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  1. # What would you do to make SkyClouds a better environment?
  2. #### I could benefit the server by being staff on skycloud. The reason why I think I can satisfy the players is by getting rid of or stopping the hackers/toxic people. I am also a fun staff member so I think the sky cloud Community will grow to me and start to like me as a staff member as I will help / Tp to people if they ask for Assistance or Helping general. Plus I am not "Bias" to one player over another, I also feel that with my fast experiences as a staff member I can keep the server fun and clean. As a past staff member. I know how it feels to fight hackers and it just ruins the game for the people who pay money to enjoy the server. as servers grow there will be more hackers and I think I can help with that and people will login with hacks and they think it's cool to hack and it's not. And it's not just hacker its people that Are Racist and all sorts of rude people. And I can ss I have found Cracked Vape, Spook, & Incognito in Screen Shares so I think I qualify for staff, plus I don't want the people that are legit and spend money on the server to feel that staff don't care. Plus Here are some other things about me, I can be Very Mature in situations and can handle things responsibly and if there is a situation that I cannot help I will contact a staff member that is not already dealing with an issue that can help with the problem. If I got staff on skycloud I think I would make some of the player base (Or try) to make some people not toxic and i think i could bring a happy vibe to the server helping all the player in need of assistance with a hacker because I know how frustrating it is to wait in discord/ts and Upload a video and wait for staff so with my speed and experience I will pay attention in chat for like hacker reports or toxicity in chat.
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