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  1. raw phase 2
  2. chapter 23
  3. roman reigns(c) vs jeff hardy steel cage match
  4. cm punk(c) vs christopher daniels
  5. aop(c) vs mike awesome and evan bourne
  6. bullet club vs los guerreros
  7. kor vs roderick strong
  8. aleister black vs taker no holds barred
  9. [
  10. chapter 24
  11. roman reigns(c) vs brock lesnar
  12. christopher daniels(c) vs cm punk
  13. aop(c) vs kow
  14. the bruisers vs los guerreros
  15. marty scurll and lio rush vs johnny mundo and gran metalik tornadoe tag
  16. shawn michaels vs davey richards
  18. chapter 25
  19. Samoan swat team (roman reigns and aop)(c)(c) vs jeff hardy mike awesome evan bourne vs heymans henchmen (lesnar and the kings of wrestling) winner take all war games match
  20. christophr daniels(c) vs marty scurll vs gran metalik vs lio rush
  21. aleister black vs taker casket match
  22. kor vs roderick strong
  23. los guerreros vs the bruisers #1 contender match for the tag team titles
  25. chapter 26
  26. jeff hardy(c) vs will ospreay vs aleister black
  27. marty scurll(c) vs gran metalik
  28. mike awesome evan bourne(c) vs the bruisers
  29. johnny mundo vs lio rush
  30. samoan swat team vs heymans henchman
  31. shawn michaels vs davey richards tables match
  32. kor vs roderick strong
  34. chapter 28
  35. aleister black(c) vs shawn michaels
  36. johnny mundo(c) vs martity scurll 2 out of 3 falls match
  37. the bruisers(c) vs kow
  38. jeff hardy vs will ospreay extreme rules match
  39. bullet club vs los guerreros
  40. lio rush vs gran metalik
  42. chapter 29
  43. alesiter black(c) vs shawn michaels
  44. johnny mundo(c) vs lio rush
  45. the bruisers(c) vs roderick strong and kor
  46. evan bourne and mike awesome vs aop
  47. jeff hardy vs davey richards
  48. cm punk vs chrisotpher daniels no holds barred
  50. chapter 30
  51. shawn michaels(c) vs aleister black vs taker hell in a cell
  52. johnny mundo(c) vs lio rush ladder match
  53. the bruisers(c) vs los guerreros
  54. roderick strong and kor vs kings of wrestling
  55. roman reigns vs drew galloway
  56. marty scurll vs cm punk
  58. chapter 31
  59. taker(c) vs aleister black three stages of hell
  60. johnny mundo(c) vs austin aries
  61. the bruisers(c) vs kow
  62. unisputed era vs british strong style
  63. shawn michaels vs tjp
  64. roman reigns davey richards and chris jericho vs drew galloway jeff hardy and matt hardy
  66. chapter 32
  67. taker(c) vs roman reigns
  68. johnny mundo(c) vs austin aries no holds barred
  69. the bruisers(c) vs undistputed era
  70. davey richards vs matt hardy last man standing
  71. lio rush vs christopher daneils
  72. cm punk and will ospreay vs aop
  74. chapter 33
  75. taker(c) vs cm punk
  76. austin aries(c) vs lio rush vs tjp
  77. the bruisers(c) vs aop
  78. shawn micahaels vs marty scurll
  79. davey richards vs jeff hardy
  80. minnesota wrecking crew vs mike awesome and evan bourne
  82. chapter 34
  83. taker(c) vs davey richards
  84. austin aries(c) vs danny burch
  85. the bruisers(c) vs undisputed era tornadoe tag
  86. chris jericho vs cm punk
  87. johnnny mundo vs tjp
  88. los guerrer-+os vs alexander wolfe and rvd
  90. chapter 35
  91. taker(c) vs will ospreay
  92. danny burch(c) vs austin aries
  93. undisputed era(c) vs aop vs the bruisers
  94. samoan swat team vs drew galloway cm punk and shawn michaels
  95. british strong style vs los guerreros
  96. lio rush vs marty scurll
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