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  1. -[PayPal]{RISKY} When you have the e-mail of your target, login to PayPal. Transfer .01 USD to the e-mail of your slave. When sent, you will have all of the information on the PayPal account. (Name, address, phone, etc.) But this also looks
  2. rather suspicious and gives them all you account info.
  4. -Can search people by email on facebook
  6. Enter their Skype username and it feeds back their last used IP:
  8. https://mostwantedhf.info/
  9. http://skypegrab.net/resolver.php
  10. http://skresolver.com/
  11. https://resolvethem.com/
  13. If you managed to get their MAC, then this will just tell you the brand of NIC or laptop.
  15. http://coffer.com/mac_find/
  16. http://www.macvendorlookup.com/
  17. http://macaddresslookup.org/
  18. http://aruljohn.com/mac.pl
  20. Alright, so cops are fucking assholes. Sometimes we need to take them down. We are going to specify on finding the identity of a cop. If you already have his name, then see http://pastebin.com/dgCGAHGp to dox him like a regular person.
  21. ------------------
  22.        Laws
  23. ------------------
  24. {Massachusetts Law} [m.g.l. c. 66 ยง10]- This law requires, if requested, that personal records of a department to be given. This includes badge numbers, cruiser numbers etc. Make sure to write this one down, if you get a badge number, easy to find the officer. Example- [https://www.muckrock.com/foi/boston-3/boston-police-department-personnel-roster-1672/] Page- [https://malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleX/Chapter66/Section10]
  25. ----------------
  26.       Other
  27. ----------------
  28. [Badge Number Lookup]- http://www.usacops.com/   This site is extremely useful. You can look up the badge number of any cop and find his identity. You need to narrow it down to a specific county. As for how accurate it is, I do not know.
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