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  1. Hey, my ingame name DonJohn, I'm 19yo, I'm born in Israel
  3. How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?
  4. I've been playing MTA since 2014, I played samp before in a big community here in Israel. A friend of mine called me to join MTA and I played with him on ER server a little bit than I found FFS and Im playing here around 1.5 years
  6. How often do you play?
  7. Well, I'm actually active every day unless Im in the army for few days but still I can be online on forums via my phone and handle reports, during the day I mostly online in the mornings or around 16:00 -> 00:00.
  9. Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?
  10. I'm an active, helpful player, I can help you test old-school maps I know well I like to play oldschool B,C,D with my team and there is alot of rule-breakers/blockers/campers and I can punish them and take care those rooms because right now there in no active junior on those rooms and all the juniors mostly play OS A and come one in a while to check those rooms. I know the rules and I can do this job on the best side
  11. Contacts
  12. Skype: live:speedmu14
  13. Discord: *TC|DonJohn#2945
  15. Additional information (optional):
  16. Nothing special
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