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Log Twenty-One: Princess Ice, now Queen Ice

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Apr 7th, 2013
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  1. <CJ> Momo is sunning himself on the temple roof, surrounded by female admirers
  2. <Dirk> btw how many harvest do we have 3 less or more?
  3. <CJ> the plaza bustles with people about their business
  4. <CJ> harvest? Sorry lost me!
  5. <Momo> (Covenant harverst. I would guess 4 since we are warm all year)
  6. <CJ> Corbenik, you are watching some shady types from the Bazaar district, who are talking in quiet tones
  7. <Momo> (our economy thing)
  8. <CJ> Yes four a ear, but various crops
  9. <Dirk> (yes that is my suspicion as well because of our special clima)
  10. <CJ> You don't really have seasons in th normal sense because fo the cities magic
  11. <Dirk> (thanks :) )
  12. <Dirk> (So I can get regualar adventure hocks from selling trips :) )
  13. <CJ> Gustbran, those Bazaar chaps seem to like you. Why recently people have been giving you little gifts - fresh meat, good wine, even trinkets
  14. <Corbenik> (well then activate standard city guard protocol, get a surround with guard then I head in to find out)
  15. <CJ> You appear very popular with part fo the citie spopulation, but you are not sure why
  16. <CJ> Mainly the young men actually
  17. <CJ> Well some of them!
  18. <CJ> Baruch is taking a stroll through the plaza too
  19. <CJ> Calpurnia is frightening people as she walks down to the Temple
  20. <CJ> Then it happens
  21. <Calpurnia> (and smirking while it happens)
  22. <CJ> A tradesman pushing a handcart full of early strawberries upsets it, as he suddenly convulses and falls to th ground, flip flopping over the paving stones!
  23. <CJ> OK, time in...
  24. <Baruch> I'll look alarmed and run to him at once
  25. <Gustbran> "Oh, my!"
  26. * Gustbran moves in to right the cart
  27. <Baruch> "Are you alright?"
  28. <Corbenik> (started as something else happend, keeps a distance looking for shady people)
  29. * Momo jumps from roof to roof to get closer to the scene of interest
  30. <CJ> Gustbran, the chap who appears to be in his early thirties, and a respectable looking farmer, is hiccuping wildly!
  31. <CJ> He makes a peculiar whooping noise, and flops around
  32. * Calpurnia keeps walking
  33. * Dirk looks confused
  34. <Baruch> I'll spont physician's eye on him.
  35. <CJ> Momo you arrive near the upset cart
  36. <CJ> Baruch, greta idea.
  37. <CJ> InCo5 I think, but you get to add the aura
  38. <CJ> go for it
  39. <Gustbran> "A little too much sauce, today, eh?" to the guy
  40. * Dirk walk to the the place and look more close what happened
  41. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+15
  42. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 23 :8+15
  43. <CJ> Calpurnia, a young women scurries ot get away from your path. She suddenly begins to jig around, then burstout in loud hiccups
  44. <CJ> Baruch, the farmer is sufferring from a highly contagious disease, the hooping-hiccup.
  45. <Momo> "Is this an epidemic I see? "
  46. * Calpurnia walk around keeping a distance from woman with -_- face
  47. <CJ> It is often a faerie curse, and if left unattended he will soon beegin to jig, dance, and then hoop louder and louder
  48. <CJ> It won't be fatal, but it will last weeks if not months
  49. <Baruch> "We must get help for these people."
  50. <CJ> The woman almost kicks clapurnia as she thrashes about!
  51. <Baruch> Quietly to Calpurnia : "It's a fairy curse."
  52. <Dirk> (Do I see any thing special with second sight?)
  53. <Baruch> Oh, and to dirk as well
  54. <CJ> Momo, you see a small boy who has been rolling in the dust leap to his feet, and start to jig about, doing an odd dance and whooping loudly!
  56. <Corbenik> "...................... sigh-------------------:
  57. <CJ> You assumed he was just rolling in the dust for the sheer pleasure of it before, as cats do, so you ignored it
  58. <Momo> "Well, this is entertaining."
  59. <CJ> Corbenik, ther eis a clatter as two of your guards drop their weapons, and start to jig about, dancing uncontrollably!
  60. <Baruch> Do I have any idea how one might go about curing that?
  61. <CJ> Baruch - I don't think Physicians ye tells yu that sadly
  62. * Momo consider watching the human dances for a few hours before dealing with it
  63. <CJ> Still, you hear a chorus of hiccuping and hopping coming from the fields by the Bazaar district now
  64. <Corbenik> -_-
  65. * Corbenik starts heading to the temple
  66. <Gustbran> "what in the....?"
  67. <CJ> The guards are now dancing together, holding hands and whirling round and round, hopping and hooping
  68. <Corbenik> -_-
  69. <Momo> "Yes, dance for me, humans, dance for the festival!"
  70. <Baruch> Do we have a corpus expert left among the magi?
  71. <CJ> Corbenik, as you ebnter the temple you see two servants, busily enaged in a strange little jig, while desperately trying to carry wine and cake to the council chamber
  72. <CJ> They are spilling it everywhere
  73. * Corbenik walk past
  74. <Dirk> Wispering: "Hmm fearie you say? Do we have a Merinita mage here?"
  75. <CJ> Another maid appears, daning in a frenzuied manner with a mop, and hoopoung loudly
  76. <CJ> No Merinita on city
  77. <Baruch> "Unfortunately not."
  78. <CJ> HOOP!
  79. <CJ> HICCUP!
  80. <Dirk> (Not corect Freespaces mage is one if I rember right)
  81. <Corbenik> -_- (Damn whatever this thing is is everywhere (Corbeniks thoughts))
  82. <CJ> Ah right yes!
  83. <CJ> Best find him then!
  84. <Baruch> "Scratch that, we do!"
  85. <Dirk> "Maybe a good idea to get him as they know fearie things bether then we"
  86. <Baruch> "Dirk, you should go ask Aiden about this. I'll ask Taitale - he is very knowledgeable, and might have an idea as well."
  87. <CJ> All over the city, as the sun rises higher, citizens begin to make the whooping noise, hiccup explosively and involuntarily jig around
  88. <Baruch> "Meet you by the temple in a bit."
  89. <CJ> OKey doke.
  90. <Baruch> I'll fly over to Taitale's house, and shout for him to come to the window. I'll ask him if he knows how one might cure the disease.
  91. <CJ> So Baruch you head off to find taitale?
  92. <CJ> He was being pushed past in his cart not so long ago
  93. <Dirk> "I ask the head grog where I might find aiden"
  94. <Baruch> Ok, so I'll fly up and see if I can locate him.
  95. <Baruch> "Yes, do that."
  96. <Corbenik> (I am heading to the the covenants head)
  97. <CJ> As you approach his house you see a peculiar site. Taitales children dancing and jigging, and pushing him at great speed doewn the road, roaring and whooping!
  98. <CJ> Taitale appears greatly distressed... not least because they are heading straight for the canal
  99. <Calpurnia> (Doing whatever she was trying to do earlier)
  100. <CJ> Corbenik, you enter the council chamber
  101. <Baruch> "Stop at once!"
  102. <Baruch> I'll cast aura of rightful authority before shouting that
  103. <CJ> CAlpurnia, you were going to ask for more supplies and permision to extend your lab we will say spo you too enter the council chamber
  104. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+22
  105. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 30 :8+22
  106. <CJ> OK Presence + leadership please Baruch
  107. <Dirk> on my way to the head grog I cast one or 2 Unseen Porter duration Sun for saving falling breakables
  108. <CJ> OK, the children stop pusjing Taitale, and dance in panciky circles, but they are all giggling
  109. <CJ> Momo, you look on as the plaza fills with gyrating dancing humans
  110. <CJ> They are very amsuing to a cat
  111. <CJ> OK Dirk no need ot roll for that it works fine :)
  112. * Momo tries to join the dance by standing on two leg, but failed cutely.
  113. <CJ> You save a lot!
  114. <Baruch> I'll run over to Taitale and ask him this: "It's the hooping-hiccup! Do you know how to cure it?"
  115. <Baruch> Does Taitale get a roll with medicine or fairy lore or something?
  116. <CJ> A few humans laugh at Momo, and then they start t giggle, and dance faster and faster!
  117. <CJ> Yes Medicine + Int
  118. <Corbenik> (need to go for a short bit, Corbenik is going to inform Antonious of what is occurring and what he or anyone can do to stop it. Calpurnia well she ask for stuff)
  119. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (specialization physician, so add 1 if it helps)
  120. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (specialization physician, so add 1 if it helps): 15 :7+8
  121. <CJ> NO probs. Antonius looks at Corbenik in something between horror and disbelief!
  122. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (Second sight if I see any invisible/disguised on my walk)
  123. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (Second sight if I see any invisible/disguised on my walk): 2
  124. <Dirk> (Not today ^^)
  125. <CJ> Taitale looks thoughtful, and says "oh yes. We had an epidemic of that in 1189, when a young Antonius upset a faerieprincess. awful, awfulk business"
  126. <Corbenik> (Corbenik is disturbed at Antonius' reaction)
  127. <Corbenik> (time to go take a bath)
  128. <CJ> "yes there is a cure. Various faerie herbs can be used to allay the symptoms, if we have any"
  129. <CJ> (Absolutely)
  130. <Baruch> "I knew I should have gotten those herbs back at Nurnberg!" (D)
  131. <Baruch> (:D)
  132. <CJ> Antonius leaps from his chair, shouts "WHAT!??!"" and dashes outside
  133. <CJ> He nearly knocks Corbenik down in his haste
  134. <Baruch> "Thank you. I'll go inform Antonius."
  135. <CJ> Corbenik if here still make a quick Perception + Folk Ken
  136. <Baruch> I'll fly over to the temple to tell everyone about the fairy herbs
  137. <CJ> Momo, you notice the humans are linking ahndsm, and starting to dance in a snakelike, no drakelike sinous procession through the streets
  138. <Gustbran> (!)
  139. <CJ> Dirk, where are you know?
  140. <Dirk> Have I found the head grog to ask where I can find Aiden?
  141. <CJ> Gustbran, Antonius dashes out, and stands staring out from the steps of the city, stunned in to silemnce by what he sees!
  142. <CJ> You have and have made your way to Aiden's tower!
  143. <CJ> Dirk you approac the door of Aiden's lab
  144. <CJ> Aiden, you hear someone knock!
  145. <Dirk> OK then I will tell a unafected guard grog of this tower to get me Aiden
  146. <CJ> (linking hands above - not hwat I typed)
  147. <Dirk> (Ok no problem then you choice)
  148. * Aiden carefully stops what he was doing and opens the door a crack.
  149. <Aiden> "yes?"
  150. <Dirk> "We have a fearie problem at hand somthing about a hicup sickness"
  151. <CJ> AidBaruch, as you approach the Temple you see Antonius looking out over the strange scenes in the plaza, and shaking furiously
  152. <Dirk> "A lot of people are affected by now"
  153. <Aiden> "Hiccup sickness..?"
  154. <CJ> CAlpurnia is probably quite amused to see Antonius so obviously aghast
  155. <Dirk> "Just get out and see your self"
  156. <Aiden> "Sure!"
  157. * Aiden follows dirk to see what's going on.
  158. <CJ> By the time Aiden gets out, something like a tenth of th citizens are laughing, hooping, hiccupping and involuntarily dancing
  159. <CJ> Momo, the humans are leaping over you, as a new symptom, great leaping bounds, takes effect
  160. <Momo> No sure if that would give them bad luck or not
  161. <Baruch> "It's the hooping hiccups. We need faerie herbs for the symptoms. Do we have any, Antonius?"
  162. <CJ> Antonius looks utterly aghasst, and begins to shake. He looks at you with his susual contempt, and says sternly
  163. <CJ> "HOOP! HOOP! HICCUP!"
  164. <Aiden> (haha)
  165. * Momo goes to the temple now that there's a risk that someone will step on him
  166. <CJ> and then he grabs BAruch by the hand, and starts to jig up and down, giggling in a frenzied manner
  167. <Baruch> "Ah. The parma doesn't help then?"
  168. <CJ> It should :)
  169. <Momo> (some farie really hate antonious)
  170. <Corbenik> (Okay back :P)
  171. <Baruch> (corbenik, roll perception + folk ken)
  172. <CJ> Momo, you are right by the madly dancing Antonius
  173. <Aiden> (OK, I need a int+faerie lore to figure this out?)
  174. <CJ> He hoops far louder than anyone else!
  175. <CJ> Go for it Aiden!
  176. <Corbenik> !roll 1d10-1 (+1 if dealing with the covenant)
  177. <Magic_Dice> Corbenik, (+1 if dealing with the covenant): 5 :6-1
  178. <Baruch> Do I know whether the covenant has any fairy herbs? Or if it did, where they would be kept?
  179. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+3
  180. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 13 :10+3
  181. <Aiden> (dun dun dun.)
  182. <CJ> Corbenik, all you can see is that there is no chance of restoring order, as half your men are already danicing and hooping
  183. * Momo thinks this old man is dancing so hard, he might rip his robe
  184. <CJ> Aiden: ah! yes, you knwo this disease
  185. <Baruch> (It was a botch? Or was it a simple die?)
  186. <CJ> Faeires often curse people with it. You know there are a good hlaf dozen rare herbs that will treat it, but the best is Asses Tail, which is a kind of moss that grows oon cyprius trees
  187. <Dirk> (would say it was a simple die)
  188. <CJ> You need to get some, and make a paste, annoint the forehead of the victim, and make a little tail they must wear until the disease wears off
  189. <CJ> Lacks in dignity, but effectively cures it!
  190. <CJ> Simple die
  191. <Aiden> (*phew*)
  192. <CJ> Aiden knows the disease, so simply down to what the actual cure is
  193. <CJ> Aiden knows that
  194. <CJ> Unfortunately you are currntly somewhere over the Northern Oceans
  195. <CJ> No cypress anywhere near
  196. <CJ> Still, high in the norther mountains grows the Moose Tail moss. That should do the trick, if you can gather some. Grows in faerie regios
  197. <CJ> Antonius tears off his robe, and clad only in his linen uundershirt whirls away in to the dancing crowds
  198. <Corbenik> -_-
  199. <Momo> "And the old man did it."
  201. <Calpurnia> o_O
  202. <CJ> His dignity is sufferring somewhat
  203. <Momo> "Didn't know he had it in him."
  204. <CJ> Antonius leaps high, and hoops louder than the rest
  205. * Momo look with a stern fatherly disapproval.
  206. <CJ> ;)
  207. <Aiden> to Dirk. "We need to find some cypress trees! I'll explain everything on the way. I imagine there aren't any here...."
  208. <Calpurnia> (blinded)
  209. <CJ> OK, everyone has gathered at Temple steps?
  210. <Baruch> Yeah
  211. <CJ> Not on the city, nope
  212. * Dirk get in silent communication with the High Prist if he know some magical cure for this I could use trough him
  213. <CJ> (to cypress trees)
  214. <Baruch> "Cypress - that's a tricky one. Any other way you know of?"
  215. <CJ> The High Proest knows that Moose Tail moss is the best option. Last time, two decades or so ago, they used Asses Tail moss
  216. <Dirk> "Hmm Mosse Tail or Asses Tail, now I just need to know what this is and where to get it"
  217. <Momo> "And where to get catnip"
  218. <Momo> "It's important."
  219. <CJ> Anyone got herbalism in any form?
  220. <CJ> :)
  221. <Corbenik> "..."
  222. <Corbenik> (survival :P )
  223. <Dirk> (Only have Craft woodcarfing but that dont help there ^^)
  224. <Corbenik> (also wilderness sense)
  225. <Baruch> (nope)
  226. <CJ> That will do! Aiden can recognise the herb as being dark brown, stringy and hanging from trees or rocks
  227. <CJ> Alot of citizenms are now following Antonius in a snakey dance around the city, jigging and hooping their hands on the shoulders of the person in front
  228. <Baruch> "Does anyone know where a moss of either sort would grow - preferably as near as possible?"
  229. <Dirk> ok dark brown, stingy do I rember seeing this here on the city already when looking for usable wood?
  230. <CJ> Corbenik, you saw some glitening mountains this morning about forty miles to the east of the covennat - possibly Scandinavia
  231. <Momo> "Just try out every moss you see!"
  232. <CJ> Nope Dirk, none on covenant
  233. <CJ> lol!
  234. <Momo> "Grab a grog, tie him up and try it on him."
  235. <CJ> Should be Moose tail. I typed it wrong :)
  236. * Corbenik stares at the distance
  237. <Dirk> "Hm so we need to fly down and hopfull find it on the ground somewhere"
  238. <CJ> The dustant mountains capped with ice look serene and beautiful.
  239. <Baruch> "Yes, that does seem to be the most prudent course of action."
  240. <Baruch> (To the magemobile!)
  241. <CJ> (and probably filled with deadly Rune Wizards!)
  242. <Corbenik> (YAY)
  243. <CJ> Right, so you are taking the boat.
  244. <CJ> End of Scene One
  245. <CJ> Scene Two will have the party who go to look for the herb. CHoose who is going, I'm taking a 5 minute breah to grab a drink
  246. <CJ> Choose one character ech, you an argue who goes between you :)
  247. <Gustbran> (I suppose I should be staying behind and help attempt to keep order?)
  248. <Baruch> B goes, since I haven't got Taitale's magical means of transportation done yet.
  249. <Baruch> (There's not much you can do about that I think)
  250. <Dirk> (I use dirk as Ramon is away from the covenant doing Redcap work)
  251. <Momo> (I will use momo)
  252. <Corbenik> (hrmmm well Corbenik won't be getting any xp this time, Calpurnia shall then be up)
  253. <Gustbran> (Well I think keeping people who aren't infected indoors would help somewhat until you return. beside, I wanna use Aiden!)
  254. <Baruch> (Of course you can use him!)
  255. <Aiden> (silly Gustbran!)
  256. <Baruch> (:D)
  257. <Dirk> btw bevore we fly I try a ward against feary of the wood against around one affected
  258. <Dirk> (forgot that I have this spell^^)
  259. <Baruch> That would probably only work before the fact
  260. <Aiden> (remind me the formula for casting again?)
  261. <Dirk> (Yep probably but hey its wort a try)
  262. <Baruch> So Gus and Taitale might appreciate it :)
  263. <Momo> (so wait, we gonna grab a moss, paste it, then apply it to every single person on the city?)
  264. <Dirk> (yea thats the plan ^^)
  265. <Calpurnia> (yep very effecient right :P )
  266. <Baruch> (Aiden: It's technique + form + aura + stamina + possibly shouting and waiving 2)
  267. <Momo> (was hopping we can just track down the culprit)
  268. <Momo> (but who can argue again rune wizard!)
  269. <Momo> against*
  270. <Aiden> (Well, waving and shouting doesn't work well for me due to method casting.)
  271. <Baruch> (Hope we find lots of moss, right:)
  272. <CJ> Aiden, where you casting the ward? :)
  273. <Momo> (gallon worth of moss, right)
  274. <Baruch> (Oh yeah)
  275. <Baruch> It was Dirk's ward
  276. <Dirk> (I will casting the ward)
  277. <Aiden> (I only have ward agains demons, actually)
  278. <CJ> Dirk, sorry, where you casting the ward? On the baot, on yourself, or on a circle?
  279. <CJ> It's normally target: Circle I think?
  280. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+21 (vs 20)
  281. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (vs 20): 28 :7+21
  282. <CJ> OK, that will work against Wood Faeies of up to MIght 14
  283. <CJ> Does Dirk have any penetration?
  284. <Dirk> (Yes I have the spell at this level)
  285. <Dirk> (No sadly not)
  286. <Baruch> You can cast it around the entire city if it's circle, right?
  287. <CJ> Ah level 20, so ten
  288. <Baruch> maybe that would keep the disease from spreading
  289. <CJ> You can if oyu can walk all the way round maintaining concentration yes
  290. <CJ> What is Dirks Concentration?
  291. <CJ> he would need a 4 to do that without rolling
  292. <CJ> if he has Concentration 4 he can ward th whole city
  293. <Dirk> I use a other spell to draw the circle (Draw the perfet Circle)
  294. <CJ> Actually know, he does not need to
  295. <CJ> The city is already a cirle - I am an idiot!
  296. <Calpurnia> :P
  297. <Momo> What if it's an oval?
  298. <Aiden> (LOL)
  299. <CJ> OK the whole city is fine, he know has warded the whole city against Wood faaries
  300. <CJ> Then you are stuffed :D
  301. <CJ> Luckily it's a circle
  302. <CJ> Dirk spends a moment casting the spell which takes effect!
  303. <Dirk> Em CJ I have a bether Idea let me just look up something how to do it
  304. <CJ> Okey doke :)
  305. <CJ> I had not thought of that, but technically you could use circle spells onm the city instead of boundary! I'll have to ask on the forum about hat one!
  306. <Momo> There goes our local ecosystem of wood faries that's getting cast out of the city by dirk
  307. <CJ> the TAlas Games ars Amgica forum
  308. <CJ> Atlas Games ars MAgica forum
  309. <Momo> (crop gonna suffer this season isn't it)
  310. <Dirk> Arcan Circle is it then its + 1 level to normal cirlce
  311. <CJ> it's here, good place to ask rules stuff
  312. <CJ> :)
  313. <Dirk> So i make a inner circle and cast it on this to affect our outer circle
  314. <CJ> OK, Dirk casts the spell
  315. <CJ> There si no obvious effect, but it may well have hjelped
  316. <Dirk> !roll1d10+25 (Shouting and waving)
  317. <CJ> Ah ok let's see how he does1
  318. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 +25 (Shouting and Waving vs 25)
  319. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, +25 (Shouting and Waving vs 25): 1
  320. <CJ> and again!
  321. <Dirk> roll 1d10
  322. <Calpurnia> ......
  323. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+25
  324. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 33 :8+25
  325. <Dirk> (no didnt work first time sorry)
  326. <CJ> OK< so speel si level 20 formulaic?
  327. <Dirk> (Is still forumlaic)
  328. <Dirk> (jep)
  329. <CJ> No pesky wood faeries gonna be coming in to your city for a while!
  330. * Momo watches as dozen of wood fairies jumps off the covenant.
  331. <CJ> Well till someone breaks the circle :)
  332. <CJ> lol!
  333. <Calpurnia> -_-
  334. <CJ> Nope, theya re stuck inside I think Momo
  335. <CJ> Can't jump off!
  336. <Momo> k
  337. <CJ> ;)
  338. <CJ> lol!
  339. <CJ> They are now prisoners in the city
  340. <CJ> Right, so who is going in te boat?
  341. <Baruch> Baruch
  342. <Dirk> Dirk
  343. <Aiden> (me)
  344. <Momo> Momo!
  345. <Calpurnia> I
  346. <Baruch> I'll be flying again, I think, so here's the intelligence + finesse:
  347. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+7
  348. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 17 :10+7
  349. <Baruch> Urgh.
  350. <Calpurnia> ...........
  351. <CJ> OK Baruch flies up and in to the sky
  352. <Baruch> Stress, right? :D
  353. <CJ> and then...
  354. <Dirk> (If not stress then fine)
  355. <CJ> roll a botch die
  356. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  357. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 9
  358. <Baruch> phew
  359. <CJ> these are unsuaul circumstabnces
  360. <Baruch> so just 7
  361. <CJ> is fine, though buffetted by the strong winds of the north
  362. <CJ> OK, who is flying the boat ?
  363. <Dirk> (Not dirk)
  364. <Momo> (You want a cat to what?)
  365. <Baruch> Wha? Baruch
  366. <Baruch> That was my flying roll that I almost botched
  367. <Calpurnia> (yes let the cat fly it)
  368. <Aiden> (hehe)
  369. <Baruch> Or what do you mean?
  370. <Momo> (I think CJ think you are magic flying yourself)
  371. <Calpurnia> (cute and handsome kitty)
  372. <Baruch> Nonono I fly the boat :)
  373. <CJ> Oh Baruch is flying the boat, I thought you were fkying your magi item!
  374. <Baruch> Nah, the boat
  375. <CJ> Sorry. As Baruch can fly as well I was confused
  376. <CJ> OK, the boat is buffeted by strong winds, but soon is flying out over the dark waters of the northern ocean. and it is bitterly cold now
  377. <Aiden> (no reason too unless the boats overcrowded, I think)
  378. <Calpurnia> :D yay cold
  379. <CJ> The cat is not impressed i take it? Ten minutes ago he was basking in the spring sun
  380. <CJ> Where to then?
  381. <Baruch> I have put my flying furs on again
  382. * Momo curl up in someone robe
  383. <CJ> The mountains in the distance?
  384. <Baruch> If we see mmountains, I head to them
  385. <Baruch> yeah
  386. <Calpurnia> Pick up the cat and starts petting it
  387. <CJ> Baruch, you fly for an hour or so. noon is ppproacjing
  388. <CJ> approaching even.
  389. <CJ> The coastline is jagged, with deep frightful fjords, and the mounatisn rise steep from the sea
  390. <CJ> You can see a small fishing village nestled deep down a fjord, and a tiny wooden stave church
  391. <CJ> the landscape is majestic, awe inspiring
  392. <Dirk> "We are looking for a Forest"
  393. <Momo> "Look at this godfosaken land... oh look, a church."
  394. <CJ> the tops of the mountains are lost in cloud and snow
  395. <CJ> Dirk, make a perception _ awareness
  396. <CJ> (:) at Momo)
  397. <CJ> Aiden, you know you need faerie auras to find the moose tail moss
  398. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  399. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 9
  400. <Momo> (Momo have faerie sight)
  401. <Aiden> (I have second sight.)
  402. <CJ> OK Dirk, the slopes of the mountains are filled with pine forests, with little deciduous woods among them, and occasional meadows filled with spring flowers and fed by chattering waterfalls
  403. <Dirk> (I also have second sight but not in usable range)
  404. <CJ> Ok baruch where you flying to?
  405. <CJ> Aiden and dirk can look for faeries with Second Sight as get closer
  406. <Dirk> "The slopes have wood but mostly pine forest"
  407. <Baruch> I'll fly low over the forests
  408. <Baruch> "Keep an eye out for the right kinds of place."
  409. <CJ> OK, about half weay up the mountains, below the snow line?
  410. <CJ> Aiden and Dirk, please make Perception + Scond Sight Rolls
  411. <CJ> Momo, do you have Faerie Sight?
  412. <Dirk> !Roll 1d10
  413. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 6
  414. <Momo> yes
  415. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2
  416. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 12 :10+2
  417. <CJ> Okey doke
  418. <CJ> Aiden this is stressful
  419. <CJ> roll again!
  420. <Calpurnia> Aiden your eyes explode
  421. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  422. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 1
  423. <CJ> lol no not Capurnia the bothc magnet1
  424. <Dirk> (For hunt for the Wild HErb I need a sample first, right?)
  425. <CJ> OK aiden nearly falls out of the boat
  426. <CJ> Um, not sure on that Dirk. What sthe description say?
  427. <Aiden> (gah! what's with those tens!)
  428. <Momo> (Gah I just petted by calpunia, now I will roll botch soon)
  429. <Dirk> (Yes need a sample so we need to find one first then I can use this for more)
  430. <CJ> Yep you do just looke dit uip!
  431. <Calpurnia> (do you want to be hugged as well kitty kitty :P )
  432. <Momo> (scatch scatch)
  433. <Calpurnia> (crack crack)
  434. <Calpurnia> (stabby stabbY)
  435. <CJ> Momo, you notice a galde that seems absolutely perfect. Sunny, and the trees are bigger than normal. You can tell it is a Faerie place. Dirk looks at it, and can make out wood faeries, tinty ones, hiding in the flowers and trees
  436. <Momo> (Stabby stabby is gustbran thing!)
  437. <CJ> You've found what looks like a faerie area
  438. <CJ> Now Aiden, do you have Faerie Lore?
  439. <Calpurnia> (I have a shortsword, and it can be used to stab :P )
  440. <Aiden> (yup_
  441. <Momo> "Oh yes! A sunny place!"
  442. <CJ> OK, roll INT + FAerie Lore
  443. <Dirk> "this glade looks like a good place for fearies"
  444. <Momo> "Go there, go there, get warm!"
  445. <Dirk> (btw my latin sound kind of very old)
  446. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+3 (+1more if fairie forests spec counts)
  447. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (+1more if fairie forests spec counts): 8 :5+3
  448. <Calpurnia> (scootches Momo off herself and towards the forest)
  449. <Dirk> (have we landed?)
  450. <CJ> It does count. OK, this is an odd fairie area. It si in the glade clearly the home of minor (Might 5 or less) wood faeries, but you know the right songs and signs ot appease them. they won't trouble you. Yet there si also evidence of Mountain Faeries - Trolls, as they are called here
  451. <CJ> Not alnaded just yet!
  452. <Calpurnia> heheheheh
  453. <CJ> Momo, big silvery fish swin in a pool in the glade
  454. * Momo play with the fish
  455. <CJ> There is also a waterfall that feeds the pool, and big mossy boulders
  456. <CJ> You can once Bauch decides if he wants to land here :)
  457. <CJ> The pool is big enoug to putthe boat down in
  458. <Aiden> "This is indeed a faerie area."
  459. <CJ> (the village and chuch incidentally are about a mile away, but a couple of thousand feet lower down the mountain side in height as well)
  460. <Baruch> "Let us pay the faeris a visit, then."
  461. <CJ> You could keep looking elsewhere.
  462. <Dirk> I use my special Spell "Understand the forest" (Like Ituition of the Forest but only concentration duration)
  463. <CJ> OK, landing?
  464. <CJ> OK Dirk roll to cast that. You are in a faere aura so you get a +1, but also its a stress die
  465. <Baruch> Yeah, I'll land in the glade.
  466. <CJ> Momo, you after te fish? :)
  467. <Dirk> No roll its a rot
  468. <Momo> if I can and if I am hungry
  469. <Momo> otherwise I am playing
  470. <CJ> the fish spalash around playfully, and chant rude words at Momo!
  471. <CJ> Okey doke, spell up. I assume that means rote :)
  472. <Dirk> (yep)
  473. <CJ> (I designed those rules with Neil)
  474. <Calpurnia> (stupid damn cat, stupid damn cat <-fish)
  475. <CJ> OK, Dirk, you become aware this is a very *Faerie forest*. There is an entrance to a regio here - if you slip between those two pine trees, you will find the secret heart of the glade.
  476. * Momo pounce the water left and right to make the fish swim left and right
  477. <CJ> lol at Calpurnia!
  478. <CJ> The fish dart around, ignoring Calpurnia scorn and playing with Momo!
  479. <CJ> *Faerie Aura currently 2*
  480. <CJ> What everyone else doing?
  481. <Dirk> "I think I fount the entrance to the heart of the glad but prefer to stay outside"
  482. <Calpurnia> (are we in the middle of the pond thing?
  483. <CJ> by the edge. Easiest place to put the boat down
  484. <CJ> Momo can see the way in to the regio
  485. <Baruch> "Well, let's see if we can find the moss outside the regio first."
  486. <CJ> Aiden can if he rolls Per + Second Sight 6+
  487. * Dirk look for the moos we need
  488. * Calpurnia gets off the boat and makes sure she touches the water before getting on the land to make it cold\
  489. <CJ> Dirk, you can roll Perception + Survival
  490. <Baruch> "What did you say it looked like again?" *starts looking*
  491. <Momo> "Took you long enough to see the big large entrance."
  492. <Momo> "Is like you all are blind or something"
  493. <Baruch> (Do I roll perception + survival as well?)
  494. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+3 (+1 Faerie spec accounted for)
  495. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (+1 Faerie spec accounted for): 12 :9+3
  496. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+2 (No Survival not sure if I have minus from concentration)
  497. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (No Survival not sure if I have minus from concentration): 12 :10+2
  498. <Dirk> (stress die?)
  499. |<-- CJ has left (Connection reset by peer)
  500. <Calpurnia> well that explains stuff
  501. <Aiden> (yup_
  502. -->| CJ has joined #wizardbase
  503. <Aiden> (wb)
  504. <CJ> Sorry about that!
  505. <CJ> My connection just dropped
  506. <Dirk> (wb just rolled 10 + 2 was it stress die?)
  507. <CJ> yes it was
  508. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  509. <Baruch> <CJ> Aiden can if he rolls Per + Second Sight 6+
  510. <Baruch> * Dirk look for the moos we need
  511. <Baruch> * Calpurnia gets off the boat and makes sure she touches the water before getting on the land to make it cold\
  513. [Baruch recap what CJ missed]
  515. <CJ> OK, Dirk has not found any brown moss of the type described by Taitakle and Aiden, and nearly falls down a ravine while looking
  516. <Dirk> (how many botch die as I dont have survival?)
  517. <CJ> Everyne ok?
  518. <Baruch> Yeah, do I get to roll too?
  519. <CJ> Ah three then, keep rolling two more!
  520. <Dirk> (ok rote drop)
  521. <Aiden> (You missed my roll!)
  522. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  523. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 10
  524. <CJ> Yep roll away Baruch!
  525. * Calpurnia being bored goes off exploring the place.
  526. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  527. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 3
  528. <CJ> Aiden, I'll check your oll
  529. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  530. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10
  531. <Baruch> (God damn)
  532. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  533. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 5
  534. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  535. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 9
  536. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  537. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 10
  538. <Baruch> (JHahah)
  539. <Aiden> :(
  540. <Momo> (calpurnia fault)
  541. <Baruch> (We both found the same ravine)
  542. <Calpurnia> (yeah, what you going to do about it :P )
  543. <Dirk> (I botched if I saw it right :(
  544. <Momo> (Better than botch at spell...)
  545. <Baruch> (Yeah, we both botched with 1)
  546. <Calpurnia> (very true)
  547. <Momo> (Clearly momo is right that you two are blind)
  548. |<-- CJ has left (Connection reset by peer)
  549. <Aiden> (maybe the faeries are just playing tricks on you!)
  550. <Calpurnia> Well this isn't looking good
  551. <Aiden> (oh boy)
  552. -->| CJ has joined #wizardbase
  553. <CJ> Right sorry about this
  554. <Aiden> (phew)
  555. <CJ> My connection has dropped twice
  556. <Dirk> (Wb Baruch and I got one Botch each)
  557. <CJ> I managed to sort it i think
  558. <Baruch> (We both botched with 1 die, Dirk and I, the survival roll)
  559. <CJ> OK, I'll deal with the botches in a second
  560. <Baruch> (And Aiden probably was able to see into the regio with his roll of 12)
  561. <CJ> Aiden I missed your roll, can you tell me what it was?
  562. <Calpurnia> ( I am wandering about exploring )
  563. <CJ> Yes Aiden can see clearly in. The forst deyond is more somber, and rock, and a little misty, but even more beautiful
  564. <Momo> (You two fail survival, stop breathing)
  565. <CJ> Calpurnia, you hear a sudden shriek!
  566. * Calpurnia turn towards scream
  567. <CJ> Can I have Dex + Athletics rolls agaiost Difficult 9 from Baruch and Dirk please?
  568. <Calpurnia> (Does it sound male or female?)
  569. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+1
  570. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 9 :8+1
  571. <CJ> Baruch and Dirk went that way, through the bushes in search of moss...
  572. <Dirk> (pew!)
  573. <CJ> Male, both the screams!
  574. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+2
  575. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 7 :5+2
  576. <Baruch> Confidence!
  577. <CJ> OK,Calpurnia, peering through the bushes you discover that Dirk and Baruch found a cliff edge.
  578. <Calpurnia> -_-
  579. <Aiden> (Whoo! close!)
  580. <CJ> Dirk is hanging on by one hand to a bush a few feet below the edge, and Baruch is plunging a thousand feet straight down :)
  581. <Calpurnia> "Why are you trying to kill yourselves?"
  582. <Momo> "Cause they are blind."
  583. <Baruch> (CJ: I didn't fail the roll)
  584. <Calpurnia> "I know but that doesn't make them suicidal"
  585. <Baruch> (Or wasn't I allowed to use ocnfidence?)
  586. <Dirk> (we both didnt fail it)
  587. <Momo> "Maybe it's accidental?"
  588. <CJ> I know. :)
  589. <Baruch> (Ok)
  590. <Momo> "Cause by blindness?"
  591. <Calpurnia> Anyway is Baruch plummeting?
  592. <CJ> Baruch is now you see actually flying down, examining the cliff for moss
  593. <Momo> "Or they just bad at mountain climbing."
  594. <Baruch> (:D)
  595. <CJ> Dirk isn't
  596. <CJ> This looks like exactly the right place to find the moss!
  597. <CJ> Unfortunately there is none :(
  598. <Calpurnia> I'm going to with one hand try and pullish Dirk up with one hand, then jump after Baruch.
  599. <CJ> Dirk, what you up to?
  600. <CJ> And Aiden and Momo and Calpurnia?
  601. * Dirk take Calpurnias hand
  602. <CJ> OK, Calpurnia please roll Str + Athletics
  603. * Momo can't do much in this situation
  604. * Momo Cat paw and stuff
  605. <Baruch> (Baruch is fine, in case you didn't notice, and just flying around)
  606. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10+2
  607. <Magic_Dice> Calpurnia: 10 :8+2
  608. <CJ> Fishes are now singing you a song about morning breaking over the mountain
  609. <Aiden> (If I didn't hear that shriek I'm a gonna enter the regio if I think I can find some moss there.)
  610. <CJ> Calpurnia easily pulls Dirk to safety
  611. <Dirk> "thanks"
  612. <CJ> Aiden, best roll Per + Awareness
  613. * Momo sings with the fish
  614. * Baruch heads back to glade to look for moss
  615. <Baruch> "Nothing here, it seems."
  616. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 more if searching spec counts)
  617. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (+1 more if searching spec counts): 7 :3+4
  618. <Baruch> "Ah, yes, didn't realize you couldn't fly, Dirk. Sorry about not doing anything. I tend to forget sometimes."
  619. * Dirk go back to the ship and make a perfect circle around it and use the Ward against fearis on it
  620. <Calpurnia> ".... welp" (at Baruch) leaves back to exploring
  621. <Aiden> (hehe)
  622. <Dirk> (err feries of the wood)
  623. <Momo> "In the morning glowing light shiny~~ Shiiinnyyy~~ La la la"
  624. |<-- CJ has left (Ping timeout)
  625. <Aiden> (Gaah)
  626. <Calpurnia> :P
  627. <Dirk> (Dirk think right now that he was tricked by fearies thats why this action ^^)
  628. <Momo> (probably)
  629. <Aiden> (just remember if you encounter one don't accept any gifts!)
  630. <Calpurnia> (OH COME ON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)
  631. <Momo> (offer gift instead)
  632. <Aiden> *plays jeopardy music*
  633. <Calpurnia> I'll take CJ for 300
  634. <Aiden> This grog was created by him and was used by someone to stab a very important mage.
  635. <Calpurnia> Gustbran
  636. <Aiden> I'm sorry, but it needs to be in the form of a question, you lose.
  637. <Calpurnia> DAMN YOU JEOPARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  638. <Aiden> :)
  639. <Momo> well good time to discuss on what grog we should make
  640. <Aiden> Well, I'm a gonna say it's sammich time. brb.
  641. <Calpurnia> Question I probably didn't here or understand, what is this grog thing you talking about?
  642. <Baruch> I've made some of Taitale's children, but they are not covenant grogs
  643. -->| CJ has joined #wizardbase
  644. <CJ> Blast it!
  645. <CJ> OK I am going to have to phone the cable company :(
  646. <CJ> Can anyone see this?
  647. <Baruch> (Calpurnia: It's that we should stat out some more grogs than what we have now, so we have a bigger pool to draw from)
  648. <Baruch> yea
  649. <Calpurnia> yes
  650. <Calpurnia> Okay, I'll stat to think about a grog then
  651. <CJ> OK where were we?
  653. [Baruch recap what CJ missed]
  655. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+20 (vs 20 including aura for Ward against fearie of the wood around our ship)
  656. <Magic_Dice> Dirk, (vs 20 including aura for Ward against fearie of the wood around our ship): 27 :7+20
  657. <CJ> Aiden you did not hear the scream so you enter the regio. o only momo notices
  658. <Dirk> (prepared with the rote Scribe the perfect circle)
  659. <CJ> OK speel up
  660. <CJ> Aiden you eneter the regio
  661. <Baruch> I'll head back to the glen after the incident by the cliff, and see if I could find moss there
  662. <CJ> As you enetr you are shocked by how lush and green everything is, the grass is up to your shoulders!
  663. <CJ> Some of these boulkders are absolutely vast, and the trees! They are as high as mountains
  664. <CJ> Looking around, you can see far far above you on the mountainside some brown moss of the type you need
  665. <Dirk> (haha Aiden is shrunken down ^^)
  666. <CJ> Perhaps a thousand feet ot more away
  667. <CJ> Right rest of you what you up to?
  668. <Baruch> Do I see Aiden enter the regio?
  669. <Calpurnia> exploring
  670. <CJ> Yeah Baruch, just as you return. Momo you see Aiden enter as well
  671. <CJ> Calpurnia make a Per + Survival
  672. <Aiden> (nack)
  673. * Momo bid farewell to the fish to check up the scream
  674. <Aiden> (back)
  675. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10+3
  676. <Magic_Dice> Calpurnia: 11 :8+3
  677. <CJ> Momo, you wander over to find Calpurnia poking in the bushes, Dirk and Baruch returning
  678. <CJ> Calpurnia, under a bush you find a little golden horn hanging from a branch
  679. <CJ> It's elbaorately curved and rather splendid as musical instruments go!
  680. * Calpurnia poke at it, should nothing happen pick it up.
  681. <Baruch> "It seems Aiden has entered the regio without us. Hm, quite brazen. We don't seem to have any of the moss here, though, so we might have to consider following him."
  682. <CJ> Nothing happens. It's hanging from two chains from the branch
  683. <CJ> Aiden, what oyu doing?
  684. <Dirk> "I secured our boat a bit so none of the weaker feary enter"
  685. <Aiden> (Since I know where some is I'm going to tell the others)
  686. <CJ> Yep. The faireis are vaoiding the boat, even the fish oddly enough now
  687. <Baruch> "Excellent idea. I was worried about that, to be honest."
  688. <CJ> Aiden you wander out of the regio, which takes longer than you expect, and find the others
  689. <Momo> "Found any moss?"
  690. <Dirk> "when we just haved a smple then the search would be much easyer"
  691. <Aiden> "I found some, but it seems to be quite in a difficult position to reach."
  692. <Momo> "Should had go with my plan to grab a grog to use as test subject"
  693. <CJ> CAlprnia, the chains on the horn look breakable
  694. <CJ> or you could snap the branch it is chained to off if you wanted?
  695. <Baruch> "Why is it difficult? Anywhere I could fly?"
  696. <Aiden> (do I see the thing cal is playing with?)
  697. <Calpurnia> I'm going to go get momo
  698. <Baruch> (CJ: Btw, even if you haven't statted Arabella fully yet, could you tell me her int+magic theory so I can use her on my lab calculations?)
  699. <Dirk> (CJ maybe disconected again)
  700. <Calpurnia> yeah
  701. <Dirk> (to long nothing from him)
  702. <CJ> (sure Int +2 Magic Theory 2)
  703. <Baruch> (Ok, thanks)
  704. <CJ> Cal you get momo
  705. <Dirk> (ohh he is still here great :) )
  706. <CJ> yep so what you all doing
  707. <Calpurnia> "I have use for you" Pick up momo from behind holding under "arm" pits.
  708. <Dirk> (Aiden Baruch and I waiting for your answear)
  709. <CJ> just jump in
  710. * Momo wipe his paw clean with cal's robe
  711. <Aiden> (So do I see the thing that calpurnia is playing with?)
  712. <Calpurnia> I don't have it
  713. <Momo> clothes
  714. <CJ> Ask again I may have missed it!
  715. <Dirk> <Baruch> "Why is it difficult? Anywhere I could fly?"
  716. <Baruch> (No, we asked Aiden, you don't have to answer CJ :)
  717. * Calpurnia I take momo over to where I found the item
  718. <CJ> Nope, only Cal knows wher the horn is, it is some away
  719. <CJ> OK momo you see the horn
  720. * Calpurnia I put him down
  721. <Baruch> (Do you tell us about the Moss, Aiden?)
  722. <Momo> "What? You bring me here to see a horn?"
  723. <Momo> "Is a horn."
  724. <Momo> "There"
  725. * Dirk slaps Aiden around a bit with a large trout
  726. <Calpurnia> "What is it and should I be wary of it aka is it magical?"
  727. <Aiden> "Yes, the moss is way up! Flying might be just what we need!"
  728. <CJ>
  729. <CJ> This si what the horn looks like. It is connected by two chans to a branch
  730. <Baruch> "Ah, splendid. Let us go get it, then, and maybe Dirk can use it to find some in a more accessible location."
  731. <Aiden> (Ah! a satyr horn!)
  732. <Dirk> "Hmm then best you go baruch while I have a eye on our boat"
  733. <CJ> Momo has no idea what it is for, but it hangs only 8" from the ground!
  734. <Momo> "You asking a cat what a horn is?"
  735. <Baruch> "Could you lead the way to the regio, Aiden? I am not very knowledgeable on such things."
  736. <Aiden> "It would be my pleasure!"
  737. <CJ> Siden you taking Baruch and Dirk in?
  738. <Calpurnia> "............... I'm asking if it is a faerie thing"
  739. <CJ> Momo would know it is likely a faerie thing ;)
  740. <Aiden> (Yeah I'll take them it.)
  741. <CJ> Aiden even :)
  742. <Momo> "Sure, it's a fairie thing."
  743. <Momo> "You can't tell?"
  744. <CJ> OK, as you go through to the next level everything changes
  745. <Calpurnia> Well sense he doesn't know much of it I will break the branch to get it free
  746. <Baruch> (I think Dirk stayed behind, right?)
  747. <CJ> Dirk actually realises immeduiatel;y. You have all shrunk ot precisely one inch high
  748. <Calpurnia> " are the only faerie I've ever talked to"
  749. <CJ> Well Dirk can see through with Second Sight if did not come
  750. <Momo> "What faerie? Me? No, I'm a cat"
  751. <CJ> In which case you two just marvel at the vast blades of grass, and huge logs lying everyhwere, and massive boulders, but above all the absolutely gigantic pine trees!
  752. <Baruch> "Where's the moss, then?" *flies up to get it where Aiden indicates*
  753. <Calpurnia> "..... a cat that talks...... right~~~~~~~~~"
  754. <CJ> Dirk need to know did you eneter?
  755. * Aiden points the way!
  756. <Momo> "Right."
  757. <Dirk> (No I didnt sorry CJ I keep a eye on the boat)
  758. <CJ> OK Baruch you fly confidently towards the moss!
  759. <CJ> OK Dirk
  760. <Calpurnia> "I ask then... how do you know about faerie stuff then"
  761. <CJ> Baruch and Aiden please make rolls on Perception + AWareness
  762. <Momo> "Because I am a king, and king knows stuff."
  763. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+4
  764. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 5 :1+4
  765. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  766. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 4
  767. <Calpurnia> "hmf" anyway I break the branch to get the horn
  768. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  769. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 3 :2+1
  770. <CJ> Ah Aiden you recognise instantly the buzz of a wasp -- just a wasp the size fo you.
  771. <CJ> Baruch has not seen it yet, but it flying straight for him!
  772. <Momo> (Probably just trying to mate with Baruch)
  773. <CJ> Dirk, you feel the forst telkl you something is very wrong now
  774. <Aiden> "Look out!" I yell!
  775. <CJ> Momo and Calpurnia, you have a horn what you up to?
  776. <Calpurnia> (going to lay it's eggs on his skin)
  777. <CJ> OK Baruch you suddenly hear a warning from Aiden
  778. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia "hmf" anyway I break the branch to get the horn
  779. <Baruch> Once I spot the wasp, I blast it with my trusty wind
  780. <Momo> "Now blow the horn and entertain me, peasant!"
  781. <Aiden> (sadly a vim mage is higly circumstantial in ability.)
  782. <Baruch> The aura still +2?
  783. <CJ> !roll 1d10+7 Ginat Wasp initiative
  784. <Magic_Dice> CJ, Ginat Wasp initiative : 11 :4+7
  785. <CJ> +3 now Baruch
  786. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1
  787. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 7 :6+1
  788. <CJ> OK roll Quickness for Baruch for initiative.
  789. <Baruch> (Grrreat)
  790. <CJ> Ah, was goes first!
  791. <CJ> Aiden want to roll for Initiative?
  792. <CJ> CAlpurnia has the horn
  793. <Aiden> (nah, I sadly can't think of much I can do.)
  794. <CJ> You blow it as Momo suggests?
  795. <CJ> OK, Baruch I shgall roll for the Wasp!
  796. <CJ> roll 1d10+7 Giant Wasp Attack
  797. <Calpurnia> no I glare at Momo and place the horn infront of him
  798. <CJ> !roll 1d10+7
  799. <Magic_Dice> CJ: 15 :8+7
  800. <CJ> OK Baruch, you are using Int + Finesse to dodge here
  801. <Baruch> (grreat)
  802. <Momo> "You want to blow it with your leg or something?"
  803. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (using auram spc)
  804. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (using auram spc): 14 :6+8
  805. <Baruch> Confidence!
  806. <Calpurnia> "You are a king of cats, not of humans. You blow it."
  807. <CJ> OK, Baruch you evade the deadly wasp sting!
  808. <Momo> "You asking a cat to blow a horn?"
  809. <CJ> BAruch, your attack. Trusty wand yes?
  810. <Calpurnia> "I'm not asking"
  811. <Baruch> Trusty wind, aye
  812. <Momo> "I'm am asking."
  813. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+47 (with shouting and wavaing)
  814. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (with shouting and wavaing): 51 :4+47
  815. <CJ> OK, I think it will simply sned the poor wasping flying away erratically
  816. <Calpurnia> "Well then we know how this will go, we need someone else to blow it."
  817. <CJ> It is very surprised to be hot by a gale!
  818. <Momo> "good idea."
  819. <CJ> Aiden, Per + Second sight roll please?
  820. <CJ> Te wasp has left the areas now
  821. <Baruch> I'll fly toward the moss again
  822. <Momo> "Again, if only we had tie up a grog and bring it with us."
  823. <CJ> lol
  824. <Calpurnia> "A shame we didn't"
  825. <CJ> Baruch, you get ha;lfway to the moss, and everything changes...
  826. <CJ> SAiden - Baruch has vanished
  827. <Momo> "No one listen to the wise cat with a plan."
  828. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2 (+1 more again if faerie)
  829. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (+1 more again if faerie): 10 :8+2
  830. <CJ> OK Aiden, you can clearly see another regio, a deeper level, that Baruch has just enetered. And something big and clatery is moving through the head high grass towards you
  831. <Aiden> (clatery?)
  832. <CJ> Baruch, you suddenly see the icy cliff above has a huge ledge, and a cave entrance. The moss is above the cave
  833. <CJ> clatery - sort of make a nose a bit like armour
  834. <Aiden> (ah)
  835. <CJ> clattery even!
  836. <CJ> As in to make a clicking kind of noise
  837. <Momo> (Armored rune mage)
  838. <CJ> Dirk, you ar getting a very odd feeling from the forst - like it is scared
  839. <CJ> So what you all doing?
  840. * Momo and calpurnia looking for someone to blow the horn
  841. <Calpurnia> (correct)
  842. <Baruch> (Hmm.. could I use Whispering winds to try to hear "into" the cave?)
  843. <CJ> You find Dirk guarding the boat?
  844. <Aiden> (I'd like to cast the invisible eye revealed)
  845. <Dirk> "Have you done something to scare the forest?"
  846. <Baruch> (It's descrciption only mentions hearing conversations, but you'd think you could hear anything in sight radius if you want?)
  847. <CJ> Why not? Taht would be an Int + Finesse test
  848. <Baruch> Ok, I'll try that before moving too close
  849. <Momo> "Nope, just playing with fish."
  850. <Momo> "Until you scare it away with your spell."
  851. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+31 (against 15, not shouting and waving)
  852. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (against 15, not shouting and waving): 35 :4+31
  853. <Baruch> Goes off, now the finesse roll
  854. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8 (finesse)
  855. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (finesse): 12 :4+8
  856. <Momo> "So maybe YOU scare the forest."
  857. <CJ> OK Baruch, something big lumbering in fact huge and lumbering is sniffing in the cave, and breathin heavily
  858. <CJ> You hear a deep rumbling IMMEnse chuckle
  859. <Dirk> "It just recently changed to fear so it defenitve wasn't my spell"
  860. <Momo> "Maybe your spell is slow."
  861. <CJ> Aiden, you are are farie expert, wwhat you up to
  862. <Momo> "Anyway, blow this horn and appease the forest."
  863. <Dirk> (Momo you are a fearie of the wood?)
  864. <Momo> (nah, I am fairy court kind)
  865. <Dirk> "Huh where did you find this?"
  866. <Momo> "Calpurnia found it. Probably a gift from the forest"
  867. <Aiden> (I'd like to cast invisible eye revealed. That tells if you're being spied on, yeah?)
  868. <Momo> (or animal? Not sure)
  869. <CJ> Yes it does
  870. <CJ> Roll to cast it, and add three for the aura
  871. <CJ> (ANimal I think by form, but a faerie fo the court)
  872. <Momo> (sounds right)
  873. <CJ> Anyway Baruch, Aiden, indeed everyone?
  874. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+30 (method caster, so normal casting gets +3)
  875. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (method caster, so normal casting gets +3): 34 :4+30
  876. <Baruch> I'll spont two versions of Wizard's sidestep on me before trying to snatch some moss: one for the visuals and another for the smell
  877. * Dirk touch the horn to get a gues of its age (Eye of the Eons at touch range)
  878. <CJ> OK, best roll both of those then :)
  879. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+19
  880. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 27 :8+19
  881. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+19
  882. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 21 :2+19
  883. <CJ> OK Dirk, it is odd. You don't get any feeling of age from it - like it is was made very recently
  884. <Baruch> (Both go off, I'm down 2 fatigue)
  885. <CJ> OK Baruch, at this point you see a HUGE eye looking at you, and amass of black wild hair!
  886. <CJ> A TROLL!
  887. <Dirk> "Hmm this thing must be made short bevore you found it! So I wouldnt trust it"
  888. <CJ> iT has just looked out the cave, but obviously sees and smeels you as not being exactly where you are!
  889. <CJ> But it is all there is betwen yoiu and mosse Tail moss!
  890. <CJ> Moose Tail Moss even!
  891. <Baruch> Hm. Do I have anywhere to land that isn't on the ledge itself?
  892. <Momo> "Oh well. Blow it."
  893. <Dirk> "No I wont!"
  894. <CJ> The moss hangs over the cave entrance, you could land on the moss, or on the rockface above the cave?
  895. <Baruch> Would I be out of reach of the troll?
  896. <Dirk> "Look for someone else who risk his live on such a feary thing"
  897. <CJ> Probably not. It has very long arms!
  898. <CJ> Aiden you still about? :)
  899. <Aiden> (I already rolled. :))
  900. <Baruch> I'll try to put it to sleep using the call to slumber - I have it formulaic
  901. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+21 (shouting and waving included, against level 10)
  902. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (shouting and waving included, against level 10): 25 :4+21
  903. <Baruch> (I have penetration ability at 1, so penetration is 16)
  904. <CJ> Almost! :)
  905. <CJ> But nope still awake!
  906. <CJ> It grabs at you
  907. <CJ> !roll 1d10-9
  908. <Magic_Dice> CJ: -4 :5-9
  909. <Baruch> I'm flying, though, but maybe I got too close
  910. <CJ> Yep, the huge hairy arm misses you. You notice the troll only has a thumb and three fingers!
  911. <Baruch> Is it standing on the ledge now? So out of the cave?
  912. <Calpurnia> How far away is this "combat"
  913. <CJ> Aiden, you are not being scryed upon. However you are able to see through the regio entrance to the next level where BAruch is in toruble - again!
  914. <Baruch> (I'll have to go in about 20min)
  915. <CJ> And then the Giant Beetle you heard approaching comes through the grass at you, pincers snapping as it looks for a dinner!
  916. <Dirk> "Momo can you find out why the forest is so scared?"
  917. <CJ> Same here
  918. <Aiden> (crap!)
  919. <CJ> CAlpurnia, tw level so regio away.
  920. <CJ> You can't see any of this
  921. <Calpurnia> okay
  922. <CJ> The beetle is coming for Aiden!
  923. <Baruch> (Is the troll on the ledge?)
  924. <CJ> Baruch, the troll is reaching out of the cave, knocking the moss backwards and forward
  925. <CJ> the moss forms a sort of curtain to the trolls lair!
  926. <Aiden> (I'm more of a anti-magic user. This is not good for me. :()
  927. <Baruch> Bah, I'll just try putting it to sleep again
  928. <Dirk> "Your the only talking animal I know and so maybe you know what made the forest this scared"
  929. <Calpurnia> "momo should we go find the rest of the group?"
  930. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+21
  931. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 23 :2+21
  932. <CJ> OK< Aiden what you going to do. It is about ot turn you in ot a snack!
  933. <Baruch> (God diggidi damn)
  934. <Dirk> "They are shrunken down when they entered the regio"
  935. <CJ> lol at Baruch!
  936. <CJ> so again, actions please :)
  937. <Aiden> (can I tell if this Is this a magical creature?)
  938. <Dirk> (can I still spot Aiden and realise he is in truble?)
  939. <CJ> It's not magical Aiden
  940. <CJ> JUst absokutely HUGE
  941. * Calpurnia heading towards ....everyone else
  942. <CJ> Dirk, with a Percpetion + econd Sight roll of 6+ sure
  943. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  944. <Magic_Dice> Dirk: 5
  945. <CJ> Well Calpurnia is with Dirk and momo by the boat
  946. <Dirk> (no sadly not)
  947. <CJ> Nah, you can't see what is happeneing then :)
  948. <Aiden> (Ok, If my plan has no chance of working, I'm gonna run for the others!)
  949. <Calpurnia> I was ?
  950. <CJ> As far as I know, you were talking horns?
  951. <Calpurnia> I know I was most likely with Momo, but
  952. <Dirk> (Yes we where talking about the horn)
  953. <CJ> OK Aiden makes a dex + Athletics roll against my beetle
  954. <Aiden> (Would wind of mundane silence have any chance of reversing the effect of the shrinking?)
  955. <Aiden> (sure)
  956. <CJ> !roll 1d10+3 For vast bettle with snapping jaws!
  957. <Magic_Dice> CJ, For vast bettle with snapping jaws!: 13 :10+3
  958. <CJ> Yes possibly Aiden!
  959. <CJ> oucjh that could be a both
  960. <CJ> !roll 1d10
  961. <Magic_Dice> CJ: 9
  962. <CJ> OK the Bettle gets a 3.
  963. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+2
  964. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 12 :10+2
  965. <CJ> lol!
  966. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  967. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 1
  968. <Dirk> (Lol ^^ the botched ini for both)
  969. <CJ> Nah that was a running roll
  970. <CJ> Both failed
  971. <CJ> The beetle failed better!
  972. <CJ> Aiden want to spend a point of confidence?
  973. <Aiden> (YES!)
  974. <CJ> OK< everyone but BAruch sees Aiden grow back to normal size as he rushes out, pursued by a tiny inch long stag beetle!
  975. <CJ> Baruch, back to you.
  976. <Baruch> Once it's my turn, I'll try putting the damn troll to sleep again, feeling like an idiot.
  977. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+21
  978. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 30 :9+21
  979. <CJ> OK, try again. If you fail the trolll will troll and find you
  980. <CJ> What the penetration on that?
  981. <Baruch> (ta-da! penetration 21)
  982. <Baruch> (Will confidence it if not enough)
  983. <CJ> The troll yawns, grabs lazily, and rolls back in to his cave
  984. <CJ> You hear snoring!
  985. <Baruch> Ok, I'll go grab as much of the moss as I can bring back
  986. <CJ> So no one has blown the horn? :)
  987. <Aiden> (I sure haven't)
  988. <CJ> Baruch collects and armful of moss, and can make an INT + Finesse roll to fly out of th two regios while encumbered
  989. <Calpurnia> (I haven't, though just to do something I might if this continues)
  990. <CJ> :)
  991. <CJ> BAruch make a roll
  992. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+8
  993. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 13 :5+8
  994. <Momo> (Let the troll blow it)
  995. <CJ> Cal, it si a very tempting horn!
  996. <CJ> Baruch flies out, with a tiny piece of moss on the arm of his jacket.
  997. <Calpurnia> ( Cal has some sense not to do it )
  998. <Calpurnia> (But my boredom is something you don't want to face)
  999. * Momo nag Calpurnia, "Come on Calpurnia, you know you want to. The horn has chosen you, blow it."
  1000. <CJ> OK< you have all gathered by the boat. You have about half an inch of Moose Tail Moss. It's the right stuff, but not going to cure a city!
  1001. <Dirk> (Bt CJ can you give me by time a estimidation of the covenant age as I will have used my Rote at the covenant also)
  1002. <CJ> Ah, yes. About 3,000 years
  1003. <Calpurnia> Makes a rude gesture at Momo, picks up horn and blows it.
  1004. <CJ> There is a sudden deafening silence
  1005. <Aiden> (just HAD to do it, didn't you?!)
  1006. <CJ> Then a voice shouts something quite incomprehensible,, a tiny squeaky voice, from over by the bushes
  1007. <CJ> It sounds - well odd
  1008. <CJ> Momo, you got Faerie Speech as a virtue?
  1009. <Momo> yes
  1010. <CJ> Calpurnia, it sounds like where you got the horn from?
  1011. <CJ> Momo the voice said in Trollish "so what si the message? Where is my letter?"
  1012. * Momo translate the noise
  1013. <CJ> It sounds very very tired, like someone just roused from sleep, and no bigger than you
  1014. <Dirk> I use my rote Wisper of Natures Secret on the moos (give me all mundane secrets but no penetration)
  1015. <CJ> You all here annoyed squeaky muttering
  1016. <Calpurnia> "Huh" blows it 2 times quickly and 1 more 5 secs later.
  1017. <CJ> OK Dirk, you learn the attributes of the faierie herb
  1018. <CJ> There is the soung of angry stomping feet
  1019. <CJ> Something is approaching
  1020. <CJ> Soemthing small, perhaps cat sized
  1021. <Dirk> (Is it what we looking for?)
  1022. <CJ> the grass rustles
  1023. <CJ> (It s what you are looking for!)
  1024. <CJ> Anyone doing anything?
  1025. <CJ> (you have a sample of it now!)
  1026. <Dirk> I use then when it is sure that is the moos we are looking for Hunt for the Wild Herb so I can smell more
  1027. <Aiden> (I'm stomping on that beatle.)
  1028. <Momo> "Something is there, minion, go get it."
  1029. <Calpurnia> "Yes minion go get it"
  1030. <CJ> Ah with the spell you find ther eis plenty more all over the mountain. Roll to cast the spell though!
  1031. <CJ> Aiden crusges his enemy the bettle. It was an unfair battle
  1032. <Dirk> (No roll its one of my rote ^^)
  1033. <CJ> A small irate and very tired looking troll is glaring at Calpurnia
  1034. <Dirk> (I love them as someone who cant cast stress free ^^)
  1035. <CJ> He is six inclkes high, wears an ornage jacket and green trousers
  1036. <Calpurnia> Stares back at the troll
  1037. <Dirk> (err cant cast stress free spontan)
  1038. <CJ> He has a shock of wild black hiar, big brown eyes and snub nose
  1039. <CJ> He seems quite annoyed, and keep syawning!
  1040. <Momo> "It's looking for you, don't leave him hanging."
  1041. <Baruch> "Could someone ask him what he wants?"
  1042. <CJ> The Troll shouts in Trollish (Momo: the little man who stole my moss!") he points at Baruch!
  1043. <Momo> "Baruch, the Troll say you stole his moss."
  1044. <CJ> Troll to BAruch in Latin "how you get so big now?!!"
  1045. <CJ> "I saw you flying around like a bug outside my cave!"
  1046. <CJ> Dirk, you have cast your rote and can start gathering moss, easier with boat though, you can just fly ot hwere it is
  1047. <CJ> I need to wrap up very soon btw guys - sorry
  1048. <Dirk> "OK people I think I can find more of this but we need to use the boat to fly there"
  1049. <Baruch> "Ah, yes. We needed some of your moss. Sorry for the interruption, we will be off now."
  1050. <Baruch> "Hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience."
  1051. <Momo> "bye bye"
  1052. <CJ> lol!
  1053. <Baruch> "Let us go get some more, then."
  1054. * Baruch gets on the boat
  1055. <CJ> You are simply leaving the annoyed troll?
  1056. <Momo> Nah, calpurnia should wrestle it
  1057. <CJ> Baruch, make a Pre + Etiquette roll!
  1058. <Baruch> (Don't see what we might do with him :)
  1059. <CJ> It's only six inches high
  1060. <Momo> (Take him home and guard your lab, calpurnia :) ))
  1061. * Dirk use his walkingstick to break the circle as soon we lift of
  1062. <Baruch> !roll 1d10-1
  1063. <CJ> and has just noticed to it's tiny fury that Calpurnia has it's post horn!
  1064. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 4 :5-1
  1065. <CJ> The troll shouts insults at Baruch!
  1066. <Calpurnia> "Why did you leave this out in the open?"
  1067. <Momo> (like how people leave their postbox out in the open?)
  1068. <CJ> Calpurnia, the trool replies crossly "it's my post horn! woudl not be much use in my cave would it!"
  1069. <Momo> "What would it be much use outside of your cave anyway?"
  1070. <Calpurnia> "However by doing that you should be ready that someone might happen upon it."
  1071. <CJ> Yes, and that person should then give me the message they brought!
  1072. <CJ> That si the purpose of post horns, stoopid humanz!
  1073. <CJ> The Troll has his arms folded, and is glaring at Calpurnia
  1074. <Aiden> "Now Now!"
  1075. <CJ> He sees ot regard Momo with slight fear
  1076. <Calpurnia> "So what typically happens now?"
  1077. <Momo> "Give him back his horn?"
  1078. <Momo> "Or something better than horn?"
  1079. <CJ> Baruch, you want to wait for them to finsih dealing witth the troll, or you just flying off?
  1080. <Baruch> I'll wait :)
  1081. <Dirk> "Just give him back his horn"
  1082. <Momo> "We want to trade calpurnia for it?"
  1083. <CJ> Aiden, you are not sure if this troll is as little a risk as he looks. You think he may be small, but powerful
  1084. * Momo raise paw
  1085. <Calpurnia> Look annoyed at Dirk
  1086. <CJ> YOu know something of trolls
  1087. <CJ> The Troll looks at Calpurnia.
  1088. <Calpurnia> Looks at Troll
  1089. <CJ> "I accept your deal oh King of Cats" he says. "I shall have the girl, and oyu may have my post horn"
  1090. <Calpurnia> Shame I'm holding it Troll
  1091. <Baruch> "It's his horn, isn't it. Wouldn't be very nice of you to take it."
  1092. <CJ> "I will accept the girl" say st the troll
  1093. <CJ> You may keep my post horn.
  1094. <Dirk> (Oh my this is realy on of the typical feary deals Momo just asked for !!!!!!)
  1095. <Momo> "Excellece, but the girl is now part of the horn, so you own her soul, but we own her body."
  1096. <CJ> "I have no time for souls!" says the troll. "You can't eat souls!"
  1097. <Momo> "Well too bad."
  1098. <CJ> "you made the deal. Give me the girl."
  1099. <Momo> "Calpurnia, give him your soul."
  1100. <Dirk> (And this all just becaus Cal didnt want to give the Trol back what is his)
  1101. <Baruch> (I have to go, unfortunately. Thanks for tonight, everyone! Any confidence or xp?)
  1102. * Aiden is too flustered to intervene in this boondoggle.
  1103. <CJ> "Is she part-trollish? She looks like my great Aunt Ingrid. It's the warts" the troll observes
  1104. <Calpurnia> "He has no use of my Soul as he said so you can't trade my soul for the horn as it isn't a equal trade"
  1105. <CJ> Yes will award confidence and xp on the forum
  1106. * Calpurnia twitches angryly at trolls remark
  1107. <Baruch> (ok)
  1108. <CJ> "she does look rather trollish!"
  1109. |<-- Baruch has left (Quit: )
  1110. <Momo> "Possible."
  1111. <Dirk> "Calpurina its realy the best you dont anger a Feary as you would break our Laws!"
  1112. <Momo> "You sure you want your great aunt ingrid with you?"
  1113. <Calpurnia> "Ahh but there is the fact I can defend myself."
  1114. <CJ> "well you can be off now, just leave me th gilr and be off with you!"
  1115. <CJ> "Great unt Ingrid? Goodness no. She is a great one for knitting. Horrible slimy stuff knitting."
  1116. <CJ> "never could hold with all that knitting."
  1117. * Momo whisper, "well good luck calpurnia, hope you escape later."
  1118. * Momo start going back to the boat
  1119. <CJ> "She knitted me a jumper once. I fed it to the fishes."
  1120. <Calpurnia> Whispers at Momo "You do realize I'm not going to pet you anymore"
  1121. <CJ> BAruch watches Momo climb in the boat!
  1122. <Momo> "Lady, you can't resist me."
  1123. * Calpurnia I climb upon the boat with the horn
  1124. <CJ> The Troll looks up at Calpurnia, and offers her a hand
  1125. <Dirk> "So you realy want to stay here Calpurina? Then it was nice the meet you and good luck!"
  1126. * Calpurnia eye twitches
  1127. <Momo> "Happy... union!"
  1128. <CJ> "This way Ma'am!" he says. "Why I am sure youmust be part-troll with a nose like that!"
  1129. <Aiden> !roll 1d10+3 (int+fae lore for a way out of this.)
  1130. <Magic_Dice> Aiden, (int+fae lore for a way out of this.) : 13 :10+3
  1131. <CJ> er, this oculd be bad. Three botch dice
  1132. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  1133. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 4
  1134. <Aiden> !roll1d10
  1135. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  1136. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 8
  1137. <Aiden> !roll 1d10
  1138. <Magic_Dice> Aiden: 6
  1139. <CJ> "The younbg lady can stay here and collect my post!"
  1140. * Calpurnia turns very slowly at Group "I will have my revenge" tosses horn to the front of Momo and gets off boat and doesn't take the trolls hand
  1141. <CJ> "She can be the maidervant of I the Mountain-King!" says the troll
  1142. <CJ> OK dudes, what you doing?
  1143. <Momo> "We will see you later, Cal. Maybe tonight?" *wink* *wink*
  1144. <CJ> The troll looks at Calpurnia appraisingly, and says "She is a TROLL! SHE IS A TROLL! SHE IS AN ICE QUEEN!"
  1145. <Dirk> "Why have Momo this might over you Calpurnia?"
  1146. <CJ> He jumps up and down excitedly!
  1147. <CJ> She is the Ice Queen!
  1148. <CJ> The Snow Queen!
  1149. <Calpurnia> "He doesn't I just want the Horn when I get back"
  1150. <Momo> "All hail, Ice Troll Queen!"
  1151. <CJ> The Troll is dancing around. Have you ever seen a troll dance? If you haven't you should eb grateful. It is not apretty sight
  1152. * Calpurnia glares with a thing of the coldest fire.
  1153. <CJ> Baruch looks at everyone. "Er are we leaving then?"
  1154. <Aiden> "I...."
  1155. <Momo> "Yes Barcuh, unless you want to kidnap a queen."
  1156. <Dirk> "I cant understand you! But if you wish so we will take a leave and gater why we made the trip!"
  1157. <CJ> "The wartiest ugliets plainest and most frigid of all, all hail Calpurnia the ice Queen!" shouts the troll.
  1158. <Calpurnia> (Oh this is going to lead to this creatures death)
  1159. <CJ> The fish somehow look embarrassed. That is not easy for fish, even faerie fish
  1160. <Momo> (Don't break the law)
  1161. <Calpurnia> (Screw the law, I have been betrayed)
  1162. <Dirk> "Lets fly bevore I lose my concentration"
  1163. <Momo> "I would like to remind both parties not to break any law in the meantime."
  1164. <Momo> "Be good citizen of the world."
  1165. <Calpurnia> "of course"
  1166. <CJ> OK, you zoom off!
  1167. <Aiden> whispers to baruch. "I don't think it's a good idea to pick a fight with this troll."
  1168. <Momo> "We will be baaack, probably!"
  1169. <CJ> ;)
  1170. <Aiden> "You're getting declawed, momo!"
  1171. <CJ> And as you fly off leaving Calpurnia i must leave it there for toidaym, cos i have to go
  1172. <Dirk> (Me shake his had about such strange behaviour)
  1173. <Momo> "You might gets to like him someday."
  1174. <Calpurnia> Bye CJ
  1175. <CJ> I'll sort stufff out with Cal over the bnext few days
  1176. <CJ> TEveryone ok with the session?
  1177. <Dirk> cu CJ see you next week?
  1178. <Calpurnia> Should be
  1179. <CJ> yes I'll be here next week
  1180. <Aiden> I know what I need to work on. anyway.
  1181. |<-- Aiden has left
  1182. <CJ> Hopeeveryone but Calpurnia enjoyed it
  1183. |<-- Magic_Dice has left (Client exited)
  1184. <CJ> Take care all
  1185. <Calpurnia> You too
  1186. <Gustbran> later.
  1187. <Momo> take care
  1188. <Dirk> I wish every on a nice day, and cu
  1189. |<-- CJ has left
  1190. =-= YOU are now known as Nyaa
  1191. |<-- Gustbran has left (Quit: )
  1192. |<-- Dirk has left (Quit: )
  1193. <Calpurnia> Well this was interesting
  1194. <Nyaa> should be an interesting tale
  1195. <Nyaa> you now are part of a fairie tale
  1196. <Nyaa> probably the main protagonist
  1197. <Calpurnia> Oh it will, there are three things that may happen, 1 she stays and plots revenge, 2 she returns after killing the troll, 3 she kills the troll and plots revenge on party.
  1198. <Nyaa> 4. Falls in love with troll, happily ever after
  1199. <Nyaa> bring home troll husband
  1200. <Calpurnia> Hell no, and that would be 1 as she would want to protect her new home then
  1201. <Nyaa> or convince the troll to live at covenant
  1202. <Calpurnia> Possible but unlikely we will see.
  1203. <Nyaa> we will see
  1204. <Calpurnia> Also there is one thing
  1205. <Calpurnia> I made Calpurnia so she would have instances where it is possible for things to come out of no where and help her. Mainly her backstory. But of course these things are infernal align.
  1206. <Nyaa> sounds good
  1207. <Calpurnia> Heheheh to put it simply you remember back at devils chimney?
  1208. <Nyaa> ohh
  1209. <Calpurnia> I wasn't possessed.
  1210. <Nyaa> that explains all the botch
  1211. <Nyaa> also I thought we discuss on pm not to call faries a faries >:(
  1212. <Calpurnia> Ahh but thats with Corbenik,hehehehhe
  1213. <Nyaa> so that's what happen when you call faries a faries, you get drag into a faries tale :D
  1214. <Nyaa> SEE WHAT YOU DONE?
  1215. <Calpurnia> Lol
  1216. <Nyaa> It's faries retribution!
  1217. <Calpurnia> Well I will certainly make this a traditional faerie tale, one that truely is darker than most.
  1218. <Nyaa> s/m kind of dark
  1219. <Calpurnia> Remember most Faerie tales are very dark, snow white ugh, alice in wonderland dear god.
  1220. <Nyaa> In 2013, Disney Land would be a Aura 20 Fairy kingdom
  1221. <Calpurnia> It's Disney who made most fairy tales all goody and stuff, most are disturbing in some way shape or form. Hell even Disney
  1222. <Nyaa> and lot of secret sex joke jamming in between the scenes
  1223. <Calpurnia> heheheh anyway the Revenge of the Ice Queen will premere someday when, well we will see.
  1224. <Calpurnia> Oh yeah did we comeout with a name for the session?
  1225. <Nyaa> maybe a prince will rescue you
  1226. <Nyaa> like all fairie tale
  1227. <Nyaa> you are like a princess situation now
  1228. <Calpurnia> and rape me, then yes your right
  1229. <Calpurnia> :P
  1230. <Nyaa> hope you never sleep
  1231. <Calpurnia> Princess Ice, now Queen Ice (theoretically in the Trolls mind)
  1232. <Nyaa> just spread the tale and princes from all country will come for you
  1233. <Calpurnia> Anyway this is a important line
  1234. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia turns very slowly at Group "I will have my revenge" tosses horn to the front of Momo and gets off boat and doesn't take the trolls hand
  1235. <Nyaa> k
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