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NVIDIA will not own up to GTX 970 Fraud

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Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. Mohemed Arshad : Hi, my name is Mohemed Arshad. How may I help you?
  2. You: Hello
  3. You: I'd like to know if, when and what NVIDIA will be doing to compensate the 970 customers they screwed over. Please do not respond with the usual "There is no issue", "That's how it is designed" or "Do you have issues with your 970?", as this is not the point of my visit here
  4. Mohemed Arshad: The hardware design of the GTX 970's VRAM is a deliberate decision to achieve the best overall performance possible at its price point, and we stand behind it as a fantastic card. The GTX 970 has 4 GB of vRAM, however it has two memory segments. 3.5GB & .5 GB. The GPU has higher priority access to the 3.5GB section. That said, there was indeed an error in some of the detailed technical specs in the reviewer's guide, and I can understand the frustration in regard to that issue.
  6. Current we dont have any further updates on this.
  7. You: Again. THIS is not why I am here. I don't want to get explained the 970 over and over again. The point is that nvidia lied and hid the truth for months. I wouldnt have bought the card if I knew about this, so I am, asking for appropriate compensation.
  8. Mohemed Arshad: I understand that you are dissatisfied with the card. Unfortunately NVIDIA can’t directly offer refunds on third party products. You need to contact Card Manufacturer or retailer to discuss refunds or exchanges.
  9. You: Its been ~5 months since the card was released, a little over a month since the truth came out and its been three weeks since I opened a L2 support ticket.
  10. You: No progress. The issue I do have isnt with my manufacturer, but with the chip nvidia sold with false advertisement
  11. You: so there is no need, point or gain in contacting the manufacturer, that is clearly not at fault here
  12. You: It is the worst support I have ever seen from a company and i had to call my ISP multiple times. As you may or may not know, ISPs tend to be the worst of the worst, but NVIDIA managed to take the cake now
  13. You: I do not care how you do it, however I do expect a satisfying response, deal or anything along the lines of the following:
  14. - Partial refund for the crap they pulled
  15. - Free upgrade to a card equal or better than the originally advertised specs possible performance
  16. - Full refund for the card while also providing me with a card of equal or better performance, that I originally owned (GTX 480), before upgrading to this garbage. I will pay the same price as the one I sold it as, obviously (~31€)
  17. Mohemed Arshad: I am sorry, as mentioned. NVIDIA can’t directly offer refunds on third party products, your video card is manufactured by different card manufacturers. For refunds or exchange options, you have to contact the retailer/card manufacturer.
  18. You: Okay, if you cannot do that, I expect that you contact my manufacturer on my behalf. I wasted over 3 weeks in this chat
  19. You: The one you want to be calling is MSI
  20. You: The card I bought is a GTX 970 4G Gaming for about 343€ (ill look the price up now for you)
  21. You: 340.21€, excluding shipping
  22. Mohemed Arshad: I can forward this as a request to the right team. Provide me your contact details and we will get back to you via email.
  23. You: my name is Firstname Lastname
  24. You: Email: email@address.tld
  25. You: Card in question: MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming
  26. You: My address:
  30. Mohemed Arshad: In your region, generally warranty replacement, refund or exchanges in directly handled by the retailers.
  31. You: So you are telling me, that again NVIDIA is going to weasel themselves out of this and push it to the retailers, while not taking care of the issue at hand at all, not in the very slightest?
  32. Mohemed Arshad: I have already mentioned that we dont replace third party products, you can contact the place of purchase regarding this.
  33. You: Why dont you replace the product that is wrong?
  34. You: Put a new, proper GPU on my card.
  35. You: Take a GTX 980 chip and just disable the shader/cuda cores, like you promised. Leave the rops, L2 alone this time around and the card should be fine
  36. Mohemed Arshad: I am sorry, there are no such options.
  37. You: You are telling me that nvidia has no plans in owning up to the massfraud and continued fraudulent adverstisement with false specifications of the gtx 970?
  38. Mohemed Arshad: We currently have no updates on this yet. The best thing I can do is escalate this case to the L2 technicians.
  39. You: I already have a L2 ticket open, however those illusive L2 technicians managed to avoid said case for over two weeks now.
  40. You: I am not satisfied with as little as this
  41. You: Escalate this right now, so that I can expect a proper, helpful and satisfying solution to this within minutes and not days, weeks or months. Its been over 150 days since the card was released with the false advertisement and nvidia had NOTHING planned for this. I am here and i wont be going away until I get the attention I deserve for this con!
  42. Josh : Hi, my name is Josh. How may I help you?
  43. Mohemed Arshad has left the chat.
  44. Josh: Hello, unfortunately we are not able to offer any compensation or assist with any returns or exchanges for the GTX 970, any issues with the card and its functionality need to be addressed by the manufacturer or the place of purchase.
  45. You: So will you handle contacting manufacturer on my behalf?
  46. You: *the
  47. Josh: We are unable to do that, we can not force any manufacturer or reseller to do anything
  48. You: So you are essentially saying, that nobody feels even remotely responsible for the fraud, nor will anyone ever own up to this?
  49. Josh: We still stand behind the GTX 970 in terms of performance and functionality, nothing has changed in terms of performance on the card since it was released
  50. You: This is not the issue. The issue is you lied about the possible performance and future-proof use.
  51. You: Who is going to compensate me for this?
  52. Josh: Im sorry that you were affected by this, but we are not offering any compensation for this unfortunately
  53. Josh: the performance is the same as all the benchmarks and reviews showed during the launch, nothing has changed there
  54. You: So you are saying that you (NVIDIA) will not own up to this massfraud and continue to con people with these false specifications?
  55. You: You do feel no remorse or responsibility for the loss people are enduring for the lowered possible performance and usability of the card over the next few years?
  56. Josh: I am not NVIDIA, im merely the messenger here for this situation none of this was any fault of mine or any one else here in support, but we are thes who communicate directly with the community. I feel for the people who feel like they were misled about the GTX 970, but when it comes down to it the performance levels of this card are unchanged
  57. You: with the you, im referring to nvidia as a company, not you the perosn
  58. You: which is why i placed nvidia in brackets
  59. You: Just because regular benchmarks or games under certain settings do not show an issue, does not mean there isnt one
  60. Josh: Right, regardless in the end there isnt anything I can do or offer to help assist in compensation for this and we still stand behind the product
  61. You: If you actually do stand behind the product, why dont you advertise the product correctly?
  62. You: Put the 970 in 2-way or 3-way sli, run the game at 4k and/or high anti aliasing with the right game and compare the performance to a 980 in the same setup.
  63. Josh: The card was correctly advertised as it is a 4GB card and can use 4GBs, but there are some specific isolated games that have issues when using specific settings
  64. You: So there ARE issues. Oh wow
  65. You: So you are saying these games and benchmarks do not matter?
  66. Josh: not at all
  67. Josh: but when you set in game settings beyond what a GPU can handle you are going to see issues regardless of the GPU you are using
  68. You: The card is fine and there is no performance drop whatsoever, when actually comparing a card with the specifications you advertised and the fraudulent card you sold us?
  69. You: Hypothetically, if we had a 970 chip (which is based on a 980), that has only some of the shader/cuda cores disabled, as you advertised and compared that chip with the one you sold me, with the smaller L2 cache, limited bandwidth and fewer ROPs, you are saying that there would be absolutely no difference in performance whatsoever?
  70. Josh: Im can't spend time talking about hypothetical's and subjective situations where a GPU would suffer performance wise, we could do that all day, and could use any GPU make/model/brand that would also exhibit issues under similar hypothetical situations
  71. Josh: I apologize that you feel cheated and are unhappy with the card you are running now, but in terms of functionality and performance we still stand behind the card and can not offer any compensation for it
  72. You: This is not subjective. Your benchmarks and game references are. I want the objective view on things.
  73. Josh: All benchmarks and performance are subjective
  74. Josh: entirely dependant on the system and specs and environment
  75. You: No, you are selectively picking games that do not suffer the performance issue
  76. Josh: and I cant spend time the necessary to continue talking about this for hours unfortunately
  77. You: Or are ignoring the benchmarks that may show it
  78. You: I dont want want to talk either, I want results, action
  79. Josh: ok, but there are no results and no actions that will happen
  80. Josh: i know that's not ideal, but that's all that there is here
  81. You: So NVIDIA will not ever offer compensation by themselves or through a directive at the card manufacturers for the false advertisement of the GTX 970 to those, who bought the cards under these beliefs?
  82. Josh: no
  83. You: So they will offer compensation?
  84. Josh: we are not offering any type of compensation for this, as it was an unintentional mistake in the reviewers guide specs as we stated publicly
  85. You: Ever?
  86. Josh: correct
  87. You: This is the last NVIDIA card I have ever bought.
  88. Josh: Ok, im sorry there isnt anything more I can do
  89. You: I'll be contacting both MSI and my shop now, hoping that I can return this card and get my money back. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.
  90. Josh: ok, again sorry there isnt anything I can do about this
  91. You: Thanks anyway. I know you are not at fault
  92. Josh has disconnected.
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