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May 7th, 2012
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  1. It's been a while since I've posted anything. "I've been busy" is everyone's excuse for laziness, but I can't come up with a better one. For those of you who follow the news in Central America, you will know that I am in hiding in an undisclosed location in Belize. Hiding out is no fun. I've always wondered why people on the run turn themselves in in many cases. I now know the answer - boredom. I have a low tolerance for boredom.
  3. I am in a one room house in an uninteresting location. I have not been outdoors for 5 days. I have no cable or satellite TV and I have three DVDs - "The Human Stain", "Tierra" and "Naked". I have no books. I do have an Ipad but no charger. They are difficult to get in this country. I have 21% charge remaining - I have been rationing. Since, in the end, The only person you can trust is yourself, I have had no contact with anyone other than telephone interviews with the press.
  5. The Gsu have issued additional charges but have not divulged what they might be. Having spent one night already sleeping on the concrete floor of the Beluze City jail I am not excited about the prospect of returning. Yes, there are no beds in belize jails. Or toilets. A half cut milk carton serves the purpose. It was tolerable until one A.M. when a drunk was added to the cell and he immediately kicked over the container. Five of us slept crowded together in the least contaminated corner. I was out before dawn so I shouldn't complain.
  7. My lawyers tell me there is absolutely nothing to worry about, so that makes me very worried. They will be negotiating with the government today, if all goes well.
  8. When I get a chance I would like to write a story about the seventeen year old girl I was found with. She was sixteen when she came to me. A beautiful young girl. A plant from one of the gangs in Belize city. I fell for it. This was about the time I stopped communicating with the Pile. And about the time that I stopped doing hearly everything familiar. It is a long and sometimes tragic story. The age of consent is 15 in this country. Not to excuse myself but to cross this off as a possibility for additional charges.
  10. I'm down to 17% charge. I will leave you. For those of you with time on your hands who would like to help me a little (few here on the Pile I suspect), you might drop an email to the ministry of tourism or the tourist board asking if Belize is a safe place to visit, since you heard of McAfee's troubles. Tourism accounts for 70% of the foreign exchange earnings in Belize.
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