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  1. Party-Line Relay
  3. General Information:
  4. Welcome to the party-line, a channel with thousands of IRCs attached.
  5. We're trying to build an interesting community, join in! Anybody is welcome.
  7. If you're an IRC operator who doesn't want this here, leave a message or email the below address and it will be removed.
  8. We would love for you to give our little club a chance. Even if it may seem scary to you, there's no reason it should be.
  9. This only exists here for fun and chats.
  10. Email:
  12. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Commands:
  15. \status (shows you how many IRCs and how many users)
  16. \hide-extras (hides join/part/quit/nick/kick locally)
  17. \unhide-extras
  18. \to-english <text to translate>
  19. \to-turkish <text to translate>
  20. \to-[alpha2 country code] <text to translate> (ie. to-ru show me the russian!)
  21. \msg <nick@networkname> <your message>
  22. \notice <nick@networkname> <your notice>
  23. \queue-count (shows you how many messages are in your receive queue)
  24. \queue-clear (clears your receive queue)
  25. \list <> <max channels>
  27. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Notes:
  30. - this project is a work in-progress so the commands may change in the future
  31. - one of the above commands is allowed each two seconds
  32. - msg and notice are meant for privately messaging remote users
  33. - queue-count and queue-clear are meant for clearing out unwanted messages in the send queue towards your IRC
  34. - if you pick a large <max channels> value for list and you realized it was a mistake, use queue-clear
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. O:line Commands:
  39. oper (identifies you as an IRC operator)
  40. oper-remove (for IRC operators who want to remove the relay from their IRC)
  42. Oper Notes:
  43. - you only need to use the 'oper' command to authenticate if you were in the channel when the bot joined
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