Little Ushi

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  1. >Anon comes home from class one day and sees a moving van next door.
  2. >Looks like the neighbors finally managed to sell.
  3. >Wait
  4. >That's not a normal moving van, it's one of the specialized ones.
  5. >Hide behind your car and watch, trying to catch a glimpse of what species just moved in.
  6. >Think about it and realize this is actually a good thing; most of the big body type monsters are pretty easy to deal with.
  7. >As long as it's not a-
  8. >Shit. Ushi.
  9. >Nope
  10. >Nope Nope Nope
  11. >Sneak inside the house.
  12. >It's fine, you barely ever go outside anyways. As long as you don't run into her when you're going to class you'll be ok. You might never even meet face-to-face.
  13. >"Ah, Anon, you're home," your mom calls out. "Did you meet the new neighbors?"
  14. >Look at her like she's crazy. "Did you not see what's over there?"
  15. >"Stop being a big baby, she's married. They're a nice couple, I don't want you giving them a bad impression."
  16. >Breath a sigh of relief. Married. Thank god.
  17. >"They've got the most adorable daughter too. Her mom wants the two of you to be friends so she's coming over to play in a little bit."
  18. >"What the fuck, Mom!? Are you trying to get me pelviscerated!?"
  19. >"That's racist, Anon!" She scolds. "She's a nice girl."
  20. >If you value your bones you better set this straight.
  21. >"Look, Mom," you say reasonably. "I get that you need to do the friendly neighbor thing, but leave me out of it. There is no way in hell I'm spending time with a fucking Ushi-Oni."
  22. >Hear a sudden clattering and turn around.
  23. >There's an Ushi behind you. About 4 feet tall, can't be more than 8 or 9 years old. Has a red rubber ball in her hands.
  24. >She stares down at her ball without meeting your eyes.
  25. >Looks like she's about to cry.
  26. >Several things run through your head quickly.
  27. >You feel bad for making the adorable little rape-to-death abomination cry.
  28. >Mom is definitely going to give you shit for this later.
  29. >Most importantly, though, you can do math.
  30. >You can't afford to move out until you finish college, and this girl is going to hit puberty long before that happens.
  31. >You know how Ushis work; if this is the only contact you ever have with her she will rape the shit out of you in a few years.
  32. >The easiest way to deal with this is to get her to view you as some sort of authority figure. She's still young and impressionable right now, she shouldn't be too hard to brainwash, er, educate.
  33. >You realize she's about to bolt and lunge at her, executing rolling tackle. She ends up gripped firmly against your chest with her fuzzy legs in the air.
  34. >Stand up and dust yourself off with the petrified mini-ushi under one arm.
  35. >Calmly explain you were talking about your very annoying distant cousins. Their last name is Usshionni. They're Italian.
  36. >It's nice that kids are so gullible.
  37. >Play a friendly game of four square and start planning out the best way to safeguard your tender nether region.
  39. >Been playing with Mini-Ushi for a few months now.
  40. >The first part of your plan — making her see you as an experience and worldly bad-ass — has been a great success.
  41. >She follows you around all day and believes everything you say.
  42. >Time to execute phase 2.
  43. >She comes over to play video games when you get home.
  44. >You tell her you need to go pick something up downtown. You'll be gone for an hour or so. Tell her she can watch one of the movies in your room while she waits if she wants — she loves your movie collection.
  45. >"But don't watch the one on the shelf next to the TV. That's a big girl movie, you aren't ready for that yet."
  46. >She glances at it and nods with a guilty look on her face and an ear twitching. Too easy.
  47. >It's a mediocre porn movie. Milf Ushi-Oni rapes the mailman deal. It's only notable for being fairly softcore up until the surprise snuff ending. That pissed off the Ushi-Oni Anti-Defamation League enough for them to protest it until they got it banned from sale.
  48. >You fuck off to the arcade for an hour and get back right as the end credits start rolling.
  49. >"Hey, you weren't supposed to watch that."
  50. >She flinches and tries to turn off the movie but drops the remote.
  51. >You turn it off and put away the movie.
  52. >She looks up at you like a guilty puppy.
  53. >You sigh and say, "Well, it's alright. I won't tell anyone."
  54. >She doesn't look very relieved.
  55. >After a minute she whispers, "He died."
  56. >"Ahhh, you saw that, did you? That's why you weren't supposed to watch it. It's a scary movie."
  57. >"But why?" she asks. "They looked like they were having fun then he died all the sudden."
  58. >Most of what happens in that scene is implied instead of shown. It was the filmmaker's way of getting around censors, but it would be easy for a kid to miss what was happening. The only thing that's obvious is that the guy is dead at the end.
  59. >Crouch down and pat Mini-Ushi on the head. "Well, you see, when you rape a man he dies."
  60. >"What's rape? The wrestling? Mama wrestles with daddy. Is daddy gunna die!?"
  61. >God dammit, John, this is why you should have a lock on your bedroom door.
  62. >"No, the wrestling you're thinking of is sex. It's fine if both people want to do it, like your mommy and daddy. It's only rape when one person forces another to do it when they don't want to."
  63. >You sigh sadly. "And when men get raped they die." You shrug. "It's sad but it happens sometimes."
  64. >"That's terrible!" the little Ushi cries.
  65. >"It is, but you don't have to worry about it. You would never rape somebody."
  66. >"Of course not!"
  67. >"Good!" You smile and pat her head. "That's because you're a good girl. Good girls don't rape. You know what they do, though? They get ice cream! Let's go get some ice cream!"
  68. >"Yay!"
  69. >You pick her up by her abdomen and carry her to your car, her fuzzy legs flailing excitedly in the air.
  70. >You let out an evil cackle as you strap her in to the extra-species safety seat. Phase 2 successful.
  71. >She lets out an evil cackle too, copying you.
  73. >Phase 3 is the most important part of the plan.
  74. >Operation Human Sacrifice
  75. >You went out and found some sucker of a shota to feed t-, I mean, to match up with your little Ushi neighbor.
  76. >The crazy little bastard actually likes the things. Probably because he's sheltered and doesn't know what they do to men's genitals.
  77. >You set it up like you were trying to find her a friend her own age so she would have somebody to talk to at school.
  78. >It has been working great. You take the two of them out together all the time, doing all kinds of fun date stuff.
  79. >You have to chaperone of course, they're just kids, but that just lets you steer the fun in romantic directions. As romantic as you can get with kid's play-dates anyways.
  80. >Today is the day though. Valentine's Day, probably the last one before she hits puberty.
  81. >You coached the boy for hours, no way he fucks this up.
  82. >You're waiting in your room for the good news when you hear the doorbell ring. That must be him.
  83. >You rush downstairs and open the door.
  84. >It's little Ushi.
  85. >She freezes up looking at you for a moment.
  86. >Then she takes a deep breath and steps back a few feet.
  87. >She pulls her pedipalps in close for balance. Then she timidly sticks her first leg on either side out in front of her and raises them until they're just over her head.
  88. >She starts bouncing them around slightly, the friction of her fuzz rubbing against itself making a dull, crackling rumble. Kind of like a fluffy pair of maracas.
  89. >Keeping her front legs in this position, she shuffles quickly the the left a few feet. Then she leans further left and lifts her back right leg into the air and shakes it in tune with the front two.
  90. >She puts it down the shuffles to the right, repeating the display but reversed.
  91. >Once she finishes that she starts shaking her legs faster, almost making a little song with the fuzzing noise.
  92. >She scoots back and forth a few times then does a little circle.
  93. >Done with her little dance, she puts her legs back down and settles into her normal standing position.
  94. >She looks away bashfully. Her eyes wander around but keep flickering back to your face. She seems nervous but also kind of...expectant?
  95. >You just keep staring at her, dumbfounded.
  96. >After a few awkward moments of silence she gives a little jump.
  97. >"Oh! I forgot..." She reaches around and pulls a little envelope out of her abdomen fuzz.
  98. >She's blushing now, and the fact that you can tell means she's blushing a lot. It doesn't usually show with her greyish skin.
  99. >She hold the envelope in front of her face with both hands and peeks over it at you.
  100. >You can guess that she wants you to take it but you're still too confused to do anything.
  101. >Eventually she works up her courage enough to scuttle to you and push the thing into your hands before bolting back home.
  102. >After she leaves you stand in the doorway staring at the envelope in your hands. It's sealed with a little, pink heart sticker.
  103. >"What the fuck just happened?"
  104. >"Ohhh, that was so precious!" Your mother's voice coming from behind you nearly makes you piss yourself. "I never thought I'd see that!"
  105. >You turn around to face her. "See what?"
  106. >"That was the Ushi-Oni mating dance! It's so old fashioned almost none of them even know it any more. She must like you! How adorable."
  107. >"Wait. No. No no no. That's not..."
  108. >rape=bad
  109. >seduction=perfectly fine
  110. >"...FUCK!"
  112. >A day later, in your room with little Ushi
  113. >You've just finished an in-depth lecture on age of consent laws and social norms.
  114. >Little Ushi is looking up at you with a blank expression.
  115. >"So, do you understand?" You ask.
  116. >She smiles and slowly nods her head. "No."
  117. >Then why are you nodding. Stop nodding. "What I'm saying is I can't date you because it's illegal. You're too young and our ages are too far apart. I would get arrested."
  118. >"Oooohh," she says in understanding. "I get it. What a weird law."
  119. >She frowns in thought for a moment before her face lights up. She turns and skitters out the door while calling out "Hold on."
  120. >She's gone for several minutes.
  121. >When she returns she enters the room triumphantly holding out a stack of papers.
  122. >It looks like some kind of form or legal document.
  123. >"What's this?"
  124. >"Permission!" she grins. "Mama said some species get special laws and for us it's fine as long as we get parental permission."
  125. >Glare out your window.
  126. >Your Ushi neighbor Cindy is out there watering her flowers.
  127. >She notices you and waves. Then she winks and makes an obscene gesture with her fingers.
  128. >Bitch
  129. >Time to try a different tactic
  130. >You pull out your old high school health books and take a deep breath — this is going to be awkward as fuck.
  131. >Give her the birds and the bees talk, medical version. As you expected, she didn't get much out of that porn she watched, so you have to go into detail.
  132. >She seems way too fascinated by everything. You try to rush through it.
  133. >At the end you pull out an empty balloon.
  134. >"Now watch, this part is important."
  135. >You blow air into it until it pops. She gives a little jump.
  136. >You hold of the broken husk and say, "You're the balloon."
  137. >"...Ha?"
  138. >"I mean, because you're still small and I'm wouldn't fit. You know, the thing? It wouldn't fit, uh, inside."
  139. >She glances at the balloon. "I would pop!?"
  140. >Nod solemnly. "You would pop."
  141. >She grimaces.
  142. >You could always date her anyways and just hold off on sex, but hopefully she won't realize that. To monsters, dating usually equals fucking.
  143. >"So you see, we can't date right now. We would have to wait until you get bigger."
  144. >She sits in silence for a long moment.
  145. >Hopefully she isn't too sad about it.
  146. >Eventually she looks up and says with heroic determination, "I understand."
  147. >You watch her march out the door and back to her own house.
  148. >What
  149. >A thought occurs to you and you dash after her.
  150. >On the way through the yard you make sure to give Cindy another good glare. She giggles at you.
  151. >You search through the Ushi-house until you find Mini-Ushi.
  152. >She's in the Kitchen.
  153. >Chugging milk.
  154. >You almost burst out laughing but decide against it and sneak out before she sees you.
  155. >Once out of earshot you let out a deep sigh of relief. You were expecting her to have some sort of size-changing potion or something.
  156. >"Milk," you laugh to yourself, shaking your head. That's kind of cute.
  157. >And surely harmless.
  158. >Surely.
  160. >Indeterminate passage of time later, walking to the park with little Ushi
  161. >On a date
  162. >She eventually caught on to the 'you can date without fucking' loophole and coerced you into being her boyfriend.
  163. >Well, not really coerced. Guilted.
  164. >She was very proud of her revolutionary and genius idea.
  165. >It's ok though, this isn't a complete disaster yet, you just need to come up with something before her sealing. That's the coming-of-age ceremony for Ushis and she already agreed to no pelvis crushing — or as she calls it, 'kissy stuff' — until then.
  166. >The dates the two of you go on now are no different from what you were doing with her before, so that isn't an issue.
  167. >When you get to the park you notice a group of kids has already claimed the sandbox.
  168. >Two Lizards with cardboard swords, an elf with a Nerf crossbow, and a Holst wearing what looks like a tailored white pillowcase.
  169. >Pretty elaborate setup for some kids playing make-believe.
  170. >As you approach you see a few more girls join the group. Two teenagers, a Wurm and an Oomukade, adult Succubus in Paladin cosplay.
  171. >You freeze in your tracks. Mini-Ushi does too.
  172. >You both watch the group curiously.
  173. >After a short dicussion they spread out. The bug calls out something made unintelligible by her bracers and makes a gesture with a little stick in her hand.
  174. >One of the Lizards goes down in a heap. The Holst hurries over to the prone Lizard and raises her hands then starts to chant something.
  175. >"What are they doing?" Little Ushi asks you.
  176. >"I think they're...LARPing..." You can't keep a tinge of disdain out of your voice.
  177. >"What's that?"
  178. >"Something really embarrassing."
  179. >She watches them for a minute more before asking, "Can we play?"
  180. >You sigh. You knew it was coming. You check your pockets and surroundings — if you're going to do this you're going to do it right, dammit!
  181. >Inspect little Ushi, sizing her up. She's gotten a lot bigger in the last few months. Stronger too. It's weird, her figure hasn't really changed but she's definitely meatier somehow. She's probably strong enough to pull off what you're planning.
  182. >You grab the longest, straightest branch you can find. Then you empty out a small metal pail and place it over your head.
  183. >You slide one leg over little Ushi's back and seat yourself on her abdomen.
  184. >"You are a Gold Dragon with maxed resistances to all schools of magic. I'm your dragoon, I specialize in armor and physical resistance buffs."
  185. >You wrap one arm around little Ushi's waist and use the other to hold your lance in place. Her ears are wiggling rapidly and she's letting out strange little noises but you ignore it and survey the field.
  186. >"Aim for the Succubus, she's the general. Are you ready?"
  187. >Little Ushi still seems slightly unhinged but she nods.
  188. >"Go."
  189. >As your mount carries you into battle you let out the most bloodthirsty warcry you can manage.
  190. >Damn, filthy LARPers. You're going to embarrass them so bad they'll never want to show their faces in your park again.
  191. >You spend the rest of the afternoon in pitched battle.
  192. >Little Ushi makes a few new friends and you have the odd experience of watching an Oomukade and a Succubus compete to see who can spill their spaghetti harder. You have never met a less sensual Succubus in your life, not even close.
  193. >Turns out the wurm was the only one in that sad lot with a boyfriend, and also the only one comfortable with talking to a man.
  194. >Nice people though.
  196. >Little Ushi isn't so little any more.
  197. >She has grown at least a foot in the last few months and she's nearly as curvy as her mom, though she still has a bit of a baby-face.
  198. >Her sealing ceremony is just over 3 months away now.
  199. >You are growing increasingly desperate; none of your plans look like they'll pan out.
  200. >In a last ditch effort to safeguard your virtue you decide it's time to git gud.
  201. >You start going to the university weight room after class every day.
  202. >Frustrated with a lack of progress you visit a sports nutrition shop a few blocks from your house.
  203. >The Oni that runs the place helps you setup a workout plan and change your diet. She also recommends some supplements.
  204. >It works. Your waist shrinks and your chest bulks up. Your muscles become more noticeable and defined than you can ever remember them being.
  205. >Every day you can feel yourself becoming stronger.
  206. >You aren't sure it will matter though. Little Ushi is growing too and she has puberty on her side.
  207. >She already outweighs you, and even with your newfound gains you can barely lift her.
  208. >You've tried to test your strength against hers a few times but it always ends in blushes, giggles, and surreptitious muscle fondling.
  209. >As the date approaches you start to panic. You aren't ready. You need more time.
  210. >Eventually you swallow your pride and go to Sarah, the Oni that runs the nutrition shop.
  211. >You intend to explain everything to her but halfway in she stops you with a raised hand and an understanding nod.
  212. >"I know exactly what you're worried about, Anon."
  213. >She digs through a stack of papers behind the register and comes up with an order form.
  214. >"What's this?"
  215. >"What you need. See, I don't have a license to sell this stuff, but I can put the order in to my supplier on your behalf."
  216. >You look over the product list on the order. You don't recognize any of the names. "What is this stuff?"
  217. >"A little bit of everything. It's a care package of sorts, for people in your situation." She claps you on the shoulder and gives you a smile. "I thought it might be about this when you first started coming here. Most guys are too lazy to actually do something about it, and the ones that try usually don't have the balls to ask for help when they need it."
  218. >You look over the list again doubtfully. "This stuff is safe, right? And it will give me the boost I need?"
  219. >She nods sagely. "It is and it will. I can't sell it myself but it IS legal. Just follow the instructions and you won't have any trouble."
  221. >Fucking Fed-ex.
  222. >You're eating cake next-door with a freshly sealed little Ushi when that fucking care package finally shows up.
  223. >It's probably too late for it to do any good, but you might as well give it a shot.
  224. >Fortunately you have an excuse to leave for a moment; the gift you got for the sealing is still sitting in your room.
  225. >You tell your mom and she covers for you while you sneak back to your house. On the way in you grab the shipping box off your front step.
  226. >As soon as you get inside you open the box and start examining the contents.
  227. >You don't have time to read up how all this stuff works so you just glance through the instructions quickly to make sure you won't overdose on anything, then toss a serving or two of each into the blender.
  228. >It's mostly a collection of powders and liquids with the kind of 'extreme' names you would expect from sports supplements — 'Power Venom' on a bunch of little vials of liquid with scorpions and snakes on the packaging, 'Pixie Dust' on a plastic tub with a sexy moth-girl model on the cover — that sort of thing.
  229. >One thing that confuses you is the vacuum sealed bag full of dried mushrooms. They look nasty but the don't smell bad, so you toss a double handful of them into the blender with some milk and everything else.
  230. >The resulting shake tastes as horrible as you expect, so you pinch your nose and chug it before heading upstairs to find the gift.
  232. >Back in little Ushi's house, Ushi-mom pulls out little Ushi's sealing day gift the instant Anon leaves.
  233. >It's two decorated gold rings, one a horn ring, the other a forearm brace.
  234. >They're the rings Cindy and John got married with.
  235. >This causes all the other women at the gathering to go crazy and start mercilessly teasing and prodding little Ushi about her relationship with Anon.
  236. >Little Ushi weathers the storm for a while but eventually cracks. She takes the rings and escapes, saying she's going to go see what's taking Anon so long. Which results in a round of whistles and catcalls.
  237. >Little Ushi tries to shake off the embarrassment as she looks for Anon. He isn't in the living room or kitchen so she heads upstairs.
  238. >As she reaches for the door to his room she feels a sudden chill and freezes.
  239. >The air is tense.
  240. >It's quiet. Too quiet.
  241. >She feels as if she is surrounded by a great, malevolent force. It presses in on her from all sides, suffocating. She can almost see it in her mind's eye. It's pink for some reason.
  242. >She feels killing intent.
  243. >Well, some kind of intent.
  244. >She draws back her hand and calls out quietly, hesitantly, "A-Anon?"
  245. >The door slams open.
  247. >"Eeep!" Little Ushi lets out a girlish cry as something grabs her by the horns and pulls her into the room.
  249. >You wake up in bed staring at your ceiling. You are dazed and your bed feels much more comfortable than usual.
  250. >Your body feels extremely tired, but in a good way, like after a long workout.
  251. >You try to make your memory work and figure out how you got here.
  252. >You can remember coming up to your room last night and then feeling a little...warm?
  253. >You feel something shift beneath you and roll to the side. You were lying on the underside of little Ushi's abdomen.
  254. >She's sprawled out in your bed with her legs in the air. Both of you are completely naked.
  255. >Her face, her chest, and especially her lady parts are covered in a suspicious looking white goo.
  256. >Both her hair and her spider fluff and matted and sticky.
  257. >She has some kind of ring on one of her horns.
  258. >No seal to be seen; that's hanging loosely beneath your dick like a little bow-tie. You also have a neat looking gold bracelet or something on your left arm.
  259. >It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened. Sarah must have misunderstood what you wanted.
  260. >You shake little Ushi gently to wake her.
  261. >She opens her eyes drowsily, staring at you blankly for a few moments.
  262. >Then she smiles and pulls you into a hug while kissing your cheek.
  263. >You can feel your own cum smearing against your skin.
  264. >You sigh and try to pull away but she just keeps kissing you.
  265. >"Hey, cut it-, Ok seriously, stop. We need to go take a shower."
  266. >Her dopey grin fades into a look of discomfort. She lays there for several minutes without saying anything.
  267. >"What's wrong?" You ask.
  268. >"... me..."
  269. >"What?"
  270. >"Carry me?" she asks quietly.
  271. >"Why? Are you hurt?"
  272. >She gives you a faintly accusatory glance. "My...crotch hurts."
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