Mudbath for Two

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  1. >you're cooling down in the evening shade by a pond in a forest glade after a long dusty day of travelling
  2. >content to sit and watch the world go by, propped against a tree, feet dangling in the water, easing their aches away
  3. >you notice a figure creep up on all fours to the other side of the pool, then freeze, eyeing your form warily
  4. >not judging you as a threat, the creature creeps closer, finally venturing out into the last of the evening sunshine and lowering its head to take a long drink
  5. >The Swampert raises its head and you quickly judge it to be female. She stares at you for what seems an age, then lazily slips into the pond and sets about giving herself a mud-bath
  6. >You quickly become entranced by her lithe, supple form twisting and wriggling in the mud. Your eyes follow every move she makes from standing up and stretching, muddy water running over her skin in rivulets to slathering mud along her hips and thighs
  7. >She suddenly turns her head and looks at you directly. Ashamed, you glance away quickly and pretend to become engrossed in your bag. As you do, you seem to note a look of amusement in her eyes.
  8. >Suddenly, you can't see her any more, the water completely still, except on the far side of the bank where it rippled gently. Did she..?
  9. >Something grasps your ankles tightly and firmly, but gently, pulls you into the pond. You grab a panicked breath and hold it, only to find the pond isn't as deep as you'd feared and it was more like sitting in a very muddy warm bath.
  10. >She's sniggering at your reactions, you can tell. But instead of being angry, you suddenly find yourself breathless and giddy, wondering what she has in mind.
  11. >A hand full of mud is placed on your face and tenderly, she rubs it on your skin. The hand ducks repeatedly, rubbing mud on your arms, head and face.
  12. >With a tearing sound, she rips your tshirt off, grabbing another handful of mud and slathering it over your chest, her touch turning tender and teasing, pinching lightly.
  14. >Pulling you into her arms, she douses more mud over your back and shoulders, her fingers slipping into your hair for a brief moment
  15. >Unconsciously you grab a handful of mud and begin copying her, using firm, confident strokes. She almost giggles and squirms gently, cooing softly at your touch
  16. >You struggle suddenly with your pants and finally loosen them. She removes them with a swift tug that upends you in the mud. She drags her form up against your body (and rapidly swelling member) to loom over your prone form a toned forearm either side of your head.
  17. >Ignoring your proud display, she grabs another handful of mud and continues washing you with it. If anything, it's turning you on even more to have her to blatantly ignore your now fully-erect cock, bobbing gently and twitching to her touch as she finishes up covering you in mmud and begins dragging herself back up your prone form again.
  18. >She drapes an arm on your shoulder and lowers her head level to yours, staring into your eyes. As the moonlight gets stronger, you notice how beautiful they are; chips of Azure encased in slivers of Onyx in a deep glittering bronze pool. You lean in and kiss her.
  19. >She moves with you, opening her mouth slightly, inviting you in. Her tongue rises up to meet yours and suddenly time seems to stand still. Eventually, you need to breathe and break the kiss, gazing dazedly at her smiling. Her hand caresses your chest, while her other one finally gives attention to your throbbing member.
  20. >You gasp as you realise she's grabbed more mud to use as a lubricant and that her grip is firmer than you thought. There's a glint in her eye as she watches your face as she slowly and deliberately strokes you to attention again.
  21. >She ducks her head and you gasp harder, as she opens her mouth and beings cleaning the mud off you with her tongue, slowly bobbing her head further and further down your shaft.
  23. >With a strangled cry, you reach your peak and being spurting your cum into the back of her mouth and throat. She drags her mouth up your shaft to the tip again, ensuring the other half got coated, before grinning wickedly at you, opening her mouth to show you the mess you made then swallowing and smacking her lips with a wink.
  24. >You move on auto-pilot, throwing your arms around her, pulling her close and kissing her deeply again, before taking her unawares and rolling her onto her back and sliding on top of her, eliciting a gasp out of her. You grin to yourself at this.
  25. >Captivated once again by her eyes, you see the same excitement and trepidation in her eyes you felt when she took control and duck your head to meet her mouth again, savouring the earthy taste of her kiss.
  26. >Slowly, you begin to move down her body, kissing, caressing, licking and sucking as much of her body as possible. Her flesh jumping to your touch, her breathing becoming ragged and laboured. She's also started to blush pretty heavily.
  27. >As you reach her lower belly, you push her thighs open a little wider, then get struck with a sudden thought. Turnaround is fair play. You move down to just above her groin, then begin giving attention to her thigh and moving lower down her leg, pausing to lick, kiss or nibble her. When you reach her foot, you begin to slowly move back up, before crossing over to the other leg and repeating the manoeuvrer.
  28. >She had begun panting in gasps and making a deep, throaty pleading moan. Your eyes met and you saw the look of pleading in them. You drop your head in between her legs finally.
  29. >Tentatively, you lick your lips and kiss her vulva. You feel how warm they are and a single drop of fluid dribbles out. You lick it up, flicking your tongue and eliciting another gasp out of her. You smile into her as she places a hand on your head and gurgles ecstatically.
  31. >Parting her lips with your tongue, you push it as far as you can, gasping when she clamps around it reflexively. Twirling it around, you begin to bob your head as she did, your hands creeping up to play with her clitoris, rubbing and kneading it between your fingers.
  32. >She's now got both hands on your head, shifting you subtly to satisfy her need, moaning and whimpering in equal measure and rising volume, her legs erratically clamping you between them as she moves in time with your rhythm.
  33. >You bring one hand down to you mouth and use it in concert with your slobbering tongue to slide it into her and begin fucking her with it.
  34. >You feel her whole body tensing, she's almost hyperventilating as her head twists and squirms. With a sudden ecstatic cry she orgasms and you feel her juices squirting all over your face. You're strangely proud and aware you've started to become hard again.
  35. >Her hands caress through your hair again and she gently pulls you up her body. You thrill to the feel of the still squidgy mud between your bodies. You push yourself up to look over her again and realise she left you in exactly the position you wanted.
  36. >She looks even more beautiful than before, flushed from your attention and staring back longingly in your eyes.
  37. >You bend your head and kiss her, thrilling at her touch and taste once more as she reaches down to take you in hand and guide you into her body. She meets your eyes and grunts plaintively. You won't let a lady beg.
  38. >With a thrust of your hips, you push against her lips and slip into her velvety-soft folds, your gasp of arousal mingling with hers. You drop your head to her chest and kiss it, lingering to suck on her flesh before raising your head to meet her gaze once more and thrust with purpose.
  40. >She begins to move her hips too and after a few false starts, you begin to move as one with her, her hands caressing your back as yours wander her chest. You gasp again mixing with her satisfied purr, as she suddenly curls her legs around you, allowing you to thrust deeper into her.
  41. >Your eyes meet again but you wonder if she's even seeing you or if she's given herself completely over to the moment. She throws her head forward and curls an arm around your head, pulling you into another deep kiss.
  42. >Her hips jerk sharply and she cries out against you as her orgasm washes over her once again, her pussy, grasping and spasming against your shaft, driving you to the edge.
  43. >Her legs clamp around you once again and you need no further invitation, thrusting as deep as you may and finally letting fly, both your bodies still twitching as you shoot your load into her.
  44. >She gurgles contentedly and seemingly satisfied, leans in to kiss you deeply once again, before curling up with you in her arms, holding you close. As you both drift off to sleep, you can't think of anywhere better to be.
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