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  2. essveefrey: what were the "differences" between you and whatever percentage of eMg that tyrone mentioned
  3. GGGLYGY: you are i think the only person to ask that
  4. GGGLYGY: true story
  5. GGGLYGY: so check this out
  6. GGGLYGY: Wait let me go to the bathroom, talking about this makes me want to shit brbrbrbrbrb.
  7. essveefrey: aight
  8. essveefrey: that'll give me some time to prepare my batch of kettle corn
  9. GGGLYGY: yeah, better put on your 3d glasses
  11. GGGLYGY: so check this out friend
  12. GGGLYGY: basically
  13. GGGLYGY: over the couse of S8 I played less and less because of school
  14. GGGLYGY: i.e didnt want to scrim cause I really had to study
  15. GGGLYGY: i really don't even know how to say half of this shit cause it's so wacky to me
  16. GGGLYGY: but also over the course of s8 i put up with an increasingly large amount of cb talking mad shit about me, and pretty much being a 2faced idiot.
  17. GGGLYGY: when I have to be in the same mumble as him everynight (EG and eMg shared a mumble) shit got really old really fast
  18. GGGLYGY: he had admin on mumble so he kicked me, muted me, called me a fucking annoying kid etc.
  19. GGGLYGY: shit was super fun
  20. GGGLYGY: and so after he found out that shade was leaving the next season
  21. GGGLYGY: i feel like he brownnosed / sucked ty's dick in order to get on eMg next season
  22. essveefrey: after you press enter the next time, I gotta question
  23. GGGLYGY: ya
  24. GGGLYGY: go ahead
  25. GGGLYGY: i saw that you were typing
  26. essveefrey: I thought EG wasn't even around after S7
  27. GGGLYGY: i dont remember what the team was
  28. GGGLYGY: but they we're eg
  29. GGGLYGY: sec
  30. essveefrey: eg -casey?
  31. GGGLYGY:[type]=seasons&period[season_start]=130
  32. GGGLYGY: this team
  33. GGGLYGY: they were EG in S7 i believe
  34. GGGLYGY: or something like that
  36. essveefrey: ah
  37. essveefrey: ic
  38. GGGLYGY: I basically knew cb was being a fuckhead from s7 on
  39. GGGLYGY: so I was kinda get mad when this idiot pretty much bullies me (over the internet what a guy)
  40. GGGLYGY: like
  41. GGGLYGY: tyrone admitted to throwing a match
  42. GGGLYGY: to try and get EG to lan
  43. GGGLYGY: in s7
  44. GGGLYGY: i have the recording if you care
  45. GGGLYGY: but, yeah all this shittalk about me got me buttfrusturated and I got mad at tyrone in scrims sometimes
  46. GGGLYGY: ususally when he was being a fuckhead
  47. GGGLYGY: ill give you an example
  48. GGGLYGY: "ty we're down 3-0 on viaduct I think maybe I should try sniper"
  49. GGGLYGY: "nawwwwww giggly I NEED you on scout"
  50. GGGLYGY: and we lose 4-0
  51. GGGLYGY: and then repeat this on every fucking map
  52. GGGLYGY: and so now tyrone thinks I have attitude problems (that I rage etc.)
  53. GGGLYGY: which is pretty much the furthest thing from the truth
  55. GGGLYGY: fast forward to the ending of S8
  56. GGGLYGY: A few weeks before the end of the season
  57. GGGLYGY: tyrone CUTS cringe (our other scout), and pays YZ50 to come back for lan (tyrone gave him half his lan winnings and payed for all his food.)
  58. GGGLYGY: thats FUCKED
  59. GGGLYGY: thats pretty fucked up no matter how you slice it
  60. GGGLYGY: i heard cringe was cut because he was "talking shit" about tyrone
  61. GGGLYGY: but I don't know if that was the truth of just to save face
  62. GGGLYGY: so that's fucked
  64. GGGLYGY: at the end of s8
  65. GGGLYGY: my idea for next season is it's gonna be Cyzer and I scouting
  66. GGGLYGY: because YZ said he was there for LAN and LAN only
  67. GGGLYGY: 3 days before lan
  68. GGGLYGY: clockwork goes full retard and makes a post on gotfrag about how tyrone offered him a scouting spot on emg next season
  69. GGGLYGY: I go
  70. GGGLYGY: uh
  71. GGGLYGY: what
  72. GGGLYGY: this is what gets me everytime man
  73. GGGLYGY: Tyrone cut me, BEHIND MY BACK, 3 DAYS, before I was to get on a plane and go to Dallas.
  74. GGGLYGY: Really?
  75. essveefrey: ...
  76. GGGLYGY: thats
  77. GGGLYGY: pretty much it
  78. GGGLYGY: and so I talk to tyrone
  79. GGGLYGY: I say
  80. GGGLYGY: what the fuck is this?
  81. GGGLYGY: he says something along the lines of don't worry about it, just be really chill at LAN and play your best.
  82. GGGLYGY: he says we'll see how it goes nothing is set in stone
  83. GGGLYGY: which of course is total horseshit
  84. GGGLYGY: so
  85. GGGLYGY: I thought about what happens if I don't get on the plane
  86. GGGLYGY: and I thought about what happens if I do
  87. GGGLYGY: and I figure I would DEFINETLY look like the bad guy if I didnt get on the plane
  88. GGGLYGY: so I went to lan
  89. GGGLYGY: and we got second
  90. GGGLYGY: and I played pretty good
  91. GGGLYGY: and I was "really chill"
  92. GGGLYGY: and maybe a part of me did think I wasnt getting cut, honestly.
  93. GGGLYGY: but then clockwork joined the roster a few days after lol
  94. GGGLYGY: so I just left the roster with no words
  95. GGGLYGY: get this though
  96. GGGLYGY: this is the kicker
  97. GGGLYGY: tyrone contacts me a few days later and asks whats up
  98. GGGLYGY: i say lol you tell me
  99. GGGLYGY: and he says
  100. GGGLYGY: that
  101. GGGLYGY: I wasn't cut for my gameplay skill, I was cut for my attitude.
  102. GGGLYGY: my attitude.
  103. GGGLYGY: you replaced me
  104. GGGLYGY: with clockwork
  107. GGGLYGY: Have you read literally anything clockwork has posted ever.
  108. GGGLYGY: and thats not a knock against him
  109. GGGLYGY: i dont have a problem with him, he
  110. GGGLYGY: is an amazing player and I think he's hilarious
  111. GGGLYGY: but cmon?
  112. GGGLYGY: he's the only guy who I've heard complain about soldiers more than I have
  113. GGGLYGY: or do*
  114. GGGLYGY: he has the highest rated comment on my Soldier Skill Enhancer Video
  115. GGGLYGY: so yeah
  116. GGGLYGY: thats pretty much it
  117. GGGLYGY: tldr
  118. essveefrey: I have the highest rated one on the SSe2
  119. GGGLYGY: tyrone is a match-throwing, two-faced, backstabbing douchebag.
  120. GGGLYGY: and I think it's disgusting that people cheer for "Quantic."
  121. GGGLYGY: cause that is some fucked up SHIT.
  122. GGGLYGY: lol really
  123. GGGLYGY: "I'm basically? the Apple of TF2; I just repackage the same shit and make it shinier."
  125. rofl
  127. GGGLYGY: but yeah
  128. GGGLYGY: thats my story
  129. GGGLYGY: oh and p.s fuck cb
  130. GGGLYGY: creating a fucking scam of a website
  131. GGGLYGY: he has a funny fucking face and thats why he's in half of my videoooossssss.
  132. GGGLYGY: The End.
  133. GGGLYGY: sorry for boring you, BUT THATS MAH STORY.
  134. GGGLYGY: and I WISH commft or ESEA had the NUTS to interview me.
  135. GGGLYGY: Thank you for listening. Yes I mad.
  136. essveefrey: well hey
  137. essveefrey: I'm a staff writer for eXtv
  138. essveefrey: so you never know
  139. GGGLYGY: the more you know
  140. essveefrey: if you want this to show up somewhere
  141. essveefrey: y'know
  142. essveefrey: maybe it shows up somewhere
  143. GGGLYGY: yeah, if you wanted to I really dont care
  144. GGGLYGY: if you want to edit it w/e AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A MONSTER
  145. GGGLYGY: idc
  146. GGGLYGY: it's all good
  147. GGGLYGY: and it's the truth
  148. GGGLYGY:
  149. GGGLYGY: theres the throwing matches shit if you havent heard.
  150. essveefrey: man
  151. essveefrey: you don't need to worry about me editing this
  152. essveefrey: if I cared about what happened enough to ask
  153. essveefrey: that probably means I'm leaning towards your side anyways
  154. GGGLYGY: lol
  155. GGGLYGY: to be fair though
  156. GGGLYGY: even if I wasn't cut
  157. GGGLYGY: no way I'm playing on a team with CB haha
  158. GGGLYGY: yeah, or editing for legibility reasons
  159. GGGLYGY: i like to type 4 words then hit enter
  160. GGGLYGY: 2strong
  161. GGGLYGY:
  162. GGGLYGY: even look
  163. GGGLYGY: [United States] [ESEA Premium Member] clckwrk + -
  164. ingenious way to throw a match:
  166. don't use your best player
  168. try (because you have to) but to no avail!
  169. essveefrey: incredibly autistic
  170. GGGLYGY: posted by clockwork
  171. GGGLYGY: what is this
  172. GGGLYGY: invite is just a circlejerk
  173. GGGLYGY: make it 2 da TOP
  174. GGGLYGY: also props to you guys for setting the fundraiser up
  175. GGGLYGY: I just saw it now.
  176. GGGLYGY: I guess I'm technically on the experiment, so if anyone wants something signed or w/e lol
  177. essveefrey: um
  178. essveefrey: I thought
  179. essveefrey: syckness
  180. essveefrey: was
  181. essveefrey: scouting
  182. essveefrey: hope that wasn't news to you
  183. GGGLYGY: no I know
  185. essveefrey: lol
  186. GGGLYGY: so yeah
  187. GGGLYGY: fuckin dante
  188. GGGLYGY: :/
  189. essveefrey: man
  190. essveefrey: syckness making a comeback is pretty fucking syck
  191. GGGLYGY: yeahs thats cool
  192. essveefrey: but I would've actually chipped in
  193. essveefrey: if you were on eX at lan
  194. GGGLYGY: lol
  195. essveefrey: I haven't donated so far
  196. essveefrey: probably won;t
  197. essveefrey: because they already met their goal
  198. GGGLYGY: yeah
  199. GGGLYGY: thats crazy
  200. GGGLYGY: this community is hella generous
  201. essveefrey: lemme ax you another question
  202. GGGLYGY: sure, if you have any feel free
  203. essveefrey: what's b4nny like in person
  204. GGGLYGY: he's really chill
  205. essveefrey: I've only seen a video from LAN where he's just fucking sitting on a couch stonefaced
  206. GGGLYGY: yeah
  207. GGGLYGY: he's super nice though
  208. GGGLYGY: everyone, if super nice at lan imo
  209. GGGLYGY: like, i was genuinley shocked at how cool carnage and relic were
  210. GGGLYGY: and b4nny he sits
  211. GGGLYGY: like
  212. GGGLYGY: slumps all the way down
  213. GGGLYGY: in his chair
  214. GGGLYGY: its looks awesome
  215. GGGLYGY: and I have no idea how he plays liek that
  216. GGGLYGY: cause it looks literally effortless
  217. essveefrey: demoman probably becomes effortless after you play as much as he has
  218. essveefrey: rollouts are just muscle memory
  219. essveefrey: eh
  220. GGGLYGY: mmmhmm
  221. essveefrey: do you think you'll ever play in ESEA again, or just stick to posting on natf2 and doing...uh, well I don't really know what you're doing now
  222. essveefrey: but like
  223. GGGLYGY: lol
  225. GGGLYGY: If
  226. GGGLYGY: If I wasn't super busy with school, and a team in invite wanted to pick me up, yeah I'd consider it.
  227. GGGLYGY: I don't want to start playing again and have to keel off because of school
  228. GGGLYGY: and then have my team captain say YOU SAID YOU DIDNT WANT TO PLAY CAUSE OF SCHOOL UR CUT CYA
  229. GGGLYGY: cough
  230. GGGLYGY: cough
  231. essveefrey: mr attitude
  232. GGGLYGY: truth
  233. essveefrey: h/o
  234. essveefrey: I gotta save this
  235. essveefrey: b4 I askidentally close the chat iwndow
  236. GGGLYGY: lol
  237. GGGLYGY: well played
  238. essveefrey: aight
  239. essveefrey: thanks for sharing your story
  240. essveefrey: I like stories
  241. GGGLYGY: thanks for listening
  242. GGGLYGY: i dont want to act like I wasn;t at fault at all
  243. GGGLYGY: cause I did have a shitty attitude
  244. GGGLYGY: but comeon
  245. GGGLYGY: cut me before lan and still expect me to go?
  246. GGGLYGY: lol
  247. essveefrey: the high-stakes world of competitive tf2
  248. GGGLYGY: cut or be cut
  249. GGGLYGY: honestly
  250. essveefrey: truth_alt
  251. GGGLYGY: the_sad_truth
  252. essveefrey: well then
  253. essveefrey: I'll see you around, I guess
  254. essveefrey: and don't be surprised if you see this around
  255. GGGLYGY: yeah, no problem
  256. GGGLYGY: if have any more questions
  257. GGGLYGY: im always here
  259. GGGLYGY: also, I guess the s7 team i thought was EG was called dynamic
  260. GGGLYGY: all the sponsors have melded into one big moneyball that i dont understand
  261. GGGLYGY: gg wp thanks for listening :))))
  262. essveefrey: u 2
  263. essveefrey: lol
  264. essveefrey: there's no sponsors left anymore
  265. essveefrey: it's just quantic
  266. essveefrey: coL is out, EG is out, x6 is out
  267. GGGLYGY: yeah I dont know how they get enough money
  268. GGGLYGY: to begin with
  269. GGGLYGY: it doesn't make sense
  270. essveefrey: OMG
  271. essveefrey: I HAVE BEEN TRYING
  272. essveefrey: to get an interview with the CEO of quantic
  273. essveefrey: and he and I trade skypes
  274. essveefrey: beginnign of december
  275. essveefrey: and I messaged him one sunday
  276. essveefrey: and he was like "lol, I'm just watching my daughter, message a question and I'll get back to you"
  277. essveefrey: "later today"
  278. essveefrey: TWO FUCKING MONTHS LATER
  279. essveefrey: NO
  280. essveefrey: GODDAMN
  282. essveefrey: TITTY SHITTING
  283. essveefrey: ANSWER
  284. GGGLYGY: what a guy
  285. GGGLYGY: like
  286. essveefrey: KICKER
  287. GGGLYGY: fuck
  288. essveefrey: HE HASN'T BLOCKED ME ON SKYPE
  289. essveefrey: SO I MESSAGE HIM EVERY TWO DAYS
  290. essveefrey: "hey man, jsut wondering if you're still interested in doing that interview you wanted to do a few months ago. Just let me know what time works for you"
  291. essveefrey: I wonder how long I can do thi
  292. essveefrey: s
  293. GGGLYGY: its so sketchy
  294. GGGLYGY: I have no idea how giving people money to play video games is a solid business model
  295. essveefrey: sponsors pay money to teams who send players decked out in shit covered with their sponsors' logos
  296. essveefrey: people see them wearing the shit and recognize the sponsors
  297. essveefrey: people buy shit from sponsors
  298. essveefrey: rince, lather, reppet
  299. GGGLYGY: i dunno
  300. essveefrey: in theory
  301. GGGLYGY: if i had a trackball mouse
  302. GGGLYGY: with buttons on the sides
  303. GGGLYGY: that cost 5 bucks
  304. GGGLYGY: i'd be usin it
  305. essveefrey: alpha as fuck
  306. GGGLYGY: yessir
  307. essveefrey: ight
  308. essveefrey: I gots ta go eat
  309. GGGLYGY: aight
  310. essveefrey: then prep for the stream later
  311. GGGLYGY: enjoy
  312. GGGLYGY: oh yeah
  313. GGGLYGY: match?
  314. essveefrey: well
  315. essveefrey: I guess there will be matches
  316. GGGLYGY: ah
  317. essveefrey: it's the eX mentoring thing
  318. GGGLYGY: AH
  319. essveefrey: scrims afterwards
  320. essveefrey: you should
  321. essveefrey: make a cameo
  322. essveefrey: :D
  324. GGGLYGY: one thing
  325. GGGLYGY: my internet is awful
  326. GGGLYGY: and I cant be in mumble and play tf2 anymore
  327. GGGLYGY: which is kinda
  328. GGGLYGY: shitty
  329. GGGLYGY: and hindering
  330. essveefrey: oic
  331. GGGLYGY: lol
  332. GGGLYGY: dat canadian bandwidth
  333. GGGLYGY: but yeah, we'll see whats goin on
  334. essveefrey: you could streamcheat tf2
  336. essveefrey: listen to mumble
  337. essveefrey: via the cast
  338. GGGLYGY: i could, but the stream would probably lag
  339. essveefrey: probs
  340. essveefrey: l8r
  341. GGGLYGY: its like internet, mumble, game pick 2
  342. GGGLYGY: l8r
  344. essveefrey: you too
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