Where to find free portrait images for Linkedin profiles?

Sep 4th, 2020
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  1. Where to find free portrait images for Linkedin profiles?
  2. Guys, where to find free portrait images for Linkedin profiles?
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  14. Our Vas found some stock photos, but profiles get restricted - probably LInkedin identifies the source somehow and see that profiles are fake.
  15. What is the best way to deal with sourcing and maybe quickly altering images?
  16. And if you are great at Linkedin profiles creation and keeping them active and can help with lead generation, please PM me.
  18. Code:
  19. https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/
  20. Thank you.
  21. Any other similar services as my guys are already using this one, and need more. Plus images there look a bit cheesy.
  22. The biggest problem happens when they decide to use random unique identifiers, update pages and resources frequently, and let the search engines crawl all variations of the files.
  24. Here is what it looks like.
  26. Crawler Traps: Causes, Solutions & Prevention – A Developer’s Deep Dive
  28. You can detect these issues in your server logs and I will cover the code to do this in the next section.
  30. Versioned Page Caching With Image Resizing
  32. Similar to cache busting, a curious problem occurs with static page caching plugins like one developed by a company called MageWorx.
  34. For one of our clients, their Magento plugin was saving different versions of page resources for every change the client made.
  36. This issue was compounded when the plugin automatically resized images to different sizes per device supported.
  38. This was probably not a problem when they originally developed the plugin because Google was not trying to aggressively crawl page resources.
  40. The issue is that search engine crawlers now also crawl page resources, and will crawl all versions created by the caching plugin.
  42. We had a client where the crawl rate what 100 times the size of the site, and 70% of the crawl requests were hitting images. You can only detect an issue like this by looking at the logs.
  44. We are going to generate fake Googlebot requests to random cached images to better illustrate the problem and so we can learn how to identify the issue.
  46. Here is the initialization code:
  48. Here is the loop to generate the fake log entries.
  50. Next, let’s use pandas and matplotlib to identify this issue.
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