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  1. Lina Leskowitz, Marvin Mark's close friend, is killed. Marvin marries her sister Anne Leskowitz, and believed he could/can rebirth Lina through their daughter Care.
  8. - In 1977, Marvin Mark's close friend Lina Leskowitz is killed. This was likely via car accident, and the disappearing windmill may be a story device/metaphor for the accident, and the cycle of rebirth. Definitive proof for cause of death escapes me. Marvin and Lina's sister cover up the evidence of her death.
  11. [We can confirm Lina's date of death because of the tombstone found in Petscop 17. We also notice that the face on the tombstone is the same as the face of windmill girl. (Which has no eyebrows, this will be crucial later). Following this we can conclude that the windmill girl who disappeared is Lina Leskowitz. Let's now consider the text found in Petscop 9 which reads: "I found that picture of you from 1977, standing in front of an old windmill with your friend. You went there, and it was a bad idea. Your friend and the windmill both disappeared". It is hypothesized that the cause of death is car accident based on the tire and vehicle imagery present in Petscop, as well as the text found on Lina's tombstone which reads "They didn't see her". It is hypothesized that Marvin and Lina's sister covered up her death based on the consistent reference to "The windmill disappearing" and the text in Petscop 9 which asks "Where is it? What did you do?"].
  14. - Marvin marries Lina's sister and they have a daughter. Marvin's wife's name is Anna Leskowitz, who after marrying Marvin, becomes Anna Mark. At some point after giving birth to their daughter Carrie (Who they nickname Care), Marvin becomes fixated on the idea that their daughter is really Lina, or can be made to become Lina. This process is referred to by Petscop as rebirthing. Marvin becomes excited that Care is beginning to look like Lina, who lacked eyebrows.
  17. [In the same section of text in Petscop 9 it then proceeds to write: "You married her sister, and years later, your friend was reborn as your daughter". We can deduce that Lina's sister and Marvin's wife is Anna Leskowitz based on the text in Petscop 17 that reads: "You have a mommy named Anna, and a daddy named Marvin". One of the first indicators we see that Marvin is developing an obsession with Care becoming Lina is in a line found in Petscop, which reads "Your wife says that care isn't growing eyebrows". It then goes on to say "You're secretly very excited to hear this news". It should be noted that during this text we can confirm that it is Marvin who is excited to hear the news as the text referring to the individual is green, which consistently identifies Marvin's character. This moment is so significant since Lina did not have eyebrows. We know this based on her tombstone and her facial drawing found in the windmill.
  20. - Marvin kidnaps Care and takes her to an abandoned school, where he subjects her to psychological abuse and forces her to "study" in order to break her psyche and "rebirth" her as Lina.
  23. We see the literal event of Marvin breaking in and kidnapping Care from the home in Petscop 11, in which he breaks a window and carries Care away. Recall the message in Petscop 17 which reads [When speaking to Care]: "You were kidnapped, and spent 5 months studying in an abandoned elementary school." We have further confirmation that this is what happened in Petscop 9 which reads: "A young person walks into your school building. They walk in with you. You're holding their hand".
  26. - On November 10th, 1997, Care escapes the school, and making her way home after "wandering the Newmaker Plane" for close to three days. She is not the same, however, and has changed in her time away.
  29. In Petscop 17 we read the text, in yellow color: "You ran away, crying, ashamed, covering your face. You were blind, as some point your movements stopped making sense. A message in Petscop 3 reads [After escaping the school]: "They wander the Newmaker Plane". Petscop 17 also seems to suggest that Care is being interviewed by someone as to the details of what happened on November 11th while she was missing. It is clear that Care has changed in her time away, as evidenced by the conversation between her and her mother in Petscop 14, in which it reads "Of course I recognize you. Those eyes, that nose. That's still you. It doesn't matter how long you've been gone. It doesn't matter how much you've changed. You aren't lost, stop wandering and come home".
  32. Thanks for making it this far!
  35. The following section is a loose end that I have yet to incorporate. I believe I have pieced certain pieces of the puzzle together, but not fitted this "chunks" in with the rest of my theory.
  38. Two attempts were made to rebirth Care. The first being Tiara and the second being Belle.
  41. In Petscop 14 we read the text: "Happy birthday Belle! I'm calling you Belle because that's who you are." It then continues to write: "I was overeager before, and started calling you Tiara prematurely. If you hadn't given up half way you would be Tiara. This is not what happened, and now I'm gone". We have confirmed the in-game identity (avatar) of Tiara to be the same avatar as that found in the Quitter's Room. In Petscop 15, Tiara says "I am Tiara, not Bell(e)". This is because the girl in the quitters room is Tiara, and thereby explains the phrase "Quitter's Room" found inside her room. Tiara gave up half way through her rebirthing transition, and as a result, went on at a later time to become Belle. It also explains the poster in the room that asks the question "Do you remember being born?", perhaps explaining why the question has not been answered.
  44. If you find any further supporting evidence for this theory, or think of a way that my last section might tie into it, please let me know in a reply. At the same time, if you're able to find inconsistencies in this theory, also let me know.
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