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  1. 1) [color=red][b]No out of Character(OOC) Drama[/b][/color]: While [color=orange]in-character(IC) drama is encouraged[/color], out-of-character (OOC) discrimination, racism, bullying, and harassment are strictly prohibited.
  3. 2) [color=red][b]Meta-gaming, Power-Gaming, God-Modding[/b][/color]: The following are prohibited and may result in disciplinary action:
  5.     2.1) [color=red]Meta-Gaming[/color]: Metagaming is purposefully using information, or allowing such information to influence the choices and actions of your character, where said information is not known or not reasonably apparent to your character.
  7.     2.2) [color=red]Power-Gaming[/color]: Power-Gaming is allowing your character to have an unfair advantage that is gained through ignoring the limitations of your character or their environment. This can include things such as swinging blades impossibly fast, having unlimited magic usage, or not being over-encumbered by heavy armor.
  9.     2.1) [color=red]God-Modding[/color]: God-modding is a specific category of power-gaming related to ignoring the limitations of your character. For instance, running a marathon and not being tired because your character is “in great conditions”
  11. 3) [color=red][b]Separate the Player and Character[/b][/color]: RP often requires nasty characters and dislikeable personalities, please [color=orange]avoid holding grudges[/color] against a player for their character actions.
  13. 4) [color=red][b]Keep OOC chat out of the Diverse Fantasy RP Channel[/b][/color]: we have a Diverse Fantasy OOC channel for that where you can hang out and chat. Light RP is allowed in the Diverse Fantasy OOC room for goofing but nothing serious or sexual.
  15. 5) [color=red][b]Diverse Fantasy has NPCs[/b][/color]: characters live their daily lives and interact with both each other and players, please take this into consideration when RPing and [color=orange]do not[/color] equivalent a lack of player activity in the RP channel to there being no life in the world.  
  17. 6) [color=red][b]Violence and Non-Extreme Kinks[/b][/color]: are allowed, however, try to be mindful of others’ preferences and take things to private when needed. Please bear in mind [color=orange]with erotic roleplay[/color] the prospect of others intervening is possible. These types of RP should be used for story, slice of life, and deepening character relationships. While smut is not discouraged, we place a strong emphasis on story. When in doubt, it’s safest to take your smut to private.
  19. 7) [color=red][b]Avoid One-Liners[/b][/color]: While [color=orange]we do not require paragraph-play[/color], please try to provide greater detail in your posts.
  21. 8) [color=red][b]Player Etiquette[/b][/color]: Player-VS-Player (PVP) combat is allowed, though by engaging in this roleplay, you consent to any in-character consequences that may result from said actions. Please discuss with your RP partner(s) beforehand regarding character deaths. If an RP is already going, please ask before jumping in. And lastly, do mind the status and character messages.  
  23. 9) [color=red][b]Organising Events[/b][/color]: Minor events, being those which do not directly impact the lore of the world, maybe run freely. These events include, but are not limited to, weddings, funerals, and dorm parties. For events which give your characters any special abilities, summons creatures from other planes, rain fire from the sky, or otherwise cause a widespread or lore-changing event (something that may be noted in the local paper or news channel), or if you are at all unsure, please discuss with a moderator during the planning of this event.
  25. 10) [color=red][b]Impersonation[/b][/color]: Do not impersonate members of staff. Attempts to do so will result in disciplinary action. Players are allowed and in fact, encouraged to support other members of the community. Players may act as OOC judges for combat rp, however, are required to request support from a moderator or admin in the case of any player disputes.
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