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  1. Text
  2.     suggestions: Suggest features to be implemented
  3.     rules: Guidelines to take into account when doing anything on this Discord. Be responsible over your activities.
  4.     stream-announcements: Streams of the SciCraft crew are announced here
  5.     world-tour
  6.     minecraft-videos-and-streams: Minecraft video/stream sharing. No text chat → Pinned message
  7.     discord-guide: help for new discord moderators/scicraft members
  8.     server-rules
  9.     ask-for-help: Having issues with something Minecraft related? Ask here
  10.     paintings-museum: Discussion and suggestions for art to feature in the SciCraft art museum.
  12.     scicraft-meetup
  13.     mod-chat: For discussing disciplinary actions and discord moderation. Use #bot-testing for random testing
  14.     coding-stuff: Chat for coding related discussion
  15.     new-patreon-info
  16.     scicraft-info
  17.     scicraft-media
  18.     scicraft-critical-info:
  19.     roadtrip:
  20.     masa-mod-feedback: **Latest mod builds**: - Discussion and feedback/ideas mostly about masa's mods
  21.     snapshot-discussion: seperate channel for discussion about the lastest java minecraft snapshot
  22.     technical-bugs: Bugs that are important for technical minecraft, upvote please
  23.     bot-testing: bot-spam for testing/refining bots
  24.     patreon-info
  25.     project-beasty-boi
  26.     mods: All mods here are for MC1.12.0 unless otherwise explicitly stated by mod author
  27.     patreon-chat-for-voice:
  28.     hardware-discussion: Discussion for everything from PC parts to peripherals.
  29.     minecon: SciCraft panel is out! Check pinned messages.
  30.     links-and-merch: Links to other discords, important sites and the scicraft spreadshirt shop
  31.     public-chat: Chat for all Minecraft related topics. If you're asking for help, ask in #ask-for-help
  32.     memes-only-no-text: Have conversations in #off-topic, no text chat here.
  33.     creeper-farm
  34.     ferrocity
  35.     potential-new-members-chat:
  36.     mod-log: logging of bot-based moderation actions
  37.     friends-chat:
  38.     litematics-and-stuff: Today's trend: Mango's Bedrock Removers, dozens of them!
  39.     world-and-litematics: Here we share inventions that have no youtube world download
  40.     off-topic: Chat for general topics/side discussion
  41.     patreon-chat:
  42.     titles-etc:
  43.     carpet-dev
  44.     litematics
  45.     skyblock
  46.     scicraft-chat:
  47.     private-chat-for-voice: Private voice chat related text chat.\n\nScreen Sharing link:
  48.     technically-uhc: The place to discuss the 1.15 UHC → fill out the form in pinned messages!
  49.     this-is-scicraft: General information and discord info
  50.     skyblock-project-updates-no-discussion:
  51.     scicraft-minecon-panel:
  52.     carpet-mod: Questions/info regarding Carpet Mod. PLEASE READ THE PINNED MESSAGES
  53.     secret-115-changes:
  54.     survival-to-do-list
  55.     join-log: Don't type in here. Only for bot logging
  56.     textures-and-external-tools: Useful non-mod tools
  57.     chat-for-voice: oice chat related text chat\n\nchat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat-for-voice-to-chat
  58.     bot-spam: Read the pinned message! - Use our bots here, spamming allowed
  59.     scicraft-server: SciCraft Members on YouTube and Twitch
  61. Voice
  62.     Streaming α
  63.     patreon voice
  64.     Streaming β
  65.     Public2 (no push to talk)
  66.     SciCraft B
  67.     Recording
  68.     The Doctor’s Office (AFK)
  69.     SciCraft A
  70.     Public (Push to talk)
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