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  2.  Headlines
  3.  - Alt guild is now up. It's called "Grindhouse Fanclub" and has no minimum level.
  4.  - Characters not played since the 1st of May will start to be removed from Pettan Co over the next few days.
  5.  - Don't forget to /join pettan 1111 when you log in for cross-guild chat.
  7.  How to Apply
  8. If you already have a main character in Pettan Co and you're applying to the alt guild, put your main characters name in the application form.
  9. In any other case, put the ID of _this_ Pastebin as your application.
  10. You will be contacted by a guild officer in a timely manner.
  12.  Guild Rules
  13.  - No emoticons. ;_; is fine, :3 is borderline.
  14.  - No ironic "xDDDddDDD :DDD;D;FD:; =]" and/or shitposting in the guild public chat.
  15.  - No memespewing. Constantly & arbitrarily/randomly saying "SHAZBOT", "BOKU NO PICO" or some other /vg/ or /a/ related meme on the guild chat is not subtle.
  16.  - Keep the faggotry at a minimum. Don't be obnoxious. Don't stir up unnecessary drama. This also means having the self-restraint to not nitpick about every smallest thing.
  17.  - This means not purposely taunting other members in the guild.
  18.  - No board rivalry or any related shit. We have zero tolerance on this.
  20. You can talk about vidya in the guild chat. You can talk about a new episode of animu x on the guild chat.
  21. Many people from /vg/ watch animu and many people from /a/ play vidya. If you aren't a part of this bunch, you can respectfully look past it. It isn't that hard.
  22. If you want to intimately or excessively discuss things find someone of your interests and group up with. Way more enjoyable!
  24.  Out-of-game Information
  25. IRC channel, where the main day to day discussions are done: #TERAEU (irc.rizon.net)
  26. You don't even need to download anything, just go to http://rizon.net/chat. If you want to use an IRC client, google for xChat2 or mIRC
  27. Steam group, where the decisions are announced: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/teraeu
  28. We usually talk in Mumble at hiroto.eu:64738 in the TERA channel.
  30.  Pettan Co
  31. Guildmaster: Sane_Ingathered (ign: Sane)
  32. Officers: Those who have the 'Pure' or 'Royal Guard' rank in the guild roster.
  33. Minimum level 30 to apply, but you may still want to join alt guild until you're ~50 since alt bank has lower level gear that you may use.
  34. Guild bank rules:
  35.  - First tab has crafting resources.
  36.  - Second tab has high level crystals and consumables.
  37.  - Third tab has crafting recipes and jewelry. Don't worry about duplicate recipes, they're handled properly.
  38.  - Fourth tab is a bit complicated. It has:
  39.  -- Golds for level 50 and up.
  40.  -- Tier 12 and 13 fodder.
  41.  -- Anything that should be moved to alt guild.
  42.  - Any gold put in the bank is considered a donation.
  43.  - You may take gold, as long as you put it back. Eventually is fine. The important rule here is: Don't be a dick.
  45.  Grindhouse Fanclub
  46. Guildmaster: Utena (nixx), will probably change.
  47. Officers: Those with the 'Officer' rank in the guild roster.
  48. No minimum level to apply.
  49. Do NOT praise this guild. Always praise Pettan Co. For now, we have no plans to get Vanarch with it.
  50. Guild bank rules:
  51.  - First tab has equipment and reward tokens.
  52.  - Second tab has crystals.
  53.  - Third tab has worse equipment than first tab.
  54.  - Fourth tab has crafting resources. These will periodically be moved to Pettan Co.
  56.  Crafting
  57. - Do NOT level your crafting using guild resources, unless you're a guild crafter. It is only wasteful.
  58. - PM the respective crafter if you require something to be made - Make sure to have the mats ready before-hand. You may take stuff from guild bank for this purpose.
  59. - Don't expect the crafters to provide you items for free.
  61. ~ Weaponsmithing
  62. Zeagan
  63. ~ Focuscrafting
  64. Shizu
  65. - Armorsmithing
  66. rippy
  67. ~ Leatherworking
  68. nixx
  69. ~ Tailoring
  70. Shizu
  71. ~ Alchemy
  72. Anyan
  74. - More will be added once confirmed -
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