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  1. Your room will see:
  2. Flipilaria grins, leaving a shrunken fridge directly outside Vega's docked ship.
  3. A moment later, it returns to normal proportions.
  4. Health: 2770/2770 PT: 39 [BW-] l
  5. A verdant docking bay in the Danica Transit Station.
  6. The natural beauty of Decheeran-inspired architecture graces the curving
  7. bulkheads and organic lines of this docking bay. The visible technology is kept
  8. as discreet and minimalistic as possible, manifesting as glowing green haptic
  9. panels in midair above what appear to be small bushes and trees. Through
  10. oval-shaped viewports in the bay's walls, the blasted surface of the planet Song
  11. can be seen far below. Everywhere, the docking bay is filled with travelers on
  12. their way to various places within the sector, and the rumble of docking ships
  13. hums constantly through the walls. Aesua stands here. An agent of the Stellar
  14. Insurance Corporation stands here. A crane-armed carrybot rumbles along here. A
  15. sturdy bulkhead blocks off a portion of this area.
  16. This is the docking area.
  17. There are 7 Corvettes here. There are 4 Destroyers here. There are 4 Heavy
  18. Corvettes here. There is 1 Heavy Cruiser here. There is 1 Heavy Freighter here.
  19. There are 5 Heavy Interceptors here. There are 2 Interceptors here. There are 18
  20. Light Corvettes here. There are 280 Light Interceptors here.
  21. This is a chop shop.
  22. All station subsystems are engaged at maximum efficiency.
  23. [sw] -> Light-banded shopfront of the Stellar Insurance Corp
  24. [w] -> A garden-fragrant cloning facility
  25. Health: 2770/2770 PT: 39 [BW-] wink aesua
  26. You wink conspiratorially at Aesua.
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