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  1. 9:29 PM] Rusto: I mean you did respond to Oriasine who simply asked a question in a passive aggressive way and he was not meming
  2. [9:29 PM] Rusto: I love the mansion its so cool and spooky
  3. [9:29 PM] Mika Kavendish: That was a long time ago
  4. [9:29 PM] Rusto: but if something is troubling you
  5. [9:29 PM] Mika Kavendish: I dont get why you
  6. [9:29 PM] Mika Kavendish: brought it right now
  7. [9:29 PM] Rusto: you can talk about it with me
  8. [9:29 PM] Mika Kavendish: Talk about what?
  9. [9:30 PM] Rusto: I mean my friends want to be friends with you
  10. [9:30 PM] Rusto: I care about you
  11. [9:33 PM] Rusto: so I was wondering since you mentioned paper mario and thought of luigi's mansion when making this
  12. [9:34 PM] Rusto: what other games do you like besides pc gaming?
  13. [9:34 PM] Mika Kavendish: I like a lot
  14. [9:34 PM] Mika Kavendish: My name is Dork for a reason
  15. [9:34 PM] Rusto: do you have a switch?
  16. [9:34 PM] Mika Kavendish: I wish!
  17. [9:34 PM] Mika Kavendish: Someday!
  18. [9:34 PM] Mika Kavendish: Hopefully
  19. [9:35 PM] Rusto: gamecube?
  20. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah
  21. [9:35 PM] Rusto: wii?
  22. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah
  23. [9:35 PM] Rusto: n64?
  24. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: Yes
  25. [9:35 PM] Rusto: playstation?
  26. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: No
  27. [9:35 PM] Rusto: ps2?
  28. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: no
  29. [9:35 PM] Rusto: xbox?
  30. [9:35 PM] Mika Kavendish: No
  31. [9:36 PM] Rusto: 360?
  32. [9:36 PM] Mika Kavendish: Only nintendo
  33. [9:36 PM] Rusto: I wanna play mk8 with you
  34. [9:36 PM] Mika Kavendish: mk8?
  35. [9:36 PM] Rusto: mario kart 8 deluxe
  36. [9:37 PM] Mika Kavendish: I wish I had money to buy a Wii U or Switch
  37. [9:37 PM] Mika Kavendish: I really want to play Mario Kart 8 Breath of the wild
  38. [9:38 PM] Rusto: I played mk8 and its so much fun
  39. [9:38 PM] Rusto: have not gotten to try botw but I have played oddyssey
  40. [9:40 PM] Mika Kavendish: Well, I have a /humble/ family so
  41. [9:40 PM] Mika Kavendish: Maybe in 5 years ill play it
  42. [9:43 PM] Rusto: also I don't think you meant to be agressive or anything earlier but I"d still like to avoid issues like there was that one time because I like playing mc with you and chatting
  43. [9:43 PM] Rusto: because it did hurt oriasine's feelings talking about that subject
  44. [9:44 PM] Mika Kavendish: Yeah, my intention wasnt that
  45. [9:44 PM] Mika Kavendish: Or even be a bit rude, I dont really get how that was really mean at all
  46. [9:44 PM] Rusto: I mean
  47. [9:45 PM] Rusto: if you read closely what he said
  48. [9:45 PM] Mika Kavendish: I just said why is your mom your mom
  49. [9:45 PM] Rusto: he does miss his mom
  50. [9:45 PM] Rusto: yeah the meme/vine
  51. [9:45 PM] Rusto: but that one went over my friend's heads
  52. [9:46 PM] Rusto: you mean the world to me beautiful and it would mean alot of my friends can be good friends with someone I feel I have a really strong feelings and connection with
  53. [9:46 PM] Mika Kavendish: You´re making me quite uncomfortable
  54. [9:47 PM] Rusto: if you can, I know you didn't mean to upset him but I think everyone would apprecaite an apology
  55. [9:47 PM] Rusto: I"m sorry
  56. [9:47 PM] Rusto: it won't happen again
  57. [9:47 PM] Mika Kavendish: I dont really get the message, you´re saying so much things at the same time
  58. [9:48 PM] Rusto: all I"m saying is
  59. [9:48 PM] Rusto: I know you didn't intend to upset oriasine
  60. [9:48 PM] Rusto: maybe you could apologize to him
  61. [9:48 PM] Mika Kavendish: I mean if he wants me to Ill do it
  62. [9:49 PM] Mika Kavendish: But just say so
  63. [9:49 PM] Rusto: he would appreciate it
  64. [9:49 PM] Mika Kavendish: Did he tell you?
  65. [9:49 PM] Rusto: yeah
  66. [9:50 PM] Mika Kavendish: Well, he clearly doesn´t know me, its on my profile I like to say silly things, I really didn´t want to make it seem like an offense!
  67. [9:50 PM] Rusto: yeah
  68. [9:51 PM] Rusto: I know you meant no offense
  69. [9:59 PM] Rusto: I was informed that the server needed a quick refresh bc it crashed
  70. [9:59 PM] Rusto: So you can rejoin mystic
  71. [10:00 PM] Rusto: Also again I'm really sorry
  72. [10:04 PM] Rusto: What are you up to?
  73. [10:04 PM] Mika Kavendish: Might play games with a friend
  74. [10:05 PM] Rusto: Alright
  75. [10:05 PM] Rusto: I'm pretty much doing the same thing since a friend wanted to play fornite with me
  76. [10:05 PM] Rusto: I gotta ask tho
  77. [10:05 PM] Rusto: What is your favorite paper Mario game?
  78. [10:07 PM] Mika Kavendish: Thousan
  79. [10:07 PM] Mika Kavendish: Thousand
  80. [10:08 PM] Rusto: Same here it had fun gameplay and story
  81. [10:09 PM] Rusto: The first was a nice story but out of all the ones that came out I think thousand is my favorite
  82. [10:09 PM] Mika Kavendish: I feel like everything I say you say "omg same"
  83. [10:09 PM] Rusto: I don't mean to
  84. [10:10 PM] Mika Kavendish: You said the same name for my mansion, you said your favorite maps from tf2 are exactly like mine (and there are plenty), you said you liked Kora, then said you didnt after I called them boring, you said you like Thousand years door after this
  85. [10:11 PM] Rusto: I mean having a lot in common with you is interesting for me
  86. [10:11 PM] Rusto: But if genuinely having a lot in common makes you uncomfortable I guess I'll talk less  about myself or ask about you
  87. [10:12 PM] Rusto: I wanted to become good friends and it only out
  88. [10:12 PM] Mika Kavendish: I mean, I think from now Ill ask your opinion first
  89. [10:12 PM] Rusto: Was never my intention but I will stop being so open about myslef
  90. [10:12 PM] Mika Kavendish: That´s not the point
  91. [10:12 PM] Rusto: I like you and I've only made you uncomfortable
  92. [10:13 PM] Mika Kavendish: Now youre making me feel bad...
  93. [10:13 PM] Rusto: Not sure how any good friend would ever do that
  94. [10:13 PM] Rusto: I'm the bad one here
  95. [10:13 PM] Rusto: I'm the one making miatakea
  96. [10:15 PM] Rusto: I like you and I only made you uncomfortable :sob:
  97. [10:20 PM] Rusto: No one has ever really shared this many interests with me before so again I'm so sorry for being so terrible
  98. [10:20 PM] Mika Kavendish: Stop apologizing
  99. [10:20 PM] Mika Kavendish: You didnt do anything wrong!
  100. [10:20 PM] Mika Kavendish: Im just saying
  101. [10:27 PM] Rusto: I understand what you mean but
  102. [10:28 PM] Rusto: With stuff like Korra you misunderstood me
  103. [10:28 PM] Rusto: I said I liked Korra til.season 3 because it does get boring at that time
  104. [10:28 PM] Rusto: Not because you didn't like it
  105. [10:29 PM] Rusto: I generally like you because you are a beautiful person with a great heart and personality
  106. [10:30 PM] Rusto: Your fun to talk to with
  107. [11:20 PM] Rusto: Just in case we don't get a chance to talk later tonight I wanted to say goodnight beautiful
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