My Eidolon Kain't Be an Espeon

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  1. [22:00:33] <Kain> While Theta and Lenore jumped cart, Ammy and Nat are on their little way to Treno. The chocobo wagon makes quick work of the paths. The Alexandros Underpass goes by in a flash. Dali, South Gate...
  2. [22:01:34] * Natalie sits peacefully and scribbles happily in her diary during the ride, even though writing on a bumpy cart is a BAD idea. The first few pages are done slowly and with some confusion, but the next few less so.
  3. [22:03:16] * Amaryllis spends the ride drinking water and hoping her hangover goes away. Once in a while she sneaks a peek at what Nat's writing in the diary. Somehow she manages not to spend the whole ride asking "are we there yet?"
  4. [22:04:47] <Natalie> Happy writings~  Seems she remembers most of the previous day, not much before it.  In fact let's say there are smileys and ☆s and other cute things littering it too.  Not a single word about the thing this morning.
  5. [22:05:26] <Kain> The wind is in your hair, and the pungent scent of Chocobo lingering everywhere, but it's a quick ride. Already the sky is darkening, easing the light splitting Ammy's head apart.
  6. [22:05:30] <Natalie> Oh, halfway through she pauses writing to make sure a certain sapphire's all glittery-clean, just 'cause it looked dirty.
  7. [22:05:57] <Natalie> And rightfully so!  This is somebody who stuffs entire food items in her pockets and expects them to stay intact, after all.
  8. [22:07:06] <Kain> An entire plate of Sashimi stored in this girl's gym shorts or something for the past few days. Ew.
  9. [22:07:18] <Natalie> Nah it's okay, it's in the big cute winter coat.
  10. [22:07:24] <Natalie> (I'd eat it btw)
  11. [22:07:57] <Amaryllis> Apparently it's magic sashimi though! as the sky darkens though, Ammy lights her lantern and sets it by Nat to let her write more easily.
  12. [22:08:38] * Natalie peps up with an 'Nn!' of thanks. Half of the fanbase has heart attacks.
  13. [22:08:42] <Natalie> >fanbase
  14. [22:09:16] <Kain> Eventually, the chocobo wagon rolls around, stopping just short of the majestic gates of Treno. The walls look enormous from outside the city, with only a flimsy metal gate at the entrance, no portcullis or anything. It makes you wonder if they were keeping things out or just looking fancy and rich.
  15. [22:09:45] <Kain> So, half a heart attack?
  16. [22:09:52] <Natalie> Cute.
  17. [22:10:49] <Natalie> Diary satisfactorily flipped closed, Nat hops out and holds a hand to help yank Ammy down once it's stopped.
  18. [22:11:23] <Kain> A few ne'er do wells are hanging around the outskirts as people seem to be expanding the endless building of cheap real estate for th e impovrished to outside the safe walls of the city as well. Tiny shacks here and there, determined to expand Treno with or without safety.
  19. [22:11:36] <Amaryllis> Not really necessary at all! As soon as the wagon rolls to a stop, Ammy ushers Nat off and gives a "thank you" and a wave to the wagon drivers.
  20. [22:11:49] <Natalie> "Uh-huh!  Thanks a bunch!"
  21. [22:12:14] <Kain> Nezumi: "Anytime, anytime! Hyah!"
  22. [22:12:57] * Natalie handhips and sighs lightly. "I hope the others make it okay. That was kinda weird..."
  23. [22:13:02] <Natalie> Oh, where's Prickles?
  24. [22:13:02] <Kain> The old rat has the chocobos turn the wagon around and head back off in the direction of New Cleyra. You can see another chocobo wagon service around the outskirts as well in case a return trip is ever needed - they were conspicuously absent when you left here the first time.
  25. [22:13:16] <Kain> Prickles... Has been dragged along with you guys, looks like.
  26. [22:13:21] <Natalie> Good!
  27. [22:13:24] <Amaryllis> "What was weird? Anyhow, do you remember the way back to Lenore's?" Ammy is already leading them that wayanyhow.
  28. [22:13:35] <Kain> Prickles: "Chocobos are a bit... frightening, aren't they?" he murmurs quietly.
  29. [22:13:55] * Kain is now known as Mr_Prickles
  30. [22:14:24] <Natalie> Ammy gets an eyebrow raised at the word 'remember.'  Did she really just ask that?  After the obligatory headshake she starts walking, continuing.  "Um... they said they forgot to talk to someone, I think?  But I don't know who they meant."
  31. [22:14:40] <Amaryllis> (isn't it written in Nat's diary?)
  32. [22:14:42] * Natalie hoists Prickles up for a ride and points him out to Ammy's chocoscarf.
  33. [22:14:45] <Natalie> (Nope!)
  34. [22:15:04] <Amaryllis> (then....nevermind that. I thought it was. Huh.)
  35. [22:15:05] <Natalie> (She STARTED writing the past few days' events on the carriage, so that part got left out)
  36. [22:15:15] <Mr_Prickles> "That one is still small... the larger ones..."
  37. [22:15:19] <Natalie> (.. Oh wait a sec)
  38. [22:15:23] <Natalie> (You mean Lenore-directions?)
  39. [22:15:29] <Amaryllis> (yeah)
  40. [22:15:31] <Natalie> (Shit fuck I think I actually DID say that got written down yeah)
  41. [22:15:40] <Natalie> (but I forgot to actually put it on there myself)
  42. [22:16:16] * Natalie indeed flips to that page in the diary since it's probably obvious. "Oh uh, you mean this?"
  43. [22:16:19] <Mr_Prickles> Prickles rides around on the back of your coat, almost looking like an ornament for that enormous scarf.
  44. [22:16:25] <Natalie> It's a ribbon!
  45. [22:16:35] <Natalie> .... A ribbon trying to be a scarf.
  46. [22:16:36] <Natalie> Rarf.
  47. [22:16:38] <Mr_Prickles> It's a battle dancer ribbon being worn like a scarf!
  48. [22:16:39] <Natalie> Scibbon?
  49. [22:16:46] <Mr_Prickles> rarf
  50. [22:16:50] <Natalie> I like 'Rarf,' that sounds like 'Harf.'
  51. [22:16:58] <Amaryllis> "Indeed I do. Do you have a bad experience with chocobos?"
  52. [22:17:43] * Natalie hands Ammy the diary and follows behind, letting Prix speak.
  53. [22:17:46] <Amaryllis> "They meant the General, Nat. We had visited her before we set out to Bahamut's Temple and the teleportation circle. They warned us against going, but...well, nevermind, there seemed another wagon prepared already, so we can go speak with her after we are done here."
  54. [22:17:50] <Natalie> Ha.  Hahaha.  Grand Prix.
  55. [22:17:53] <Mr_Prickles> "Well... Once when I was a little sprout, a large, blue chocobo nearly stepped on me as it whipped past, climbing the mountains with ease..."
  56. [22:18:08] <Natalie> "Ohh, so I..."  She droops.  "... Sorry.
  57. [22:18:09] <Natalie> "
  58. [22:20:30] * Natalie keeps Prickles hoisted. "Nnnn! Well you can't get stepped on up here, huh?"
  59. [22:21:29] <Mr_Prickles> "...true, I suppose! Onward then, Miss Natalie!"
  60. [22:21:30] <Amaryllis> "The chocobos of the cities and towns are thankfully more well-behaved than that."
  61. [22:21:44] <Natalie> "Right!"
  62. [22:21:48] <Amaryllis> "Such stories can only happen out in the wilds."
  63. [22:22:01] <Mr_Prickles> "I think someone may have been riding it..."
  64. [22:22:26] * Natalie of course follows Ammy, because if she followed her own directions she'd get lost halfway through them and repeat an earlier step by mistake, ultimately getting them lost as fuck.
  65. [22:24:17] <Amaryllis> "Well, it is an unfortunate truth that many people do not hold much regard for the feelings of other creatures. I am sure the rider was simply thoughtless..." Ammy doublechecks that they're going the right way by the written instructions.
  66. [22:24:24] <Mr_Prickles> It doesn't take long for you to navigate the crazy paths Lenore taught you.
  67. [22:24:42] <Natalie> They may even just be arrows instead of words, to be intentionally confusing.
  68. [22:24:44] <Natalie> lol
  69. [22:25:00] <Mr_Prickles> Pretty soon, you've arrived at Plot Device Central, Chateau Renegade.
  70. [22:25:39] * Natalie WHAMWHAMWHAMs a fist on the door. "Hey Lenny, we're back!"
  71. [22:25:55] <Amaryllis> "But if you wish to change that, then change the stories that are told of your kind. I am afraid many creatures of this world as misunderstood, labeled as monsters or thrust into the position of boogeymen and used to scare children in cautionary tales."
  72. [22:26:15] <Amaryllis> "...Nat, Lenore and Theta remained behind in New Cleyra." She reminds politely.
  73. [22:26:22] <Natalie> "... Oh right!"
  74. [22:26:28] * Natalie smileys sweetly and pries the door open.
  75. [22:26:32] <Mr_Prickles> The place is quiet as you enter, despite Nat's frantic knocking.
  76. [22:26:37] <Natalie> One cannot tell if that was intentional or a real slip-up.
  77. [22:26:39] <Natalie> ~
  78. [22:26:58] <Natalie> also -y
  79. [22:27:05] <Amaryllis> * are not as
  80. [22:28:14] * Amaryllis steps in, holding her up. She quickly guides Nat and Prickles to the stairs. "This way."
  81. [22:28:29] <Mr_Prickles> The upstairs library, on the other hand, has changed forms yet again, this time resembling something out of a prolific writer's study with every wall lined with books. An empty desk stands at one end of the room, and plush seats about the place.
  82. [22:28:35] <Natalie> The player opens the menu to double-check Nammy's 1,1and Prickles' equipments, as unlike our heroes they know their tropes and are ready for the obligatory possible-to-lose boss battle that can alter the story.  Gotta save too!
  83. [22:29:00] <Mr_Prickles> Prickles has been neglecting his equipment! Shame on him!
  84. [22:29:11] <Natalie> Should've done that missable sidequest!
  85. [22:29:19] * Mr_Prickles is now known as Renegade
  86. [22:29:28] <Natalie> (brofist)
  87. [22:29:31] <Renegade> "Ah, you've returned." the disembodied voice echoes around you.
  88. [22:29:33] <Amaryllis> "Renegade! We have returned." Ammy steps in.
  89. [22:29:42] <Amaryllis> (Derp)
  90. [22:30:07] <Renegade> "Well, then. What do you think of your little excursion?"
  91. [22:30:14] <Renegade> "Do you have your proof?"
  92. [22:30:15] <Natalie> "Oh!  Yeah, we're um..."  Nat blushes a bit, embarrassed at barely really remembering him.  Only from being told at this point, it seems.  "Hi!"
  93. [22:30:38] * Natalie nods and fishes in her pocket, pulling out the ENTIRE warmech's eye. Since that was never put on Ammy's sheet Nat might as well have it, Treehee!
  94. [22:30:46] <Amaryllis> "Puzzling. I am not quite so sure the story I have pieced together makes sense. But that is a matter that can be discussed later.
  95. [22:30:50] <Amaryllis> "
  96. [22:31:10] <Natalie> "Will this work?"
  97. [22:31:18] * Amaryllis steps forward to the empty desk and sets down the damaged nuke cannon and bottle of wine as well, motioning to a space for Nat to put down the eye too.
  98. [22:31:27] <Natalie> Plop!
  99. [22:31:55] <Renegade> "Hm, quite a few things, in fact. Very well."
  100. [22:32:19] <Renegade> "I have no need of these things, but they are indeed proof you have visited the starship."
  101. [22:32:46] <Natalie> "We had a lot of fun there too!  We met these little bugg-y things and smashed them up and then there was a HUUUUUUUGE one and Lenny was like DOUBLE THUNDARA! and they all went BOOM and... uh... something after that..."
  102. [22:33:03] * Amaryllis tosses down Admiral Cid's badge as well, for good measure.
  103. [22:33:34] <Renegade> "I suppose you weren't simply powerful enough to ignore the feeble fabrications attempting to guard the place. Typical. It's a wonder they didn't absorb her magic."
  104. [22:34:13] <Renegade> "But I must commend you regardless. Now then, I have lived up to my part of the bargain... behold."
  105. [22:34:21] * Natalie does that uguu poutyface anime lolis do all the time, listening in silence.
  106. [22:34:55] <Renegade> There is a flash of light, and something descends from high up in the air.
  107. [22:35:19] * Natalie gets ready to jump and use the attack button so her whip is fully extended by the time the powerup drops down.
  108. [22:35:26] * Amaryllis blinks and squints but does not avert or shield her eyes as she peers up at it.
  109. [22:36:37] <Renegade> It's... a thin, golden tiara for someone about Nat's size, encrusted with two red crystals on each side, with a loop for a larger gem in the middle, though empty. It looks like it could slip over Nat's ruby comfortably.
  110. [22:36:56] <Natalie> :D
  111. [22:37:25] * Natalie is actually modest about reaching up for it, hesitant in doing so. "This'll really... help?"
  112. [22:37:56] <Amaryllis> "To...what extent and by what means does this accomplish what I had asked for?" Ammy's tone of voice is hopeful and anticipatory.
  113. [22:38:15] <Renegade> "The crystals on this headpiece are synthetic Crystal, with a capital C. It should take some time to attune to you, but as you wear it, it will eventually begin recording your memories, acting as a mnemonic enhancer."
  114. [22:38:47] <Renegade> "It will not be able to help you recover your lost memories, but with a little time it should begin preventing you from losing your current ones."
  115. [22:39:08] <Natalie> "So I'll really stop having blanks all the time..."  She reaches for it now.  "I think that'll make Ammy happy, yeah."
  116. [22:39:20] <Natalie> "And it's a lot more convenient, too!  Thanks a lot, Renny!"
  117. [22:39:22] <Amaryllis> "How much time?"
  118. [22:40:15] * Natalie looks to Ammy, essentially asking permission to put it on with her eyes. Her hands are definitely holding it in place ready to slip on.
  119. [22:40:39] <Renegade> "Needless to say if you lose it, it will stop benefiting you. If it's DESTROYED while you're wearing it... well, I certainly wouldn't want to be you when hit by feedback. As for the time... Hard to say. I've never had to attune a memory recorder for anyone but myself. But it WILL function correctly, I assure you."
  120. [22:40:40] * Amaryllis nods at Nat with an "of course" expression on her face.
  121. [22:41:05] * Natalie puts it on then, feeling like a pretty princess!
  122. [22:41:29] <Natalie> "Alright... so I gotta be careful.  But it won't fall off easily if I put it... on... like.... this, right?"
  123. [22:41:47] <Renegade> It slips over Nat's ruby snugly. It actually makes the forehead jewel look natural there, in the middle of her forehead. And it seems to lock into place when put on, until you pull it off.
  124. [22:42:04] <Natalie> Well it's sure not getting pulled off.
  125. [22:42:15] <Natalie> "How's it look, Ammy~?"
  126. [22:43:11] <Renegade> "I should reiterate - do not lose it. It was already difficult enough to even create it without a physical presence here."
  127. [22:43:14] <Amaryllis> "Wonderful. If a bit obvious and unfortunately enticing to thieves and treasure hunters."
  128. [22:43:35] <Natalie> Nodnod.  "Uh-huh.  Well, as long as it's ME wearing it they can't take it that easy!"
  129. [22:43:55] <Amaryllis> "You have my thanks, Renegade! I take it the device is quite sturdy? What do you mean"
  130. [22:44:25] * Natalie gives Ammy a big, cuddly hug since Renegade is supposedly a disembodied voice. It's hard to hug disembodied voices.
  131. [22:45:03] * Amaryllis returns the hug but is exceedingly careful not to damage the tiara in some way.
  132. [22:45:15] <Renegade> "I mean if the device is destroyed while she's wearing it, she may lose quite a bit more than her current memories. There is risk of permanent damage to the girl herself. It should be sturdy enough for combat, but be prudent regardless."
  133. [22:46:30] <Natalie> "Yeah, it's fine!  I'm really happy it's SOMETHING.  And... I wonder if it'd fit on real-me too..."
  134. [22:46:59] <Renegade> "I am no smith of legend, you'll find that my master of metallurgy doesn't extend to unbreakable materials."
  135. [22:47:01] <Amaryllis> "Permanent damage...even to an Eidolon..."
  136. [22:47:13] * Natalie whips out the plushie and observes its features while Ammy has her emo moment.
  137. [22:47:37] <Natalie> Might have to go under the ears.... no, over?
  138. [22:47:44] <Natalie> Hmmm, hmmm.
  139. [22:48:00] <Renegade> Could be a tight fit, you don't even remember how big you were!
  140. [22:48:22] <Natalie> Yeah, really!  It's hard to tell when all you have are flashes of a few seconds.
  141. [22:48:59] * Natalie gets tired of admiring and approaches Ammy again, and the desk as well. "So... should we leave those things there for you, Renny?"
  142. [22:49:37] <Renegade> "As I said, I have no need for them. Take them with you as you wish."
  143. [22:50:05] <Renegade> "I have found myself sufficiently entertained~" Oh god, Renegade tilded.
  144. [22:50:32] * Amaryllis raises an eyebrow so hard at Renegade's voice there. "You sound just like your daughter."
  145. [22:50:49] <Natalie> "Well, okay then!  Um... but uh... I'm happy and all but I wanna say one thing..."
  146. [22:51:05] * Natalie snatches up the eye, Ammy can have the rest.
  147. [22:51:16] <Amaryllis> "Were you entertained even without watching us as we explored the ship? Well, nevermind that, nevermind. Nat!" Ammy turns to Nat, lantern in hand.
  148. [22:51:27] <Natalie> "Huh?"
  149. [22:51:45] <Renegade> "Yes, what is it?" he addresses Nat.
  150. [22:52:06] * Natalie gives Ammy a 'hold on one sec' hand gesture and turns to... the voice. Which is probably everywhere.
  151. [22:52:28] <Amaryllis> "Oh...go on." Ammy looks slightly disappointed that her dramatics are being interrupted.
  152. [22:52:35] <Natalie> "Could you be a little happier for Lenny?  She tries her best, and she's helped us a lot!"
  153. [22:53:41] <Renegade> "Happier, for her..."
  154. [22:53:50] <Renegade> "Elena used to say that as well."
  155. [22:53:58] <Natalie> "I dunno what it's really like for either of you, but I think she just wants to be told she did a good job."
  156. [22:54:42] <Renegade> "Have I not been a responsible father? I've instructed her in the most optimum abilities of magic, and she insists to do things her way. She has succeeded in that respect, but..."
  157. [22:54:56] <Renegade> "...."
  158. [22:55:03] <Natalie> "Well, if you taught her, she turned out great!"
  159. [22:55:43] <Natalie> "But, saying things like how you doubt her magic is good enough, and that kind of stuff... I'd be sad to hear that if I were her."
  160. [22:57:16] <Renegade> "You are mistaken. I am at least satisfied with the fact that she is excelling at the life she chose. But why would I need to sugar coat my statements? How can the truth be harmful?"
  161. [22:58:20] <Amaryllis> "The truth does not always make for the most interesting stories, nor the most encouraging or helpful." Ammy says her piece without her usual passion for stories, an impatience present in her tone.
  162. [22:58:31] <Natalie> "Hmm..."  Nat ponders for a bit, then smiles.  "Maybe it's not so bad.  If you really... you know, love her, she probably knows already."
  163. [22:59:43] <Natalie> "I just wanted to say, thanks!  For your daughter being such a good friend."  Natty impulsively reaches up to itch the ruby, stopping once realizing there's a tiara there now.  "Hehe, it'd be awkward to say that with her around, huh?"
  164. [23:00:18] <Natalie> "Totally not awkward at all to tell you how good of a friend you are, though, Ammy," without skipping a beat she grabs both of her BFF's hands and grins into her face.
  165. [23:00:29] <Natalie> "... And that's all I had to say!"
  166. [23:00:34] <Renegade> "Love... I understand it fine as a chemical reaction, but its deeper mysteries still elude me, I suppose. ...I imagine I will have more to say to Lena, but not secondhand, through you, nor through this copy of myself."
  167. [23:01:05] * Natalie gives an understanding nod, loosening one hand to face his voicenoise again. "Yeah, I hope so. She probably does too."
  168. [23:01:09] <Amaryllis> "Of course, and to you as well, Nat! May we both remember these sorts of moments from now on."
  169. [23:02:05] <Amaryllis> "Do I sense a tinge of sentimentality in the great immortal scientist, with his rational analysis and objectivity?" Ammy says teasingly.
  170. [23:02:27] * Natalie snrks at the both of them. "Hehehehe."
  171. [23:03:09] <Renegade> "Of course not. I am a cold, unfeeling monster capable of any sort of emotion. Begone, insects, lest you be destroyed in my wake." ...he's probably joking. Probably.
  172. [23:03:14] <Renegade> *incapable
  173. [23:03:43] <Natalie> Hi Touhoufag, I see you reading this log!
  174. [23:03:45] <Natalie> half-fae catboy etc
  175. [23:04:16] <Amaryllis> "Careful, your chemical reactions are showing."
  176. [23:04:20] * Natalie sticks a tongue out, still in the midst of laughter, before finally pulling at Ammy.
  177. [23:04:37] <Natalie> "Hehe... thanks again.  Alright, let's go!"
  178. [23:04:49] <Amaryllis> "Hold on just a moment, Nat!"
  179. [23:04:55] <Natalie> "Oh, oops!"
  180. [23:05:02] <Natalie> "You wanted something, didn't you... my bad."
  181. [23:06:26] * Miyuki is now known as Anise
  182. [23:06:44] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps I could trouble you with a smidgen more entertainment, Renegade, free of charge. Your library provides more privacy from peering eyes than most places in this city, and you are no doubt familiar with this process already."
  183. [23:07:28] * Natalie headtilts, as expected. "...?"
  184. [23:07:47] <Natalie> Miscellaneous question: Are the Crystals warm to the touch?
  185. [23:09:25] <Renegade> They're precisely the same temperature as your ruby~
  186. [23:09:49] <Renegade> (Meaning yes, actually)
  187. [23:10:06] <Renegade> "Oh?"
  188. [23:10:09] <Natalie> (Alright good, I always imagined it as being pretty warm too.)
  189. [23:10:13] * Amaryllis turns to Nat. "There is a story I know, Nat! It is of spires of crystal and flower-lined paths! Of a world of mirrors and memory, worn by time and marred by invaders. There are many ways this story can end, but in all of them one thing remains the same. This castle of memories shall not fall. This story lives inside you, it is you. Would you like to experience it, Nat?"
  190. [23:11:05] <Natalie> "Huh?  A world of... that sounds great!  And kinds familiar.."  She does that fangirl 'squee' pose and nods enthusiastically.  "Yeah, definitely!"
  191. [23:11:14] <Natalie> -s +a
  192. [23:11:58] <Natalie> Familiar because the crystal showed it and Notalie to her that one time, assuming that one stuck.  Unless it didn't!
  193. [23:13:14] <Renegade> (Probably)
  194. [23:13:25] <Renegade> Prickles: "Oh dear..."
  195. [23:13:26] <Natalie> (Okay just had to make sure, since that one was less 'memory' than the others)
  196. [23:14:27] * Amaryllis produces a bottle of mist and slowly unscrews the top. "A trick of the Architect's. You no doubt know of it yourself." Ammy says to the disembodied voice. "But I have taken it for myself in a time of need. Come forth, magnificent myth! I am the Inquisitor, Amaryllis Middleton, and I call to thee Carbuncle to open this gate of the immortal legend!" She sets down her lantern with a clunk in front of Nat and pours the mist over
  197. [23:15:44] * Natalie suddenly goes wide-eyed at the idea that there's a PROCESS to this. Those same eyes go worried and dizzy as she lets the mist seep into her Ruby, muttering some "um" and "ah" stuff trying to discover the command to open the gate. Little does she know there's not any!
  198. [23:16:24] <Renegade> There's a bright flareup in the middle of the room, and then once again both of you are floating in a void above a little planetoid. You both begin to drift down...
  199. [23:16:47] <Renegade> Nat is once again wearing the sparkling green dress from before, though Ammy's attire now includes the smooth, carved mask from her Trance.
  200. [23:16:51] <Natalie> Wiiiiince.  "Ohhh..."
  201. [23:17:24] <Renegade> Nat still has the tiara as well, if she reaches up to feel.
  202. [23:17:30] <Natalie> Does.
  203. [23:18:03] * Amaryllis reaches up and taps at the wooden mask. Are her robes still plain and brown here, or have they taken on the decorations of her trance outfit too?
  204. [23:18:09] <Renegade> You two land in the midst of a neat little pathway between two large castles. One made of brilliant crystal, the other obsidian rock. A very tidily kept cobblestone path with flowers lining the sides leads both ways.
  205. [23:18:19] <Renegade> They've taken on that decoration.
  206. [23:18:36] * Natalie twirls on the way down and lands on her feet like a cat, blinking a few times. "Oh... I think I remember this place a bit!"
  207. [23:18:42] <Natalie> "The crystal brought everyone here, right?"
  208. [23:18:59] <Amaryllis> "How curious, I suppose any story can develop some embellishment."
  209. [23:19:05] <Amaryllis> "Indeed it did!"
  210. [23:19:21] <Natalie> "And then we met..."
  211. [23:19:26] * Natalie srses up.
  212. [23:19:31] <Renegade> The place is much cleaner than the last time you visited, having kept the properties from the story session.
  213. [23:20:00] <Amaryllis> "...Would you like to see her again?" Glance around. Did Prickles get sucked in with us?
  214. [23:20:02] <Renegade> Fractured crystal pillars still line the path as well.
  215. [23:20:06] <Natalie> "... Yeah."
  216. [23:20:11] <Amaryllis> PRICKLES VS DARK CARBUNCLE. LET'S GO.
  217. [23:20:19] <Renegade> Prickles lands with a thunk nearby. He's wearing no armor or anything.
  218. [23:20:25] <Renegade> Just a plain little Cactuar.
  219. [23:20:26] <Natalie> "She's kinda like my... weirdo little sister in a way, huh?"
  220. [23:20:32] <Natalie> Max kawaii.  Consider him carried.
  221. [23:20:40] * Amaryllis helps Prickles up if he didn't land on his feet.
  222. [23:20:43] <Renegade> In fact, he's smaller than normal.
  223. [23:20:49] <Renegade> Prickles: "T-thank you for the help."
  224. [23:21:11] <Renegade> "Curious." Renegade's voice booms around you.
  225. [23:21:15] <Amaryllis> "We shall have to find a way to embellish and richen your story as well."
  226. [23:21:18] <Natalie> "From what I remember last time... we didn't get along all that great, right?"
  227. [23:21:47] <Natalie> "If she's here I guess I can try again.  I blanked since then, so it'll  be a new start!"
  228. [23:22:09] * Natalie gives an enthusiastic thumbs-up, not realizing how much that probably hurts Ammy to be told. Ow.
  229. [23:22:33] <Amaryllis> "She intends to end your existence and supplant it, Nat. Now, as your friend, I shall respect your decision. And last time you had decided..." Ammy takes a breath. "nevermind, best to let you form your own opinion. It is your right." She droops a little.
  230. [23:23:04] <Natalie> "Does she...?"  Nat headshakes a couple times.  "Nah, that can't be true."
  231. [23:23:12] <Natalie> "After all, she's me, and why would I want that?"
  232. [23:24:01] <Amaryllis> "Because her memories and will are those given to her by the Glutton. The one who sought to kill and eat Leviathan. But come, it is time to pay another visit."
  233. [23:24:06] * Natalie grabs Ammy and begins to drag toward Darkastle.
  234. [23:24:40] <Natalie> "The Glutton... that's right."
  235. [23:24:56] <Natalie> "But even if HE'S bad, that doesn't mean SHE is.  Right?"
  236. [23:24:58] <Renegade>
  237. [23:25:14] <Natalie> (mannnn I've been blasting falcom why you gotta do this)
  238. [23:26:09] <Renegade> Nat drags ammy on the path towards the darker castle, the red flowers along the path giving way to well-kept violets, and the cobblestone becoming circular brown brick.
  239. [23:26:53] <Natalie> They really should've gone to the other one, but with all these EMOTIONS there is only one acceptable choice.  Little do they know the player could've found a missable in the other castle.  Whoops!
  240. [23:27:20] <Renegade> The entranceway greets you as before - rich velvet carpeting, flawless mirrors hanging on the walls with golden frames.
  241. [23:27:29] <Renegade> The door to the dining room is open this time, however.
  242. [23:27:34] * Amaryllis takes a careful look around as she goes, trying to see if anything has changed or is in the process of changing now that Nat has her repository.
  243. [23:27:48] <Renegade> Colors and materials may have changed, but you're unsure.
  244. [23:27:59] * Natalie proudly wears her Tiara and struts through the castle, peering in through the door. "A-hem."
  245. [23:28:25] <Natalie> Deep breath....
  246. [23:28:32] <Natalie> "Anyone home?"  :D
  247. [23:29:02] <Renegade> Mary, or rather, Dark Carbuncle is sitting across from the two of you, at the end of her long table. She's wearing a red dress this time, with black bows in her hair, and a rose. She sips her tea while waiting for you two to approach.
  248. [23:29:28] * Natalie is satisfied with that and walks ahead. "Hi again!"
  249. [23:29:37] <Natalie> "Well... only kind of 'again,' I guess."
  250. [23:29:49] * Amaryllis follows after a moment, in silence.
  251. [23:29:50] <Renegade> As you get closer, you notice odd trinkets she's wearing. Serpentine bracelets, ouroboros earrings. There are even a few snakes sequined on to her dress. Weird, she's taken up a liking for snakes?
  252. [23:29:59] <Natalie> oh god she's sanae
  253. [23:30:01] <Natalie> confirmed for slut
  254. [23:30:19] <Renegade> Mary: "It's been some time, Natalie." she sips her tea and looks at the two of you. "Please, have a seat."
  255. [23:30:34] <Natalie> "Thanks!  M... Ma..."
  256. [23:30:51] <Amaryllis> "Mary." Ammy says quietly.
  257. [23:30:53] <Renegade> Mary: "Mary. ...I feel I must apologize. The last time we met, I was far too melodramatic."
  258. [23:30:59] * Natalie plops down on a seat, intending to actually not smash the tea this time.
  259. [23:31:24] <Natalie> "Nonono, me too!  Even though a lot of my memories went away since then... so, I'm a new me this time!"
  260. [23:31:49] <Renegade> Mary places her tea down, and walks to the side, picking up a pitcher of milk, pouring Natalie a glass, and serving tiny plates with... cookies and seasoned oglops.
  261. [23:31:56] <Natalie> Hnnnngggh.
  262. [23:32:20] <Renegade> She looks over at Ammy, as if questioning what she'd like.
  263. [23:32:32] * Natalie sips the... waiiiit a second that's not tea. Well, who cares!
  264. [23:32:55] <Renegade> Mary: "I recall you disliked the tea last time. I thought I would accomodate."
  265. [23:33:38] <Natalie> "Sorry... well, I actually don't know if I ever did like tea or not.  I think I was just too riled up over everything last time, y'know?"
  266. [23:33:40] * Amaryllis remains standing until a second or two after Mary starts looking over at her. Then she slowly walks over and takes a seat, her posture making it clear she doesn't want anything to eat or drink at the moment.
  267. [23:34:07] <Renegade> Mary nods and has a seat, taking up her tea again. Ssssip.
  268. [23:34:13] * Renegade is now known as Mary
  269. [23:34:17] * Natalie observes Ammy's RUDENESS and kicks her leg under the table lightly... if her foot can even reach that far.
  270. [23:34:23] <Mary> "Now then, what have you come to discuss?"
  271. [23:34:58] <Natalie> "Well!  Um... I just wanted to say hi, actually.  And the stuff I just said."
  272. [23:35:06] <Natalie> "There was one other thing though, what was it..."
  273. [23:35:14] * Amaryllis winces then scoots her chair over a little to get out of kicking range.
  274. [23:35:15] * Natalie reaches up, rubrubrub. Oh crap there's a tiara there.
  275. [23:35:44] <Natalie> So she kind of awkwardly scratches the side of her head instead.
  276. [23:36:33] * Natalie does take a bite of the oglop though. Mmmm.
  277. [23:37:02] <Mary> Mary seems to have seen your new fashion, but remains quiet.
  278. [23:37:23] <Natalie> "It's..."
  279. [23:38:12] <Natalie> "Well!  I thought about it, since I didn't really forget the last time we met or anything.  So I had some time...."
  280. [23:39:01] <Mary> She waits politely, keeping eye contact with you.
  281. [23:39:07] <Natalie> "But, we don't have to be enemies, right?"
  282. [23:39:52] <Mary> Mary: "We do not."
  283. [23:40:24] <Natalie> "Fighting is one of the things I learned from humans that can be lots of fun!  But, I don't want to fight this time.  Even though the Glutton - pretty sure that was his name - does some stuff that's kind of bad we can still be friends, can't we?"
  284. [23:40:50] <Mary> Mary: "There may be a time when I am required to oppose you, by my master's orders. But eidolons may clash and still remain allies. It is simply the nature of we summoned beings."
  285. [23:41:17] <Mary> Mary: "The previous conflict stemmed from your insisting I not coexist with you."
  286. [23:41:33] * Natalie droops a bit. "Sorry..."
  287. [23:41:45] <Natalie> "I guess that one castle really is a little small for two of us."
  288. [23:41:46] <Mary> Mary: "But I have no objection to sharing this realm with you if you do not try to force me to leave."
  289. [23:42:27] * Natalie takes a bite of a cookie and comically pauses midway through, gulping it down. "Mm!"
  290. [23:42:33] <Natalie> "I think I remembered what it was!"
  291. [23:43:18] <Mary> She raises her eyebrows, listening.
  292. [23:43:19] <Natalie> "Your 'master'... how do you feel about him?  I know this sounds a little weird but..."
  293. [23:45:20] <Mary> "I'm entirely loyal to him, of course. I wish to protect him, and do everything in my power to make sure he suceeds. He gave me new memories at my request, and has taken care of me like his precious granddaughter..."
  294. [23:45:51] <Natalie> "... That's what I thought you'd say.  But what if you had to put it in only one word?"
  295. [23:46:17] <Mary> She thinks about it for a moment.
  296. [23:46:31] * Natalie closes her eyes and siiiiiiips.
  297. [23:46:46] <Mary> "Love."
  298. [23:46:48] <Natalie> Even though it's milk and that's much sillier than if it were tea.  Oh well, cats fuckin' love milk.
  299. [23:46:51] * Amaryllis has remained silent up to this point, her expression inscrutable due to the mask, but she reaches it up and slowly removes it now, placing it in her lap. "Aside from how he treats you alone, what do you think of him?"
  300. [23:47:14] * Natalie sets the glass down and smiles. "... That settles everything."
  301. [23:47:16] <Amaryllis> "His actions, his thoughts, how he treats the others in his employ."
  302. [23:47:23] * Mary turns her head towards Amaryllis.
  303. [23:47:48] <Natalie> "Um, Ammy.... well I guess that's okay if you want to ask that too, but I got the answer I want."
  304. [23:48:15] <Natalie> Her smile widens a bit.  "Thanks.  I could say that about my Summoner without hesitation too, so I just had to see."
  305. [23:49:00] <Mary> "He is unusually cruel to others. Tyrannical, by standard morals. Enormously greedy. Am I criticizing him? No. I am content with whatever he decides to do."
  306. [23:50:10] <Mary> "He has simply chosen a path that does not fit into conventially acceptable human mores."
  307. [23:50:48] <Natalie> "As long as you can say that about him, I have to promise I won't get in your way.  Either of yours.  I can't stand between that, unless it runs into Eiko's orders."
  308. [23:51:17] <Amaryllis> "Were it anyone else who acted as he does, would you be content seeing them and knowing they act such? I am curious whether you are simply averse to common moral norms or if this is purely a matter of loyalty to a Summoner, whoever that may be."
  309. [23:51:21] <Mary> "And I vow I will not get in your way, unless the Glutton wills it."
  310. [23:51:45] * Natalie lets out a tiny giggle. Hehe, she called him 'Glutton' instead of 'Quar.' Cute.
  311. [23:51:45] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps not averse." Ammy adds quickly. "But apathetic at least. Indifferent."
  312. [23:52:29] <Mary> It's completely acceptable.
  313. [23:52:30] * Amaryllis scoots her chair in a little closer and actually takes a teacup, pouring herself a little and sipping from it.
  314. [23:52:39] <Mary> It's a title of honor in Qu society, even.
  315. [23:52:51] <Natalie> Oh, huh.  Still sounds funny!
  316. [23:53:27] <Amaryllis> Well, Nat has no real reason to know that!
  317. [23:54:04] <Mary> To Ammy, she says... "As I believe I said last time, It is not my place to get involved in moral dilemmas. I do not care what people do to each other, except where it concerns myself, my master, or my allies."
  318. [23:54:41] <Mary> "I feel I must remain detached as a necessity."
  319. [23:55:47] * Amaryllis nods, as if expecting this answer. "Do you believe that is the place of Eidolons?" It seems she has more to say, but she stops at this question first.
  320. [23:55:57] <Mary> "I do."
  321. [23:56:16] <Natalie> "Yeah, that's not a bad thing."  Siiip.  "Because there's no real right or wrong, right?  Different Summoners want different things, and being an Eidolon just means you follow them and learn how they think."
  322. [23:56:32] <Natalie> "Some of my past ones might've seen mean, and others not... not that I really remember most of them, eheh."
  323. [23:56:39] <Mary> "Correct." she... smiles at Natalie?
  324. [23:56:49] <Natalie> The fanfictions are already starting.
  325. [23:57:02] <Natalie> also -seen +seemed
  326. [23:58:11] <Amaryllis> "We are the best of friends, Nat." Ammy says, more quietly this time, her tone serious. "And we always shall be, if the muses heed even a fraction of my will. But I am afraid I must disagree here."
  327. [23:58:36] * Natalie sips a bit more sadly. "Yeah... I know."
  328. [23:58:39] <Amaryllis> "I have thought long and hard on this manner. On the origin of Eidolons. Of Summoners. Of the Pact between them."
  329. [23:59:21] <Amaryllis> "I do not think it right that the Crystal has created an inequitable relationship, one in which the Summoner holds the power of geass over the Eidolon."
  330. Session Time: Thu Feb 21 00:00:04 2013
  331. [00:00:07] <Mary> Mary: "The Crystal has granted life to most creatures on this planet. Who are we to question it?"
  332. [00:00:36] <Mary> Prickles eases back, not really comfortable here.
  333. [00:01:41] <Natalie> "That's not what it is, Ammy.  It's not like we don't know if our Summoners are... you know, wrong or mean or something."  Nat hands Prickles a cookie.  "But it's like, even mean or bad people make up the world like it is.  If there was no bad, how could there be heroes and stuff?"
  334. [00:01:49] * Amaryllis shakes her head. "We ourselves are the Crystal. Its will is not singular but multifaceted, much like your jewels. The light hits them and splits into a myriad display, not a single beam."
  335. [00:02:38] <Amaryllis> "I speak not of good and evil here. I speak of will and freedom."
  336. [00:02:39] <Mary> "Your metaphor is invalid. We are the light. The crystal is the crystal. We are bent to its will."
  337. [00:03:01] <Mary> "There is nothing wrong with this. It is simply how the world works."
  338. [00:03:31] <Mary> "And should those beams of light cross, and make others travel in directions they were not meant, shall you blame the crystal?"
  339. [00:04:33] <Natalie> "Well... she's me too, Ammy.  I'm not picky!  I'm 3Carb4u3ncle, I can like anyone as long as they don't stop me from taking naps or having fun.  So, is it really Eidolons in general when it's 'me?'"
  340. [00:04:49] <Natalie> "She got to play her game of acting fancy and noble too... I had fun when I did it!"
  341. [00:05:07] <Natalie> "Or, it looks like I did," she taps the diary.
  342. [00:05:55] <Amaryllis> "We have met many Eidolons now, Nat. And among them several different interpretations of what it means to be one, and what role they should play in our world. So yes, I do speak of Eidolons in general."
  343. [00:06:22] <Mary> "Perhaps there are eidolons that desire freedom. And perhaps they deserve it. But only if they are prepared to give up the power they were granted in return for their chains."
  344. [00:07:48] <Amaryllis> "We can spend all day arguing over the specifics of a metaphor. My riposte would be to say that my metaphor still holds true in that it is the memories formed by beings in the world returning to the crystal that determine how it reflects light. Our stories give it structure."
  345. [00:09:07] <Amaryllis> "But I do not think that would be, well, terribly productive to this discussion. One can easily be drawn into a spiral of metaphor from which it is difficult to see the original referent to reality."
  346. [00:09:08] <Natalie> "So... you still think it's bad to obey someone you have feelings for, Ammy?  Maybe it's just my memories being gone, but I think I still don't toally understand 'Love' myself... still, I know it's not something you can just make up or lie about!"
  347. [00:09:20] <Mary> "There is probably little chance of either of us convincing the other of their opinion. Shall we move on to a different topic, perhaps?"
  348. [00:09:54] <Natalie> A nod.  "Yeah.  I know me!  If I had a Summoner I REALLY hated, I'd just say that.  What do I get out of lying?"
  349. [00:10:05] <Mary> Prickles sneaks an oglop down. Wait, they eat insects? Since when?
  350. [00:10:10] <Natalie> Since now.
  351. [00:10:46] <Amaryllis> "I simply question which comes first, the devotion to a Summoner, or your feelings for them. It is my suspicion that for many, the former arises first for many, and I find that notion...unnerving to say the least."
  352. [00:11:48] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps you are right. I will not convince you if you have decided these matters of the Crystal's will and the Summoner's pact a priori." Ammy frowns.
  353. [00:12:03] * Natalie holds up the diary again. "I wrote about mine... even when we didn't have a bond anymore, I still missed her! Our feelings are real."
  354. [00:12:09] <Natalie> "I get where you're coming from, Ammy..."
  355. [00:12:21] <Natalie> "But I wanted to meet her again myself to make sure of that, too.  And I did!"
  356. [00:12:34] <Mary> "You are worried of the bond creating false affections." she says after a moment.
  357. [00:12:49] <Amaryllis> "Incorrect." Ammy shakes her head.
  358. [00:13:19] <Amaryllis> "The bond is just that. It allows the sharing of feelings, but it is neutral. It conveys them, as I understand, without influence."
  359. [00:14:36] * Natalie starts to chime in but had already forgotten what it felt like to hornphone in Lindblum. Oop.
  360. [00:14:37] <Mary> "Would you care for tea this time?" she asks Nat.
  361. [00:14:41] <Natalie> "Please!"
  362. [00:14:59] <Mary> She switches out your cup then, getting you a fresh one with warm, fragrant tea.
  363. [00:15:11] * Natalie takes a long whiff of it.
  364. [00:15:26] <Mary> A bit like apples...
  365. [00:16:05] <Natalie> "Sorry... I didn't think it'd turn out like this.  But I guess it's just hard for Ammy to... 'get,' right?  I'm not sure how I'd really explain it myself."
  366. [00:16:22] <Mary> Mary nods. "It's difficult to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it."
  367. [00:16:49] * Natalie really doesn't like tea, that's actually a thing. So she closes her eyes and takes a sip, hoping to not look disgusted at it afterward.
  368. [00:17:16] <Mary> It ALMOST tastes like apple juice anyway. Some weird apple flavored black tea.
  369. [00:17:34] <Natalie> ... Okay, apples are good.  Probable success!
  370. [00:21:07] <Amaryllis> "I am worried that there are so many of us fated to play out this story as it has been for eons upon eons, the dance between Summoner and Eidolon. That the rightness of the Pact and the place of an Eidolon within the great fabric of story is a matter of first principles, an immutable thread threatened not by the blades of the muses nor by those of mortal souls, rather than one woven by the choices of Summoner and Eidolon alike."
  371. [00:21:31] <Amaryllis> "If I were to become a Summoner, I would have no choice but to accept an absolute power over an Eidolon."
  372. [00:21:44] <Mary> "I'm still finding it difficult to understand why that is a problem."
  373. [00:22:19] * Natalie sets the cup down with a bit of force, though not enough to spill it or anything. "No! There's none of that, we're friends!"
  374. [00:22:33] <Amaryllis> "And that itself is the very problem. You have accepted your principles a priori." Ammy takes another sip of her tea. "This is quite nice, by the way."
  375. [00:23:01] <Amaryllis> "In any case, I have also learned what I wanted. Nat, would you like to see your own castle?"
  376. [00:24:15] <Natalie> "... It is pretty good, actually."  Nat stands up and takes one more sip, setting the cup down.  "But I don't think it's wrong to think like that, Ammy."
  377. [00:24:30] <Natalie> "I'm happy living that way, even if some others aren't."
  378. [00:25:44] <Natalie> "..."
  379. [00:25:46] * Natalie takes another sip.
  380. [00:25:48] <Amaryllis> "We are each bound by our own stories, yes, but some of us don't like to see the chains." Ammy stands up.
  381. [00:26:02] <Amaryllis> "Thank you for the hospitality. Shall we go, Nat?"
  382. [00:26:26] * Natalie gives a little gesture too. "Yeah, thanks- if you come visit me I'll try to get tea too! Uh, if I can."
  383. [00:26:36] <Natalie> "... But..."
  384. [00:26:42] <Natalie> "Mind if I ask one more question?"
  385. [00:26:53] <Natalie> "Totally different topic this time."
  386. [00:27:18] <Mary> "Yes?"
  387. [00:27:24] * Natalie coughs a bit.
  388. [00:28:17] <Natalie> "You said last time the Glutton gave you memories... I still remember that.  But then they were actually MY memories.  How, um, did he have those to give?"
  389. [00:29:00] <Mary> "Which memories are you referring to? There was a copy of our diary.."
  390. [00:30:09] <Natalie> "It was something I saw a vision of... my master's name was Cid, right?"  Nat takes a breath.  "I only saw that his name was 'Cid,' but you knew his full name and everything.  I didn't write it down 'cause I didn't know what it was."
  391. [00:30:33] <Natalie> "I mean, there ARE a lot of Cids!"
  392. [00:30:36] <Mary> "Oh."
  393. [00:30:47] <Mary> "Your castle's doors are wide open."
  394. [00:30:55] <Mary> "...And the mirror was right there."
  395. [00:31:08] <Natalie> "... You mean... there was more of..."
  396. [00:31:10] <Natalie> "..."
  397. [00:31:20] * Natalie blushes a little oh god there were probably videos of her doing lewd things weren't there
  398. [00:31:27] <Mary> "I've also done a bit of independant research..."
  399. [00:31:45] * Amaryllis goes to wait at the door, but in earshot.
  400. [00:31:47] <Mary> "I'm referring to a memory you reconstructed in your domain."
  401. [00:31:53] <Natalie> "Oh man, t-then I had the totally wrong idea!"
  402. [00:32:30] <Mary> She simply smiles. "I apologize for going in without your permission. You may do the same if you like here if I'm not present."
  403. [00:32:35] <Natalie> "I got my powers back, and you did too, so that means the way to get my form back too is..."
  404. [00:32:39] <Natalie> "... More stories."
  405. [00:32:55] * Natalie ponders on this a bit, lips curving into a smile. ".. You're right, he really does love you."
  406. [00:33:48] <Mary> "You refuse to take a path as simple as mine, I take it..." she shakes her head. "I must respect that about you."
  407. [00:34:01] <Mary> "Good luck, Natalie."
  408. [00:34:13] <Natalie> "Yeah, you too, Mary.  Or..."
  409. [00:34:21] * Natalie curves that smile into a grin. "... Little sis."
  410. [00:34:30] <Mary> Her eyes widen a bit.
  411. [00:34:31] <Natalie> "Oooh, I always wanted to call someone that~!"
  412. [00:34:35] <Mary> "Little sis..."
  413. [00:34:41] <Mary> "Oh my..."
  414. [00:34:48] <Mary> She actually blushes a bit.
  415. [00:34:54] <Natalie> "I'll come visit again, 'kay?  And you can too, anytime!"
  416. [00:35:10] * Natalie starts to lead Ammy and Prickles out the door, waving.
  417. [00:35:14] <Mary> She nods. "Take care."
  418. [00:35:19] <Mary> Prickles is dragged along, :<ing.
  419. [00:35:50] <Mary> "She creeps me out a bit." he whispers, shivering, into Ammy's ear out of their earshot. "This entire place does, a bit."
  420. [00:35:51] * Natalie happily marches out the doors and holds him up, looking him in the soulless-looking cactuar face once they're out. "Hm? What's wrong?"
  421. [00:36:07] <Amaryllis> "Do you believe a bond between Summoner and Eidolon transcends all others then? An Eidolon must stand alone at the side of their Summoner?" Ammy says quietly as they leave.
  422. [00:36:07] <Natalie> "Oh..."
  423. [00:36:08] * Mary is now known as Prickles
  424. [00:36:11] <Prickles> "O-oh, it's just a bit of my nerves..."
  425. [00:36:37] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry Mr. Prickles. I did not think of how you must feel."
  426. [00:36:46] <Prickles> Prickles didn't say that in front of NAT D:
  427. [00:36:51] <Prickles> He's more polite than that.
  428. [00:37:00] <Prickles> Or more dispolite, perhaps
  429. [00:37:04] <Prickles> depending on the viewpoint
  430. [00:37:08] <Prickles> impolite
  431. [00:37:11] <Natalie> Nah, that can be a response to the fact that he only said it to Ammy too!
  432. [00:37:16] <Natalie> ALSO IMPOLITE, HE'S IN A CORNER
  433. [00:37:33] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  Sorry, Ammy.  We're part of the world, and that's how the world... interacts with the people on it, you know?  Even if I don't really have my memories, that's just a feeling I have."
  434. [00:38:10] <Prickles> Renegade: "An epitaph copy of an eidolon. Most intriguing. Perhaps I'll dissect her... ..that was a joke."
  435. [00:38:16] <Natalie> "Better me."
  436. [00:38:19] * Natalie nyehs
  437. [00:38:22] <Natalie> -me +be
  438. [00:38:25] <Natalie> well that got ruined
  439. [00:38:40] <Amaryllis> "How lonely." Ammy comments, glancing at the tiara after a moment. "And how cruel." Said more quietly. She shuffles along. "Come on, let's go see your castle."
  440. [00:38:50] <Natalie> "Point is, she's happy so I'm happy!"
  441. [00:39:22] <Natalie> "It's only bad if you wanna think it's bad; I sure don't."  Still as cheery as ever, Nat shakes off badfeelings and skips ahead.
  442. [00:39:22] <Prickles> The crystal castle is bright as it's always been, with about 80% less mirror shards all over the floor.
  443. [00:39:33] <Natalie> THAT'S A LOT LESS
  444. [00:39:36] <Natalie> ARE THERE EVEN ANY AT ALL?
  446. [00:39:55] <Natalie> ... sorry.
  447. [00:40:09] <Prickles> Looking closer, seems like the shards haven't vanished, but were swept into small piles.
  448. [00:40:20] <Prickles> ...perhaps manually. Did Mary do this?
  449. [00:40:51] <Amaryllis> "An Eidolon should not be so alone." And with that Ammy is pretty much silent the rest of the way to Nat's castle.
  450. [00:40:51] * Natalie skips a little less and walks quietly into the castle. "... I really screwed up by thinking she was bad at first, didn't I?"
  451. [00:40:56] <Natalie> Come on, who else can even COME to this place?
  452. [00:41:14] <Amaryllis> (<--)
  453. [00:41:20] <Natalie> ...
  454. [00:41:21] <Amaryllis> (DUN DUN DUN)
  455. [00:41:23] <Prickles> You're currently in the entrance hall. There's the counterpart dining room to Mary's, as well as stairs leading up to different rooms.
  456. [00:41:24] <Natalie> WELL THEN
  457. [00:41:50] * Natalie spins around and giggles. "Hey Renny, whatcha think? Nice place, huh?"
  458. [00:42:14] <Natalie> "I'd make you all some tea too if I... uh... knew... how."
  459. [00:42:52] <Prickles> Renegade: "I prefer isolated arcane towers, myself. The mansion is simply for my family. I suppose it's not bad, though."
  460. [00:43:12] <Natalie> "Hmm... I wonder if I could build something like that?  It's my world, after all!"
  461. [00:43:34] <Prickles> Prickles seems much more at ease on this side.
  462. [00:43:36] <Natalie> "But, no.  I'm only here to ask for my memories."
  463. [00:43:39] <Amaryllis> "I am sure, given time, you can build whatever you wish."
  464. [00:44:12] * Natalie takes a few steps in and pauses. "... I wonder if I even need to, though?"
  465. [00:44:14] <Prickles> Prickles: "There seem to be quite a few rooms here... should we explore them?"
  466. [00:44:18] <Natalie> "Since I can make NEW ones now."
  467. [00:44:28] <Prickles> Most of the mirrors hanging around remain broken, except the one at the top of the stairs.
  468. [00:44:33] <Natalie> "Oh, right, sorry!  Yeah.. I guess we're still here so we might as well."
  469. [00:45:01] * Natalie starts to pick them up but hesitates, remembering (miraculously) how last time they did they they saw a video and got booted out.
  470. [00:45:46] <Prickles> Prickles climbs over to Natalie's shoulders, looking around.
  471. [00:45:58] <Prickles> Where to?
  472. [00:46:11] * Amaryllis simply follows Nat around for now, waiting to let her pick where to explore.
  473. [00:46:17] * Natalie lets him on, cheerily looking around... shit, she actually looks to him and Ammy for direction where to go first.
  474. [00:46:23] <Natalie> Oh, just Prickles then.
  475. [00:46:28] <Natalie> SPIN THE WHEEL OF FATE, LITTLE CACTUAR
  476. [00:46:37] <Prickles> 1dcactuar
  477. [00:46:46] <Natalie> The answer is 'CACTUAR'
  478. [00:46:52] <Prickles> 1d8
  479. [00:46:57] <Prickles> ...
  480. [00:47:00] <Natalie> Since there's probably not a cactuar room - or dicemaid in this channel - she just goes upstairs.
  481. [00:47:14] <Natalie> And... to the first room on the...
  482. [00:47:20] <Natalie> ...
  483. [00:47:42] <Natalie> No better idea she closes her eyes and follows her Ruby to whichever one feels the most significant.
  484. [00:48:02] <Natalie> Which probably doesn't do anything at all and leads to bumping into walls and such.  Let's see!
  485. [00:48:24] * Amaryllis is at least gonna keep Nat from bumping into walls silly.
  486. [00:48:30] <Natalie> D'awww.
  487. [00:48:31] <Prickles> Bump.. bump...
  488. [00:48:38] <Prickles> Oh, those aren't walls.
  489. [00:48:42] <Prickles> But they're bumps.
  490. [00:48:43] <Prickles> hm...
  491. [00:48:49] * Natalie creaks an eye open.
  492. [00:48:59] <Prickles> Just bumped into Ammy. No big deal.
  493. [00:48:59] <Natalie> obviously they're ALL FOUR FIENDS AT ONCE ROLL INITIATIVE
  494. [00:49:01] <Natalie> Oh okay.
  495. [00:49:11] <Prickles> Your hand closes around a door handle, and you push it open.
  496. [00:50:34] <Prickles> Inside this room is... huh. You appear to be in a little hut, somewhere. In the middle of a forest, from the look through the windows.
  497. [00:51:05] <Natalie> "Hnnn.... this doesn't feel like a castle at all anymore."
  498. [00:51:16] * Amaryllis steps in as well and takes a look around. "A memory?"
  499. [00:51:28] <Natalie> "It could be.  C'mon, let's check it out!"
  500. [00:52:08] <Prickles> There's a warm-looking red cat bed next to a wall, and a roughly carved wooden dresser, with a mirror. There are paintings, on the wall, of various green beasts with red jewels on their foreheads. Some cats, some dogs, birds, or lizards.
  501. [00:52:42] <Prickles> There's also a cot for someone human sized to sleep.
  502. [00:52:51] * Natalie approaches the mirror first, because these ALWAYS end up being symbolic.
  503. [00:53:02] * Amaryllis takes a look at the paintings.
  504. [00:53:19] <Natalie> "Are those... me?  That's a lotta me."
  505. [00:54:21] <Prickles> Oil pantings, well preserved despite the dirty hovel floor. An easel is nearby with a blank canvas. They depict various possible "Carbuncles". Not variant legends, but sort of 'what ifs', perhaps.
  506. [00:55:23] <Prickles> The mirror itself reflects Natalie not as a human, but as
  507. [00:55:24] * Natalie reaches at her stomach and pinches around before reaching the realization that she's not wearing her coat from earlier, so the plushie probably isn't there to reference. Shame!
  508. [00:55:26] <Amaryllis> "It is not unheard of for an Eidolon to change its form through the ages. As the stories and myths change, as do they." Ammy says, though her voice is noticeable lacking the energy it had before, back to her monotone. She takes out a quill and begins to sketch one of the paintings in her journal.
  509. [00:55:33] <Natalie> k y a a a
  510. [00:55:56] * Natalie closes her eyes and reopens them, reaching up to feel if that's the case too. "Ammy, Ammy look!"
  511. [00:56:12] <Prickles> No, you're definitely Natalie, but the mirror says different.
  512. [00:56:18] * Amaryllis turns to peer at the mirror.
  513. [00:56:24] * Amaryllis steps over to Nat's side.
  514. [00:56:28] * Natalie ruffles her own hair ruffleruffle.
  515. [00:56:33] <Prickles> There is the actual Carbuncle, just sort of floating in midair in the reflection.
  516. [00:56:39] <Prickles> Ruffle ruffle, the reflection ruffles hers too.
  517. [00:56:39] <Natalie> ... Yep, not fur.
  518. [00:57:06] <Natalie> "Eheh... my world remembers me."
  519. [00:57:23] <Prickles> But... why is this little hut significant?
  520. [00:57:40] <Amaryllis> Does Ammy see Nat Nat or Cat Nat?
  521. [00:57:56] <Prickles> You see what Nat sees, namely Nat looking at Cat Nat in the mirror
  522. [00:57:57] <Natalie> You're right, we should probably check that out.  Thanks, Hint Machine!
  523. [00:58:41] * Natalie does make some arrangements so Mirrorbuncle's fur looks as pretty as possible, but eventually turns from the mirror to check the hut in more detail.
  524. [00:58:45] <Prickles> Ammy can also see a clear view of outside, aside from the forest, there's a beautiful, sparkling lake... with red water? It somehow doesn't look disgusting.
  525. [00:58:46] <Amaryllis> "That is indeed your usual form!" Ammy steps forward quickly to get a better look at the mirror. "Try touching it."
  526. [00:59:07] <Natalie> Oh, that's good advice.  She spins back around and does just that.
  527. [00:59:18] <Amaryllis> Has Ammy turned into a cat too? Maybe it's just a catification mirror.
  528. [00:59:24] <Prickles> Fingers meet glass, a paw pushes against to meet yours, but nothing.
  529. [00:59:27] <Prickles> Ammy is still Ammy.
  530. [00:59:46] <Natalie> "... Hey there, me.  I sure missed you."
  531. [00:59:56] * Natalie winks at it and THEN steps back to examine the hut more.
  532. [01:00:45] <Prickles> The castle door seems to be superimposed ghost-like over a much small wooden door belonging to the hut. It's about four feet high and... looks more like a cat flap to be honest.
  533. [01:00:51] * Amaryllis moves over to the window, looking over the lake. "Ruby red."
  534. [01:01:30] <Natalie> "Haha... my world sure does have some sense of humor."
  535. [01:02:11] * Natalie closes her eyes and sniffs, taking in the scent. "... But it really feels familiar. Maybe it's somewhere I've been before?"
  536. [01:02:19] <Natalie> "So, like you said, a memory."
  537. [01:03:33] <Amaryllis> "This realm of yours is made of them."
  538. [01:03:50] <Natalie> "I guess we should've stopped by more often, huh..."
  539. [01:04:47] <Prickles> It SMELLS familiar, too. You can make out distinct scents here. ...You. This place smells like you.
  540. [01:04:50] <Amaryllis> "The castle was not always so orderly. I have visited many times over the years, and I still remember the first." Ammy frowns.
  541. [01:05:29] <Prickles> Over to Ammy's right, there's another painting, of the same red waterfront that's outside, with a little plaque that says "Ruby Lake"
  542. [01:05:39] <Amaryllis> "I admit, I had been afraid for a time to see the state of this place. The feeling that it just all returns to nothing."
  543. [01:06:07] <Prickles> ...and afterward, you see something else - one of those wooden "Home Sweet Home" signs.
  544. [01:06:18] <Natalie> "... Just like all the me on the walls and in the mirror, I can feel it."  Nat barely gives Ammy much attention to start rambling herself.  "There's more me in here than I ever remember feeling."
  545. [01:06:33] <Natalie> "Even more than the crystal memories, or when I use my Ruby to help everyone..."
  546. [01:07:12] <Amaryllis> "Who's the cot for?"
  547. [01:07:23] * Natalie actually approaches the blank canvas, staring at it... also blankly.
  548. [01:07:40] <Prickles> There's a palette and brush nearby, too.
  549. [01:07:47] <Natalie> "For me?  To take naps maybe?"
  550. [01:07:51] <Natalie> "Sounds like me."
  551. [01:08:13] <Amaryllis> "Ah, I had not considered..." She looks down to the cat bed.
  552. [01:08:31] <Amaryllis> "I suppose you would need both."
  553. [01:08:44] <Natalie> "... Yeah."
  554. [01:09:03] * Natalie kneels down at the canvas, just staring at it. "Hey Ammy..."
  555. [01:09:12] <Prickles> Seems like this might have been a place Carbuncle stayed in long, long ago. ...a home? A place to call her own?
  556. [01:09:15] <Natalie> "Oh, you too," she pats Mr. Prickles.
  557. [01:09:28] <Natalie> "Whaddaya think about this?"
  558. [01:09:32] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  559. [01:09:33] <Prickles> "Hm?" he's been nosing around, but looks up at the canvas.
  560. [01:09:56] <Natalie> "It's blank... like my memories were, maybe?"
  561. [01:10:17] <Amaryllis> "You must have been a painter." Ammy muses.
  562. [01:10:31] <Natalie> "Maybe someone's supposed to paint me again, like all these, but whoever did it just forgot to... yeah, especially if it was me."
  563. [01:10:50] <Natalie> "And come on, some of those just look WEIRD."
  564. [01:11:04] * Natalie is looking at you, ugly burrowing ruby lizard.
  565. [01:11:13] <Prickles> :3?
  566. [01:11:17] <Natalie> :4
  567. [01:12:04] <Amaryllis> "But you must have painted them for a reason regardless."
  568. [01:12:23] <Natalie> "I can't really say whether it's true or not..."
  569. [01:12:51] <Natalie> "... But I don't think painting's my thing.  If I would guess who painted these, it'd be all the Summoners I'd had before.  Or maybe the stories told about me?  One of those?"
  570. [01:13:14] <Amaryllis> "Or perhaps simply friends of yours through the ages."
  571. [01:13:23] <Natalie> "... Yeah."
  572. [01:13:34] * Amaryllis picks up the palette. "May I?"
  573. [01:13:41] <Prickles> As Nat says that, scents come to her nostrils. Various humans who've slept in the cot.
  574. [01:13:46] * Natalie turns to Ammy and gives a sweet smile. "I don't think I said it right earlier... but Summoners and friends are the same thing."
  575. [01:13:54] <Natalie> And then she shuts up and sniffs.
  576. [01:14:16] <Prickles> Weird, how can you tell just from an odor?
  577. [01:14:33] <Prickles> but that's it, basically, a confirmation that this bed was for others.
  578. [01:14:40] <Amaryllis> "Oh." Ammy suddenly looks very confused.
  579. [01:14:44] <Natalie> "They're all important... I help them all and they help me too."  Who cares, it's a mindworld!  "Whether good or bad..."
  580. [01:15:01] * Natalie stands and approaches the cot, looking down at it and shaking their heads. "Yeah, this isn't for me."
  581. [01:15:05] <Natalie> "It's here for you."
  582. [01:15:27] <Natalie> ... their heads
  583. [01:15:29] <Natalie> Shaking her head.
  584. [01:15:48] <Amaryllis> "What do you mean?"
  585. [01:16:39] <Natalie> "It belongs to my friends.  Humans I've met, Summoners... even if they didn't come to this world like you and I are now - or maybe they did? - they all slept here, me in that bed over there."
  586. [01:18:50] <Natalie> "You get it now?  They're all people that made me happy... I don't remember their names or their faces, but how they smell, how they feel?  That's all here."
  587. [01:19:22] * Natalie walks over to the catbed and pats it down, comically sitting on it despite being waaaaay too big. "Anyway, um."
  588. [01:19:33] <Amaryllis> "I...see." A warm smile starts to spread across Ammy's face. "You had honestly worried me back at Mary's castle...The idea that a Summoner comes first before all else for an Eidolon. But if you mean all of your friends and companions..."
  589. [01:19:56] <Natalie> "A Summoner isn't any different from any other friend.  I let them summon me because I like them in the first place!"
  590. [01:20:09] <Natalie> "I know from what I've written and what the crystal showed me, Eiko's a good person."
  591. [01:20:10] <Prickles> Prickles: "Hmm... I wonder if she sees it that way." :<
  592. [01:20:12] <Amaryllis> "Well, you ought at least be clear about that, should you not?" Ammy turns around and walks over to give Nat a hug.
  593. [01:20:35] <Prickles> Prickles: "...I like this place. Very earthy."
  594. [01:20:52] <Natalie> "Hehehe..."  Nat gives Ammy a counterhug, but pulls back.  "I think she does, though.  After all, she's my one and only little sister now!"
  595. [01:21:04] <Natalie> "So, if we're going to paint something on that, uh... why don't we all do it together?"
  596. [01:21:35] <Prickles> Prickles: "Alright..."
  597. [01:21:41] <Natalie> "If these were all me, then I wanna be a new me, from the feelings of my best friend."
  598. [01:21:46] <Prickles> The little cactuar tries to push something over he can stand on.
  599. [01:21:49] <Amaryllis> "An Eidolon does not stand alone by their Summoner. They stand by all those that comprise their past legends and tales, and they stand by those who are their friends now, helping write their new stories. And sometimes they must lead, not simply be lead, by a Summoner. I am sorry, but that is something I do not believe Mary truly understands."
  600. [01:21:53] * Natalie smiles at Ammy then darts over to Prickles. "... Friends!"
  601. [01:22:02] <Natalie> er, eyes dart over, rather
  602. [01:22:13] <Amaryllis> "But yes, I do believe a new portrait is in order."
  603. [01:22:33] <Natalie> "If she doesn't, then I'll be the one to show her.  Trust me, okay?"
  604. [01:23:08] <Natalie> ... Oh, important question, did Celina's ribbon come too?  To the dreamworld?
  605. [01:23:25] <Prickles> As you think of it, you feel it in your arms.
  606. [01:23:36] <Natalie> ~
  607. [01:23:47] <Natalie> "Yeah... all my friends."
  608. [01:23:58] <Natalie> "Or, well, you know, a lot of them!"
  609. [01:26:18] * Amaryllis takes up a paintbrush if it's available. "Well, shall I put the first strokes on this new painting then?"
  610. [01:26:47] * Natalie takes some time in the mirror, observing its features. "Yeah, whaddaya think'd look good?"
  611. [01:28:47] * Amaryllis looks Nat over, then walks up and takes the ribbon, wrapping it around the girl like a scarf. "Celina and I did not get along, but she was important to you, was she not?" She steps back and takes a look again.
  612. [01:28:50] <Natalie> "If I need to keep wearing that tiara it won't be very comfy if my ears're that high..."
  613. [01:29:24] * Natalie looks at Ammy and nods a bit, sadly. "... Most of her's already gone. But as long as I have this I can't forget her... kinda weird, isn't it?"
  614. [01:30:30] <Natalie> "Unlike what I wrote, s'long as I'm wearing this it doesn't feel dangerous at all."
  615. [01:31:20] <Amaryllis> "Not at all strange. Such objects are imbued with the power of story itself."
  616. [01:32:25] <Amaryllis> "Let us paint you as you are now. After all, we have only ever known each other this way."
  617. [01:32:30] <Natalie> "Hehe... guess so."
  618. [01:33:33] * Natalie steps back a bit. "You... sure, Ammy? All these are... Eidolon-y, aren't they? But me right now looks totally different from all those."
  619. [01:34:07] <Amaryllis> "Did you know Bahamut used to be a fish? And what about Ramuh?"
  620. [01:34:37] <Natalie> "Huh..."
  621. [01:35:21] * Natalie slings herself over Ammy's back, giving the latter a big hug. "Do you WANT me to look like that forever? I think that's what my world's asking you."
  622. [01:35:42] <Natalie> "Even I could probably be a big dragon!  Or a scary monster... or a fish."
  623. [01:36:26] <Amaryllis> "Would you prefer I drew a fish? A two headed fish. You would have two rubies, which is better than one, is it not?"
  624. [01:36:43] <Natalie> "Pffffhahaha, what would I even DO with two rubies?"
  625. [01:37:09] <Natalie> "Just one's bad enough, I have to clean it all the time, and sometimes it gets dirty..."
  626. [01:37:38] <Amaryllis> "A hydra then, with dozens of heads and dozens of rubies!"
  627. [01:37:52] <Natalie> "Then I'd lose track of them all!"
  628. [01:38:00] * Natalie totally cracks up of course
  629. [01:38:01] <Prickles> Prickles just 80's as usual
  630. [01:38:17] <Natalie> confirmed, he now dresses in '80s fashion
  631. [01:38:22] <Natalie> big hair, shoulder pads
  632. [01:38:43] <Amaryllis> "In any case, what would you prefer I paint?"
  633. [01:39:15] <Natalie> "Hmm... well, I was just going to be boring and be old-me with some new touches.  But isn't what my friend thinks more important?"
  634. [01:39:22] <Natalie> "So it's 1,1up to you!"
  635. [01:39:50] <Amaryllis> (UGLY BURROWING RUBY LIZARD TIME)
  636. [01:39:58] <Natalie> (/me loads shotgun)
  637. [01:40:00] <Natalie> (Out back.)
  638. [01:40:11] <Amaryllis> (I escalate to ugly lizards)
  639. [01:40:23] <Natalie> (I die now)
  640. [01:41:31] * Amaryllis thinks for a moment, then gets a smirk on her face. "What if I drew you as you were now, but older?"
  641. [01:41:45] <Amaryllis> "There is a certain other Eidolon I know who might take a fancy to that."
  642. [01:41:53] <Natalie> "... I have a feeling someone would like that, but uh, who was it..."
  643. [01:42:10] <Amaryllis> "Cait Sith."
  644. [01:42:18] * Natalie snaps her fingers. "That's it!"
  645. [01:42:28] <Natalie> "... Why didn't I write his name?"
  646. [01:42:33] <Natalie> "Or... anything else..."
  647. [01:42:54] * Natalie realizes that pretty much EVERYTHING about him is gone. Ow.
  648. [01:42:57] <Amaryllis> "Oh I wrote his name for you once, but you scribbled it out." Is the diary here?
  649. [01:45:38] <Amaryllis> Well, if it is, Ammy is totally opening up to the page with the huge heart and showing Nat.
  650. [01:45:53] <Prickles> Hmmm
  651. [01:46:03] <Prickles> It.. ISN'T, unfortunately.
  652. [01:46:04] <Natalie> (I accidentally mentioned it earlier because I forgot)
  653. [01:46:06] <Natalie> (whoops~)
  654. [01:46:38] <Natalie> "Huh... why'd I do that?"
  655. [01:47:20] <Amaryllis> "Oh, no reason." She grins, happy for once to be on the other side of teasing cat brigade. Sort of.
  656. [01:47:30] * Natalie becomes a question mark.
  657. [01:48:44] <Amaryllis> "Nevermind, nevermind! So, shall I paint you an older human form? Or perhaps a form closer to that of Mary's? She does not look quite like your old form after all. Or perhaps simply your old form."
  658. [01:49:01] <Natalie> "Huh?  Which one of hers?  The one that looks like me?"
  659. [01:49:05] <Amaryllis> "We could stay here all day arguing about who has to make the decision of what portrait gets painted, but eventually one of us must decide."
  660. [01:49:50] * Natalie giggles. "Don't worry! I'll go with whatever you want, Ammy. YOU'RE my precious friend and all."
  661. [01:50:12] <Amaryllis> "Then I'm drawing the twelve-headed lizard." Ammy crosses her arms.
  662. [01:50:27] <Prickles> Prickles watches you two push the proverbial and literal paintbrush back and forth a bit.
  663. [01:50:39] * Natalie countercrosses. "Oh, come on! You couldn't even make that fit in there!"
  664. [01:50:42] <Prickles> "Perhaps... the older human form?"
  665. [01:51:22] <Amaryllis> "What if I simply did both? The older human form and a cat form perched on its shoulder."
  666. [01:51:39] <Natalie> :D  "That's actually great!"
  667. [01:51:54] <Prickles> "Very well then, let's see it done!"
  668. [01:51:54] <Amaryllis> "Or, reflected over the center of the canvas, as if in a mirror?"
  669. [01:52:17] <Natalie> "Whichever one you think you can do's fine.  Painting is tough!"
  670. [01:52:34] * Natalie hangs over, 1,1casting Faith even if this doesn't need rolls because that is so cute
  671. [01:53:44] <Natalie> "Not having a little me'd be weird, because then nobody would get to use that bed."  :<
  672. [01:53:53] <Natalie> "Well I guess you could..."  Nat pats Prickles a gain.
  673. [01:54:03] <Prickles> Prickles pats you too.
  674. [01:54:04] <Natalie> -space
  675. [01:54:13] <Natalie> Cute.
  676. [01:54:51] * Amaryllis turns and starts to paint, a mirrored portrait of an older Nat on one side, looking to be in her early twenties, and on the other.
  677. [01:55:00] <Natalie> (I am preloading my shotgun)
  678. [01:56:06] <Amaryllis> (do I get to roll my ridiculous perform? Also Ammy totally positioned that ribbon for optimal painting, would I get that perform bonus?)
  679. [01:56:15] <Amaryllis> (yes I am being silly deal with it :D)
  680. [01:56:18] <Natalie> (oh fuck hnnnnggggh I can't even argue this)
  681. [01:56:28] <Natalie> (was so expecting ruby lizard)
  682. [01:57:00] <Prickles> Roll a perform somewhere with all the bonuses, I'm just curious
  683. [01:57:07] <Natalie> (Include Faith!)
  684. [01:58:18] * Amaryllis equips her center stage accessory. how lewd. :V
  685. [01:58:20] <Amaryllis> 2d6+13
  686. [01:58:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+13: 18 [2d6=1,4]
  687. [01:58:25] <Amaryllis> 1d6 reroll the 1
  688. [01:58:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll the 1: 4 [1d6=4]
  689. [01:58:39] <Amaryllis> 21!
  690. [01:58:48] <Natalie> NICE FOURS
  692. [01:59:28] <Amaryllis> YOU KNOW DUBS DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT?
  693. [01:59:36] <Natalie> YEAH I DO BROFIVE
  694. [02:00:02] <Prickles> You people are silly.
  695. [02:00:37] <Prickles> In any case, Ammy paints up quite a breathtaking picture with the oil paints, one that looks ready to take its place among the others.
  696. [02:00:54] * Natalie hangs over Ammy during the whole thing, keeping suggestions to herself and happily accepting the way it looks.
  697. [02:01:03] <Natalie> Maybe tickling Prickles somewhere during it.
  698. [02:01:05] <Natalie> Mr. Tickles.
  699. [02:01:22] <Prickles> Prickles does tickle.
  700. [02:01:27] <Natalie> u g u u
  701. [02:01:50] <Prickles> Renegade's memory construct seems to be elsewhere during all of this.
  702. [02:01:54] <Prickles> Or maybe he's everywhere.
  703. [02:01:57] <Prickles> Hard to tell.
  704. [02:02:02] <Natalie> "Nn~nn~"  Oh he's spying, that pervert.
  705. [02:02:09] <Amaryllis> (he's tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down)
  706. [02:02:32] <Natalie> "That really looks good, you sure are better than I probably would've been at this!  ... It's a me I'd be happy being, I guess."
  707. [02:02:45] <Natalie> "Like a lot of these... except that one," she says pointing at ugly burrowing ruby lizard.
  708. [02:03:16] <Amaryllis> "Thank you."
  709. [02:03:25] <Amaryllis> "Hm, you are right. It could use another half dozen heads."
  710. [02:04:04] <Natalie> "They'd have to be tiny heads, since you used all that space," she sticks a tongue out.
  711. [02:06:09] <Amaryllis> "So, what now? I suppose it shall have to dry properly before it can be hung up with the others."
  712. [02:06:32] <Natalie> "Ohh... is that how it works?"
  713. [02:07:07] <Amaryllis> "I could also expedite the process." Ammy holds up her lantern to the painting. Intuitive heating!
  714. [02:07:14] <Prickles> Drydrydrydry
  715. [02:07:17] <Prickles> sure is a dry painting.
  716. [02:07:19] <Natalie> "D-Don't burn it!"
  717. [02:07:29] * Natalie gets comically flustered, unlike her usual self.
  718. [02:07:58] <Natalie> Though yeah she brings her ruby closer to it, since it's naturally slightly warm.  Nyeh!
  719. [02:08:01] * Amaryllis laughs a little as she pulls back the lantern. "See? It is perfectly fine. Now then, shall we hang this up?"
  720. [02:08:12] <Natalie> "Yeah, let's!"
  721. [02:08:21] <Natalie> "And..."
  722. [02:08:28] <Natalie> "... Thanks."
  723. [02:08:49] <Amaryllis> "Of course Nat."
  724. [02:08:50] <Natalie> "I don't know how many friends I've had this fun with before, but this time, I'm definitely glad!"  =^-^=
  725. [02:09:00] <Natalie> this much, even
  726. [02:09:52] <Prickles> 80
  727. [02:10:55] * Natalie gives Prickles a nice head-pat. Again.
  728. [02:11:18] <Prickles> Prickles gives Nat a bit of a hug~
  729. [02:11:27] <Natalie> He tries his best!
  730. [02:11:52] <Prickles> You get the picture hung up right next to the dresser, and immediately all of you feel a great sense of satisfaction.
  731. [02:12:02] <Natalie> <3
  732. [02:12:58] * Natalie considers getting Renegade's attention, but decides to be content standing in place and looking at it.
  733. [02:13:12] * Amaryllis sighs contentedly.
  734. [02:14:49] <Prickles> Something feels 'right' about the room now. And somewhere, deep in the back of her mind, her connection to her long lost domain, the House on Ruby Lake, seems to return.
  735. [02:15:48] * Natalie finally turns away from it after a few moments. "Yeah... That's how it should be."
  736. [02:15:54] <Natalie> "'Kay!  Ready to go?"
  737. [02:16:11] * Amaryllis nods. "Where to now?"
  738. [02:16:51] * Natalie scratches her head, minding the tiara. "Well, I could sit around watching memories all day..."
  739. [02:17:34] <Natalie> "But I don't want to!  I'd rather leave something out if my little sis comes by again.  You know... like a present."
  740. [02:17:52] * Natalie attempts to reenter the castle through the probably-small-door.
  741. [02:17:56] <Amaryllis> "It may help attune that tiara if you did watch them." Ammy ponders.
  742. [02:18:09] <Natalie> "Well... okay, maybe one."
  743. [02:18:33] <Prickles> You find yourself in the hallway again.
  744. [02:18:39] * Amaryllis follows Nat out as well
  745. [02:18:41] <Natalie> "The others could be waiting for us, right?"
  746. [02:19:09] * Natalie swings over... any railing if there is any, assuming this is the second floor, and heads to the room that seems to be the kitchen.
  747. [02:19:48] <Amaryllis> "I was thinking we could simply go meet them at New Cleyra. I believe I kept you from properly enjoying the town in my haste to fetch the proof Renegade requested."
  748. [02:20:05] <Prickles> There's a grand kitchen and dinining room, though it's not quite like Mary's. The table and room don't stretch out endlessly with a personal seat for her on one end - it's a small room with a round table.
  749. [02:20:29] <Natalie> Hmm, is there anything there?  Is it just foodstuffs that magically appear?
  750. [02:21:08] <Prickles> Over in the kitchen there is quite the store of fish! Oglops, pastries, fruit...
  751. [02:21:16] <Amaryllis> You have a chef on hand...
  752. [02:21:29] * Natalie salivates a little oh god but no that's not the purpose here, focus, focus...
  753. [02:21:57] <Natalie> Are there any cookies here?  And milk.  Tea might get cold if left out too long.
  754. [02:22:20] <Prickles> Yep yep yep
  755. [02:22:43] <Natalie> Yeah alright, all those things are fetched and Nat just heads back to the entryway... maybe eating one but oh god she can't help herself
  756. [02:23:11] <Natalie> Any sort of... paper or anything to write on?  And a writing utensil at that?
  757. [02:24:04] * Natalie has a fucking ruby laser with which to burn shit into the floor but that's unnecessarily violent.
  758. [02:24:08] <Prickles> What you want seems readily available here.
  759. [02:24:14] <Amaryllis> "I could cook something, you know, Nat. Surely that much you remember I can do." Ammy teases.
  760. [02:24:49] <Natalie> Good, just a little note!  "Nah... if you cook it'll get cold.  And besides, that's how she sees her big sis, didn't you notice?  Milk and cookies," her tongue sticks out.
  761. [02:24:54] <Natalie> And the note says...
  762. [02:24:56] <Natalie> hmm let's see here
  763. [02:25:05] <Amaryllis> "I may disagree with Mary, but you are my friend. So if you wish for me to prepare something..." Ammy goes into the kitchen and looks around anyway. Eats a bit of sashimi.
  764. [02:25:40] * Natalie struggles with it, not sure whether to write 'Welcome' or 'Enjoy' or 'Sorry' or 'Thanks'... but writes the ', little sis' part at the end first.
  765. [02:25:52] <Natalie> Oh, and a <3
  766. [02:26:03] <Natalie> ... scratch that maybe a ☆
  767. [02:26:15] <Natalie> Nah, just loads of hearts and stars all around it
  769. [02:26:50] <Natalie> ...
  770. [02:27:02] <Amaryllis> "With that kind of drawing...One might be confused whether you are signing the note as 'little sis' or addressing a 'little sis'." Ammy teases as she looks over the note.
  771. [02:27:11] * Natalie finally has a lightbulb and starts it with 'Love you,' .
  772. [02:27:18] <Natalie> "There, that makes sense!  Right?"
  773. [02:27:56] <Natalie> "It's not like I have any big sisters who'll crash in here and make fun of me anyway."
  774. [02:27:59] <Natalie> "..."
  775. [02:28:05] <Natalie> "If I do, I tooootally forgot they existed."
  776. [02:30:00] <Natalie> "Now, almost done here..."
  777. [02:30:07] <Amaryllis> "It is quite simple, to be sure."
  778. [02:30:12] <Natalie> There're still mirrors with missing pieces with the last one on this floor, right?
  779. [02:30:17] <Natalie> ...
  780. [02:30:18] <Natalie> wow
  781. [02:30:23] <Natalie> Missing pieces like the last one.
  782. [02:30:53] <Prickles> Yep! But reobtaining a memory will have to wait... looks like the place is starting to fade away again!
  783. [02:31:07] * Natalie expects this BUT!
  784. [02:31:09] <Prickles> Better finish that note quick D:
  785. [02:31:15] <Natalie> ... Any closeby that're still intact?
  786. [02:31:22] <Natalie> Intact enough to be looked at.
  787. [02:31:31] <Prickles> Just the one with Cid and Alexandria.
  788. [02:31:42] <Natalie> Good enough, as long as it functions as a normal mirror!
  789. [02:31:51] <Prickles> Oh! You meant like that.
  790. [02:31:58] <Prickles> Yeah, there's a few of those~
  791. [02:31:58] * Natalie spends the fading-away time finishing the note and looking at the mirror to see who looks back.
  792. [02:33:01] <Prickles> You see the cute creature Ammy drew, this time, instead of the old carbuncle. :3
  793. [02:33:28] * Natalie smiles, satisfied, and waves at it, hoping to watch its cute little paw as the world vanishes.
  794. [02:33:29] <Prickles> CLOSE ENOUGH
  795. [02:33:36] <Prickles> Wavepaw!
  796. [02:33:49] <Natalie> Heart attack initiated!
  797. [02:33:52] <Prickles> And then the world around you fades away.
  798. [02:34:05] <Prickles> You find yourselves back in the Renegade's library with a full bottle of mist.
  799. [02:34:37] <Natalie> "... Nnf.  Ooh... that was a lot of fun."
  800. [02:34:52] * Amaryllis takes the Mist and packs it back away in her bag. "And now, with any luck, you shall remember we did that and you can ask me to visit whenever you like."
  801. [02:35:23] * Natalie nods. "I'll try! ... Have we done it that way before?"
  802. [02:35:26] <Amaryllis> "Though, it is a little taxing on me, so please don't ask for too many frivolous trips." Ammy smiles.
  803. [02:35:46] <Natalie> "Ohh, wait a second.  Where DID Renny go during all that anyway?"
  804. [02:35:58] * Natalie handhips. "Was he spying on my memories?"
  805. [02:36:42] <Prickles> Renegade: "Yes."
  806. [02:36:46] <Natalie> "Oh."
  807. [02:36:55] <Natalie> "... Well that's fine!"
  808. [02:37:09] <Prickles> Renegade: "Not that there was too much to see, but I gathered some very interesting data..."
  809. [02:37:17] <Prickles> Renegade: "Interesting to myself at least."
  810. [02:37:43] <Amaryllis> "What kind of data?"
  811. [02:37:46] <Natalie> "Good, I hope it helps!  But we should probably go back and..."  Yaaaawn.  "Meet the... others..."
  812. [02:39:06] <Prickles> Renegade: "Unique sample data. The properties of an amnesiac eidolon, for example."
  813. [02:39:12] <Amaryllis> "Shall we perhaps rest befoe returning to New Cleyra then Nat?"
  814. [02:39:25] * Natalie nods at Ammy and then her eyes widen. "Wait.."
  815. [02:39:32] <Prickles> Prickles: "Won't they be just behind us?"
  816. [02:39:35] <Natalie> "Does that um, mean you know where my amnesia came from?"
  817. [02:39:42] <Prickles> Renegade: "Not at all."
  818. [02:39:52] * Natalie droops. "Oh... worth a shot."
  819. [02:40:00] <Prickles> Renegade: "The information I gathered isn't useful to you, most likely."
  820. [02:40:36] <Natalie> "Guess not, huh?  Well, you've already helped me a bunch."
  821. [02:40:59] <Natalie> "Alright, come on, Ammy.  Time for a powernap!"
  822. [02:41:19] <Amaryllis> "...Where?" Ammy looks around the library at all the BOOKS that are not BEDS.
  823. [02:41:29] <Prickles> Oh, there's a couch.
  824. [02:41:33] <Natalie> But there are totally... oh, couches.
  825. [02:42:09] <Prickles> Prickles: "Mister Theta and Miss Lenore will probably be in Treno shortly..."
  826. [02:42:10] <Natalie> The idea was probably to go back to Theta's house or another place one could plausibly rest at, one would think, but Nat gives that idea the finger by wobbling over to and plopping down facefirst in one of those.
  827. [02:42:18] <Natalie> Then curling up without another word.
  828. [02:43:22] <Amaryllis> "You think so? I had hoped to return to New Cleyra now that this is all settled, but if they are coming here, then..." Ammy watches Nat plop over. "In any case, I suppose I shall spend this time reading then. My apologies again for troubling you by dragging you into all this." She nods at Prickles.
  829. [02:44:38] <Prickles> Prickles: "...It's quite fine." the cactuar says after a moment. "Certainly not your fault..."
  830. [02:45:28] <Amaryllis> "If there is anything I could do for you, well, I am quite free at the moment."
  831. [02:45:59] <Prickles> Prickles: "...perhaps you could..."
  832. [02:46:19] <Prickles> Prickles: " me bolster my courage?"
  833. [02:46:59] <Amaryllis> "How might I do that?" Ammy shuffles over to Prickles.
  834. [02:47:50] <Amaryllis> "...As the Inquisitor, I am not unfamiliar with techniques for inspiring fear in others, though I hardly imagine that is what you meant."
  835. [02:48:35] <Prickles> Prickles shakes his head fervently.
  836. [02:48:35] <Prickles> "P-perhaps another time then..." :< he waddles off.
  837. [02:48:49] <Amaryllis> "What is wrong?"
  838. [02:48:54] <Prickles> :< :< :<
  839. [02:48:59] <Prickles> waddle waddle waddle.
  840. [02:49:13] <Prickles> Looks like he's too afraid or embarassed to say at the moment.
  841. [02:49:15] <Natalie> OTP
  842. [02:49:25] <Amaryllis> "I suppose I should leave him alone for the moment then." Ammy turns to BOOKS.
  843. [02:49:32] <Prickles> </macro>
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