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  1. 12-07-18T19:05:13  <Kennythehitman> !@#$%meeting 7
  2. 2012-07-18T19:05:15  <loocorez> 01:24 <@timg> but anyways.. chances are I won't be attending the meeting tonight
  3. 2012-07-18T19:05:18  <Kennythehitman> derp
  4. 2012-07-18T19:05:23  <chancez> lol
  5. 2012-07-18T19:05:37  <Kennythehitman> Has everyone seen the pull request on Github?
  6. 2012-07-18T19:05:43  <chancez> so it sounds like we've got some plan changes Kennythehitman?
  7. 2012-07-18T19:05:48  <chancez> Yerp
  8. 2012-07-18T19:05:51  <loocorez> Yes
  9. 2012-07-18T19:05:57  <Kennythehitman> chancez , yes we might have to reschedule the meeting
  10. 2012-07-18T19:05:58  <BrotherGA2> wait... this is my game.... t.i.m.g. Same person?
  11. 2012-07-18T19:05:59  <xORioN63> ?
  12. 2012-07-18T19:06:05  <Kennythehitman> BrotherGA2 yes
  13. 2012-07-18T19:06:14  <BrotherGA2> *light goes off in head*
  14. 2012-07-18T19:06:48  <Kennythehitman> I encourage everyone to comment on the pull request, recommend any changes or ideas you have
  15. 2012-07-18T19:07:04  <Kennythehitman> Once we agree, we can merge it
  16. 2012-07-18T19:07:15  <BrotherGA2> Is there anything we could cover for the people who did come? should we check who's here?
  17. 2012-07-18T19:07:43  <Rosur> i'm gonna head of falling asleep... i'll check the logs of the meeting tomorrow.
  18. 2012-07-18T19:07:50  <loocorez> Night!
  19. 2012-07-18T19:07:52  <BrotherGA2> gnight
  20. 2012-07-18T19:07:59  *** Rosur has quit IRC
  21. 2012-07-18T19:08:06  *** Daniel110 has joined #rpcweb
  22. 2012-07-18T19:08:31  <Kennythehitman> Rosur we're going to reschedule
  23. 2012-07-18T19:08:33  <Kennythehitman> damn
  24. 2012-07-18T19:08:42  <Daniel110> why?
  25. 2012-07-18T19:08:43  <Kennythehitman> BrotherGA2 a small amount of us are here
  26. 2012-07-18T19:09:13  <Kennythehitman> Daniel110 like 90% of the group said they wont be able to make it lol
  27. 2012-07-18T19:09:24  <loocorez> didn't like <5 people say that?
  28. 2012-07-18T19:09:29  <loocorez> I think the group just shrunk over time
  29. 2012-07-18T19:09:34  <xORioN63> ^
  30. 2012-07-18T19:09:34  <Daniel110> oh ok
  31. 2012-07-18T19:09:47  <Daniel110> can we start working on the project? Why do we need a meeting?
  32. 2012-07-18T19:09:54  <Kennythehitman> Well we have 12 members in the organization
  33. 2012-07-18T19:09:55  <loocorez> it is to be expected. Beginners commit and bail, people realize they have less time than they can commit
  34. 2012-07-18T19:09:56  <xORioN63> We are still lacking some important members...
  35. 2012-07-18T19:10:08  <Daniel110> we already know what we want to build and the tools we are using
  36. 2012-07-18T19:10:12  <Kennythehitman> Daniel110 : check the pull request, we're still needing to gather feedback on that
  37. 2012-07-18T19:10:47  <loocorez> Who was the other guy leading the web proj again?
  38. 2012-07-18T19:10:56  <Kennythehitman> nitro
  39. 2012-07-18T19:11:10  <loocorez> could he not make it also?
  40. 2012-07-18T19:11:18  *** Bobber has joined #rpcweb
  41. 2012-07-18T19:13:40  <Kennythehitman> I think so
  42. 2012-07-18T19:14:05  <BrotherGA2> welp... ok, since we're not having a full meeting today, and until timg finishes the ELI5 guide to working on this, can we talk a little bit about the most important skills people need to start learning ASAP to be able to contribute?
  43. 2012-07-18T19:14:16  *** TheWalkingDerp has quit IRC
  44. 2012-07-18T19:14:25  <loocorez> yeah maybe a survey of skills people have who are present?
  45. 2012-07-18T19:14:36  <loocorez> people who are present have*
  46. 2012-07-18T19:16:04  <Kennythehitman> That depends
  47. 2012-07-18T19:16:24  <chancez> Kennythehitman: Why not merge it now, and add more with more pull requests?
  48. 2012-07-18T19:16:26  <xORioN63> I think you only need to know git, python and django... In fact, you don't even have to know that much, since this is to help people program as well
  49. 2012-07-18T19:16:29  <Kennythehitman> If you're wanting to work on the backend, Python and Django are of the highest priority
  50. 2012-07-18T19:16:53  <Kennythehitman> chancez , but would everyone else who didn't make it agree?
  51. 2012-07-18T19:17:18  <Kennythehitman> If you're wanting to work on the frontend, HTML/CSS/js
  52. 2012-07-18T19:17:24  <loocorez> the pull req has been up for17 hrs
  53. 2012-07-18T19:17:27  <Kennythehitman> and jQuery
  54. 2012-07-18T19:17:49  <loocorez> I saw it before this meeting, anyone else who had something to say should have said something...
  55. 2012-07-18T19:17:56  <chancez> Kennythehitman: i mean you can argue later, you can move files around too, organization of this seems rock solid, makes sense, why not make a base people can use
  56. 2012-07-18T19:17:59  <chancez> and then work from there
  57. 2012-07-18T19:18:00  <Kennythehitman> If you're wanting to work on both, then you'll be doing a lot of learning
  58. 2012-07-18T19:18:15  <Kennythehitman> chancez alright I'll merge
  59. 2012-07-18T19:18:18  <chancez> Kennythehitman: people who are learning the front end shoudl also learn how jquery templating works.
  60. 2012-07-18T19:18:34  <Kennythehitman> brb
  61. 2012-07-18T19:18:35  <chancez> Because thats where all the content will be coming from, and thats important to understand, and know how that part works.
  62. 2012-07-18T19:19:00  <loocorez> chancez: you mean the beta templating feature?
  63. 2012-07-18T19:19:14  <loocorez> if so, I disagree
  64. 2012-07-18T19:19:59  <BrotherGA2> this is a bit overwhelming, unfortunately, but I'm optimistic that I'll be able to contribute at least a little. I think I'll just work on finishing CS101 this week and complete the git tutorial. By then we should have more direction so I could figure out where to focus.
  65. 2012-07-18T19:20:58  *** abel has joined #rpcweb
  66. 2012-07-18T19:21:05  <chancez> loocorez: beta?
  67. 2012-07-18T19:21:24  <chancez> BrotherGA2: it may seem that way at first with anything new
  68. 2012-07-18T19:21:29  <loocorez> chancez: http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.template/
  69. 2012-07-18T19:21:30  <ArrowBot> Title: jQuery.template() jQuery API (at api.jquery.com)
  70. 2012-07-18T19:21:32  <loocorez> that?
  71. 2012-07-18T19:21:41  <chancez> loocorez: no, im refering to the django templating
  72. 2012-07-18T19:21:48  <loocorez> ah ok good lol
  73. 2012-07-18T19:22:48  <chancez> basically im thinking we would develop a simple page, with a template for the new html/css people
  74. 2012-07-18T19:23:11  <BrotherGA2> chancez: Yeah... I'm not thinking this is impossible, nor am I thinking this will be easy. It's just "a lot" of material to cover in order to keep up. Once I cover the basics it should get easier, like you said, as it is with anything new.
  75. 2012-07-18T19:23:12  <chancez> and then from there we would have django dev's use that as their test page to render content and see if their django code works and pulls the info they want
  76. 2012-07-18T19:23:23  <Kennythehitman> Alright, it's merged now
  77. 2012-07-18T19:23:27  <chancez> BrotherGA2: right, what are you considered with most?
  78. 2012-07-18T19:23:36  <chancez> I can help whenever I can, if I can't ill try to find the answer.
  79. 2012-07-18T19:23:59  <chancez> Kennythehitman: we also need to make sure we have django set up using the sql server we plan on using
  80. 2012-07-18T19:24:40  <chancez> and then the local stuff probably can be done using a local sql db, or even sqllite, but idk how that works with git since dev would require that we use sqllite, and live require we dont..
  81. 2012-07-18T19:24:44  <Kennythehitman> Django is mostly db agnostic, so devs can choose to use sqlite or pgsql up to a point
  82. 2012-07-18T19:25:09  <chancez> yeah, but it still matters
  83. 2012-07-18T19:25:10  <Kennythehitman> What would you guys want for production, pg?
  84. 2012-07-18T19:25:32  <Kennythehitman> Dev doesn't require sqlite
  85. 2012-07-18T19:25:57  <chancez> if you want to develop on your own computer, it does, unless everyone sets up mysql or postgres on their own machines
  86. 2012-07-18T19:26:02  <Kennythehitman> Changing db config in Django is a matter of editing one set of lines in the settings file
  87. 2012-07-18T19:26:13  <loocorez> why not sqlite for prod? consistency, no need for crazy configuration...
  88. 2012-07-18T19:26:16  <Kennythehitman> I have postgres and mysql on my machines
  89. 2012-07-18T19:26:17  <chancez> yeah, but many people are new with this so im just worried for them
  90. 2012-07-18T19:26:19  <loocorez> and sqlite is fine for prod
  91. 2012-07-18T19:26:27  <loocorez> unless you're facebook or something
  92. 2012-07-18T19:26:32  <Kennythehitman> Ehh
  93. 2012-07-18T19:26:39  <chancez> idk, about that
  94. 2012-07-18T19:26:50  <chancez> if your using sqllite it'll bottleneck super fast if people begin using our site
  95. 2012-07-18T19:27:01  <Kennythehitman> ^
  96. 2012-07-18T19:27:03  <BrotherGA2> chancez: I know the very basics of python from taking CS101 (i.e., def statements, if, then, else, while, for, [], return, etc.) and I'm relatively comfortable with linux/terminal. I used to mess around with html when I was a kid. that's about it.
  97. 2012-07-18T19:27:30  <loocorez> "s to say, 99.9% of all websites). The amount of web traffic that SQLite can handle depends, of course, on how heavily the website uses its database. Generally speaking, any site that gets fewer than 100K hits/day should work fine with SQLite." from their site
  98. 2012-07-18T19:27:41  <Kennythehitman> So we agree on sqlite for dev, unless the particular dev so chooses to use pgsql, and pgsql or mysql for prod?
  99. 2012-07-18T19:27:44  <loocorez> oops, ignore first third of the sentence
  100. 2012-07-18T19:27:59  <chancez> yeah i mean whatever works
  101. 2012-07-18T19:28:01  <loocorez> and we're really doing reads, not any writes on prod
  102. 2012-07-18T19:28:06  <Kennythehitman> loocorez , what about if our hub really catches on?
  103. 2012-07-18T19:28:11  <Kennythehitman> if and when*
  104. 2012-07-18T19:28:15  <loocorez> hahaha
  105. 2012-07-18T19:28:19  <loocorez> assuming we get anything shipped
  106. 2012-07-18T19:28:25  <chancez> assuming, yes.
  107. 2012-07-18T19:28:26  *** intothev01d has joined #rpcweb
  108. 2012-07-18T19:28:29  <Kennythehitman> Of course we will
  109. 2012-07-18T19:28:32  <chancez> but i mean we've got a lub of subs in the channel
  110. 2012-07-18T19:28:32  <BrotherGA2> ^^
  111. 2012-07-18T19:28:33  <Kennythehitman> I wont let that not happen
  112. 2012-07-18T19:28:37  <chancez> so yeah.
  113. 2012-07-18T19:28:42  <chancez> and id like something to add to my resume
  114. 2012-07-18T19:28:45  <chancez> sooo
  115. 2012-07-18T19:28:49  <chancez> ;)
  116. 2012-07-18T19:28:52  <Kennythehitman> And we can always pick up new devs as time goes on as well.
  117. 2012-07-18T19:29:03  <Kennythehitman> We lost quite a bit from the first meeting but it's not that bad
  118. 2012-07-18T19:29:16  <chancez> BrotherGA2: You'll be okay then :), just ask questions, but try to use your google foo first ;)
  119. 2012-07-18T19:29:29  <chancez> It doesn't take a large team to do this work tbh
  120. 2012-07-18T19:29:42  <BrotherGA2> yeah. I think the absence is just middle of the week blues and the fact that time zones can never accomodate everyone (it's 1:30 here, for example)
  121. 2012-07-18T19:29:44  <chancez> my school usually has 1-3 devs developing apps over a month or two
  122. 2012-07-18T19:31:05  <loocorez> my school (my team) has between 4-6 devs... we crank out ~1-3 apps every 2-3 months... but we're working 20 hour weeks
  123. 2012-07-18T19:31:20  <loocorez> depends on the complexity greatly. blog will be easy. CMS?
  124. 2012-07-18T19:31:42  <Kennythehitman> Brb, I just replaced CentOS on my server with a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 install
  125. 2012-07-18T19:32:18  <chancez> Nice.
  126. 2012-07-18T19:32:20  <Kennythehitman> We can use it for general deployment tests
  127. 2012-07-18T19:32:35  <chancez> I just use a subdomain for my testing.
  128. 2012-07-18T19:32:43  <chancez> since i use my webserver for dev at work
  129. 2012-07-18T19:32:46  <chancez> and my laptop at home
  130. 2012-07-18T19:40:19  <Kennythehitman> Alright, mostly everything is set up
  131. 2012-07-18T19:40:50  <Kennythehitman> I think we need to make sure everyone is on the same page about the state of the Github repo
  132. 2012-07-18T19:41:12  <Kennythehitman> Namely the people who couldn't come
  133. 2012-07-18T19:42:35  *** Magzter has quit IRC
  134. 2012-07-18T19:42:49  <loocorez> Well, ideally they would read this conversation on pastebin
  135. 2012-07-18T19:43:23  <loocorez> or the pull request and the discussion we had on it
  136. 2012-07-18T19:43:26  <loocorez> or both
  137. 2012-07-18T19:44:49  *** Daniel110 has quit IRC
  138. 2012-07-18T19:45:11  *** Daniel110 has joined #rpcweb
  139. 2012-07-18T19:46:30  <Kennythehitman> Good point
  140. 2012-07-18T19:47:04  <Kennythehitman> But still, without more input I think we should wait to decide the direction of the settings.py
  141. 2012-07-18T19:47:19  <Kennythehitman> But for everyone who sees this, feel free to submit your pull requests regardless
  142. 2012-07-18T19:47:27  <Kennythehitman> We can still move this thing along that way
  143. 2012-07-18T19:49:25  <loocorez> We can always commit to undo changes made. It's pretty easy with git. How long are we going to wait for each pull request?
  144. 2012-07-18T19:49:52  *** Bobber has quit IRC
  145. 2012-07-18T19:50:01  *** Daniel110 has quit IRC
  146. 2012-07-18T19:50:28  *** TheWalkingDerp has joined #rpcweb
  147. 2012-07-18T19:55:38  <Kennythehitman> It depends
  148. 2012-07-18T19:56:42  *** Justin___ has joined #rpcweb
  149. 2012-07-18T19:57:14  <Kennythehitman> We might want to set a standard though, so as to keep things going at a steady pace
  150. 2012-07-18T19:58:13  <loocorez> agreed. I
  151. 2012-07-18T19:58:56  <loocorez> I'm reconsidering what I said; should be up to your discretion. If something looks funky... should have people explain it imo.
  152. 2012-07-18T19:59:10  <loocorez> I guess that goes without saying.
  153. 2012-07-18T19:59:11  <loocorez> Ignore me.
  154. 2012-07-18T19:59:18  <loocorez> :P
  155. 2012-07-18T19:59:45  <Justin___> I was late to the meeting yesterday, do I need to be added to the organization on Github?
  156. 2012-07-18T20:00:02  <Kennythehitman> My bad man I was doing server stuff
  157. 2012-07-18T20:00:12  *** Daniel110 has joined #rpcweb
  158. 2012-07-18T20:00:24  <Kennythehitman> I'm thinking a day at the most, given active participation from at least the majority of the group?
  159. 2012-07-18T20:00:33  <loocorez> Kennythehitman: Agreed.
  160. 2012-07-18T20:00:50  <loocorez> You could expect a response from me on pretty much anything within 16 at any time.
  161. 2012-07-18T20:01:01  <loocorez> but I'll be more helpful on frontend stuff.
  162. 2012-07-18T20:01:06  <Kennythehitman> We could have the blog app a deliverable at the very least within a week, but it depends on the activity
  163. 2012-07-18T20:01:30  <Kennythehitman> loocorez , HTML/CSS/js?
  164. 2012-07-18T20:01:31  <loocorez> agreed, sounds simple enough
  165. 2012-07-18T20:01:52  <loocorez> yeah, js/jquery. I mean, I know sql really well but it sounds like django/django-skel uses orm of some sort?
  166. 2012-07-18T20:02:13  <loocorez> also php/ruby/rails... which is useless for this project :P
  167. 2012-07-18T20:02:18  <loocorez> and c/c++..
  168. 2012-07-18T20:02:21  <chancez> brb going home, works over
  169. 2012-07-18T20:02:40  <loocorez> chancez: kk
  170. Jul 18 20:05:13 <Kennythehitman>        Alright, your frontend experience will definitely come in handy
  171. Jul 18 20:05:36 <Kennythehitman>        And yes, Django's ORM is pretty good at abstraction
  172. Jul 18 20:07:11 *       ArrowBot has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  173. Jul 18 20:07:28 <loocorez>      sure thing. and good, I like orms lol
  174. Jul 18 20:07:36 *       thearrowflies_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
  175. Jul 18 20:10:08 *       boe has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
  176. Jul 18 20:18:49 <Daniel110>     what are we using for the db?
  177. Jul 18 20:19:26 <loocorez>      text files, we decided from the start
  178. Jul 18 20:19:36 <loocorez>      http://redditblog.com/db.txt
  179. Jul 18 20:23:14 *       TheWalkingDerp has quit ()
  180. Jul 18 20:23:49 *       Daniel110 has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
  181. Jul 18 20:24:27 *       boe (~blank@c-24-5-12-49.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #rpcweb
  182. Jul 18 20:24:44 <chancez>       back
  183. Jul 18 20:25:36 <chancez>       what did i miss?
  184. Jul 18 20:25:40 <chancez>       does look like to much
  185. Jul 18 20:26:05 <chancez>       doesnt*
  186. Jul 18 20:29:11 <loocorez>      basically yeah
  187. Jul 18 20:29:52 <loocorez>      !@#$%meeting
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