZED.  Even hard to see, the escapee is catchable.  But if the Flammie doesn't know what to do with her, do the others?
  639. [19:53:00] <Rodidja> She eats shrub from Wingy's 'dozing. "Aahlgph!"
  640. [19:53:37] <Breezy> Breezy snuggles up by Naida and yawns~
  641. [19:54:38] <Naida> Naida kicks Breezy in the leg and slides down the Flammie.
  642. [19:55:40] <Breezy> Breezy grumbles and pouts, "Why is my twin so mean to me?"
  643. [19:57:40] * Lucia keeps her eyes alert for Rodidja, awaiting an ideal time to strike.
  644. [19:58:50] * Flammie leaps up suddenly, cutting Rodi off with a grin.  (Gotcha~)
  645. [19:59:13] <Giantree> The forest assault slows down... not like there actually was a forest.  Just a few trees.  A few dead trees, in fact.
  646. [19:59:56] <Rodidja> Rodidja stands up out of the brush and spits out leaves. And just as dirty as when she was taken into the castle.
  647. [20:01:57] <Lucia> "Where are you running to? I hope you realize the costs you've incurred."
  648. [20:03:13] <Breezy> "Hey Rody, we're going on an adventure or something, come with!"
  649. [20:03:22] <Rodidja> "I thought I already *pleh* payed you back all of what I *ptewy* owe you, 150 lucre right?"
  650. [20:05:17] <Breezy> "I thought you guys said 10,000 lukers before!"
  651. [20:05:54] <Lucia> "A thousand actually...and when factor in the costs of the walls you damaged with those -barabariac weapons," the vampire begins to list off things, "the psychological trauma you caused my servant, and the excessive amount of bathroom supplies you used in your escape, it's well over ten thousand or about...thirty-three point three (repeating of course) pints of blood."
  652. [20:05:56] <Rodidja> She stares at that which has been dubbed "Wingy" and pats it... "I'm not up for advent- That was a guess!"
  653. [20:06:15] <Lucia> "And that's far more than you have. So frankly, we're going to need to work something out."
  654. [20:06:23] <Breezy> "What's a pint?"
  655. [20:06:59] <Lucia> "A miserable little pile of liquid measurement."
  656. [20:07:08] * Flammie turns her head back and stares at Lucy.  Just...just stares.
  657. [20:07:23] <Rodidja> "Wait? Blood?"
  658. [20:07:53] <Lucia> "Well, yes, that's one way you can pay our...orginization."
  659. [20:08:10] * Flammie :T.  (Get off.)
  660. [20:08:40] <Breezy> "Oh, I've heard of blood before! I'm not sure what it really is, though."
  661. [20:08:56] * Naida jumps off the Flammie
  662. [20:09:18] <Rodidja> Rodidja sighs. ("Guess there's no running from this.") "How about a bet?"
  663. [20:09:31] * Lucia gets off as requested, approaching Rodidja, wrapping her arm around her, "Oh? A bet? Do go on."
  664. [20:09:56] <Rodidja> (slotz tiem)
  665. [20:09:58] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy, are you and Miss Rody married?"
  666. [20:10:32] <Lucia> "No, we're not. Any woman I'd marry would be much better at business."
  667. [20:11:05] <Breezy> "Oh, okay. Are you and Miss Rony married?"
  668. [20:11:23] <Naida> "Breezy, come over here, help me practice my eject spell."
  669. [20:11:56] <Breezy> "Okay~!" Breezy hops off and walks over to Naida.
  670. [20:11:58] <Lucia> "Now then, what is this bet of yours?
  671. [20:13:25] <Rodidja> 3 recovery reels appear appear above her head. "On Dubs, I'll follow you around. Bust, I owe you nothing. On Trips, transfer all my debt to those two."
  672. [20:14:17] <Lucia> "Where's the part where you pay?"
  673. [20:15:56] <Rodidja> Caught. "Alright! On Dubs, I follow you around AND attempt to pay you back."
  674. [20:17:08] <Rodidja> "Are those agreeable terms?"
  675. [20:17:37] <Lucia> "Fine, but I can hardly punish those two for your own foolishness. If it's three in a row, you follow me around and owe me double."
  676. [20:18:05] <Rodidja> "Fine."
  677. [20:18:25] <Lucia> "Okay, do it."
  678. [20:18:28] * Flammie watches the discussion intently.  Anyone watching gets the feeling she wants to bat at the recovery reels
  679. [20:18:49] <Rodidja> 3d6 Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, what is the lesson we should learn?
  680. [20:18:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, what is the lesson we should learn?: 12 [3d6=4,5,3]
  681. [20:19:34] <Breezy> "B-but, Miss Rody, you're not gonna leave us, are you?"
  682. [20:23:04] <Giantree> The reels make a painfully obnoxious BZZZT sound.
  683. [20:23:50] <Rodidja> "BZZZT? What do you mean BZZZT? I won!"
  684. [20:24:04] <Lucia> "Fair enough," Lucia glares at the result, "nevermind the fact you probably cheated."
  685. [20:24:53] <Rodidja> "You calling me a cheater? Why don't you roll them?"
  686. [20:25:20] <Breezy> "Cheating's not fair, Miss Rody!"
  687. [20:25:25] <Lucia> "Fine, then, I will!" Lucia goes to roll the slots.
  688. [20:25:30] <Lucia> 3d6 Check 'Em
  689. [20:25:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Check 'Em: 15 [3d6=4,5,6]
  690. [20:25:50] * Lucia grunts, "Very well then. You're free to go."
  691. [20:27:44] <Rodidja> "Great, then I'll be leaving asuf this moment!"
  692. [20:28:28] * Flammie steps in front of Rodi and sits, giving big ol' sad eyes.  (You're leaving?)
  693. [20:28:38] <Breezy> "Roooooooody! Why won't you come with us?" Breezy pouts hard.
  694. [20:30:12] <Breezy> "I can punch stuff for you or do something else if you want, I guess. But I've gotta punch stuff for Nighty, too. Leaving's no fun, though!"
  695. [20:30:14] <Rodidja> "Yes, I'm going." She pats Flammie. "No. I am NOT. Not with a stupid kid at least."
  696. [20:30:32] <Breezy> "Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase."
  697. [20:30:51] * Flammie lowers her head at the patting.  Saaaaad fluffball.
  698. [20:31:23] <Rodidja> "No. Your only solution to everything is punching! Like that will make me join with you."
  699. [20:31:48] <Breezy> "B-but, I could do something else too! What does Rody want me to do instead?"
  700. [20:33:48] <Rodidja> She handwaves Breezy and walks off.
  701. [20:35:01] <Breezy> Breezy follows Rodidja, "Pleaaaaaase come with us, Rody! I can jump up and down really fast, or I could dance, or something else!"
  702. [20:37:59] <Rodidja> Rodidja takes her gun and shoves the kid back. "What will it take to make you go away?"
  703. [20:38:37] <Breezy> "If you come with us, I'll go away from here and you can come too! I'll be reeeeeally quiet!"
  704. [20:38:59] * Flammie perks up a little at something unheard, then jumps up and flies away into the night!
  705. [20:42:51] <Rodidja> She really hopes he'll be quiet, it's night and a hangover is kicking in. Him/her/it being loud enough as it is.
  706. [20:43:24] <Giantree> And with the only mount having escaped, there's nowhere but a really loud city to go back to.
  707. [20:43:37] <Breezy> "I really will be quiet! ...Or we could box and if you lose you gotta come, too."
  708. [20:44:14] <Rodidja> ...
  709. [20:44:21] <Lucia> "If we're not leaving tonight, I suppose you can stay the night with us."
  710. [20:45:02] <Rodidja> "No, I have enough lucre to go to the I-"
  711. [20:45:27] <Rodidja> "Oh damnit." She paid that already.
  712. [20:45:58] <Breezy> "We're staying with Miss Lucy tonight?"
  713. [20:46:58] <Lucia> "I'm not sure how well the rest of you travel by night."
  714. [20:47:08] <Lucia> "I can...adapt to the daylight well enough."
  715. [20:47:28] <Rodidja> "Fine, I'll stay here."
  716. [20:47:56] <Breezy> "Oh, I can't see very well at night. I usually find a comfy alley to sleep in and then wake up when it's day again!"
  717. [20:48:51] <Lucia> "Right, then. I'll have the guest quarters prepared for you and we can set out tomorrow."
  718. [20:49:01] <Rodidja> Rodidja doesn't want to, but she can't afford an Inn and she doesn't have anything to gamble with.
  719. [20:49:29] * Lucia also commands that Breezy be looked at by one of her doctors...who also takes a bit of blood from him without him even noticing.
  720. [20:49:43] <Rodidja> ("Alley? Comfy?")
  721. [20:50:24] <Giantree> The night sky frowns on the long walk back.  And the rest of the night tiself is even longer.
  722. [20:52:30] <Lucia> What a horrible night to a owe a debt...
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