Assorted Nech changes

NKiwi Sep 21st, 2018 (edited) 101 Never
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  1. General Changes:
  2. -Auto timing bonuses to attack checks are capped to +2. The theoretical max is +4 Great Knife/Shotgun without Lullaby, Concentration, and +2 from other skills (Such as God of Death or Made to be Broken).
  4. Skill Changes:
  5. -Instantaneous is once per round and must be declared when the attack is declared.
  6. -Protect is Range 0
  7. -Anticipate is Auto timing, is explicitly once per round
  8. -Drama of Death now only gives a +1 to the attack check (This may or may not be able to skirt around the cap)
  9. -Psyche skills will probably be some further modified form of Kiwi's changes in BftP
  10. -Barring inclusion of BftP, Gun god and trusted companion will affect blast attack parts
  11. -Super Strength is no longer a skill, it is now a Tier 3 mutation
  13. Part Changes
  14. ARM:
  15. -Flamethrower gets a +1 to the attack check
  16. -Superior Katana no longer gets a +1 to the attack check
  17. -Monofilament is removed.
  18. -Ball and Chain is now Range 0 (or for real dumb, make it range 1)
  19. -Netgun has range 1-2
  20. -AT Rifle negates Defend 1 (Defend 2 is unaffected)
  22. ENH:
  23. -Electrigger: Given a -1 to the attack check
  24. -Gauntlet is kept as an auto defend 1, but is only +2 damage once per round at damage timing
  25. -Manipulator AP cost changed from 2 to 1
  26. -Psychoblaster AP Cost reduced to 0
  27. -Rocket Pack AP cost changed to 1 and is now usable once per round
  28. -Lightsaber does not benefit from maneuvers that increase melee damage.
  30. MUT:
  31. Boy is changed to T1
  32. Skinny is moved to T2
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