May 19th, 2018
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  1. ===========================================================MGI FAQ===========================================================
  5. -What is Monster Girl Island?
  6. Please check and before continuing.
  8. -Are there gonna be more public demos?
  9. With the release of MGI: Prologue on steam, there are no more planned public builds until the game is finished.
  11. -Who is currently working on the game?
  12. I'm the sole developer of the game. I hire freelancers for things I can't do (music, VA, etc), but I prefer doing everything within my reach myself.
  14. -Will you ever hire more people?
  15. Not permanent members, no. I still need to get a voice actress for every girl, but that's for when the game is almost ready. I'd also like to have an animated opening for the game, but I don't know how feasible that is.
  17. -I can work for free! Will you accept my help?
  18. I appreciate it, but no, sorry.
  20. -Can I make/commission fanart of your characters?
  21. Of course, go ahead! Who doesn't love fanart?
  22. As long as you don't use them for commercial purposes...of course.
  24. -Can I make videos/let's plays of your game?
  25. Of course! As long as you mention the game it's all good.
  27. -When will the game be released?
  28. It's impossible to make an estimate, but it's slowly but steadily getting there.
  30. -What software do you use to make the game?
  31. The game is built on the Unity engine. The models are made in Blender and Zbrush. I use Sai for general drawing and texturing.
  33. -What's left in development?
  34. Most of the models are done, All the systems are in place. Content is the only thing missing from the equation, I'm mostly focusing on making the remaining chapters at the moment.
  36. -What are messages in a bottle?
  37. If you pledge on the $10 tier or higher you get a customized message that has a chance of being found inside bottles in-game.
  38. Once the game is close to release you'll get a mail to submit a message for every month you pledged $10 or more.
  40. -What monster girls will be in the game, and how many?
  41. There'll be a bit over 20 girls in the game (including 1 trap). Current species include:
  42. Nekomata, Elf, Dark Elf, Arachne, Hornet girl, Frog girl, Android, Kitsune, Yuki Onna, Kasa-Obake, Slime, Sharkmaid, Centaur, Demon and Basilisk. Major unique monsters include Nydhogg, Typhon and Yggdrasil.
  43. Please keep in mind that the game is set in it's own universe, so the monsters designs might differ from your expectations based on other monster girl media.
  45. -There is a monster guy? Why is the game called Monster GIRL Island?
  46. Well, the island is certainly not literally a "monster girl island" since most of the characters are not native from there and the native population includes male elves.
  47. The name comes from the fact than on it's current state it has YOU (a guy) and 20+ girls you can date...and a trap, I guess.
  49. -What fetishes won't be in the game?
  50. Some major/popular fetishes that won't be in include (but are not limited to) futanari, furry, guro, loli/shotacon, scat.
  51. Sorry if you are a fan of those!
  53. -Will the game have voice acting?
  54. The plan is that at least every lewd scene is voiced in the final game. English VA is what's planned thus far.
  56. -Will the game be translated to my language?
  57. Not before release, if ever. Sorry.
  59. -How do I get VR builds to work?
  60. Make sure you downloaded a VR build (it must say "VR", not all builds support VR) then just start it.
  61. If it still doesn't work, launch Steam VR before double clicking the build.
  63. -Will the final game be fully playable in VR?
  64. At least all the lewd scenes will, rest of the game probably not.
  66. -How long do I have to be in the $10 tier to get a copy at release?
  67. Pledging $10 once is enough to get a key at release.
  69. -Will there be mod support at release?
  70. Nope, sorry.
  72. -Can I use models of the game for x...?
  73. Nope, sorry.
  75. -Will this be on Switch/PS4/etc
  76. Very unlikely.
  78. -Is there any official merchandise available?
  79. Not at the moment. I drew an Ara dakimakura that you can find here:
  80. You can get it printed if you want, several sites around the Internet offer that service.
  82. -Where will I be able to buy the game at release and at which price?
  83. On, maybe some other places too. Price is not decided, but you can get your key for $10 by pledging on patreon right now.
  85. -Where can I find small progress reports that don't deserve their own Patreon post?
  86. Link your Discord account on your Patreon settings and you'll get automatic access to a #patrons channel.
  87. Once there just paste this into the search bar: from: Redamz#4590 in: patrons has: image
  88. Then you'll see all my update posts.
  89. Note that everything I deem relevant ends up on Patreon anyway, you won't miss builds or new models if you don't go to discord.
  91. -Will there be a female protagonist?
  92. That'd require me to make every scene twice. Not possible, sorry...
  94. -How do routes work?
  95. In the final game you'll be able to do the scenes of several characters in one playthrough, but at the end you can only choose one girl before the ending.
  97. -Will there be a harem route?
  98. Nope.
  100. -Are there bad endings?
  101. I mean, a lot of people might consider getting Shuri scenes a bad ending, but you can't get gameovers, no.
  103. -I'm not into Shuri/Typhon, can I avoid their scenes?
  104. Yes, all scenes are avoidable (with one exception), just don't click the red choices to start them.
  106. -Can I customize my character?
  107. You'll be able to change penis size -a bit- as well as skin color of the MC, eventually.
  109. -How many outfits will each girl have? Will you make more after the game is done?
  110. Each girl will have a different number of them. Probably no more outfits after release.
  112. -Will there be a scene gallery in the final game?
  113. Already in!
  115. -Who is "Bob"?
  116. It's an ongoing meme to call "mystery girl" from the VA build that way. Don't ask why...
  118. -Suzu lewd scenes when?
  119. You monster...
  121. -Do you masturbate to your own work?
  122. ...time to wrap up this FAQ
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