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  1. Since you want me to address this:
  3.     My name is Katie, I'm a 16 year old girl with aspergers. I made a comedic viral video when I was 12 years old asking for donations to get a new MacBook. I used to get bullied at school for looking like Anne Frank, so I made my username Ann Frank. It started as a really fun, healthy way to cope with everything. The biggest video was actually commentary on Tila Tequila making a gofundme to buy new furniture. That's pretty much what started everything. Getting millions of views was cool, but internet predation is very real.
  5.     Long story short, I was targeted by a follower who ended up moving from his city to mine before we had ever talked. He then convinced me to meet him saying he had moved so far and didn't know anyone, and told me how inspiring I was.  He ended up repeatedly raping and abusing me from ages 13-15. He wouldn’t let me have friends and threatened to kill anyone who I talked to or hung out with. Thus, all I had was what was online. This online community was quite literally my only other source of human interaction aside from him. The prosecutors realized how meticulously planned out it was on his end, and he was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. The judge said it was the most troubling case he had ever came across and then granted no credit for time served.
  7.     I was diagnosed with CPTSD from the ongoing abuse and I have had multiple suicide attempts since. I am in and out of the psych hospital every few months, and I can't say I'm getting any better. It's hard to recover when a big online hoard of people who once liked me found out I was the girl he raped. People call me a whore, a slut, a piece of shit, any time I show my face online. Many say that I should be in prison instead of him for "ruining a man's life", and that I was old enough to know better. I’ve tried small accounts, big accounts, no accounts. I think people just will hate me forever.
  9.     Comedy was a big hobby of mine, and I wanted to be a stand up comedian some day. It's my brightest outlet to be able to make funny stuff for people to enjoy. However, I couldn't handle the bullying that was so fierce every time I logged online. The one outlet I had turned into a shooting range where I was the target. I made a suicide note, said goodbye to my friends, cut my body head to toe, and was hospitalized over suicidal ideation. Once I was out, I accepted I had to move on from my hobby, and from the internet. So, I stopped using the internet entirely. I had no registered phone number, went a year without talking to anyone but my mom and brothers, and didn't let myself go on anything that could be remotely described as "social media". For a year we didn’t even let people in the house.
  11.     Luckily, there are laws in the US that prevent a child rape victim from being named in the court documents. I thought maybe I can move on, and have an okay life. It turns out during my time away, a YouTuber took it upon himself to retrieve the court documents. I guess that was fair and legal. However, then he found out my full legal name, linked it to all of these anonymous documents, and made a 20 minute video convincing people that I had died. He shared details of the abuse I never would’ve wanted linked to my full name. It shattered my heart, and it felt like my last hope at safety was crushed. I can never get a job now, use my own name, or feel secure. His video got hundreds of thousands of views. People found out details that were never supposed to have my full name along with them.
  13.     After he released my information we started receiving suspicious phone calls, random welfare checks from callers who were giving fake names, and someone even sent an FBI bomb squad to our house claiming we were terrorists. This was all while I made no attempt to engage with the internet. “Just turning it off” doesn’t work. The anonymous threats continued, and people’s attempts to “find” me got more and more calculated. I got letters in the mail, and quickly became aware that everyone knew my address. To this day, if there’s a knock on the door, I turn off all the lights and hide under my bed until I’m sure nobody’s there.
  15.      We reached out to the YouTuber to take down the defamation- he blocked us. We commented- he quickly deleted the comments. We filed privacy complaints with YouTube- they were denied. We sent him messages saying we were being stalked because of the attention he was bringing to my situation- he ignored it. Why was I isolating myself, not allowing myself to live a normal teenage life, staying off the internet and cutting out my one creative joy only to get harassed daily in an even more terrifying, unpredictable way? That’s why I decided to allow myself my creative outlet back, and I just now posted another video that makes me smile. The video is not the problem. I’m overall happy with the feedback, and I’d be a fool not to acknowledge the kind people out there. Plus, I’d much rather be called "bad at dabbing" in a Facebook comment than be worried someone is going to show up at my door.
  17.     It is the YouTuber however, that just won’t stop. Some people are upset with him for telling thousands of people I had died when I had only posted a suicide note to 20 people then stopped using social media. Even while he claims to not have started the rumor, he pedaled it to thousands of people. My first day back on the internet, this YouTuber contacted me saying that he didn’t deserve the blame and that he felt “tricked” by me. He implied I was a liar, and told me that if I didn’t make a public announcement clearing his name for the rumors he spread, that he would continue to post about me.
  19.     I told him that I would do it at my convenience and am not one for public announcements, and that I honestly can’t handle the stress right now. We had agreed that he would take the documents down about me, and on my end if anyone commented saying he started the rumor that I would kindly say that while he was the only person to report on it, that it didn’t seem like he started the entire thing and could’ve meant well. I politely asked him to remind me in a couple days when people weren’t so aggressive toward me, and it would be at that point I would be comfortable making a post.
  21.     This wasn’t enough. The YouTuber said that if I didn’t address his innocence NOW that he would repost the audio recordings of my abuser yelling at me, pictures of me with the man, rerelease the court documents, and make an entirely new video, and said he would detail how I tried to “fake a suicide", when really I just wasn't online. At this point I just want help. That’s all I can ask for anymore. He simply doesn’t believe he has an obligation to stop slandering me for his youtube channel. I just want him to stop. If anyone knows how to help me then tell me. This is how I’m gonna address it I guess, since he won’t take no for an answer. So I am telling you here and now, that this guy probably didn’t start the rumor. Either a complete troll or a depressed friend made an online memorial saying I was dead while I was in the hospital, and he went out of the way to turn it into news. At this point I just want this guy to leave me alone.
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