Starting as a new player

Metrickm Feb 20th, 2018 333 Never
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  1. Celestial Basin is a good place to start for grinding up a Mystic Badge and/or Treasure Pouches for materials to upgrade your weapon.
  3. You should also try doing your Daily Challenge quests for rewards and Solar Energy to save up towards a Soul Badge chest from the Dragon Express. Most dungeons seem to have a 1k+ AP requirement, though that is very bloated and unnecessary in majority of cases.
  5. If you can begin the questline "Know Thine Enemy: Part 1" (I believe it's called), that could get you started towards acquiring a legendary bracelet through the currency it gives. You should find this in your quest journal, the requirement is completing a select handful of dungeons/ boss kills. However, you have to do the dungeons in order, not randomly!
  7. Otherwise, when able, doing the select dungeons for your class' element ring/earring would be worthwhile until you can get into raiding, as well as grabbing a Draken belt from Naryu Foundry.
  9. Also, if you rolled a legendary weapon and it does not have six slots, run to the vendor in Grand Harvest Square to reroll it with Naryu Silvers until they all unlock. It's worthwhile, as more gems adds AP, and it saves you on Legendary Gem Hammers.
  11. As for gems, square ones are fine for now but Hexagonals can be acquired eventually for quite cheap in the Dragon Express with four Hongmoon Gem Powders per.
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