Mook Enterprise

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  1. {Rule #1 Do not KoS D-Class Personnel}
  2.   Killing D-Class on sight as a(n) [MTF|Guard|Scientist] without proper justification is prohibited.
  3.   The following conditions validate the termination of D-Class personnel.
  4.       Visibly wielding weaponry
  5.       Visibly wielding hazardous anomalous materials [SCP-268|SCP-018]
  6.       Attempting to escape detainment
  7.       Attempting to free other detained personnel
  8.       Disregarding orders
  10.   Examples of Valid Orders
  11.       “Empty your hands and turn around or I will shoot. 3, 2, 1.”
  12.       “Hurry up.” “Keep up the pace.”
  13.       “Move away from 914.”
  15. {Rule #2 Streamer Safe Profanity}
  16.   Any profanity that may put an offense on a streamer’s channel is prohibited.
  17.   All other profanity is allowed.
  19.   If you are unsure of what you can and cannot say, please consult
  21.   “Hateful Conduct and Harassment”
  23. {Rule #3 Excessive Toxicity}
  24.   Mild smack-talk is perfectly fine, however, verbal harassment is unacceptable.
  25.   Just because another individual is part of a different team does not mean they are still not a
  26.   human being. Treat them accordingly.
  28. {Rule #4 Same-Team-Trolling}
  29.   The following actions are prohibited against players of the same team.
  30.       Intentionally closing doors to hinder movement
  31.       Stalling elevators
  32.       Inhibiting usage of SCP-914
  33.       Leading SCP-939 to hiding members of the same team
  34.       Teaming with an SCP as Chaos Insurgency to kill other Chaos Insurgents
  36.   The following groupings are considered team(s).
  37.       [MTF|Guards|Scientist]
  38.       [D-Class|Chaos Insurgency]
  40. {Rule #5 Round Stalling}
  41.   The following actions are unacceptable.
  42.       Camping on the surface for longer than 180 seconds as any role except Chaos Insurgency.
  43.       AFKing in an inaccessible room (just disconnect)
  45. {Rule #6 Micspam}
  46.   Micspam is allowed in the following conditions.
  47.       Intercom
  48.       Local Chat (Q)
  49.       SCP-079 Speakers
  50.   Micspam is prohibited in the following conditions.
  51.       Radio Chat (V)
  52.       SCP Chat (Q)
  54. Earrape Micspam, regardless of the conditions, is prohibited and will result in a timed server mute under the discretion of the administration. Repeated offenses will result in penalization.
  56. {Rule #7 SCP Teaming}
  57.   Chaos Insurgency may team with SCPs if there are no remaining D-Class Personnel.
  58.   Under any other circumstance or role, teaming with SCPs will result in penalization.
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