Spheres of the Aether

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  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  14. The ancient entities of the cosmos have recognized your potential, and grant you ONE of the following spheres.
  16. Choose wisely, for your enemies lurk about.
  21. >The power to manipulate lightning, a simple, yet raw and magnificiently powerful Sphere. Grants immense power nearly instantly, allowing the potential decimation of your enemies before they even have a chance to grow stronger. Simply put, you hold the thunder at the tips of your fingers, can summon bolts of lightning with a mere thought and weave thunderstorms almost effortlessly. Through practice, the greatest of Lightning Mages can even meddle with magnetism. This opens many doors to imaginative mages, even to the point wielding magic powered technology. The very air will crackle with static as a great Lightning Mage approaches.
  23. ARCANE
  25. >The power to manipulate the very fabric of the warp. The Arcane Sphere allows the user to draw arcane powers from a realm beyond ours, this raw power can take nearly any form or shape. While the energy is a powerful weapon as it is, a skilled Arcanist can easily shape and command the warp power into the most peculiar of forms, even to the point of imitating the basic physical abilities of other Spheres such as lightning bolts and fireballs. In contrast, a weak Arcanist will find it nigh impossible to shape the small amounts of energy he has drawn, and will usually resort to just using the raw energy as a weapon. As the Arcanist grows in might, so does his ability to drink from the churning maelstrom of the warp, even to the point of emulating life. So it said, that the greatest of Arcanists draw stunning amounts of energy at once, sparking disastrous arcane storms and commanding entire armies of warp creatures from their magical academies and endless ivory spires.
  27. FIRE
  29. >The brutal and simple power of controlling and summoning Fire. The Fire sphere is quite possibly easiest Sphere to master, but even so, its powers are not to be underestimated, for even the weakest of Fire Mages can cause untold destruction in their uncontrolled rampage. The Fire Mage grows in power immensely fast, but rarely can the mage's mind follow the growth of his strength, and many of them are consumed by their own might as their ambition for power overcomes their reasoning. The rare savants, who are the masters of Fire, who hold untold power yet are not consumed by it, usually live in secrecy, for a powerful Fire Mage can bring about the armageddon of entire realms and so they are hunted down by anti-magicae before they can do it.
  31. WATER
  33. >The elusive yet mighty power to control the very substance that is present nearly everywhere. The Water Sphere bestows its controller the ability to manipulate water in all in both solid and liquid forms. A weak Hydromancer usually specializes in either ice or liquid water, summoning tides to wash over coastal cities, walking across oceans or simply crushing his opposition with masses of magically controlled water. The Ice Hydromancers though, may craft entire keeps of ice, create everlasting domes of magical ice and live in their personal paradises of eternal frost. Of course, as is to be expected, the skilled Hydromancer can manipulate water in its every form, drawing massive waves swallowing entire islands and washing them into nothingness, all while summoning an impenetrable wall of magical ice to protect himself. Though most living creatures consist of mostly water, the Hydromancers have found it impossible to manipulate blood or other bodily fluids within living beings, which are bound by a mysterious force.
  37. >The almighty power to control and give unlife to the creatures from which the soul has escaped. The Necromancy Sphere grants you the power to raise corpses and put them under your unwavering control, this power doesn't limit to the corpses of humans, but allows you to control animals as well. The most creative of Necromancers are known to even make creatures of their own in their wicked obsidian ziggurats and Necropolises, and as the Necromancer grows in power, his ability to control more and more minions increases. As everything, even Necromancy comes with a price, and the greater the Necromancer's power is, the more withered he becomes. As the Necromancer reaches the peak of his power, he will only find a shadow of his former self in the mirror, having become a lich. Lichdom does not only remedy the Necromancer from the weaknesses of flesh, but opens entirely new ways of laying chaos amongst his adversaries. These ancient spells test the very soul of the victim, greatly disturbing their abilities of both might and magic. Should the victim be of weaker nature, may the soul even be torn from the body, leaving nothing but a braindead husk for the Lich to control. These Liches, in their eternal life, control nearly limitless undead armies from the sanctuary of their Necropolises, obsessively safeguarding their precious phylacteries.
  41. >The enigmatic and peculiar Hemomancy Sphere grants its user the power to manipulate blood. This full control over blood opens many possibilities upon living creatures indeed, which include but not limit to simply making the blood boil within their veins or drawing their blood out through their bodily cavities. The Hemomancer does not only play with blood, but consumes the very life power held within it as well, for the Hemomancer doesn't grow in power as he practices, but rather through this seemingly limitless resource. As the Hemomancer grows mightier, only does not his blood related skills increase, but his intellect, lifespan and pure physical prowess as well. The great Hemomancers go by many names, but most, if not all, control entire countries under their iron grip, waging wars for endless blood sacrifices. So drunk on power, the narcissistic Hemomancers will go over any obstacles to sate their addiction and even further add to their physical and mental perfection.
  45. >This Sphere allows its user to read the minds of both humans and animals, as well as allows the manipulation of physical objects with a mere thought. Invading the minds of other people is not without risk however, for if you access the mind of someone far greater than you, it can consume you, it can render you mad or even dead. This Sphere requires quite the dedication, but after all, the ability to manipulate objects at molecular level and controlling minds might prove worth it indeed, for then, only the imagination and the magical strength of the magician is the limit.
  49. >The Future Sight Sphere, although seemingly passive, can prove unfathomably strong in the hands of a calculative and determined Seer. Initially, the Seer can read near future nearly effortlessly, but with years of practice and meditation, the Seer can gaze into far future, spanning tens, hundreds, if not even thousands of years away. Even though this power grants the ability to stop anything from happening to you by simply not being there, looking too far beyond your control can destroy you, for all things are not meant to be seen by an unpracticed mind.
  51. HOLY
  53. >This sphere can not be chosen in the hunger for power, but only for righteousness. The Holy Sphere allows you to undo even the most grievous wounds and with practice, you can undo even death. Holy powers allow you to create shields to protect you and your allies from evil magics, and allows you to destroy the undead and other evil abominations with pure Holy power. As the Holy Warrior learns and his powers increase, he can even unlock the secret to immortality. Rare though is such skill, but regardless of their power, the wielders of the Holy Sphere along with the anti-magicae are widely considered as the last bastions of defense for the less gifted people, for most other Sphereists are either consumed by themselves or fight each other for their own selfish purposes.
  55. TIME
  57. >The ticking Time Sphere grants its user the much sought after power of controlling Time. The Time Sphere is generally regarded as one of the hardest Spheres to master, but in the right hands, perhaps one of the most powerful ones as well. At first, you can jump or freeze mere seconds, and the inexperienced use of the power is extremely exhausting. If you were to jump a year at the wake of your gift, you'd arrive as a lifeless husk, but the strongest of Chronomancers are known to take dangerous and unreliable leaps to years away. Even with all their might, no Chronomancer can jump beyond their latest point in time, meaning that they can only return to the point where they jumped to the past, but not any further. Almost poetically ironic, the greatest enemy of a Chronomancer might prove to be time itself, for the magician ages normally even as he slows or freezes time.
  61. >The Void Crystal. This slowly growing, enigmatic and complex crystalline form is known to sap all magic with a mere touch. Those who choose the Crystal are unlike any other of those who were granted powers. While mages may spend their time practicing or just rampaging freely, the anti-magicae spend their time studying their crystals, crafting and shaping them to the most elegant of forms in order to unlock the crystal's true potential. While even being in the direct vicinity of a pure and untouched Crystal will hinder one's magical might, a well shaped Crystal crafted with great patience, skill and love, will prove itself much more convenient against foes that abuse magic. The mightiest of those who have sworn against magic wield crystal weapons and gadgets that work almost like a poison, slowly destroying the magic dependent body of a mage, should any crystals remain in it. They also boast shields that will protect them from even the greatest of spells and even though wizards fear the Crystal users, the anti-magicae are still bound by physical boundaries, and must plan carefully if they are to reach a paranoid mage. While the Crystal is cared and loved by its shaper, the Crystal itself sustains its master as if through a symbiotic relationship. The powers of a slain mage are released from the Crystal into the anti-mage, who is reinforced and preserved by their lifeforce, increasing the anti-mage's lifespan and pure physical prowess, ensuring that their decades of study and crafting will not go to waste. For this almost vampiric feature, the anti-magicae are commonly shunned by the Holy mages, even if they may fight for the same purpose.
  65. >The Geomancy Sphere, amazing in both appearance and features, grants the user varied control over both earth AND life. The earth component consists mainly of moving landmasses and raising golems to do your bidding. The size, amount and material of the golems improve upon practice. At their absolute, nigh unrealistic prime, earth specialized Geomancers can become one with earth, turning into golems themselves, or rather, Titans. These magical Titans are almost impervious beings made from the hardest materials the earth holds, they are beings immune to aging as well as other weaknesses of flesh. They easily manipulate the very earth they tread upon and command seemingly limitless armies of golems, and even though the Titans may look as mindless as their minions, the old mind of the Geomancer still resides deep within the majestic form. Although earth specialized Geomancers can become absurdly powerful, one should not forget that life is a precious thing indeed. Geomancers specializing in Life find manipulating plants, animals, and other weak minded creatures easy. They can cause near instantaneous overgrowths, tearing cities apart with their strong vines intruding every crevice, they can grow jungles so thick they seem impenetrable. The greatest of Biomancers can even create life, both to sustain themselves as well as to create entirely new lifeforms. These lifeforms mirror the Biomancer's power, either in size, or complexity. They would be able to weave new creatures in their jungle laboratories as they like, or they could craft bacteria, fungi and parasites to ravage the lands of men. While their impressive healing powers are appreciated amongst most Holy Sphereists, their ability to turn corrupt and cause pandemics that tremble the entire world makes them common enemies of the just. Of course, a path of balance is always an option, to walk in the middle, to have dominion over both specializations, but mastery in neither.
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