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  1. OiT: akrenwi
  2. OCG Rank: OCG I
  3. Training type: BT Supervision
  4. Start (CET): 13:17
  5. Greeting: Copy pasted but correct.
  6. Rules: Copy pasted, not too fast, enough time to read it.
  7. Greetings: Copy pasted, enough time to read except the "exceptions part"
  8. Jacks: Obviously asked if trainees know the jacks, some trainees sadly lied.
  9. Grammar jacks didnt go very smoothly. JJs went quickly. HJs were explained later.
  10. HJs took a bit too long due to lying trainees.
  11. Faces: Asked if trainees know faces. Trainees lied.
  12. Cadets needed to be taught how to do faces properly many times. Faces took too long.
  13. March: Marched to the obbies first, the march rules were explained.
  14. The march looked good.
  15. March 2: Marched through an occupied PS.
  16. Obbies: Longer obby done before the formations. Took around a minute to get trainees into their places.
  17. Cadets are almost unable to get past the wall. The longer obby was very messy.
  18. The shorter obby went good.
  19. Formations: Pretty bad but trainees started doing them properly.
  20. TDM: It went good.
  21. Promotions: Got cadets into the discord. Still promoted the trainees who dont deserve a promo.
  22. Side notes: Isnt very good at enforcing the dress code or spotting
  23. dress code violations. Too forgiving! Trainees ignore the host. Experienced MP declared
  24. the training as "the worst training he ever saw". Should re-do this one in my opinion.
  25. End (CET):14:27
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