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  1. Hey Guys,
  3. So maybe the Gatling Pea isn't as bad as it seems at first glance. It just needs the right deck, the right strategy, and some practice.
  5. I just made it back to Ultimate after the reset using a Gatling Pea deck almost exclusively (except for rank 36). For whatever reason I just couldn't finish rank 36 with that deck. I got to 4 stars 4 or 5 times only to lose back down to 0 stars. I switched to an Aggro WK Strikethrough deck and went 5-0 to beat rank 36.
  7. Back to Gatling Pea.
  9. There's tons of Peas in the game to evolve on top of, which meant the hardest part was picking which Hero to build the deck around. The deck ended up being 30 Megagrow cards, so it could have worked in a variation with any of the other heroes. Green Shadow's powers wouldn't help much (freeze, random bounce, a +2/+2 boost) and her signature was a more powerful version of Gatling Pea's. Captain Combustible was a better option (+2/+2 boost, bonus attack, 3 dmg to a zombie) and his signature (+4/0) would be helpful, but not till after Gatling Pea was played. Chompzilla's powers were supporting (heal everything for 4, draw 2 cards) or marginal (-1/-1 to zombies on the ground) and the super is tricky to use (destroy zombie with least health). Grass Knuckles turned out to be the best (draw 2 cards, bonus attack, 0/+2 and can't be damaged that turn) and his signature (2 dmg in all ground lanes) helped clear fields and keep my guys alive.
  11. Grass Knuckles allowed me to get some defensive cards (spikeweed, potatoe mine, Galacticactus) and two key cards gravebuster and Sting Bean. My main deck for a while has been a Captain Combustible Moss deck, but it's main weakness is Gravestones, Pogos, and MuGs. This let me clear some of those, as well as Drone Engineers, Swashbucklers, Smellys, Teleportations, and Loudmouths. Basically throwing a wrench in the Zombie's plans.
  13. Before building this deck I'll admit I had forgotten the Sting Bean was a Pea. That's probably because there's 13 Peas in Mega Grow and only 6 total in the other classes and it doesn't have Pea in the name. You can drop it behind a Torchwood for an 3/2 with bullseye or boost it with a Podfather.
  15. Some things I learned about the GP playing this deck:
  17. 1) Sting Bean is a Pea.
  18. 2) Other Legendaries, Pea Pod, and Galacticactus work well as bait to flush out Zombie removals and distract from other Peas you're tying to keep alive to evolve
  19. 3) If you evolve a GP on a Pea behind a Torchwood, you will get the +2/0 for the evolve bonus attack (EBA).
  20. 4) If you evolve a GP on a Podfather, you will get the +2/+2 for the EBA.
  21. 5) If you have a Podfather and/or Lilly of the Valley on the field and evolve the GP on another Pea you won't get any bonuses until after the EBA.
  22. 6) I'm now glad that I ended up with 3 copies of Gatling Pea (My pair of Cob Cannons are my only other Plant legendary multiples)
  23. 7) It really sucks that the Pea Plant Hero is the worst Hero to use with the first/only Pea legendary. Now that I'm in Ultimate, maybe that will be my next project, to make a Green Shadow Gatling Pea deck that works well.
  25. -Elliotte
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