A word to make the world

Dec 11th, 2018
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  1. A word to make a world.
  2. A sound to catch the stars.
  3. A sight to see the city streets.
  4. But I won’t see that far.
  6. They tell me to be normal,
  7. And to also chase my dreams.
  8. All these contradictions make
  9. My mind fill with screams.
  11. Solitude to keep me safe,
  12. Secluded from the fear.
  13. But a world from that word
  14. Is not one I want here.
  16. So I’m in a constant state,
  17. In fear of staying up too late,
  18. And even just of what I ate;
  19. Because of people judging fate.
  21. I hide from all the problems
  22. But it hurts to be so still.
  23. The people’s sorrows block the sky
  24. And drain the sun of thrill.
  26. Some may try to help me,
  27. Bring a thought from the soul.
  28. Even if they’ve done their best,
  29. I fear I’m never whole.
  31. Conformity is useless.
  32. It makes life feel ill.
  33. Standing out is just the same,
  34. As no one cares for skill.
  36. So I go to watch the streets,
  37. And hear the starry sky.
  38. To hope one day that I will find
  39. A person who knows “why?”
  41. Why is everything so sad?
  42. Why are people dead?
  43. Why’s it all confusing?
  44. What’s gotten in our heads?
  46. Blinded by society,
  47. Thrown and tossed and hurled.
  48. Hearing just a single word.
  49. The word to make the world.
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