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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. on chat:
  2. cancel event
  3. if {rank.%player%} is "admin":
  4. broadcast "&a[&6Admin&a] &b%player%&a: &f%message%"
  5. else if {rank.%player%} is "owner":
  6. broadcast "&c[&6Owner&c] &b%player%&a: &f%message%"
  7. else:
  8. broadcast "&f%player%&a: &f%message%"
  10. command /prefix [<text>] [<player>]:
  11. permission: skript.admin
  12. trigger:
  13. if arg-1 is "admin":
  14. if player's name is "sabaibamosu":
  15. set {rank.%arg-2%} to arg-1
  16. send "&6Admin" to arg-2
  17. if arg-1 is "owner":
  18. if player's name is "sabaibamosu":
  19. set {rank.%arg-2%} to arg-1
  20. send "&cOwner" to arg-2
  21. if arg-1 is "delete":
  22. delete {rank.%player%}
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