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Dec 5th, 2019
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  1. [Earth]
  3. A bright flash would be seen on the dark side of the planet covered by night time followed by a faint but loud reverberating sound that many could hear from thousands of miles away. As the explosion rose high ti appear to be a mushroom cloud of massive proportions followed by weird, newspaper looking objects launching from deep space toward other parts of the planet which would be followed by more nuclear mushroom clouds. In high orbit a series of weird, highly advanced looking spaceships would be seen that with series of very tiny 'dog' fighters being launched from their sides as well as a set of closing missiles silos the evident source of the newspaper shaped nuclear bombs. Each fighter would be embodied with D.P.M.F. and a symbol of a army helmet wearing dog.
  5. The fighters would spread out across the majority of the planet attacking major population centers with pinpoint precision almost as if it was a inside job. Mass armies of humans would be seen retreating from the new menace. On the ground several canines in bipedal power armor and dog gundams would be seen rescuing collared puppies and dogs from the Human scum that had kept them hostage for some many thousands of years.
  7. It appeared a invasion of Humanity was underway and this time by the most dangerous of all foes; dogs. The only area not impacted would be a large swath of Earth near the northern pole the location of the planetary hub but for how much longer would that be until ships arrived?
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