HG Linux Script

May 26th, 2015
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  1. Dependencies:
  2. wine
  3. fluidsynth for midi
  4. icoutils for icon extraction when using -l
  5. megatools for downloading fonts etc (optional)
  7. Things it does:
  8. Create a wineprefix at the same location as the script itself
  9. Download M$ soundfont and place it inside the prefix
  10. Download M$ gothic font and install it
  11. Fix locale settings
  12. Automatically start/kill fluidsynth, or use a running instance for midi playback
  13. Convert midi to ogg (works without initial setup/prefix too)
  14. Create shellscripts to start game with proper wineprefix
  15. Create launcher for startmenu or custom location with proper wineprefix
  16. Be a nice startscript for your games in general
  18. Changes:
  19. Made midi playback more windowslike no reverb, no chorus and more gain
  20. Autodetect audiodriver
  21. Split -h into help, -t tips and tricks and -p known problems
  22. some cleanup, debloat
  24. New features:
  25. Generate a startscript in the folder of the game
  26. Generate a launcher for the startmenu
  27. Convert midi files to ogg for rpgmaker games where midi files don't play (rpgmakerxp)
  28. Optionally use megatools to automatically download the font and soundfont and install them
  30. How to use:
  31. 0. Get the script from the pastebin below, use RAW and paste it into a new file. pastebin seems to put windows line ends when you click download and that shit doesn't fly on lnux.
  32. 1. Put the script into the basedirectory of your collection
  33. 2. $ chmod +x (or whatever you named it, only do it one time)
  34. 3. $ ./ (read a little help)
  35. 4. $ ???
  36. 5. $ cd gameDirectory/
  37. 4. $ ../ wine Game.exe
  39. Here it is:
  42. Hope it can help some lost souls in the linux world, if there are any besides me.
  43. I don't think it is compatible with macs, don't really know how to test with it.
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