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  1. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ CRYBABY。
  3. ↯ USERNAME: bambxna
  4. ↯ FICTIONAL NAME: Zhou MeiXiu
  5. ↯ NICKNAME(S): Xiu - most people at school, Mei - her family esp her grandmother
  6. ↯ DATE OF BIRTH: January 8
  7. ↯ FACECLAIM: Kim Sejeong
  8. ↯ BACK-UP FACECLAIM: Choi Yu-jin
  9. ↯ SLOT: Sunflower
  10. ↯ BACK-UP SLOT: Daffodil
  12. ══════════════════════════════════════════
  14. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ DOLLHOUSE。
  16. ↯ HEIGHT: 164 cm
  17. ↯ WEIGHT: 48 kg
  18. ↯ ETHNICITY: Korean
  19. ↯ NATIONALITY: Chinese
  20. ↯ BIRTHPLACE: Cheongsan-Do, South Korea
  21. ↯ HOMETOWN: Cheongsan-Do, South Korea
  22. ↯ LANGUAGES: Mandarin, Korean, English
  23. ↯ BACKGROUND: If there was something Xiu learned from her parents, it was being contented with what they have and always putting a smile on their faces. Although her father was from a well-off family, he chose to move to a humble home in South Korea together with his wife, because she preferred a simple lifestyle. He flies back and forth from Korea to China due to that setting. Their little bundle of joy arrived after a year of marriage. Xiu fancied the way their life was extravagant and luxurious whenever her grandmother calls for them.
  24. ↯ FAMILY:
  25. Zhou Jian - father, businessman
  26. Zhou Daiyu - mother, florist
  28. ══════════════════════════════════════════
  30. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ SIPPY CUP。
  32. ↯ PERSONALITY: Xiu is has a very positive outlook in life. Her smile never falters. Although she could be annoying at times, she always has a good intention behind her actions. Her constant happiness gets her in trouble at times, most likely due to her impulsive nature. She's also a leader in disguise.
  33. ↯ HABITS: Xiu has a habit of biting her lips a lot. She also likes rhyming names with random words. She blabbers a lot when nervous.
  34. ↯ HOBBIES: Xiu likes staring at cloudy skies and taking pictures of it. She enjoys running barefoot on grassy land. She also sings a lot, switching up from Chinese songs to Korean ones then to English tunes. She secretly enjoys gymnastics.
  35. ↯ LIKES: stunts, clouds, singing, bandanas
  36. ↯ DISLIKES: slime, cigarettes, cliffs
  38. ══════════════════════════════════════════
  40. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ CAROUSEL。
  42. ↯ SUBJECTS: The Art of Playing Chess, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Wizardry, Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education
  43. ↯ FAVORITE SUBJECT(S): Music, Wizardry, Physical Education
  44. ↯ LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT(S): Mathematics, Arts and Design
  45. ↯ BEST SUBJECT(S): Music and Wizardry
  46. ↯ WORST SUBJECT(S): Art and Design, Mathematics
  47. ↯ CLUBS: Cheerleading, Journalism, Student Council, Choir
  48. ↯ AN OFFICER IN: Student Council, Choir
  50. ══════════════════════════════════════════
  52. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ ALPHABET BOY。
  54. ↯ HOW THEY MET: Sungwoo and Xiu met during a New Year countdown. They were both moving quickly as they tried to find their friends. They collided with each other, causing Xiu's drink to spill on Sungwoo's shirt. He took it well. Who would've thought that awkward meeting would lead to a beautiful friendship, full of mischief and laughs.
  55. ↯ RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM: After meeting, they immediately clicked. They were inseparable. People couldn't distinguish if they were soulmates or twins. After some time, Sungwoo felt something fuzzy whenever Xiu talked to guys. He was oblivious to Xiu's mutually fuzzy feelings for him as well. All it took was some action for them to step up.  
  56. ↯ ATTITUDE TOWARDS EACH OTHER: They treat each other fairly well. It would always be a blast whenever they are together. Sparks were all over the places they hangout in.
  57. ↯ LOVE RIVAL: Kang Daniel
  58. ↯ RELATIONSHIP WITH LOVE RIVAL: Xiu and Sungwoo's common friend. The tree of them hangout a lot.
  59. ↯ REQUESTED SCENES WITH LOVE INTEREST: Sungwoo's masked confession (he wore a mask) at the school's highest point (rooftop). Daniel stood beside them, full of confusion. It was after Xiu told Sungwoo that Daniel would take her stargazing for the weekend.
  60. ↯ CLOSE FRIENDS: Daniel, Sungwoo, Jinyoung, Daehwi, Rose, Snapdragon, Tulip, Daisy
  61. ↯ REQUESTED SCENES WITH ANYONE: Friendly dayes with her guy friends, girl talk with her girl friends, and playing on game consoles with her two closest friends (Sungwoo & Daniel)
  63. ══════════════════════════════════════════
  65. ㅤ ❛ ㅤ SOAP。
  67. ↯ Go to , change the "Max" value to 10, then click 'Generate'. What number did you get? 3
  68. ↯ OTHERS: Xiu is really into sensual conversations. She is also a person who will take a bullet for the people she values.
  69. ↯ PASSWORD: Thea! Somi (?) HAHA :>
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