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  1. [21:43:14] <Giantree> That said, I haven't drawn any of them 1,1btw i hope you're good at otome games but if there's a lucky winner, that may change very quickly
  2. [21:44:05] <Ellamae> 1,1maybe I'll find out, cause I've never played one
  3. [21:44:11] <Ellamae> 1,1or any other kind of dating sim
  4. [21:44:18] <Ellamae> 1,1we're doing it live
  5. [21:44:53] <Giantree> So the first group heads out posing as the army in order to execute a rescue operation of the 5th NS and MAYBE meet Rolant in the process, which is very dangerous on paper and you have no way of knowing what's actually going on with that group.  As in, for all intensive purposes, it seems like they're going into a warzone where soldiers will try to kill them instead of literally playing Princess Pillowfight and then Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and Sword of Light.  Of course that's wrong, but you remain in Rolantia, shrouded in blissful ignorance.
  6. [21:45:10] <Giantree> 1,1good btw, that'll make it even better
  7. [21:46:30] <Giantree> And as it seems that the reason the former Lord who was spearheading the group almost as much as Kiuru was is in question, it soon becomes very clear that there was a much more important reason when Noa calls you into her chamber in the underground.  Unlike the professional persona she puts on around the others, she's just as goofy and teasy as she was ~600 years ago.
  8. [21:47:57] <Giantree> "So, remember when I asked if you'd found love?"  The projection giggles impishly, like a schoolgirl who just played an amazing prank on her friend.  Being a little preemptive there.  "Welllll, I think I might have something for that while you're waiting to move out.  Whatcha think, Elle?"
  9. [21:48:12] <Giantree> Steyr is in the background facepalming.  Of all people to be facepalming.  Just let that sink in a bit.
  10. [21:50:19] <Giantree> ... And now to do the elaborate-setup-while-waiting thing I love to do so much, I'd like to just mention in passing that Steyr isn't a little weirdo shortie, she's ACTUALLY somewhat tall for a woman in this era and stands about a head and a half above Noa's projection, and the latter has the appearance of a teen right now.  I really have no idea why I felt a need to mention that, just wanted to point it out.
  11. [21:51:34] <Ellamae> Things have a way of becoming wacky with those people. Ellamae knows that much, but...she could not possibly understand how wacky things would be. So, she remains in blissful ignorance of their adventures...and they may live in blissful ignorance of hers, perhaps. In any case, it means more time to hang out with Noa, and no reason to NOT hang out with Noa, she can hang out with her so much more than usual. That should be nice, right? R-right? ...Having known Noa for years on years, and knowing Steyr just enough, she knows exactly what to think before things go down. "...I-I suddenly think I'm nervous." She sways a little, but remains firmly planted on the floor!
  12. [21:52:30] <Giantree> "Hmmmmmmm?"  The purple elder dragon floats closer, hand cupping her ear almost provocatively.  "Pardon me?  That was a 'yes,' right?"
  13. [21:53:05] <Giantree> "Oh, good!  I knew you would!"  Not even waiting for a response, Noa hops up and smiles ear-to-ear.
  14. [21:53:41] <Giantree> Steyr facepalms so hard that she leaves the room.  If you listen really closely you might hear her grumbling to one of the Underground attendants that she's going to throw up.
  15. [21:54:21] <Giantree> (NOTE: All the 'attendants' are actually ninja, but within the not!illuminati they're treated with very little respect and basically just act like butlers wearing funny masks, it's pretty sad)
  16. [21:55:22] <Ellamae> Well, it wasn't a no. "Y-yeah, I'" The nervousness is compounded by Steyr's reaction escalating. OH BOY.
  17. [21:56:16] <Ellamae> ...And the question is, do the ninja bring her a bucket or something before she pukes, does she just puke on the floor and tell the ninja to clean it up, or do the ninja bring her a bucket but she intentionally misses the bucket and tells them to clean the floor?
  18. [21:56:17] <Giantree> "Ohohoho, don't worry!"  Noa gets way ahead of herself.  "You'll have a blast, Elle.  Y'see, there's this, um, masquerade party for our kind happening tonight.  They keep sending me invitations even though I TELL them I can't even project that far and only like, one or two even know I exist!  Can you believe the NERVE of them?"
  19. [21:56:53] <Giantree> Nah, Steyr just said that so that they wouldn't try to follow her, like they're otherwise obligated to.  She's a big girl and knows how to get her own buckets.
  20. [21:57:18] <Flamy> She'll get no sympathy from me.
  21. [21:57:37] <Giantree> That aside, Noa crosses her arms and pouts.  "... But!  I thought while you're around you could have some fun and meet some nice dragon bachelors!  So, I signed you up in my place in advance, teehee!"
  22. [21:57:49] <Giantree> ok NOW is when you might be able to hear muffled vomiting in the distance
  23. [22:01:54] <Ellamae> Did you know? Soundcloud has vomit sound effects. "...Tensions are running higher, and they manage to pull off a masquerade party. ...H-how long has that been a trend? I never got invited to any of those before...but, uh, that does sound like fun!"
  24. [22:02:12] <Giantree> "Oh, um.  And even though it's a liiiiiittle formal, and I think some guys there might be in the politics scene, it's all us and strictly no-human.  So you don't need to worry about being spotted by nobles or anything, 'kay?"
  25. [22:02:48] <Giantree> She giggles.  "I guess I get the invites because I'm in one place all the time.  Even Little Nihi didn't know about them, though, so..."
  26. [22:04:23] <Giantree> And then your indirect 'yes' proves to be your downfall as you're almost forcefully shoved into a dressing room and given an explanation: The reason it's a 'masquerade party' isn't because you literally put on masks, but because everybody there is a dragon in disguise (in traditional manakete fashion, of course).  ... So in other words, it's literally exactly the same as any human party, and as such, you're given an assortment of fancy dresses to pick from.  And I mean FANCY, literal princess-tier stuff.
  27. [22:04:54] <Giantree> ... and i'm not going to describe what they look like in detail because as soon as i start to say 'off-shoulder' i'll instantly faint
  28. [22:05:04] <Giantree> (But you can : ^ ))
  29. [22:06:10] <Giantree> ... also i just checked, the only vomit sfx on there is terrible
  30. [22:09:06] <Ellamae> It was pretty much a yes! AND IF YOU LINK ME THAT WEBSITE WITH ALL THE CUTE CLOTHES (YOU KNOW THE ONE), I MIGHT PICK ONE OUT. That said, she's certainly at a loss for words when seeing ALL THESE PRINCESS TIER DRESSES that are apparently her size--maybe she shouldn't think about that too hard. "I-I see. ...W-when's the party?"
  31. [22:10:27] <Giantree> but I don't recommend actually looking because you might suffocate irl in the process
  32. [22:11:44] <Giantree> Noa chuckles mischievously.  "Um, in 15 minutes actually!  It's just outside the inn, to your right, down the main road, and in the cute little banquet hall on your left, can't miss it.  Want a map~?"
  33. [22:12:15] <Giantree> "... Oh!  But it'll take about that long to get there.  Better hurry!"  She sticks her tongue out.  Her projection's projec-tongue.
  34. [22:14:30] <Giantree> Oh, and yeah, because like 80% of manaketes all decide to look like little girls, of course they're your size.  And uh... also technically owned by the government?  The R&D division are all a bunch of eccentric weirdoes so they just give them whatever they want without asking questions most of the time.
  35. [22:15:35] * nanashinashi is now known as zzzzzzzzzzzz
  36. [22:18:37] <Giantree> The hall, as mentioned, is very difficult to miss, because in the dark cityscape of evening, it's one building that happens to be well-lit.  Probably with ~electricity~ too because Rolantia is the super-advanced technotown, but it's probably even better if it's just a lot of candlelit chandeliers and stuff.  There are, however, guards requesting to see your invitation outside the door, and while it's pretty smelly on the approach, it's not a bad smell.  Just your body politely letting you know that the place is indeed full of what you expect it to be, and not an anti-dragon trap set by LeBlanc or something.  It's easy to ignore.
  37. [22:19:33] <Ellamae> "how do you expect me to figure out what I want to wear aaaaaaaaa" She looks through the dresses as fast as she possibly can, and ends up with...two. "This one or this one?" I didn't suffocate, so...
  38. [22:19:57] <Giantree> oh man
  40. [22:20:43] <Giantree> oh man i like the pink one MUCH more tbh
  41. [22:20:51] <Giantree> ... but then again, the other IS shuku-color
  42. [22:21:22] <Ellamae> ...And then she notices another one, and gets that too.
  43. [22:21:28] <Ellamae> "why didn't you let me prepaaaaare"
  44. [22:21:30] <Giantree> The problem with the latter is that it's a french-looking style of fashion and is heavily intended to accept the boobs, and with no boobs on Elly to speak of, the point of it sort of falls... flat.
  45. [22:22:06] <Giantree> Noa does one of those 'oopsie' smiles like a 90s anime character.  "Whoops, I forgot what time it was!  Time just slips by when you get to be my age~~~"
  46. [22:22:19] <Giantree> oh god that third one is #1 A++++++++
  47. [22:23:55] <Giantree> "That one matches your hair," she peeks in like a ghost through the changing room and shares the GM's opinion.  "But I'm sure that's not the side of you they'd be looking for anyway, hehe!"
  48. [22:24:08] <Giantree> "... Or maybe it is.  I dunno.  I've never gone."
  49. [22:26:53] <Ellamae> "I'll just go with it!" THERE IS NO TIME, THIS DRESS IS ENOUGH. So, she puts it on in a hurry! And then SHE LEAVES IN A HURRY. "W-wish me luck?" CAN'T BE LATE TO THE BALL--and can't just run into the ball. She has to at least try to put on a good image!
  50. [22:27:23] <Giantree> Actually, 'running to the ball holding up the whole dress while the whole town looks on' is a pretty good image, like something you'd see in a movie or something.
  51. [22:27:24] <Giantree> JUST SAYIN
  52. [22:28:18] <Ellamae> Yeah, but she can't actually barge into the ball like that. On the way, yeah, that's certainly an image. But INTO it? There is a time and place for looking like you're in a hurry!
  53. [22:28:31] <Giantree> ... But that said, NOW I repeat the line a bit above with the smell and the guards and everything.  Seeing you have an actual invitation - wouldn't it be embarrassing if you forgot it after all that? - they let you inside, and the sights inside the room are just as weird as you'd expect them to be.
  54. [22:29:49] <Giantree> It looks very much the same as any noble balls you may have been to in the past, with everybody inside dressed just as nobly.  And everybody's in human form because, DUH, it's a MASQUERADE party?  ... Though since these are probably the forms they use all the time, it's not that masqueradey.  Not that you don't have the ability to shapeshift, but it takes a lot of effort, and it seems unlikely that others would be willing to change their whole appearances just to go trololo for one night.  So you may just be able to take the other patrons at face value.
  55. [22:32:09] <Giantree> First of all, nearly everybody inside seems to take the appearance of a young adult, often teenage-looking, sometimes even younger.  Of course it's mostly the girls that try to look as little as possible and I'm gonna be real, I put the blame 100% on canon fire emblem for that one, don't even look at me.  But there are a lot of pairs dancing, and a few patrons partaking in the table full of high-quality, delicious food set to the side.  And it's mostly human cuisine but fit for a dragon, like gigantic meat dumplings and such.  And other types of meat.  Also there are quite a bit of wallflowers too, in case you were thinking of going that route.  You wouldn't be alone... which is sort of the whole point of being a wallflower, huh.
  56. [22:32:46] <Giantree> Holy SHIT I'm rambling, let me get to the... MEAT of the party
  57. [22:33:01] <Giantree> Get it?  Because I already said there was meat?  Hahahaha- okay, really now
  58. [22:34:10] <Ellamae> Their lives are masquerades, really. It's just that now they can have an actual party with the masquerade part not exactly being the difference between life and a horde of pitchforks, as well as the fact it's the masqueraders partying. In any case, OK, yeah, the meat of the party. And not the meat on the table, but the sausages.
  59. [22:35:15] <Giantree> The participants of the party look mostly high-class, except for one young man(-dragon) with a skintone almost as dark as yours sitting on a table eating meat loudly and obnoxiously.  That's right, ON a table.  Despite being dressed in a formal tux (or medieval fantasy equivalent), it's unbuttoned and lazily donned, and he has sharp yellow eyes to match his spiky blond hair.  Get it?  Sharp?  Some others entertain the idea of asking him to step off but he glares at them with unparalleled ferocity and they back off without a word.
  60. [22:36:18] <Giantree> A tall, black-haired gentleman wearing fine white gloves and a red suit walks around the party politely greeting everybody and kneeling to kiss the hands of ladies.  With his attitude, you'd think he was a human and not a member of a race that isn't even supposed to sexually reproduce.  But it seems he's heavily influenced by chivalry and the ways of the times.
  61. [22:36:37] <Giantree> ... He might be wearing a top hat too, my headimage wants him to but at the same time I don't.
  62. [22:38:44] <Giantree> In the corner of the building is a red-haired girl even smaller than yourself, wearing an off-shoulder 1,1GOD DAMNIT I SAID IT dress and nervously peering around at the other patrons for somebody to talk to.  But every time she makes an attempt to reach out to somebody she stops herself, gives up, and remains a wallflower.  Her hairstyle is also much messier than one would expect to see at a formal event like this, unbraided and not pulled back at all, but falling down the majority of her back.  There are also two 'antennae' sticking up at the top of her head.
  63. [22:40:30] <Giantree> A brutish-looking fellow, much more polite in appearance than the one sitting on top of the table but still with bulging muscles and rolled-up sleeves, is walking table-to-table ignoring the dancers and challenging others to arm-wrestles.  He actually doesn't humiliate or decimate anybody, he just laughs boisterously (a lot like Brent, actually) and seems to enjoy a good challenge.  Which is sort of AGAINST the point of being at a dance.
  64. [22:40:59] <Giantree> ... And there's punch at the table too.  Wait, no, not punch, red wine.  Because HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE COMES THE NEXT BACHELOR:
  65. [22:41:56] <Giantree> A drunken kung-fu master who- goddamnit giantree stop that.  Okay, a longhaired (note: it's silver) bishie who looks a bit red in the face.  Unlike all the others, he's not talking to anybody or really doing anything, especially not dancing.  Just drinking a lot.
  66. [22:42:25] <Giantree> ... And I think you're free to act, but I might come up with a few more anyway
  67. [22:44:05] <Giantree> Oh yeah, and only the first one was brown, sry if that wasn't clear
  68. [22:45:34] <Giantree> In the center of the building, couples are dancing.  Very human-like dances, not like music with rap overlays or anything ridiculous.  And ESPECIALLY not anything as ridiculous as 'transforming in public and breathing fire on each other.'  Some of said couples look more satisfied than others, and the latter cases look so upset with one another that sometimes they even stop dancing in the middle of a song and storm off in the opposite direction.
  69. [22:46:41] <Giantree> OH YEAH I GOT THE NEXT ONE: A super-shota with dark gray hair and eyes that match, wearing a purple suit with a flower in its front pocket.  He stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by dancers, and looks like he has no idea what to do.  Everybody just sort of dances around him.
  70. [22:48:36] <Giantree> Now is when enough has been described that I can safely say 'Wat do' and await input.
  71. [22:48:37] <Giantree> Wat do?
  72. [22:49:08] <Flamy> Wait for Shuku to post.
  73. [22:51:09] <Raitaki>
  74. [22:51:34] <Ellamae> WOW. A lot of DRAGON BACHELORS catch the eye. Mymy. NOW, WITH A DISCERNING EYE...the hungry seeming one really knows how to let it go, and does seem to have an intense spirit. Still, uh, rude. Ruuuude. She could mess up her EXPENSIVE NICE LOOKING DRESS that she may never have bought but it's STILL WORTH SOMETHING TO HER. Next...actual gentleman. That guy is practically the definition of a dragon bachelor. Still, the sheer amount of refinement is almost unnerving. She's outclassed! ...And if class is the only thing she can notice...well, higher on the rankings, Brutish fellow...huh. He should probably challenge that first guy to an arm-wrestling match. Gotta respect going to the dance only to NOT DANCE and managing to not actually make a big scene of things. S-still taking it all in.
  75. [22:51:58] <Giantree> HHEHEHEHE
  76. [22:53:48] <Giantree> Actually, as you entertain that thought, it's exactly what happens.  In the middle of the scene, the brutish fellow approaches the brown guy for a friendly match.  However, as the latter is in the middle of eating, he swats him away with a barely-audible "Buzz off."  The crowd around them disperses as they start to suspect a fight is about to begin, but since it isn't a children's playground, the brutish one gives a polite nod and walks off.
  77. [22:54:43] <Giantree> Brownman goes back to scarfing down whole lobsters while the other patrons stare.  "What?" He growls after ripping through the beast with pointed teeth.  Needless to say, they aren't staring anymore.
  78. [22:58:53] <Giantree> The epitome of gentlemanhood continues making his rounds and ends up at the redhead wallfower.  He's almost twice her height but still pays it no mind and holds out a hand, asking her to dance.  It's too far away to hear the exact words being exchanged, but you can practically see steam coming out her ears and her face goes beet-red as she holds her hands in front of her.  He looks somewhat disheartened, but respects her wishes and continues to walk around greeting others.
  79. [23:02:16] <Giantree> The shota accidentally bumps into one of the dancing couples.  He bows deep in apology and, as if starting a chain reaction, ends up bumping into another couple in the process, to which he responds the same way.  This continues for a while.
  80. [23:03:43] <Ellamae> Huh. Yeah, that guy's cool. Maybe they'll get their match when the food is gone. All of it. Maybe the DEVOURER DRAGON ...That said, thankfully, this sight of mutilation doesn't do much for her appetite. ...Bishie...definitely cute. She definitely likes cute. ...But seems strangely insistent on that bottle. Maybe later, see if he's still going at it then. And...someone else that's cute, and...decidedly out of place, standing amongst the dancers. ...Being who she is, this is particularly hard to ignore. Was he ditched for being an awful dancer? ...She's ready to find out, though she's still got one notable face to describe her thoughts of, which is important because WE'RE TRYING TO FIND LOVE HERE. So yeah, red-head. Doesn't seem like a dragon
  81. [23:03:43] <Ellamae> bachleor on account of not identifying as male, but still sticks out for a wallflower. Might talk to if things go horribly wrong. ...Well, her or the drinker. It depends on how horribly wrong.
  82. [23:04:47] <Giantree> Heh heh he.  Still all thoughts, no action?
  83. [23:05:26] <Giantree> The drinker continues not bothering anybody, so nobody stops him.  On closer observation, he's not just standing in one spot chugging like the main characters on King of the Hill, but rather, he's going through each drink set along the table and sampling them.
  84. [23:06:01] <Ellamae> No, no, action's coming! She's totally approaching that shota. And asking him THE BIG QUESTION. "...If you're on the dance floor, why aren't you dancing~?"
  85. [23:07:09] <Giantree> "O-Oh!"  He looks like he's in a trance until you approach, and he immediately snaps out.  "Sorry... did I stand out?  It's... kind of embarrassing really... heheh."  The shota attempts to laugh it off, but it doesn't do anything for his nervousness.
  86. [23:07:42] <Giantree> And then he starts finnicking, as if debating with himself whether he should take this chance.  He clearly isn't very decisive.
  87. [23:16:23] <Ellamae> Maybe that's how he ended up here with no one to dance with. Far be it from her to pass this up! "You did stand out, but...that's OK! It wouldn't do to seem like everyone else. Would you like a dance~?" GET HER GROOVE ON.
  88. [23:17:51] <Giantree> "I... I see."  He blinks a couple times, looking in your direction.  And stares straight at your eyes without averting his gaze, maybe he's trying to be gentlemanly?  "Yes!"  The kid takes your hand with a smile and starts following the movements of others around.  You're not too far apart in size, so it's not especially difficult to do.
  89. [23:18:05] <Giantree> Oh, and the song changes.  Duh.  Why wouldn't it?
  90. [23:20:16] <Giantree> "Umm."  The gray-eyed boy steps cautiously but surely, doing a good enough job at it to not step on your dress and cause a scene out of a Ken Akamatsu manga or anything, so he must've not been alone because he's a terrible dancer or anything.  "My name's Varos, what's yours?"
  91. [23:21:59] <Giantree> Oh, and now as his hand is closer, you can see that he's wearing what seems to be his Dragonstone in a ring on his finger.  It's a dark purple color.
  92. [23:28:35] <Ellamae> She realizes that it's been...a very very long time since she's danced before. She's probably been invited to some human dances a while ago, but those were long times ago. ...And when was the last time she was actually in a real dress? It takes almost everything she has to not step on her own dress! "Ellamae, pleasure to meet you~" Don't step on her own dress don't step on her own dress--oh, huh. Dark and light. It co--DON'T STEP ON HER OWN DRESS. The adrenaline gained from rushing in is slowly giving into her own nervousness. Come on, Ellamae. You can do better!
  93. [23:28:49] <Giantree> hnnnnnnnnnnnng
  94. [23:31:32] <Giantree> Sometime a moment later then, your dance partner starts laughing.  Not uncontrollable cackling or anything, but a good amount more chuckles than most people would do while they're in the middle of a dance.  He bends you over backwards and leans in close - man I forget what that's called - whispering while he's at it.  "I... have the power to see the feelings in others' hearts.  There's no reason to be so nervous, Ellamae."  Wearing a charming smile, he returns you both upright and continues to giggle just a little bit.
  95. [23:33:57] <Giantree> "The others here," he keeps moving, "all seem like they're looking for partners for their own personal gain.  But you're quite interesting."
  96. [23:35:17] <Giantree> The drinker continues minding his own business, as you can see out of your peripheral vision while spinning around on the dance floor, and somewhere along the line the brown bully approaches him.  They start raising their voices over something, which escalates into pushing and shoving.  The crowd around them disperses and some of the dancers stop dancing- Varos doesn't, though, he just tries to move farther away in case something goes down.
  97. [23:47:46] <Giantree>
  98. [23:55:08] <Ellamae> THAT...well well well well well. Did it help her nervousness? Not really no, but she's positively smitten now. Her adrenaline returns from that, which makes her dancing great again. Maybe a little faster since she's a bit red, but most certainly not three times as fast. "Oh, but it's been so long since I've done anything like this, I could trip on the dance floor and make
  99. [23:55:08] <Ellamae> a fool of myself...but, it seems I'm in good hands! ...And yeah, most would probably think about what they're getting out of things, but...that kind of selfish thinking is bound to end badly for someone, and that just won't do at all! And it makes it a lot easier to miss what's underneath the surface, too~" She joins him in the moving away, she can't let this throw off
  100. [23:55:08] <Ellamae> her groove!
  101. [23:58:33] <Giantree> Now comforted by the fact that you seem to be far away from the danger zone, Varos smiles again.  "Oh... what I meant was, you seemed the most confused out of anybody here!"  Still laughing a little bit.  "Like you didn't know about this party until the last second, or something.  But that response is interesting, too- don't worry!  If you tripped, I'd catch you."  The song stops and you get a better view of the battle that's about to start.  Of all people, it's the redhead wallflower who runs over and tries to stop them.  And she does surprisingly well, all with none of them even transforming.
  102. [23:59:35] <Giantree> After a tense moment of glares in and from all directions, the three break apart and the bully walks toward the exit.
  103. [00:00:27] <Giantree> Varos gulps, looking at the brown guy with his Ark-eyes, and speaks up nervously, as though he's learned something.  "H-How about another dance?  It might be better if we don't get involved..."
  104. [00:12:44] <Ellamae> "Eheheh. ...That's...basically how it was, actually! Didn't have time to so much as catch my breath, even!" The very idea of remembering it was exhausting, but she finishs the dance with no issue. With the song over, she can get a better read on the situation at hand...and yeah, that's pretty gulp-worthy, only he actually might have an idea as to why. "...Another dance
  105. [00:12:44] <Ellamae> seems great, yeah. the same time, you seem worried. Is someone in trouble?" Ellamae's a do-gooder at heart!
  106. [00:16:26] <Giantree> "No, I just feel... extreme hatred."  He tries to keep his voice down, and also to focus on something else, but as soon as he explains the situation, the situation explains itself for the others: The brown muscledragon mutters something under his breath on his way out, and with no other weapon in sight, the drunkard splashes his bottle of wine at him.  The two grow FURIOUS and start transforming in the middle of the building, but the guards rush in and restrain them before they can get that far.  The band playing music pauses for the conflict to cool down, but they agree to settle it outside, and the wallflower, obvious worry on her face, goes back to where she was.  Varos looks at her sympathetically, but assures you it'll all be okay and gets ready for the next song.
  107. [00:20:01] <Giantree> Here's where i'd go 'AND THEN THE MUSIC CHANGES TO DUBSTEP WUBWUBUWBUWBUWBUWBUW' but no it's actually just slightly faster-paced than the last one.  I mean, the musicians ARE dragons so it's a bit of a genre fusion compared to what otherwise exists in the setting, but it is a masquerade party instead of giant winged dinosaurs rampaging around inside of a building so they try to keep it looking and sounding as human-esque as possible.  ~Just in case~.
  108. [00:20:43] <Ellamae> the camera pans over to rolant in a nondescript location
  109. [00:21:08] <Giantree> yeah with a swastika
  110. [00:26:52] <Ellamae> ...Yeah, that'll do it. EXPLAINED AWAY. "...A peaceful future is a long way away, with sorts like that feeling as they do. ...Though, I'm sure the time will come where we'll at least be able to...get along with each other? But I dwell on this stuff enough. Let's dance, Varos~" While the sight of drag on dragon violence could normally kill the mood, the band's fresh beats and the presence of Varos himself does wonders for patching that mood back up!
  111. [00:29:41] <Giantree> This one has less to describe than the others.  In fact there might even be a FEW more dances after this, but either way, there are much fewer surprises going on in the middle of them so the time passes by like a breeze.  And no, neither of you end up stepping on the dress, which is likely a huge relief.  The shota himself, however, blushes something fierce as soon as you're done.  "Th-Thank you very much," he stammers out.  "I had a lot of fun."
  112. [00:30:28] <Giantree> "... Here."  Smiling once more, he pulls the flower out of his pocket and hands it over.
  113. [00:31:55] <Giantree> instead of actually naming off types of flowers i'm just going to say 'it's purple' btw
  114. [00:32:05] <Raitaki> same on you
  115. [00:32:07] <Raitaki> ...
  116. [00:32:08] <Raitaki> +h
  117. [00:32:10] <Giantree> lol
  118. [00:34:18] <Ellamae> Same on you. You purple. We purple. All is purple. All hail purple.
  119. [00:34:31] <Giantree> 6Yeah.
  120. [00:35:01] <Flamy> No.
  121. [00:35:11] <Ellamae> 6Yes.
  122. [00:35:27] <Giantree> shhh stop responding to them
  123. [00:35:36] <Giantree> your goal is to not keep me waiting more than 10 minutes this time
  124. [00:35:55] <Giantree> 1,1jk the longer you keep me waiting, the more time i actually spend on what i'm supposed to be doing, so i appreciate when you take forever
  125. [00:43:38] <Ellamae> She certainly wasn't expecting to undergo the 'time flies when you're having fun' sensation in the presence of so much strangers, dragon or otherwise...but, such is what ends up happening! "Yeah, me too~!" ...And then, flower. He GAVE HER A NICE FLOWER. Verbena looks decidedly purple. That...settles that, then! Sometimes he trips over his own thoughts, and sometimes he isn't sure...but, that's a lot like her, isn't it? And in a chaotic world full of people not looking before they leap, she might very well need someone like this in her life! "T-thank you~" Ohh, she could probably get this in her hair somewhere. It'd look nice. Find a good spot...
  126. [00:45:44] <Giantree> Oh, yeah, verbena is actually used for that sort of thing.  Either way, he watches with a big, almost innocent smile.  "It really suits you!  Well then, maybe you should hold onto it... that way it's not a 'goodbye,' but an 'until we meet again,' huh?"
  127. [00:47:13] <Giantree> "Though..." He looks down.  "I have no idea how soon that'll be.  I'm traveling, and I'm sure somebody like you lives here in the capital.... ooooh!  But I'm sure we'll have plenty of time!"
  128. [00:48:28] <Giantree> Oh, also worth noting, the redhead finally accepted the gentleman's advances, and they had a dance or two together.  It was a little funny to watch because she's positively TINY, but they both seemed used to the difference as though they were mature dragons who took forms like that on purpose or somesuch.
  129. [00:54:54] <Ellamae> Yeah, good on her. Seems to have gotten over the embarrassment, after an earlier display of defusing. Nice. ...As for the current scene. well... "Yeah! We've got time to find each other again...and, huh. You'd think I'd live here, but...I'm only staying for a while. ...Not too much longer, in fact! It's hard to make the world a better place if I just sit still, right?"
  130. [00:54:54] <Ellamae> She opts to not say that her dress was completely borrowed because she's really just some poor orphan dragon from a fake noble family. Instead, maybe... "...Though I guess if we're both going going anywhere in particular?"
  131. [00:57:23] <Giantree> "Wellllll..." Varos scratches his head.  "It's a little embarrassing... I'm still pretty young, so I thought I'd go down to where the war is and see what people feel when they're fighting for their lives.  I think that if I could see and understand that firsthand, I'd be able to understand them better."  His eyes sort of look off to the side while he speaks, like he's embarrassed about the romantic or unrealistic nature of what he's saying.
  132. [00:59:40] <Giantree> "Because I've sorta..." He pushes his index fingers together.  "Been on a journey across the world to see the feelings of both us and humans alike.  I-If that makes sense.  And I thought... once I have enough, maybe I'll write a book about it?"
  133. [01:07:51] <Ellamae> ...She could hug him! She opts not to, but she could! Her smile brightens, for a fair few reasons. "You get it, then~! People are...sorta hard to understand, but...there's a lot of them, so doing that is actually really, really important! Otherwise, you'll just go off your worst impressions, and...well, you don't want to do that. It's both depressing and wrong!" Speaking from the heart here, since she's...seen both!  "You're on a good path, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ...I-incidentally, uh, I'm..." Oh no she's trying to invite him on the VERY SECRET MISSION wait no Noa sent her here so it's not like she didn't expect something like this so it should be fine if the realization happens gradually. No more hesitation! "...sort of
  134. [01:07:52] <Ellamae> going in the exact same direction! I'm tagging along with a bunch of other good people, mostly humans...and if you wanna come along, we'll be glad to have you! ...It'll be safer in a group, so you'll be able to get in a bit deeper too~"
  135. [01:11:51] <Ellamae> 1,1innuendo unintended
  136. [01:12:41] <Giantree> "A-Ah..." He suddenly looks much more nervous.  "That's... That's pretty sudden... isn't it?"  The others start to file out of the building while Varos stands in place, conflicted.  "But at the same time, you're right.  Though, I've usually only ever traveled by myself... and a lot of people means a lot of noise..." He clutches a fist using his hand with the ring on it, but then shakes his head.  "Oh, what am I hesitating for?  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, isn't it?"  Suddenly smiling again, he grabs your hand like an excited child. "Okay!  I-I mean, if the rest of your group is okay with it."
  137. [01:13:19] <Giantree> The others finish leaving.  The brutish guy is last, flashing a shark-like grin.
  138. [01:13:30] <Giantree> 1,1don't worry, none of this was intended on my end either
  139. [01:15:55] <Giantree> 1,1Especially the fact that he's Elly's dream boy in every way, i SWEAR that was accidental and not planned
  140. [01:21:36] <Ellamae> "Y-yeah, they can be pretty noisy,'s a good kind of noise! W-well, I guess Sluggo's is debatable, you might wanna watch out for him, huge chin can't miss him, learning to tone him out is an acquired skill--right. Once-in-a-lifetime! They'll be fine, we have, uh, stranger folk following us around by far. ...Guess you'll have to meet them~" She leads him to the inn,
  141. [01:21:36] <Ellamae> gripping his hand tightly...and manages to slip a kiss on his cheek on the way~
  142. [01:21:48] <Ellamae> 1,1Ellamae COULD SENSE IT, man
  143. [01:22:53] <Ellamae> 1,1TRUE LOVE, until it's revealed that this is just LeBlanc's second secret identity and Ellamae's love/LeBlanc's hatred of her are being used as fuel for a superweapon right
  144. [01:25:08] <Giantree> That sounds like something I'd do but nah, you can trust your nose, LeBlanc had no scent that was his own (just Ionah's, which he masked with smelly herbs) and this one has a totally different signature.  That said, he's a hittle embarrassed, but is happy to snuggle on the way.  Turns out he was staying in this same inn as a regular customer with no idea it was a secret illuminati base- by the way, ARE you going to the secret illuminati base, or to your room to pretend to be humans and do stuff that I should write smut about?  Very important because your answer determines the note I leave this off on.
  145. [01:27:58] <Ellamae> As much as she's excited to show off her boyfriend to Noa, she also WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIM, So, she goes to her room stuff that you should right smut about, sure!
  146. [01:28:04] <Ellamae> Maybe illuminati visit later.
  147. [01:28:11] <Giantree> OH BBY
  148. [01:28:37] <Giantree> That's FTB for sure then... but do you at least go talk to Noa about it later?
  149. [01:28:49] <Ellamae> Yeah, later.
  150. [01:29:24] <Ellamae> Should right.
  151. [01:29:25] <Ellamae> Nice.
  152. [01:29:31] <Giantree> okay because her reaction is important- lol nice
  153. [01:29:38] <Ellamae> Can't write right.
  154. [01:29:39] <Giantree> -enough that i'll just say it now
  155. [01:30:21] <Ellamae> hit me
  156. [01:30:54] <Giantree> ... Assuming you go alone to talk to her, that is.  She basically just demands a story of the whole thing, floating around and acting like a nosy older sister the whole time.  And seeing your embarrassment firsthand.  "Ooooh, you sound so CUUUUUTE!"  She wiggles.  "I knew it was a good idea, I'm so happy for you, Elle!"
  157. [01:31:49] <Giantree> "Now I wonder... what..."  Her expression suddenly drops and she goes silent, staring off into space.  It's been 600 years since you've seen this sort of reaction, but as soon as it starts happening you remember it like it was yesterday.  Even just as a projection, she starts shivering.
  158. [01:32:39] <Giantree> "... Your future..." She continues her sentence after a long pause, eyes wide.  "I.... I can't see it."
  159. [01:32:49] <Giantree> /CLIFFHANGER
  161. [01:33:01] <Ellamae> DUN DUN DUN
  162. [01:33:02] <Giantree> ok now yeah i'm gonna go write some smut
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