DarkSide's SCP Server Info

DarkSide1305 Jun 8th, 2019 (edited) 319 Never
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  1. <voffset=45><b><size=40><align="center"><color=#F4ADF9>Epic </color><color=#e40303>G</color><color=#ff8c00>a</color><color=#ffed00>y</color><color=#008026>m</color><color=#004dff>e</color><color=#750787>r</color><color=#F4ADF9> Server</size=40></align></b><color=#ffffff>
  3. <size=20><align="center">Welcome to the <b>Epic Gaymer Server!</b></align></size=20>
  5. <size=20><align="center"> The <color=#f00>Rules</color>:
  6. - Staff Memberr <b>are</b> are to be respected and listened to
  7. - Mic-Spamming isn't allowed (Moderate Sound Board use (for comedic effect as an example) <b>is</b> allowed)
  8. - Ghosting is <b>not</b> allowed
  9. - Spawn Camping is <b>not</b> allowed
  10. - D-Class and Scientists <b>are</b> allowed to Team with SCP's
  11. - Friendly Fire is turned on, but is <b>not</b> allowed during normal rounds. It's allowed during RP situations
  12. - Voicechat is English only, unless everyone on the Server agrees on another language</size=20>
  14. <size=19>This Server was created to, in the first place, have fun
  15. The Staff Team (consisting of DarkSide1305 as the <color=#F4ADF9>Owner</color>, the <color=#ff0000>Admins</color> and the<color=#800080> Moderators</color>) is acceptable and loose on most things. We <b>do</b> still keep the Server moderated, so everyone has fun playing on it
  17. Have any suggestions, want to report someone or have another reason for having to contact an Admin? Please give me a Message on Discord under: DarkSide1305#1305
  19. <size=20>And with that: Have fun playing on the Server! </voffset></size=20>
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