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  1.  has joined the chat
  2. BIackfire: hey bulma
  3. Isaphi: Hi, Bulma
  4. MrGrayFullBuster: ok bulma lets seattle this
  5. MrGrayFullBuster: in forget this
  6. MrGrayFullBuster: Ok what this agruement escalated over was yamcha
  7. MrGrayFullBuster: assuming i am this alt
  8. MrGrayFullBuster: which i am not.
  9. MrGrayFullBuster: yes it upset triggerd me
  10. MrGrayFullBusterMrGrayFullBuster Whisper: nobody belives me when say in swear up down i not him
  11. Buruma: Hey
  12. MrGrayFullBuster: not like u cared anyhow
  13. Isaphi: I just saw your posts
  14. MrGrayFullBuster: guess
  15. MrGrayFullBuster: i deleted it
  16. Isaphi: What the fuck
  17. MrGrayFullBuster: >.> yes i was mad
  18. MrGrayFullBuster: in anger
  19. Isaphi: You said i'm levi's friend
  20. MrGrayFullBuster: cause u dident belive me
  21. Isaphi: Are you fucking nuts?
  22. MrGrayFullBuster: x-x u dont belive me either
  23. Isaphi: You lied because you were upset?
  24. Buruma: I screen shot your post Gray
  25. MrGrayFullBuster: -.-
  26. BIackfire: dude
  27. Buruma: he always seem to lie
  28. BIackfire: this why everyone hates you
  29. Isaphi: You how no idea how upset i am over other thing and this and I NEVER lied about you
  30. MrGrayFullBuster: i not sure lie not
  31. MrGrayFullBuster: cause levi has u his room
  32. MrGrayFullBuster: thing
  33. Isaphi: Thanks Bulma
  34. MrGrayFullBuster: as mod still
  35. MrGrayFullBuster: go look dont belive me
  36. TrunksdoFuturo: tf? xD
  37. TrunksdoFuturo: just because he has her
  38. TrunksdoFuturo: doesnt mean
  39. MrGrayFullBuster: he says u his Stubatapes
  40. MrGrayFullBuster: or whatever that is
  41. TrunksdoFuturo: she's friend with them
  42. MrGrayFullBuster: idk trunks
  43. MrGrayFullBuster: on room he created
  44. MrGrayFullBuster: levi has isaphi
  45. MrGrayFullBuster: name in decpstion
  46. TrunksdoFuturo: ik
  47. MrGrayFullBuster: mhm'
  48. BIackfire: this dude has caused us so much stress
  49. MrGrayFullBuster: which why i was confuse
  50. BIackfire: why is he allowed here
  51. TrunksdoFuturo: and i can have jiren on my room description and as mod
  52. TrunksdoFuturo: that wont make him my friend
  53. TrunksdoFuturo: that makes no sense
  54. MrGrayFullBuster: x--x well i just stressing
  55. MrGrayFullBuster: cause they think i am yamcha
  56. BIackfire: stop the fucking excuses man
  57. TrunksdoFuturo: doesnt give you the right, to go and say things you dont know about
  58. MrGrayFullBuster: not excuse
  59. MrGrayFullBuster: lady
  60. Isaphi: You are stressing? You have no idea all the bullshit i'm going through and I'm being really calm about all this anyway
  61. vVWickedNightmareVv: i gtg pick up my lunch
  62. Isaphi: Have a nice one
  63. MrGrayFullBuster: well isa clearly i hate me you in fallout situation
  64. vVWickedNightmareVv: what you guys figjting about?
  65. vVWickedNightmareVv: u too
  66. Buruma: let me read
  67. MrGrayFullBuster: then me bulma has fall out also
  68. Buruma: bitch
  69. MrGrayFullBuster: <.< cause she hate me
  70. MrGrayFullBuster: saying she took up me
  71. Isaphi: I don't hate
  72. BIackfire: it's you're fault
  73. Isaphi: Nevr
  74. MrGrayFullBuster: how telling kamui not step in
  75. MrGrayFullBuster: defending me
  76. Isaphi: Never*
  77. BIackfire: you're an asshole
  78. MrGrayFullBuster: -.-
  79. BIackfire: you treat your friends like shit
  80. MrGrayFullBuster: my friends
  81. BIackfire: and you lie on them like that
  82. MrGrayFullBuster: they one mad me
  83. MrGrayFullBuster: for thinking
  84. MrGrayFullBuster: i am
  85. MrGrayFullBuster: chickmage2
  86. Isaphi: I'm not gonna insult you or anything, I just can't believe you anymore
  87. BIackfire: because you're a shit stain
  88. MrGrayFullBuster: i never did anything wrong isa
  89. Isaphi: I was the last one who actually did
  90. MrGrayFullBuster: i told truth
  91. Isaphi: I was a fool
  92. MrGrayFullBuster: i not yamcha
  93. MrGrayFullBuster: u dont belive me
  94. MrGrayFullBuster: at all
  95. MrGrayFullBuster: then ana
  96. Isaphi:
  97. MrGrayFullBuster: making situation worse
  98. vVWickedNightmareVv: chickmage2 is not kazu
  99. MrGrayFullBuster: just leave me alone ppl
  100. MrGrayFullBuster: i fucking upset
  101. Isaphi: It's not about that wicked
  102. Isaphi: It never was for me
  103. MrGrayFullBuster: i crying
  104. MrGrayFullBuster: cause nobody belives me
  105. vVWickedNightmareVv: I believe you kazu
  106. BIackfire: we don't believe you
  107. vVWickedNightmareVv: <.<
  108. MrGrayFullBuster: see
  109. MrGrayFullBuster: they dont belive me
  110. BIackfire: because this happens all the tie
  111. MrGrayFullBuster: ana confirm it x--x
  112. Isaphi: I don't care about that alt account, i don't care about who that is
  113. BIackfire: time
  114. Isaphi: You just lied about me
  115. BIackfire: you really do treat your friends lik shit
  116. Isaphi: Like it was ok
  117. Isaphi: And I'm not taking it
  118. vVWickedNightmareVv: what was the lie?
  119. Isaphi: I won't boot you or anything
  120. Isaphi:
  121. MrGrayFullBuster: then how we pose seattle our diffrances
  122. MrGrayFullBuster: just quit talking
  123. Isaphi: He posted shit about me
  124. vVWickedNightmareVv: im on mobile
  125. vVWickedNightmareVv: pm me it?
  126. BIackfire: you don't deserve friends or anyone to care about you
  127. Isaphi: I only saw 2 posts
  128. Isaphi: Ok I will
  129. MrGrayFullBuster: i made them cause i care
  130. MrGrayFullBuster: in hurt
  131. MrGrayFullBuster: -.-
  132. Buruma: Yeah I expose you
  133. MrGrayFullBuster: bulma
  134. Buruma: You also always hitting on me its anonying
  135. BIackfire: you mad them because you're upset about the chickmagnet stuff
  136. BIackfire: made*
  137. Isaphi: That's how you care?
  138. Isaphi: Damn
  139. BIackfire: so because we didn't believe you, you lied about isaphi the only one who still tries to help you with your depression
  140. MrGrayFullBuster: can we not fight?
  141. MrGrayFullBuster: or agure
  142. BIackfire: you're a clown
  143. MrGrayFullBuster: i Dont even want agure
  144. MrGrayFullBuster: i Dont even want fight
  145. MrGrayFullBuster: i want know when u left chat
  146. MrGrayFullBuster: was upset cause i unfriend u?
  147. MrGrayFullBuster: cause reason i did it was i upset
  148. MrGrayFullBuster: i not flirting u
  149. MrGrayFullBuster: dang x--x
  150. BIackfire: see
  151. MrGrayFullBuster: u one telling me call u cute
  152. BIackfire: you proved my point
  153. TrunksdoFuturo: tf?
  154. MrGrayFullBuster: x-x
  155. Buruma: Stop Gray
  156. Buruma: these lies
  157. Isaphi: I'm in a call with my son and trunks, sorry if I don't reply in time
  158. MrGrayFullBuster: v.v
  159. vVWickedNightmareVv: send me pm
  160. MrGrayFullBuster: im go relax conner in this room
  161. Buruma: Go ahead
  162. MrGrayFullBuster: wick care pm me
  163. MrGrayFullBuster: in isa
  164. Isaphi: I sent you 2
  165. Isaphi: You have discord in your phone?
  166. BIackfire: >>
  167. Buruma: WHat
  168. Buruma: <
  169. BIackfire: hey
  170. Buruma: I hate him lying
  171. MrGrayFullBuster: i not lying bout the alt
  172. MrGrayFullBuster: it not my alt
  173. Buruma: I had enough of his shit hes always making me mad
  174. BIackfire: not the alt shit
  175. BIackfire: you lied about isa dumbfuck
  176. BIackfire: the nicest person here
  177. BIackfire: she has alot of bullshit going on
  178. Isaphi: You were rude and insulted my friend, like with what right are you saying anything rn
  179. MrGrayFullBuster: how i pose know lie not?
  180. MrGrayFullBuster: levi has his room
  181. MrGrayFullBuster: Despction
  182. BIackfire: yet she still deals with you
  183. BIackfire: but you still lied on her
  184. BIackfire: man
  185. BIackfire: someone boot him
  186. BIackfire: please
  187. MrGrayFullBuster: no i just go
  188. Buruma: This is why I dont like hanging with you Gray you make things up about everyone who has you around me, Ispahi, Levi, Kamui
  189. MrGrayFullBuster: no what hurt me bulma
  190. MrGrayFullBuster: want know what hurt me?
  191. Isaphi: Because it's none of your business, if you would have ask me I would have tell you that is an old room we used to rp before i left his group
  192. MrGrayFullBuster: is fact you dident belive me
  193. MrGrayFullBuster: yet you think i would go that far
  194. MrGrayFullBuster: as pose as someone i dont want be
  195. BIackfire: dude honestly
  196. MrGrayFullBuster: nobody
  197. BIackfire: this may be going to far but
  198. MrGrayFullBuster: cares
  199. MrGrayFullBuster: ik'
  200. BIackfire: i hope you fucking die
  201. BIackfire: i'm tired of you fucking with my friends and people i care about
  202. Buruma: <<
  203. Buruma: To far
  204. Buruma: Ana
  205. MrGrayFullBuster: no it fine
  206. BIackfire: you know what
  207. BIackfire: i don't care
  208. MrGrayFullBuster: she had right tell me
  209. Isaphi: And don't do the same shit you did to us to wicked, he is the last person who believes in you at thins poin
  210. BIackfire: fuck gray and fuck all his bullshit
  211. vVWickedNightmareVv: this convo is over
  212. Isaphi: I don't wish you death or hate you, it's an advise
  213. MrGrayFullBuster: Isa do want me fake being someone amuse u?
  214. BIackfire: i'm tired of it
  215. MrGrayFullBuster: wicked can i just go u room
  216. MrGrayFullBuster: clear i not wanted here
  217. vVWickedNightmareVv: yes but i gtg buy my lunch
  218. vVWickedNightmareVv: will be back soon
  219. MrGrayFullBuster: v.v
  220. Isaphi: Take care
  221. MrGrayFullBuster: i guess im go also
  222. MrGrayFullBuster: snice clear nobody care
  223. Isaphi: I won't insult you or anything gray
  224. MrGrayFullBuster: ana just prove that point
  225. MrGrayFullBuster: no it fine
  226. Isaphi: Ana is ana
  227. MrGrayFullBuster: ana made it clear
  228. MrGrayFullBuster: i deserve death
  229. Isaphi: Not all of us
  230. Isaphi: She feels that way
  231. Isaphi: She says it
  232. Isaphi: That's it
  233. vVWickedNightmareVv: lag
  234. Isaphi: I'm not doing this, I'm not gonna confort you, I'm just gonna respect the fact that you are a human being and I'll treat you as such
  235. MrGrayFullBuster: >.> well point is
  236. MrGrayFullBuster: not that lie ruint friend trusrt bond
  237. MrGrayFullBuster: what my actions getting mad over alt
  238. MrGrayFullBuster: that ruint what i was mad for i got upset in was silly
  239. MrGrayFullBuster: i A human being you right i ought act like one x-x but i gotupset went to far
  240. vVWickedNightmareVv has left the chat
  241. Buruma: bye
  242. Buruma: sorry reading
  243. MrGrayFullBuster: Idky want read what i say not that i was great anyhow
  244. RichardXGrayson has joined the chat
  245. BIackfire: bulma
  246. BIackfire: wanna see my skills
  247. Buruma: Yes
  248. BIackfire: :o
  249. Buruma: I dont know
  250. Buruma: this whole thing has me mess up
  251. MrGrayFullBuster: yes isa you Did block me can say Dident out anger not but did.
  252. MrGrayFullBuster: it fine
  253. BIackfire: karate skills c;
  254. MrGrayFullBuster: Dont have unblock me
  255. BIackfire: sal
  256. MrGrayFullBuster: it fine.
  257. Buruma: Gray you block me once also so
  258. BIackfire: saf
  259. Buruma: dont be pointing fingers
  260. BIackfire: sar
  261. BIackfire: saf
  262. BIackfire: sab
  263. BIackfire: sal
  264. Buruma: cool
  265. RichardXGrayson: Ight whats going on here????
  266. Buruma: <
  267. Buruma: Hey
  268. BIackfire: bullshit and drama
  269. MrGrayFullBuster: i not got u blocked tho
  270. MrGrayFullBuster: just unfriended you
  271. MrGrayFullBuster: cause dident belive me
  272. Buruma: Dramatic
  273. RichardXGrayson: I hear my mom was being insulted?
  274. MrGrayFullBuster: then said that told kamui stop
  275. MrGrayFullBuster: like it helped
  276. Isaphi:
  277. RichardXGrayson: I wanna know about this
  278. Isaphi: I disn't
  279. Isaphi: didn't*
  280. MrGrayFullBuster: Gohan gohed unfriend me but this drama
  281. MrGrayFullBuster: is drama over something
  282. MrGrayFullBuster: stuiped
  283. RichardXGrayson: It may be
  284. MrGrayFullBuster: i Hoping have easter my friends
  285. MrGrayFullBuster: Celebrate
  286. Buruma: it was somethig stupid but you made it a big deal by posting and saying false claims
  287. Isaphi: Why you keep saying I did? I only unfriended you
  288. MrGrayFullBuster: i show u truth then
  289. MrGrayFullBuster: dont belive me
  290. RichardXGrayson: but i wana know what was said to my mom
  291. MrGrayFullBuster: well nuffin but levi her friend
  292. RichardXGrayson: false
  293. MrGrayFullBuster: i think was over room Desciption
  294. MrGrayFullBuster: i saw
  295. MrGrayFullBuster: levi had her his Despction so got confuse
  296. RichardXGrayson: False as hell Levi insulted me even told Buruma i bullied him
  297. MrGrayFullBuster: i figure cause saw it ment they friends
  298. MrGrayFullBuster: so i was wrong
  299. Buruma: Yeah
  300. RichardXGrayson: So why was my mom bein attacked?
  301. MrGrayFullBuster: not attacked
  302. MrGrayFullBuster: just angry
  303. Buruma: He told me Rick insulted him
  304. Isaphi: That's attacking someone
  305. Isaphi: When you spread lies
  306. vVWickedNightmareVvvVWickedNightmareVv WhisperAdd Friend has joined the chat
  307. RichardXGrayson: I got called in here about this, if theres any issues with her you adress them regularly
  308. MrGrayFullBuster: Ok then how would you Suggest we solve this issue?
  309. MrGrayFullBuster: Appoligie
  310. RichardXGrayson: Do not go tryna air stuff out nobody in here did that yto you feel me?
  311. MrGrayFullBuster: or wat
  312. vVWickedNightmareVv has left the chat
  313. RichardXGrayson: Well if y'all not friends you don't gotta talk to eachother it's simple
  314. MrGrayFullBuster: ok.
  315. Buruma: Thanks Gohan
  316. RichardXGrayson: its how it is
  317. RichardXGrayson: But when i gotta get called to come in here things become a issue see?
  318. MrGrayFullBuster: well what u lost friend over a person posing as u? how would u exspect them belive not you in they posing threat by impersanating u?>
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