Mary Skelter ~Days Before Imprisonment Tale~ Chapter 1

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  1.   That day, the seed of nightmare descended upon this world.
  3. ***
  5. "Look, a shooting star!"
  6.   A small child pointed at the night sky and smiled.
  7.   Attracted by what the child said, the surrounding people looked up, and certainly, a large shooting star was crossing the night sky. It was such a clear night that the stars can be seen clearly.
  8.   There is a superstition that if one were to say a wish three times before a shooting star disappears, that wish would come true. In reality, a shooting star that stays long enough for someone to say a wish three times is very rare, yet that night was precisely that rare occasion. People joyed over the shooting star that just wouldn't disappear. Children and adult alike clasped their hands and said their prayers without any ill thoughts.
  9.   The shooting star stayed for about ten seconds, and then it suddenly disappeared as if it broke to pieces.
  10. "Ah, it's gone."
  11.   Signaled by the child's disappointed voice, the people who were looking up to the sky returned their sights to the ground, back to their everyday life.
  12.   To the everyday life that will never return.
  14. ***
  16.   About 200 kilometers high above ground, something small dropped from inside the broken shooting star—or at least, what people thought to be one. Seen by a human's eyes, it was something that looks just like any normal plant's seed.
  17.   Dancing around while enduring atmospheric resistance, the seed slowly fell down to the ground.
  18.   The seed finally landed in a certain town, and it took root there.
  19.   Then, the corrosion abruptly began.
  20.   The seed spread its roots at an explosive rate, and it began to parasitize anything it touched, be it organic or inorganic material.
  21.   The roots penetrated into the insides of anything they touched, and overwrote its composition. Some things became distorted, some things became cracked, some things melted... the infected had their appearances changed in various ways, and the world quickly became distorted.  The people noticed the abnormality and tried to escape from the range of the corrosion, but a lot of them were caught by the roots and became infected.
  22.   The soil that the seed planted its roots in began to melt as if it were rotting. In a short period, the town sank deep into the underground as if it were caught in a large-scale land subsidence.
  23.   The sunken town that people could not possibly crawl out of looked like it was the depths of Hell itself due to how distorted it looks.
  24.   A strange, flesh-colored membrane appeared where the ground surface used to be. The membrane covered the town, blocking sunlight and preventing people from going in and out.
  25.   Thus, human became trapped inside this sunken town.
  27. ***
  29.   The corrosion kept growing, and most of the central part of town had been infected and transformed into something straight out of the underworld.
  30.   At that time, the roots' growth gradually slowed down.
  31.   While that did nothing to lessen the people's confusion, because they were locked in and could not escape to the surface, they had no choice but to find a way to keep living in this underground world.
  32.   The infected things had their appearances changed, but that were the only changes. Unlike the roots, they did not go out and attack people. Infected people, animals, and even insects had their intelligence noticeably lowered, but all they did was walk around eerily without causing any harm to humans.
  33.   Although people were afraid of the infected, they still thought that it might just be some kind of disease, and everything would return to normal one day. Clinging to such fleeting hopes, they chose to survive in the outer part of the town that managed to barely escape the corrosion.
  34.   About one year later, the people are thrown into despair.
  35.   In the central part of the infected town, lies a skyscraper that was transformed into some kind of twisted tower.
  36.   The uncanny cry that resounded out of that place would serve as the bell that announced the beginning of the nightmare.
  38. ***
  40.   The son in that family was infected by the root.
  41.   Though as a silver lining, the child's appearance didn't change that much, so they still lived together as family even after the son was infected.
  42.   However, one day, an uncanny cry came from the town's central part. The infected son began to walk staggeringly towards the town's central.
  43.   The family could not chase after him because getting close to the central might get them infected. On the other hand, the son was already infected, so it should be safe... in a sense. Believing that, the family waited for their son's return.
  44.   As they expected, the son returned soon as if nothing had happened.
  45. "Welcome back, Big bro!"
  46.   The young little sister rushed over, joyed over her brother's return.
  47.   The brother grabbed his sister's head casually as if he was holding a ball.
  48. "Ouch... Big bro, it hurts..."
  49.   Not caring for his hurting little sister, he dragged her and walked towards his mother. He grabbed his mother's arm with his other hand, and he immediately turned and walked back towards the town.
  50. "Wha... What are you doing? Stop this!"
  51.   The father finally returned to his senses and grabbed his son's shoulder to stop him. He felt it was his duty as a father, and it was also his instinct to protect his family.
  52.   That ended up costing him his life.
  53.   The brother turned around, faced his father and opened his mouth.
  54.   His tongue stretched and quickly stabbed his father's forehead.
  55. "Nooooooo!"
  56.   The mother screamed. When the brother pulled out his tongue, the father's body fell on the spot without any sound. It was obvious to anyone that his life was already gone.
  57. "De... Dear... No, let me go!"
  58. "Mom, what's going on!? Big bro, it hurts! Let me go!"
  59.   The brother dragged his screaming little sister and mother. Even though he was dragging the weight of two people, he walked as if he didn't feel any of those weight at all.
  61. ***
  63.   As they get closer to the town's central, the townscape gradually became creepier. Rotten buildings, twisted traffic lights, flowers grew on a telephone pole... The distortion gets worse the closer they are to the central.
  64.   Suddenly, the brother stopped walking.
  65.   The manhole cover on the ground was distorted and it became a hole. The little sister's leg had gotten stuck there.
  66. "Big bro, my leg is stuck..."
  67.   No longer having any physical nor mental strength to let out a loud voice, she spoke to her brother in a weak voice.
  68.   The brother looked and understood what was hindering him. However, he no longer had enough intelligence left to take care of the problem properly.
  69.   He pulled on his sister's head with all his strength.
  70. "Big—"
  71.   The sound of bones breaking, and the sound of flesh tearing.
  72.   Her small body fell to ground while gushing out blood from the neck.
  73.   When he looked at his sister's head still on his hand, he threw it away casually, and proceeded to walk away while dragging his mother. The mother had already lost her consciousness.
  74.   Finally he arrived inside a heavily-distorted building in the town's central.
  75.   There was a room that looked like a jailhouse, and there were already a few people inside. Another infected like him acted like a jailer and stood watch over the door.
  76.   The jailer noticed the brother, and opened the door.
  77.   The brother threw his mother like a luggage inside the jail.
  78.   Then, he walked out again, searching for his next prey.
  80. ***
  82.   Similar tragedy had been happening all over the town.
  83.   The infected that had stayed calm up until then suddenly bare their fangs. They began to capture people and confine them inside distorted buildings, and kill all those who resisted.
  84.   That day, the town changed into a large underground prison, and the people became its prisoners.
  86. ***
  88.   That day marked the beginning of the battle between humans and the infected.
  89.   The infected that attacks humans were not just the human-types, there were also animal and insect-types. All of them possessed strength that would normally be unthinkable. Even small animals and insects would grow so huge that if a human were to fight one normally would equal death to the human.
  90.   But the infected are non-intelligent, while humans have intellect.
  91. "S-Stop! Don't come any closer!"
  92.   A lone man was running away from an infected.
  93.   A large caterpillar was chasing after him, but the man was faster. The man disappeared as he took a turn in a corner of a building. The caterpillar chased after him straightforwardly, being late by a few seconds.
  94.   A metal rod was swung to its head.
  95.   Splatting sound can be heard as the rod scraped off part of the caterpillar's head, and pink blood spouted out from there. The caterpillar went berserk, and knocked away the man who swung the rod.
  96.   But that man wasn't the only one ambushing beyond the corner. A dozen or so people, each with a weapon in hand, attacked the caterpillar as if they were drunk.
  97. "Damn you monster!"
  98. "Fuck you! Die! Die!"
  99.   As its body got whittled little by little, the caterpillar still moved tenaciously. It swung its legs, rammed its body, tried to bite its attackers. Even though they got hurt themselves, the humans still relentlessly continued their attack on the caterpillar. Finally, it stopped moving.
  100.   A man spat on the remains of the caterpillar, now covered in pink blood and flesh pieces.
  101. "Serves you right."
  102. "Hey, you okay?"
  103. "Yeah, very exhausted though. Forget about that, how's the wounded?"
  104. "Might've broken some bones. We're taking them to the doctor."
  105.   The men ran to the outer town, carrying their wounded allies.
  106.   Thus, even though they could not win against the infected one-on-one, by setting up traps and attacking in large numbers they could somehow win. Still, it was very dangerous, so escaping when they see an infected is usually the better option. The infected didn't leave the town's central often in the first place, so people just avoided going to the central part even more than before, and lived quietly in the outer town.
  108. ***
  110.   Another year passed by.
  111.   People join their knowledge and strength together, and established organizations that would help them survive in this hellish underground prison. Among those, an autonomous organization made up of policemen, military personnel, scholars, and doctors had become the people's last hope.
  112.   The Dawn Liberation Front—often called Dawn. They single-handedly shouldered the jobs that would help protect people, like governing, patrolling, medical care, and research. For the people, their existence is indispensable.
  113.   Among Dawn's core members, there was a certain professor.
  114.   Since the corrosion begins, he had always been researching the seed and the infected, in order to expose just what exactly is this phenomenon.
  115.   As a result of his research, he drew up several theories, and gave a name to this phenomenon. All the infected organic and inorganic matters are called "Mimetic".
  116.   Mimetics that originate from living beings and moved about individually are called "Märchen".
  117.   And this town that had been infected by the seed and keeps on growing even now.
  118.   The professor gave this name.
  120.   The Living Prison, "Jail".
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