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  1. (22:51:49) <bam_mag2> I know that Profash is paying some of them, for there ips
  2. (22:51:55) <Leslie> Then get to the bottom of it
  3. (22:52:01) <bam_mag2> Profash....
  4. (22:52:06) <Leslie> I'm talking with Profash atm, he's not aware of this at all
  5. (22:52:39) <bam_mag2> Your honestly telling me, hes gonna admit it
  6. (22:52:56) <bam_mag2> Dont be a dumb bitch
  7. (22:54:37) <Leslie> I'm not dumb.
  8. (22:55:03) <Leslie> I've actually offered him IP addresses for a price, but it seems that he's not interested, as "hes not into that shit"
  9. (22:55:07) <Leslie> So i know that its not him.
  10. (22:55:15) <Leslie> Don't worry, i'm not one to leak ip addresses.
  11. (22:56:57) <bam_mag2> Thats cause he knows someones onto it.
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