Lyle is an orphan? (Jestsumguy)

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  1. >It was a normal day in the loud house that's why he was nervous, Lyle was walking home with va new girl he desperately gripped his backpack straps.
  2. >"Are you sure you want to come to my house there's no need really, my family is nothing special."
  3. >"Lyle we have an assignment together and we can't do it at my house there are boxes everywhere."
  4. >"And we can't go to the library because?"
  5. >The young girl was getting annoyed.
  6. >"Because we need to talk and it would be too loud hey that's your name Loud that's funny besides what's the worst that could happen?"
  7. >Lyle takes a deep breath thinking calm thoughts.
  8. >"She's right the worst should be over, we walked here everyone else took the van so the insanity should be calm by now Liena should be cooking and everyone else in their various rooms nothing weird we'll go to the kitchen and be safe from the other mental cases while Liena cooks."
  9. >Lyle calmly opens the door to see Liena eating cherry Garcia icecream watching tv in her underwear waving to him and he shuts the door fast, he turns around and looks at the new girl before saying the first thing that comes to mind.
  10. >"We can't go in there the house is being fumigated I forgot I'm sorry.'
  11. >The girl looks confused head titled up looking at the roof.
  12. >"Don't they normally put a tent on the house for that?"
  13. Lyle clasps his hands together and points at the redhead.
  14. >"Yes but they didn't this time."
  15. >"Oh well that explains the smoke."
  16. >The girl points up and Lyle does see smoke coming out of a window before Lupa opens it pushing a flamming mattress out.
  17. >"Hey pretty boy you didn't see nothing or else you'll be the next flamming thing I throw out a window."
  18. >The mattress hits the ground smacks the house before falling limp luckily the house doesn't catch fire.
  19. >"You know what this isn't even my house, I'm an orphan and I'm going to the firehouse for orphan things not to put out this mess."
  20. >There's a loud scream from in the house.
  23. >Before Lyle can even say anything a shoe hits him and the redheaded girl and Lyle look over at the tree where Bobby and Reina are hanging hands bound by Chinese fingertraps ironically holding the two over a branch supporting them enough to dangle Reina's missing her shoe the one that hit Lyle.
  24. >"How did you two even?"
  25. >"Please don't ask just help wait is that Lupa's bed?"
  26. >Lyle smacks his head and sighs.
  27. >Mackenze this's my insane family please don't judge me by there actions.
  28. >Mackenze nervously laughs backing away slowly before running full force away.
  29. >"Dammit this's why I wanted to go to the Libray!"
  30. >Lyle punches the door before opening it.
  31. >"Wait wait wait! Aren't you going to help us down?"
  32. >Lyle looks at Bobby and Reina judgingly.
  33. >"If I help you now you won't learn anything so no."
  34. >Bobby looks sad and crosses his legs.
  35. >"I really need to pee though!"
  36. >Reina psst's at Bobby.
  37. "Just go it's cool 0 free judgements, with me, we'll blame it on tree sap."
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